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  1. MASHALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!! fresh from this moment, those who went this summer are enjoying themselves!!
  2. Dr Beyleh leaving as a director of Africa development bank headquarter to serve the nation as the foreign minister composed a new song for the somali youth in Europe and north america Wasiirka Arimaha Dibada somaliska Dr Beyleh Oo MarkII Ugu Horaysay Soo Saaray Hees Aad u Macan Oo ka Hadlaysa Dhalinyarada waxaa Codkii noogu qaadaayo Siidii Cali Winkey. " title="2014 TOP TEN SONG">
  3. (ISMAIL rules Somaliland with Arms and Amunitions) To diplomats, NGO wallahs and journalists a visit to Somaliland seems to centre upon the Al-Mansour Hotel in Hargeisa. Strategically, located in the country’s dusty capital, it is redolent in stature at least to the Hotel Sacher in post-war Vienna. A place of intrigue, political horse trading, and deal brokerage the Al-Mansour delights in its status as the favourite watering hole of Government Ministers, trade delegations and those who have yet to develop sufficient spine for a visit to Mogadishu. Strategically placed within easy reach of key ministries the hotel delights in its current status as Somaliland’s premier venue for business meetings, press conferences and official receptions. For all the near magnetic qualities of a venue such as the Al-Mansour, like all hotels there is more than a degree of artifice about it. The real Somaliland is to be found beyond its confines, away from the world of crisply pressed suits, seemingly limitless expense accounts and the hurried exchange of business cards. For an insight into the land that gets beyond the sugared rhetoric and contrived communiqués it is essential to venture forth. By so doing there is a chance of liberation from the sophistry and semantics that crowd in on one from every official encounter. The country like its inhabitants delights in being enigmatic and takes real patience and persistence to discover something of its real self. A land rich in history and enmity, like much of the Horn, Somaliland baffles and bemuses at every turn. Stark beauty arrests, indifference infuriates, whilst a deep well of faith provides a both a salve as well as salvation. Truth like the galu (plover) is more than not illusive and in so seeking there is always the chance that what you will come across is the abesi (venomous cobra). Any peregrinations exact a heavy price, for the heat saps the will, the dust parches the throat and even when seeking shade from the Dibi or Makari tree it is important to remember that these trees were once used for making stabbing spears. Where ever one chooses to rest the modern equivalent of the herio (baggage saddle) there is a need to be alert for unexpected pleasures, as well vigilance in regard to heshima (loss of face). Sadly, even in the largely forgotten regions the khat addled politics of Hargeisa impacts greatly. Unnecessary grievances are still being forged and moulded by those whose vocabulary seems to consist of few words other than Imisa (How much?) and I si I si (give me, give me). Present and future tragedies are being shaped, with Somalis such as the ********** (Samarone) of the Adal/Awdal Region being maginalised, ignored and unheard. The recent local elections have thrown up some interesting results, none more so than in the area around the port town of Saylac (known to the wider world as Zeila) – a strategically located port, long since coveted by Djibouti. Throughout the Saylac district ten ********** and seven Issa councillors have recently been elected. With an Issa councillor having been mayor for the last eight years, there should now be a change, as the winning councillors are meant to cast their vote as to who should become Mayor of Saylac. As the ********** councillors outnumber the Issa counsellors it is clear to see that they would provide the winning vote on a ********** counsellor becoming Mayor. However, the Issa councillors have not hung around for this to happen, after being called back by the President of Djibouti, they have up and left Saylac and returned home to Djibouti, refusing to take part in any election; branding the whole thing a farce. Historically, the Issa (a clan that straddles Djibouti and Somaliland) has claimed that the Saylac region belongs to the Issa and that no one else should be allowed to be the Mayor of the Saylac region. The Issa are now claiming the local votes were rigged, despite the fact that the Chairman of the Election Commission, Secretary and First Chairman all being Issa and confirming that the electoral process had been fair and above board. The Issa are outraged at the thought of a ********** becoming mayor, they feel the Saylac land belongs to them and they are not prepared to let anyone else have any control over the area. Such is the indignation that they are prepared to fight the ********** people using support from the Djibouti army and its resources. As if such sabre rattling were not bad enough, matters have been exacerbated by the actions of