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  1. aaliyah can i come to the xaflad? i will bring my khaattuumu flag
  2. Juxa;776047 wrote: Blue is also very liberal, sweet and overly generous with ' darling' A phrase ayeeyo does not approve Nou de vraag is dariska maxay usoo dhaweyn weyday? Carafaat being he daris and all Ps I do appreciate there is an element of qaabdaro from wiilka wat heb je aan?
  3. Bluelicious;775932 wrote: Looooool that Geert can't do nothing to me you should know that. Note taken about him after I read his disturbing post you might be right. By the way great thread there will be more women like those women in the near future who are you calling disturbing? naa xishood. don't listen to the crazy woman known as chimera.
  4. Bluelicious;775775 wrote: Aawww how cute powerful women scare you atleast your being honest about it. Darling Caraweelo days are over you are safe. These women are focused on their careers not in how to kill men or how to give them hell on earth. This are the women your talking about: that picture is exactly what im afraid of, first they want education, next they have an ak 47 and forcing you to do laundry. education for women is dangerous.
  5. Chimera;775779 wrote: ^Hey Somalische kaaskop please niet trollen in mijn topic, die persoon Ahmed is niet 100%, negeer hem. Anders bell ik Geert en dan ben je op de eerste vlucht terug naar Somalie! waarom bel je me een troll? ik wil seks hebben met een ezel en je kijken
  6. Bluelicious;775769 wrote: ^^ Why are you against these successful powerful women? After all women rule the world. powerful women scare me, im reminded of caraweelo and you know that didnt end well for men.
  7. Bluelicious;775764 wrote: Thanks for your reminder great thread. I have one good advice. For the women: Don't be a woman that needs a man be a woman that a man needs. For the men: Don't be a man that needs a woman but be a man that a woman needs. Forget about looking for the right woman/man instead focus on being the right man/woman. YOU'Re so smart. did you think of that all by yourself?
  8. bluelicious stop being a tease.
  9. Carafaat;775186 wrote: I thought Chimera was a women. He has quite an imaginitive mind for a man. he is a woman trapped in man body unfortunately
  10. we need to send full army and capture all ssc rebel cities. we need to force them to join somaliland. no more playing nice guys.
  11. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk futoole
  12. chimera walal stop promoting women to leave their home, you should encourage the women to have a lot of children and take care of their children instead of wasting their time on gaalo education
  13. Cawaale;770554 wrote: I was with my niece the other day when a 40-something lady approached us, apparently she knew me from somewhere. She said Assalamo Alikom and then asked me if the young girl holding my hand was my sister? I told he she is my niece, then she said "Oh that explains it".! I asked her now knowing her ill mind what she means by that? She was so ignorant that she didn't even consider the little girls feelings..she said " Inanta waxaan u heystay madow afrikaan ah, ma cunugan gubatay baa Soomaali ah baan lahaa" she added "Is she born to a foreign father, Jamaican perhaps? So are we rude? Hell yes. PS.I don't even know the women. dee waa su'aal. is your neice half jamaican ama madow kale?
  14. abtigis ma african american baa xaaska kala cararay?
  15. Malika;769601 wrote: I think it stems from the upbringing - if a man can call his mother 'eeyahee', can curse the prophet - maa laga sugeyaa to order tea in politeness? One thing about growing up in other societies one learns from others - especially the other Africans. The Swahilis will not pass you by without greeting you. Children must greet their elders every morning, including strangers on the streets. Treating one other with respect and humbleness is a must. When buying stuff, they would use humbled words like 'naomba' - 'I plea can you sell me this or that' - their mannerism has nothing to do with being educated or not, its part of who they are and how they choose to be. I have notice the opposite when it comes to how somalis behave - waxaad modeeysaa ineey dagaal kujiraan all the time, they have very little respect for others, which means they have very little respect for themselves. Norf you talk of maqayaad - you should see them in mosques, subhanallah! Tarbiyah is missing in our community. bantu xaarka iska dhiqin ha noo faanin baan ku idhi walaal
  16. Som@li;768331 wrote: Very bad move, and will not stop the SSC movement. Actually the pirates are more concerned and worried about the outcome of Khastumo. war dadka kastuumadooda may u dhaafan
  17. allah maxaa la kibray. i hope your posting all this nonsense from the kitchen somalina.
  18. this is why ppl from ssc hate puntland and are happy to be under somaliland. puntland are tuugo
  19. Aaliyyah;766763 wrote: Good to hear ull be there. Maybe you will learn a thing or two.. salaam inshallah maybe i can present and teach people a thing or two. ive been told im good at dacwa.
  20. inshallah i will be there. good place to pick up hijaabis
  21. their is nothing good about gabdho oo xijaab xiran. all their good deeds will be nothign if they dont follow the diin.
  22. GaroweGal;764365 wrote: Uff, Akhas what woman would degrade herself to such level. It's sooo unislamic, I would understand if he was wealthy and handsome both which he evidently lacks. JB is this something you secretly hope to do so in the near future? The one on the right is smiling, please send her to a mental institution for the sake of all women in Awdal. i want to marry you and aaliayah at the same time, what do you say love?
  23. borama is somaliland and will be somaliland forver. these demonstrators will be beaten if they keep this up.