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  1. jacaybaro are you a muff diver?
  2. STOIC;764382 wrote: I personally know a Somali ENT speacialist, a prestigious medical school profesor, harvard MBA student and top the icing a Somali woman that manages two billion dollar wealth.What's one thing they have all in common if you may ask; HARDWORK and a little luck! Some of this people are close to non-practicing muslims i prefer one god fearing somali muslim who has no education than a million of these so called 'professionals'.
  3. Jacaylbaro;763270 wrote: Why ask such silly question when Duke & LST are campaigning for him ?? is he buglander? america needs to know this. what if he legalizes piracy?
  4. Raamsade;763213 wrote: So the majority of those in hell won't be women? That is a relief 'cause I was looking forward to going to hell as Islam's depiction of heaven is one helluva boring place. I mean imagine a heaven with neighbours like Ceyrow, Abu Mansuur, D. Aweys, Zarqawi, Bin Laden, the Pope, or the mind-numbingly boring crowd that post in SOL's Islam section. Hell is the place to be in the after life. It is where all the interesting and fun people -- the Wright Brothers, Einstein, Ina Xagaa Dheer, Socrates (footballer), L. Armstrong, etc -- will be. It is nice to hear that it will not full of bunch of nagging, dithering, chatty, insecure, bubblehead women. the women in heaven will be the beautiful virgins while in hell u will have the street women with std's. have fun with that
  5. wt region in somalia is he from? this will determine if i vote for him or not
  6. Garnaqsi;760433 wrote: This thing you are talking to is the father of all trolls. He is one of those people one shouldn't take seriously under any circumstances whatsoever. I eliminated the inconvenience of having to read his gibberish posts by adding him to my ignore list few days after I joined. who are you? i dont even know you. another noob troll. i bet your knight of wisdom.
  7. Bluelicious;760434 wrote: Lmaoooo you will soon find out that i'm not him. Isn't that a bit extreme to go to that length to prove something. if you want ppl to believe you, that is the only way. i will vouch for you once i receive the picture. and since im a senior nomad and voted nomad of the year, my word means a lot in SOL.
  8. Axmed-InaJaad;760424 wrote: bluelicious and knight of wisdom are the same trolls prove it, send me a picture of you wearing a nice dirac and holding a sign that says 'bluelicious'. then and only then will i believe you.
  9. bluelicious and knight of wisdom are the same trolls
  10. ceebey tacaal. what kinda man goes in the kitchen when he has a perfect capable naag to cook for him.
  11. knight of wisdome was SSC troll and deserved to be banned. i say mashallah and good riddance to bad rubbish.
  12. hey who merged my topic with this one? at least change the list to my list. this is completely unfair and xaraam
  13. mine is definitely a girl. i dont think i would feel comfortable doing what i do in front of the computer if it was another dude.
  14. showqi, buradheer, and others who voted for me . jazakallah brothers and sisters. i'm just a humble brother who loves his diin. mashallah brothers and sisters keep voting and let your voice(or internet footprint as it were) be heard!
  15. thanks for those who voted. keep it up Jacpher;758769 wrote: Why did you leave out your boyfriend I mean man friend Gunter? Copycat need not waste valuable disk space. Don't steal off others ideas. Try to be a little original waryee. don't be a hater akhi, the world works on innovation.
  16. Vote for the official SOL Nomad of the year
  17. I dnt like this koonfurian 4.5 inspired list. Why isn't there more ppl from somaliland? Only ibtisam, who is emotional girl.soomalinders should boycott vote
  18. Axmed-InaJaad


    aaliyah whats your bbm, i want to send you some nice islamic qutba's inshallah khair
  19. - Femme -;752523 wrote: I don't understand why you girls are so harsh. A woman reaching her 30s should be lucky enough to take what she can get. They are actually doing her a favour. Have some heart and compassion. LOL. your right for gumeeys even convict is a prize.
  20. why go for an ex-convict and when you can go for a full blown nation of islam convict, more exciting don't you think? you can write him letters in jail, visit him for some passionate conjugal visits. ****** naago.
  21. admin please ban this troll knight of wisdom, he is ruining the forum
  22. cant blame him, girls is burden to a man, and she become the tribe of her husband when she gets older and marries.