President Silanyo of Somaliland. On the 16th December 2012 President Silanyo was in Djibouti to attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the Somali becoming a written as well as a spoken language. When the event had finished Silanyo had a private discussion with President Guelleh of Djibouti regarding the Saylac election. The ever forceful Guelleh, made clear his displeasure concerning the result in Saylac election insisted that Silanyo override the democratic wishes of local people and install an Issa councillor as mayor. Guelleh went on to threaten President Silanyo, when he made clear that should this not happen, Djibouti will no longer recognise Somaliland as a country which had previously been agreed between the two Presidents. Rather than rebuffing this irredentism on behalf of the Issa, President Silanyo returned to Hargeisa and ordered the Vice President to ensure that an Issa was appointed Mayor of Saylac. To his credit the Vice President, thus far, has refused to do this. Tribal animosity continues to be the wabayo (a poison made by boiling the roots of the Waba tree) that corrodes the body politic of Somali society. Naturally, the ********** feel that they are entitled to stand up for their democratic rights and regardless of international indifference, are determined to be heard. They are horrified at the thought of the Presidents of Djibouti and Somaliland acting in concert to ride roughshod over the will of local people. A clear sense is emerging that they have been caught in the middle and stifle and suffocated by Guelleh’s Issa tribe and Silanyo’s Issaq. The last thing the Horn needs now is the sound of the Giiraar (war song). The power brokers in Djibouti and Hargeisa would do well to draw back, reassess, engage and support the regions. Resources, aid and development needs to be shared an equitable manner, something which manifestly has not been done thus far. What has been happening in the Adal/Awdal region is a timely reminder that journalists, NGOs and people of goodwill must make a greater effort to break out from the cosseted environment of hotels such as the Al-Mansour and discover what is really taking place. Mark T Jones London-based writer and specialist on the Horn of Africa Below is a clip showing the reactions from the Issa and ********** people, to date these clips have not been broadcast which shows that the voices of Adal/Awdal are being hidden from the international world: source: Mark T Jones all somaliland websites
  4. 200 deaths after ugaas abdirashiid tension escallated to full war 500 wounded...
  5. A massacre happen in the triangle border with ethiopia! As usual the triangle as they have tried in ceelbardaleeh before and failed tried again to use the Army funded by UK and european tax money and as well trained by the ethiopian themselve to attack local people in ethiopia border. Well here is the news from the local government (kilil 5) THE EUROPEAN TAX PAYER MONEY HAS BEEN USED THIS WAY Jig-jiga (Cakaaranews) Degmada Yoocaale oo kamida shan iyo tobankii degmo ee dhawaan la ansixiyay ayaa sidaan horay ulasoconay waxaa mararka qaar dhici jirtay in ay shacabka yoocaale iyo beelaha ay walaalaha yihiin ee ay dariska yihiin ay mararka qaar dhexmarijireen iskudhacyo kadhex aloosma dadka dariska ah iyadoo sida ugu dhakhsaha badan uguna wanaaga badan loo xalinjiray. Haddaba Maalinkahor ayaa waxaa si ulakaca shacabka ree yoocaale ugusoo duulay dad lasoo abaabulay islamarkaana hubaysan watayna baabuur hub iyo raashin isugu jira waxayna toos usoo aadeen degmada yoocaale iyagoo kaweecday goobihii ay ciidamada deegaanka ee liyuu boolisku daganaayeen ayaa waxa ay rasaas kufureen shacab xoolo dhaqato ah oo geeloodii iyo adhigoodii lajooga halkaasna waxay kudileen 7 nin oo kamida shacabkii halkaas kusugnaa. Kadib markii ay falkaas gaysteen ayaa waxay sidii ugu dhakhsaha badnayd isugu dayeen inay wadanka ka baxaan balse nasiib wanaag Halyayada Geesiyiinta ah ee liyuu booliska oo markiiba ka war helay sidii ay wax u dheceen islamarkaana xog ogaal u ahaa xaaladaha noocan oo kale ah ayaa markiiba go'aan adag ku qaatay inay ugaga hormaraan xuduuda dhinicii ay kasoo galeen iyagoo iskaashanaya ciidamada qaranka ayayna gacanta ku dhigeen 6 gaadhi oo hub iyo raashin ah iyo 57 nin oo hubaysan. Haddaba iyadoo wakhtixaadirkan gacanta lagu hayo lixdaa gaadhi iyo 57 daa nin ee hubaysnaa falkaas argagixisanimada ahna gaystay ayaa waxa ay xukuumadu wadaa baadhitaan adag si loo ogaado loogana go'aan qaato cidii ka danbaysay falkan iyo ujeedada ay kalahaayeen sidoo kalana danbiilayaashan ayaa dhamaantood ay baabuurtoodu yihiin baabuurta somaliland ama ay kuxidhanyihiin taarikada somaliland islamarkaana budhcadkan ayaa ah dambiilayaal guud ahaan wadanka itoobiya dambi ka galay waxaana sida ugu dhakhsaha badan loohorkeenayaa Maxkamada si loomariyo sharciga deegaanka iyo wadanka uyaala iyadoo ay halkaas kala kulmi doonaan wixii waajibaadkooda ah. Arintan oo ah mid ay wakhtixaadirkan xukuumada deegaanku baadhitaan ku hayso dib ayaan idiinkasoo tabin doonaa wixii faahfaahin ah ee kasoo cusboonaada...
