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  1. only gays and people who do speed listen to techno/electro
  2. nuune;729031 wrote: Good question CL, yes, I do have one Jinni girl, they are not in anyway similar to human girls like you, not even a single feature you have that you will find in them, not a bit, I can go on and describe their looks and features but that would be a long very long post(I don't mind doing dat but right now running to Khutba Jimca), but some features you will find in human girls, the Jinni girls will have the exact features but in large quantity of numbers. What do we talk about, or do, it is a relationship dear, break ups, fights, yelling, hitting, slaps, all sorts of things, but I do regret hitting her one time(for not coming home on time), in return, she broke both my legs and arms, and I was on bed for 3 weeks, luckily, her father is a good Jinni who also is a chief, she would have killed me had he not heard my screaming and rescued me from her, she is a giant super dove lover. what position do jinni girls like?
  3. horta, there are days i wonder who was that first caveman who invented marriage? it must've been a mutation that made him want to settle for one woman. the other cavemen should've go together and made sure he got into an accident before he passed on his onegina disease. alas, millions of years later, we are still suffering for the actions of that one selfish *******.
  4. You make my heart drop, heart drop How you hit it non stop, I love it when you are on top Baby you are so perfect to me
  5. NGONGE;728709 wrote: Stuff and nonesense. The majority of Somali women actively particapite in and prolong their own suffering. Somalia should be struck out of this list. Somali women are not as meek as those from other countries and play a huge part in maintaining the appalling conditions they live under. Naga daaya dee. are you ladies gonna let him off the hook with this comment?
  6. everything we do in life is out of convenience, the job, the children, the marriage. i think as a man, you should get married, but dont expect to be happy. luckily in islam there is the option of marrying another, although that seems to be more headache then it seems. the best thing to do is to cheat, but don't cheat with the same woman, keep it fresh and interesting, and always wear protection.
  7. one thing i hate about somaliland is the girls wear bee keepers outfit, wt happened to wearing sexy clothes that arent too revealing?
  8. Alpha Blondy;728605 wrote: Axmad, i definitely agree with you. i've been on the islamic lecture circuits and frankly its a dating agency. perhaps, those somali sistas attendees can meet their revert lovers. not to mention the pea-brain akhis who are too consumed in small talk. the shiekhs are all celebrities and only happy to have their credentials mentioned every 5 secs. Don't hate on revert brother akhi, hate the game. In all honesty, there is nothing wrong these conferences, everyone comes for different reasons and most of all to exchange knowledge and the numbers of wali's.
  9. Aaliyyah;728604 wrote: ^^I believe only straight ppl are allowed to attend the conference acudibillah, my sister in islam please hold back your vile words of insults. it's wrong to insult a fellow muslim and throw vile accusations. I hope you will ask for my forgiveness, although im not sure i will grant it.
  10. a great place to pick up desperate xalimo's. but first i have to grow my beard n put on my khamiis n get my tusbaax. oh and mashallah
  11. Shankaroon;728513 wrote: Waan maseer badanahay i dont think i would accept this :confused: u didnt watch the video did you?
  12. why any1 want to have a flag that stands for anarchy n warlords, pirates n destruction?
  13. adeero is right, we fought for queen n spilled blood, we are her children n she needs to take us home n recognize us.
  14. Vans;728039 wrote: Right now I'm not really studying anything. I'm slaving away at the moment. But I did completed my B.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.A. in Visual Arts Media. I am preparing my applications for my MArch (Masters in Architecture) degree inshAllah. More like preparing to get pocket raped by these institutions whose tuitions are soaring by the quarter/semester. aren't you a girl, how come you can do math? kidding, good for you and good luck
  15. 3.75 is about $1 a litre, while we pay $1.30/litre, dumb americans always complaining.
  16. oba hiloowlow;728026 wrote: ^^ maalayacniga intaad iska dhaaftid orod wax qabso nolosha ka dhacde..
  17. the giril with the hijaab is pretty, the rest look look like gaalo wannabes
  18. oba hiloowlow;728018 wrote: lool beryahaan dhan faniinto dhan waa wada wadaniyiin.. faniinta like saado waa alcoholiste baan maqlay, talow ma run baa?
  19. wt so special about mr cheeze, did he hand out free cheese to the people?
  20. saado cali waa habar weyn oo qaawan, ceeb, no wonder allah doesnt support ssc because their leader is habar qaawan.
  21. Kool_Kat;727492 wrote: Foolxumada dumarka in politics waxaa aad iyo aad uga sii foolxun rag ku sheega dhaha "its not natural for a man to be satisfied with one man" ... so you agree waa foolxuma. jazakallah for you opinions, kushinka needs cleaning.
  22. mashallah malaysian woman are real muslim woman who know their roles. they need to teach clases to somali girls