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  1. Juxa;733558 wrote: ^^ magaca somali iyo her personal life maxaa isku keenay? teeda kale magaca somali uma halaabayo because of one person's personal choice. ps: how come the men are never questioned when they display cad-yaroo cadaan ah ama ajnabi ah? walal be realistic, in islam man and woman are not same. a muslim man is allowed to be with gaalo, but not the same for woman. A woman's sharaf is in her body and if she chooses to give it to gaalo and show it to the world, we must not encourage it so other girls don't follow in the footsteps of the likes of this girl, ayan hirsi, imaan and other girls who feel they have to sell their bodies to get anywhere in life. inshallah i hope that helps.
  2. The Zack;733133 wrote: Ehehe Ka awoow ka awoow.. blame Ina Igarre. why do u speak in tongues ninyow? war sida ragga u hadal baan ku idhi
  3. Jacaylbaro;733033 wrote: Hargeisa - Fatimah Ibrahim has dedicated herself to women's rights in her Somali homeland. The head of a non-governmental organization in Hargeisa, capital of the breakaway republic of Somaliland, she champions better educational opportunities for girls and women and improvements in their legal status. But not only that. 'Women also have the right to look good and be pampered a little, don't they?' Ibrahim asks with a mischievous smile. The women's rights activist has become a businesswoman on the side by opening a beauty salon. 'Janno Dumar' ('Paradise for Women') is written on the wall enclosing the salon grounds, which are totally off limits to men. All of the employees and customers are women. This is the only way the small spa-like enclave can hold its own in the Muslim country, where foreign women must also wear a veil and headscarf in public. READ FULL STORY i didnt read proberly, its salong for women only, which is good. as long as they are not showing their private cawrah to each other
  4. Oodweyne;732874 wrote: When I read this sort of articles, I start to think that our "fircooni cut" of reducing woman's sexual apatite in that department has lot to recommend itself for, in here... After all, as you can see from the argument of this "Casiir-ingesting-shameless-hussy" , there is a great deal of argument to be said for it. Particularly, when you compare it, to the thought that say, that, perhaps, the sort of "lax" approach to woman's sexual organs (which means doing the "minimum cut" to the said organs, as per Islamic view), have some sort of an unforeseen bad repercussion in here. Hence, perhaps, it's not a bad idea to "surgically intervene" (particularly, in a heavy way) the sexual organs of woman; lest otherwise, they may start thinking this sort of thing, out of a "sheer unmet apatite" of this kind, it has to be said. And, therefore, start thinking, that, perhaps, it's a good idea that they should go and buy themselves "slave husbands" , in-order to relieve of themselves such a sexual frustration; which is very much evident from her arguments, indeed. .. :D kkkk:D indeed gudnin could work wonders for these carab women
  5. rageh waa nin muslim ah, nothing else to it
  6. this is the reason we will not get ictiraaf, because gaalo wannabe's. allah hates gaalo wannabe's. somaliland is an islamic republic.
  7. genius pauper.;733031 wrote: if exposure of our body is MODERNIZATION then animals are more modern than humans well said akhi. but don't waste your breathe on these disciples of ayaan hirsi, they are lost and are easily influenced by gaal dhaqan. may allah(swt) guide the righteous muslims and remove the apostates who seek to destroy and change our diin. amiin
  8. Aaliyyah;732986 wrote: axmed at least i dont make dumb/pathetic comments like u would be the last person to judge Nasra Agil. n how do u know if she did zinna with galos? ma meel baad ka egasay, just cuz she is posing with a guy doesn't mean she sleeps with him ...anyways, find something else to do with your time! this sister is successful and has an amazing bright future. n if allah swt wants he can guide her ..marka shaqo yeelo! let me worry about what i do with my time or my comments. my comments are usually about the diin and i like to advice ppl unlike u who listen to gaalo music. may allah(swt) guide you sister and stop being hybocrite. we shud not encourage girls like nasra in our community as our diin forbids it. always remember ur diin sister. macsalaam
  9. i wonder if this girl was a good muslimah who wore hijaab and didnt do zinna with gaalo's, would they make a big deal about her? i dnt think so aaliyah what you know about me and my diin. go listen to music and then post islamic lectures afterwards.
  10. Yaabka-Yaabkiis;732753 wrote: Xaaji, why do u divorce them? dee ninka hal naag kuma fillin, xaajiga habeenkasta mid buu guursada, subixii na furaa.
  11. Daandurreey;732793 wrote: This abaay heeleey is partying in Dubai kama qasnobo. Uuuf. Intelligent Somali girls are modest and cultured unlike midaaneeyto oo cirka mareeso partying with white men. waa waa qashin qashin dhalay. waxaan ilahaay naga qabo, she can take her education and her gaal boyfreinds somewhere else. i neva went to university, but at least i have my diin. we have no need for her kind who have forsaken her diin for worldly gains
  12. Somalina;732804 wrote: They probably wanted to see Fatumo wearing a tent with no bra, wey xanaaqeen markey arkeen bra and hair hence the xiiqa. Seriously though waqtiga ha isaga dhameyn inaad la muranto kuwaan. no doubt a student of ayaan hirsi like you, who wants somali muslim women to show their bra's and hair to the world would encourage this type of behavior. you're the trojan horse within out culture and diin, n you need to be routed out.
  13. burahadeer;732797 wrote: you r distracting..look at you,we talking millions of somalis suffering & you wana make this lady an issue so no one focuses the real problem...our sisters are not gona ask you how they gona dress;they r free of ur been name calling out of desperation so u can silence people,oooooooh!!!! so you would let ur sisters be naked and not wear hijaab for the whole world to see. i guess we are different. millions of somali's suffering is an issue, but so is millions of somali girls forgetting their diin and not covering up. we must deal with all issues. we are muslims and we should encourage good and advice those who do wrong when we can. by your logic we should forget about our diin because we have other issues? that doesn't make sense brother and may allah(swt) help you with your imaan.
  14. mid yar oo bidaarta ku saliid ku mariso raadso abti
  15. buradheer don't encourage fataalnimo adeer because thats what you sound like. you should be encouraging our sisters to cover up and act like good modest muslimahs instead of telling them to take off their hijab. the other issue of 'suicide bombing' in not relevant here, so don't distract people with it.
  16. genius pauper.;732254 wrote: its really funny. when someone congratulates evil its ''freedom'' , and when someone talks against evil its ''fundamentalism'' . it is every muslims business. p.s. it beats logic when the freedom elite are irritated by the views of others. you either leave freedom and embrace ethics, or else appreciate the dogma itself and accept all the woes it comes with.period. mashallah akhi may allah reward you
  17. horta ma la hubaa inee somali tahay? im lookin at her nose and it screams bantu to me
  18. nacaladan should be beheaded, only a woman should be a sexual slave.
  19. la ilaah ilah laah, halbahaan waa weyn oo qaawan wey is ceebeyeen. war waxaan naqa qari baan ku idhi
  20. Jacaylbaro;732057 wrote: People need to learn about the Oral suspensions ... saqajaan. meesha caruur baad joogta, xishood baro.
  21. Any married man who cooks might as well put on a skirt and go under the knife to become a tranny
  22. Aaliyyah;731615 wrote: ^I never said no such thing so share ur view without going u agreed with me ...goshh! loool
  23. Juxa;731218 wrote: Istaqfurullah.............. lets not take things too far. dee waa run hunno. i agree with aliyah, if these girls are gonna have out of wedlock babies, at least have cute out of wedlock babies with timo jileec and san dhuubam