  6. allah macanaydaa markaa dadka kaleeh laa cayayoo!! Well you seems to be all happy when southerns are dying! when there is a war in putland. when there is problem in other area !! well take the news as you like to give it to others !!
  7. A LOT OF DEATHS AND CARNAGE BY SINLANYOO GROUP AGAINST A SECTION OF HARGEISA CIVILIANS! 1994 RELOADED !! War Degdeg ah: Is Rasaasayn Ciidamada Booliska Iyo dadka Deegaanka ku dhex maraysa duleedka Galbeed ee Degmadda Axmed Dhagax ka dib markii ay dawladda hoose iyo maamulka gobolku qoysas u soo rareen Hargeysa (HWN) Ciidamada booliska iyo dad shacab ah ayaa la sheegayaa in is rasaasayni ay hadda ku dhex marayso Duleedka Galbeed ee Degmada Axmed Dhagax. Is rasaasayntan ka dhex socota ciidamada Booliska iyo dadka shacabka ah ayaa la sheegayaa in ay ka dambaysay ka dib markii maamulka Gobolka Maroodi Jeex iyo dawladda hoose ee caasimaddu dad ay ka soo rareen xaafadda Goljano ay damceen in beero ay iska leeyihiin qaar ka mid ah dadka degmadda axmed Dhagax. Lama oga khasaaraha uu sababay iska hor imaadkan kooban eek u dhex maraya Ciidamada Booliska iyo Shacabka halkaasi balse wariye Cabdiqani Cabdilaahi Axmed Oo ka tirsan Shabakada caalamiga ah ee Hadhwanaagnews oo isagu ku sugan halka uu falkaasi ka dhacayo ayaa sheegaya in ay xaaladu cakiran tahay. Si kastaba ha ahaatee todobaadyadii ugu dambeeyay ayaa deegaanka uu ku taagnaa muran dhinaca dhulka ahi iyada oo ay dadka mulkigiisa iska lihi ay feejignaan aad ah ka galeen sidii aan dhulkooda loo dejin lahayn cid aanay iyagu ogolaanshiiyo looga helin. Lama oga halka uu muranka cusubi ku danbayn doono, balse kala soco shabakada caalamiga ah ee Hadhwanaagnews wixii war ah ee ka soo kordha. Hadhwanaagnews/Office Hargeysa/Somaliland Submitted By: Wariye-Najax
  8. After the heavy delegation of university of mogadisho, university of bossaso, garowe, hargeisa who has taken their training in Amoud university it is now the turn of south somalia clan elders that came to borama.. It is the first time ever that clan elders from south came directly to borama to train in traditional leadership ... What is next?????????????????????????????????????????? Boorame(HWN) Maalinimadii shalay magaalada Boorama waxaa dib uga ambabaxay wafti balaadhan oo oday dhaqameedyo ka yimid koonfurta Soomaaliya oo dhanaa shan iyo toban xubnood. Oday dhaqameedyadan oo soo gaadhay magaalada Boorama habeenimadii ay soo galaysay salaasadu ayaa socdaalkooda waxaa ku wehelinayay saddex xubnood oo oday dhaqameedyo Somaliland ah kuwaas oo iyagu ka soo raacay magaalada Hargaysa si ay u keenaan magaalada Boorama oo ay ahayd markii ugu horeysay ee ay yimaadaan oday dhaqameedyo koonfurta soomaaliya ka yimid. Oday dhaqameedyadan ayaa mar ala markii ay yimaadeenba Boorama waxa ay kulamo gooni gooniya la yeesheen oday dhaqameedyadii beelaha Awdal sida uu noo xaqiijiyay mid ka mid ah oday dhaqameedyadii ay la kulmeen, kulankoodan ayaa waxa uu xanbaarsanaa sidii beelahan halkan ku nooli ay ugu guulaysteen nabadaynta, walaalaynta beelaha ay la nool yihiin in ay ka siiyaan waaya aragnimadii ay guushaas ku gaadheen ayna maanta natiijadeedii hoos hadhsanayaan. Ugu danbayn kulan balaadhan oo ay iskugu yimaadeen oday dhaqameedyadii ka socday koonfurta Somaaliya oo run ahaantii ahaa cududii koonfurta iyo oday dhaqameedyadii Awdal ayaa kulan balaadhan galinkii hore ee shalay