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  1. Why did the Norwegians let these people in their country in the first place?
  2. British or French, simply because of their fascinating histories.
  3. Integration and assimilation is a must for the Somali diaspora.
  4. @Macallinka Italians actually urbanized large parts of Southern Somalia by building roads, dams, schools, towns, agricultural settlements etc. Just imagine if the Italians had stayed beyond the Second World War, Somalia would have become a First World country by now.
  5. Somalia should follow the Swiss political model and become a confederacy. A federal republic divided into separate self-governing provinces where there is only one official language*. The federal flag should also be changed, the background colour from light blue to dark blue. Will this save the union? * = That one official language will of course be Somali, written in the Latin script. English and Italian language lessons should be mandatory for primary and secondary school children.
  6. Are town planning and planning permission strictly enforced in Somalia or a people allowed freely to build on land they own?
  7. Is this what Somali culture has sunk to?
  8. Somalian's in newham make much more than 10 percent of the local population, either Diversity management , Equal opportunity and democracy is not practiced here or there is a Glass ceiling which stops somalian people becoming recruitment consultants/advisors/ managers Diversity? DIVERSITY?????!!! Another word for not assimilating. Somalis must accept that they are 'new' immigrants. They must work harder to integrate and stop milking the welfare system. Hasidic Jews, Arabs and Chinese etcetera manage without these policies, so should Somalis.
  9. @Saalax Somalis do not speak Arabic, nor do they write in the Arabic script, so why do they feel the need to put it in their flag?
  10. Yes, but only in Islam (and particularly in Somalia) is covering of the head forced.
  11. Regarding the first video. Do Somalis in America speak with a ghetto/African-American accent or a normal mainstream American accent? It is is incredibly worrying if they speak with a ghetto accent.
  12. Engineering/Computer Science.
  13. Alderman


    These savages belong in Mogadishu, not Britain. Makes me embarrassed to be Somali.