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  1. Libaax-Sankataabte;974990 wrote: Mayor of Minneapolis pays tribute "I am completely heartsick to learn that Hussein Samatar has died. He was a true friend, a tremendous partner and remarkable inspiration. This is a crushing loss for Minneapolis, and I have to say, personally. The only balm I can think of is that he lifted so many other people who can carry on his work. My very best to his wonderful wife Uba and her family." Indeed he was a true public figure and role model for many. May Allah granted his soul the highest Janah.. LST, thanks for sharing some of his works..
  2. Nice and balanced interview. The president can talk the talk not sure if he can walk the walk though.. Ramadaan Kareeem SOLers..
  3. I just finished listening. XX, I couldn't agree with you more other than saying Faysal did his homework before coming to the debate and other two gentlemen seem unprepared for this this. Over all, nice debate..
  4. I am listening now, not sure If I can finish it all in one sitting.. So far Culusow presenting his case though his arguments aren't transparent to follow.. Will see how Fiqi and Faysal do. But over all, as long we somalis are talking, we are doing way better than invading to one another..
  5. XX now your waali is very extreme.. Is daba qabo awoowe.. Why everything turn you make is about clan clan.. chill duqa out..
  6. Duplicate... Admin please delete it.. I didn't see it get posted before..
  7. May allah easy their pains.. " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  8. XX is good at photo-shopping.. The man even refused people waving the "marcalas" behind him..
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;958500 wrote: She is a Somalilander but on the side of Kenya this is normal she works for the Kenyan republic. And her policies are in favor of Kenyan interests. And those interests never conflict with Somaliland interests. Make some connection with your Script..
  10. I am sure the prof. would enjoy the warm welcome he received, but I am not sure if he has anything contribute towards what this clan is dying for, Ictiraaq. As he mentioned, he is going there for an assignment sent by British and he is doing just that. Me think the base was told, odayga cagaha dhulka ha looga qaado he got the Ictiraaf in his hand.
  11. The Zack;958458 wrote: Loooooool@sahal Is Amina part of Sahal, saalax? And once they claimed she is an Ethnic Lander.
  12. Waranle_Warrior;958156 wrote: Xx, as always wishes a war in south Somalia between the two big clans and a never ending. Surprisingly the very same Xx who propagates that Hassan and Faroole will never agree thinks Godane may see things eye to eye with Hassan Culusow. Sometimes I suspect if XX himself is Godane or a close advisor to Godane..
  13. The Zack;958176 wrote: Wasiirka Kalluunka ee Somalileyn: Samatar isagoo Somaliland dal gooni ah u aaminsan buu imanayaa. Breaking News: Samatar recognized Somaliland! Yeeeeeeeeeeeey! It is here ictirifaakii is here ... Don't joke with the ictiraaf ninyahow..