iskugu yimid hotel Maana ee magaalada Boorama , halkaas oo labada dhinacba hadalo nuxur leh ay is waydaarsadeen, tallo iyo tusaale waaya aragnimo badana laga siiyay qaabkii iyo habkii quruxda badnayd ee ay ku gaadheen nabada ay iminka ku naaloonayso guud ahaan Somaliland. Isku soo duuboo, waftigii oday dhaqameedka Koonfurta ayaa isla shalay ka anbabaxay magaalada iyaga oo aan ilaa iminka la sheegin meelaha kale ee ay sii mari doonaan, waxaase uu ahaa booqashadii ugu horeysay ee noocanoo kale ah ee ay ku yimaadaan oday dhaqameedyo ka soo jeeda Koonfurta Soomaaliya raadinayayna bal in ay waaya aragnimo iyo tallo ka helaan bulshadan Alle ku manaystay Nabada iyo wada tashiga ee awdal.� Wariye C/fitaax aam Xafiiska HadhwanaagNews Boorama
  9. Madaxweyne Waxa Aan Qabaa In Habeenkii Dhaweyd Aanay Malaaiigi Ku Kicinin Ee Uu Shaydaan Ku Kiciyay Siciid Sulub Maxamed
  10. Showqi;748820 wrote: Yo djibsomali Man, when are you gonna tell us a good news from Somaliland? ilayn dadka qarkood warka xun uun bey raadiyaan. walaal aniguu waxaan soo qoraa wax aliyoo wixii xuun eeh somaliland aan kaa maqlow!! ilaa iyoo intay kaa dumeysoo amaa reer triangle ay toobaad keenayaan!!
  11. All is not what it seems! hate is brewing, people are on the brink to wage war. even in my city (UK) the people of north west of somalia do not share or sit at the same restaurant anymore. groups are formed The original formation Awdal state SCC Triangle Now the triangle people does not sit at the same restaurant or same gathering anymore 1994 formation is back Odweyne and hargeisa (1 group) Sinlanyoo group (with more money) at other restaurant And the rest are peasants who just wonder around from places to places. Here is a passage where the president of somaliland is dissing some other high ranking opposition group. When did a president return insults?? Wallee rayaleh dabadii reerkaa oogaa isma badilow! how many time Rayaleh got dissed (****** this and ****** that), children from awdal playing football in hargeisa being stoned by grown up mirqan people. The rig hate, (hargeisa people running wild when the hear a rig is going to dig water hole in western gabiley) just plain hate from mirqan people. And never Rayaleh returned the hate in matter of fact he progressed the halucinated nation to some form of civilisation. Votes! democracy, 1 man 1 vote are all his legacies. now look at this: ------------------------------ *********************** --------------------------- Hargeysa(HW)NMadaxweynaha Somaliland Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud Siilaanyo ayaa niskii danbe ee caawa Luuqad adag kaga jawaabay tobanaan dhaliilo oo muddooyinkii ugu danbeeyay isaga daba-tagay xukuummadiisa, isla markaana waxa uu ku eedeeyey guddoomiyaha Xisbiga Mucaaridka ah ee UCID Eng.Faysal Cali Waraabe in la ogaa wixii uu ku sameeyey Ururkii UFO iyo sidii uu u basaasi jirey iyo dhibaatooyinkii uu ummada u geystayba. Madaxweyne Siilaanyo waxaa uu si adag u naqdiyay, Wasiirkii hore ee Wasaarada duulista hawada Cali Maxamed Warancade iyo Wasiirkii hore ee Hawlaha guud Siciid Sulub. Waxaana uu si adag u difaacay taageeradda xukuumaddiisu u dirtay abaaraha Muqdisho, wakiilka Qaramada Midoobay ee Somalia. Waxaa kale oo uu fariin u diray madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Shariif Sheekh Axmed oo shalay ha hadlay arrinta