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  1. its waste, women dont have the brain to vote correctly. it's not good in islam to let women vote. saudi are trying to appease gaalo
  2. The shiekh is close family freind and he preaches the diin. all these people hate him becus he is from somaliland.
  3. girls dress up to make us horny. very simple. laakin if ur ugly girl, dressing up wont help u.
  4. naago dnt anything about cars. what a sissy car. wallahi sacudi arabia is right for not letting woman drive.
  5. im somalilander. u konfuurian can call each other what u want
  6. mashallah to the shiekh. he spreads the diin. only gaalo and terrorists hate him
  7. Alpha Blondy;746975 wrote: Its off! the chances of marrying a local girls are minimal now. I feel a sad sense of shame even contemplating such a ludicrous idea. kacsi is dangerous adeer, i know. i still think my idea of illicit affairs with the maid is very good. inshallah mid yar oo ka faidaysan kartid baan ku rajaynayaa
  8. typical pirates. they dnt understand peace and democracy. they corrupt n always fighting. alxamduliallah im from somaliland
  9. what does bantu vuvuzela have to do with jamhuriyada demoqratica somaliland? dumb konfurians never make sence
  10. if she doesnt wear hijab, listen to her husband n male relatives then no she nt going jannah. laakin i didnt watch video, so i dnt know this sister
  11. Atirisho;745567 wrote: You don't say. Are you serious? I hope that is not true otherwise this site wouldn't be different from Snet. That site is full of trolls and people from certain clan are getting banned for no reason what-so-ever. People are abusing their power and bullying people who have differnt point of view than them. Thanks everybody else. go back to snet, no one wants snet trolls here
  12. GaroweGal;745355 wrote: Un-welcoming site, most definetly ONLY if you don't belong to a certain clan from a certain region of Somalia that is yet to be recognised . If you have already not sensed it SOL is a biased site. It cheers for one clan in particular and members of other clans are NOT allowed to express their views in fear of being banned. If you are from that one particular clan that SOL inclines towards speak up, for you should be welcomed with opened arms. Excuse the politics. And Welcome. u are right, we somalilanders are in charge of SOL. ka nax
  13. walal what u need is obvious laakin i cant say here in bubclic.
  14. Aaliyyah;744879 wrote: lol why is my comment deleted? I don't remember saying anything bad! and Sol allows certain ppl who make the most disrespectful comments...ok I wrote the qabiil names so what? ma cayine? anyways whatever.. salaam gabadh baad tahay, qabil maxaa ku baray?
  15. i just gave my opinion, and most raga in real life agree with me. maxaa is yeelyeelka keenay? ghabdho la guursado baa jiro iyo kuwa la qariyo. anyways, lets not go off topic.
  16. Abtigiis;744573 wrote: so marriages are about deflowering those you can't get for free? Interresting! may, marriage is about buildin family with girl from known family. ma fahantay? hablo la guursado baa jiro iyo kuwa lala bashaalo abti.
  17. abtigis war jaariyada maxaa laga guursana when u can get it from her for free dee? jaariyada are hard workers, i never said anything about their work.
  18. Aaliyyah;744568 wrote: ^so adigi gabadhi nasra la dhahay maanto dhan say u labisantahay magayay..eeeg maantana waxa ku hadlasid?? that maid is someone's sister/daughter in case that passed ur attention... and the other day u were saying something abt not holding ur past against u and how u reformed iyo wax la mid ah are confused farah!! salaam musliman is a lot to have concubine. its not xaram, anyways, topica is not about me walal. ha igu mashquulin