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  1. Kibirka badan iska daa nayaa, the dude was just trying to pick you up and get his freaky on with you.
  2. blessed hunno what did rudy write, bilaa xishood waaxidka?
  3. mashallah somaliland ha noolaato konfurians you can learn lot from us instead of enviying us.
  4. after age 30 women are like expired milk, mouldy bread, why any man wants naag old ah oo alabeeheeda dhulka maraya i will never understand.
  5. Juxa Are you ignoring my queries. That's rude hunno. Isku xishood and answer my questions.
  6. I love sexting, makes work go by faster
  7. This juxa lady is not answring peoples questions. Why she open this topic if she not answer questions. Maybe she not a real lawyer
  8. Juxa Jawab baan ka sugaya. Hurry up!
  9. Dee wadanka sii qalad ah loo galo noo sheeg hunno. Adeerkay from arabsiyo baa raba inoo galo.teach us the tricks
  10. war inantu yaa la dhibin, ee reer keeda ha la ogaado. umm maryam what part of africa are you from?
  11. Chimera Hunno edeb yeelo. There is no need for insults sister. Umm maryam Please tell us your culture, perhaps there is a culture clash.
  12. Umm Maryam;819253 wrote: Your post is extremly offensive. First of all you ASSUME im a revert, in Islam my brother, people dont guess. Second of all women dont belong to anyone. Please give me a hadith/ayah that can confirm what you are saying. I dont belong to my husband or to his family or to my parents. Nobody OWNS me. True a muslim women needs to please her husband and be respectful to others but she also has rights. As for my nationality, Im not somalian, but Im from another part of Africa. What you said is truly disturbing. Im learning my deen, but the question is, are you?? Well, the diin says that the husband is in charge of his wife and must provide for her etc, and the wife must obey her husband. Now to me, you seem like a very disrespectful wife who doesn't listen to her husband and insults his mother. That is no way for a good muslimah to act. Second, where in africa are you from? I hope not west africa.
  13. Carafaat;819246 wrote: Welcome back Inajaad. We missed you. What happened with your 'ask Dr.Inajaad thread'? iga raali noqo, the good doctor went on a sabbatical.
  14. Beer-Gaal;818549 wrote: the first part will work in there for sure. and Good luck to you ina Jaadow. thanks, maybe i will expand to bossasso afterwords. you want to be a business partner love?
  15. what is your racial background? i bet you are cadaan(white). don't bring your former cadaan/pagan/gaalo culture to a muslim marriage. you need to learn to listen to your muslim husband and his family. for all intents and purposes, when you get married, you belong to your husband and family in islam. learn diinta.
  16. i'm going to open a strip club/ shiisha club in hargeisa. inshallah ii duceeya
  17. Wadani;807348 wrote: unfortunately Garnaqsi, the boyfriend-girlfriend system is alive and kicking. I condone 'halaal' dating or nadeef dating before marriage, but none of this we'll act like a married couple before were even married to see if we should get married business. We have to remember, the girls are ppls daughters and sisters. Just my two cents. do they stop being people's daughters if they have pre-marital sex?
  18. most hijabi girls have jareer hair. they only wear the hijab to hide their afros
  19. is someone else using aaliyahs account
  20. Get a girlfriend and stop playing dungeons and dragons.