Somaliland Mar uu Axmed-Siilaanyo la hadlayey Axsaabta Mucaaridka ah waxa uu yidhi “Waxaan doonayaa inaan ka hadlo arrimahaa wanaaga daaranaa, bini’aadanimada daaranaa, waxtarka daaranaa ee dunida iyo dadkeenaba u geysanaynay ayaa Xisbiyada mucaaridka ahi UCID iyo UDUB, gaar ahaan Faysal Cali Waraabe waxa maalmahan ka soo burqanayey, iyada oo uu caado iyo dhaqan u leeyahay marka uu dhibaatooyin dhex-dabaasho ee uu masuuliyadiisa iyo xilkiisa ka soo bixi-waayo, iyada oo taariikhdiisa la ogaa waddaninimadiisa la ogaa, oo waxa uu UFFO ku sameeyey berigii la ogaa qarankana (Somaliland) halgankii uu ka galay la ogaa, siddii uu u basaasi jirey iyo dhibaatooyinka uu dadka u geysanayey la ogaa inuu maalin-walba cay iyo aflagaado ula soo taagan yahay ummada iyo dawlada wax la qaadan karo maaha.” Isaga oo hadalkiisa sii watana waxa uu yidhi“Faysaloow taariikhda, waxaad ummada ka heshay ama taageerooyinkii aad ku wada dhacday ee aad meel ku gaadhi-weyday ee ummadu kugu diiday ee ay sanka kaa qabsatay ee aad qabyaalada ku hadashay ee aad xumaanta ku hadashay ee aad tidhi Hargeysa annaa leh, ee ay ummadu kuugu diiday waad ogayd, taariikhda halka aad ka gashayna waa la ogaa, maalin-walba ninkii lahaa halkan ayaan wax ka qabanayaa, Koonfur ayaan tagayaa halkan ayaan tijaabinayaa adiga (Faysal) ayuu ahaa. Maalin-walba halkaas ayaad ka hadlaysaa oo aad intaa aflagaado iyo xumaan aad wadaa, taasina waxa lagaa qaadanayo maaha, wax lagaa aqbalayo maaha, cidd aad ugu hanjabeysaana ma jirto.” Md. Siilaanyo waxa uu ku tilmaamay Cali Maxamed Warancade iyo Siciid Sulub inay ummadu iska garatay, isaga arrinta ka hadlayana waxa uu yidhi“Waxaan leeyahay qoladan UDUB ee Cali Maxamed Warancade iyo Siciid Sulub ee iyana halkan aflagaadada la soo jooga waxaan leeyahay walaalayaal doorashadii ayaa la idinka adkaaday, ummada muddo badan ayaad horjoogteen, ummadu way iska kiin garatay, way isla kiin aragtay waxaad tihiin iyo waxaad qabtaanba sidaas ayaanu weliba asaxaan idiin sameynay marka runta la doonayo oo idin saamaxnay, oo idin ilaalinay, oo is-nidhi dalkan midnimadiisa, isku-xidhnaantiisa, walaaltinimadiisa ha jirto, oo musuqmaasuqa aad gasheen, boobkaad sameyseen, dhacaad sameyseen iyo dunuubta aad ummada ka gasheen aanu idinku saamaxnay. Waxaad maanta ummada ku akhriyeysaan cid wax idinka dhageysanaysa ma jirto.” source: The somaliland president is attacking a specific section of somaliland! The same section which has been humiliated at hargeisa airport when rayaleh came back plain hate plain ignorance
  12. Awdal State bay himiladeedu aheyd in maamulku wakhti walba iyo meel walba ka hubiyo inaanan laga turjumin rabitaanka beel weynta reer Adal. Islamarkaana hubiyo maamulku inuu gacanta ka dhiibo wixii qoraal ah yada oon cidna loo dabajoogsan. Maamulka Awdal State baa hore ugu balan qaadey in ay hubiyaan mustaqbalka dadkoodu inuuna marnaba gacan kale galin. Balan kale baa aheyd iney bustaha dhigtaan meel wal oo busto ay dhigtaan maamul goboleedyada kale sida Somaliland. Waxa sharaf ii ah inaan halkan maanta kusoo bandhigo himiladaa maamulka Awdal State qeybta magaalada Ottawa- Canada oo si rasmi ah uga fuliyay shalay shirweyne dhexdii. Shirkaa oo uu qabtay ergeyga quruumaha midoobay u qaabilsan arimaha Soomaaliya Mudane Augustine P. Mahiga. Kulankii Mahiga ee Ottawa iyo Awdal State; (Loo turjumi maayo reer Awdal State) MORE....