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  1. stop bombarding us with ur kowda luulyo crap, instead of celebrating, why dont u do something for your konfurian country?
  2. indeed indeed, it was a dark day. i knew these konfuurians were up to no good when they stopped our daily khat shipments. NEVER AGAIN!
  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;731193 wrote: ^^ Halkeed ka dhiigta"? hunno xishood, meesha an ka dhiigo maxaa ka rabtaa?
  4. Xaaji Xunjuf;731191 wrote: The Somaliland flag is green white red what do you bleed? thts the one i bleed hunno
  5. Malika;730524 wrote: ^Would it have been okay, if the said girl came home pregnant by an arab, white , Somali [the non black africans] or chinese man? :confused: Alpha - I second you. Honestly the excuses are pathetic! Inna lillah wa inna illahi rajcuun. yes ofcourse, as long as the wacel is good looking n has nice jileec hair, then its ok.
  6. Jacaylbaro;731188 wrote: ^ ^ So you're a Somalilander now ,, eh ?? hunno i bleed red, white n green
  7. why konfuurians let some1 from pirateland as prime minister? it should be some1 from the south as prime minister, not from buuntiland.
  8. tha people of las canood subort somaliland administration, its indivduals like sabraya iyo xaglatoosiya who went to create colaad. but the people suborit their country, somaliland.
  9. Alpha Blondy;730934 wrote: she is nice looking. i wonder if she's married? strikes me as a self-hating opportunist type riding on the whole ''somalia is war-torn'' malakay. whenever i see a successful somali woman, i'm very wary of them for some reason,.perhaps, I'm the one with the issues but i cant stand a Somali woman being successful - because all the ones I've encountered are either dating non-somalis or hate somalis.... its tru, the only way for somali woman to be sucessful in gaalo country is to talk about her bahal or expose her body or talk bad about the diin.
  10. theres nothing special about a woman who doesnt wear hijab.
  11. i dunt want to unite with smelly konfuurians
  12. there are days i wonder who gave naagaha the right to think for themselves, because the consequences of that has been disastrous. why cant they just shut up and look pretty.
  13. mmm i dunno what they do, but they can get it.
  14. its hard to tell, but the body shape suggests somali lady. when somali ladies put on weight, it looks qaab daran, it goes to the hibs and booty as well on the tricep and elbow area. if she was other african, she'd have broader shoulders. but she could also be sudaneese, though i dont think they were their hijab like that. i think waa somali, between 28-35, possibly single mother.
  15. alpha blondie and naxar you two trolls need to get a room.
  16. Naxar Nugaaleed;729268 wrote: wouldn't that be you in this case? lol nah cuz, i made a general case about gays and speed addicts listning to techno. laakin adiga gays is the only thing u read far iyo meel buugtaa is og.
  17. Naxar Nugaaleed;729263 wrote: apparently your the one that needs more then one man, in the closet or not, your already out so stop sharing your sick fantasies with this forum please lool waxaa la dhahay, tuug inta aad tuug ku dhihin buu tuug kugu dhahaa.
  18. Naxar Nugaaleed;729258 wrote: ^ that you even have this adds to the suspicion lol abti your the one who listens to electro, closet ka soo bax aniga i like pum pum, alxamduliallah.
  19. naxar and archemedo's dancing to some electro
  20. Ms MoOns;729250 wrote: Miskiin, did I offended you? LOL. Stalking kulaha. Waad riyoonoosa sxb. it's true, meel kasta aan wax ku qoro, i see you with your 'astaqfuralla'. your like an annoying wart that refuses to go away. bal iga har maandeey, friggin hell do i owe you child support?
  21. Aaliyyah;729244 wrote: ^such a immature comment. yaad itaqaan? xagaadna igu aragtay ano see thru dirac gashan..adaa see thru dirac iyo niiko iyo wax daran ka carareen ee edab yeelo. salaam that was example. i just hate religious wannabe's, who go from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds. i don't mean to pick on you, but its the truth.
  22. Ms MoOns;729240 wrote: Atleast she's trying innit, I can't say that from you Sir Jaad. horta adiga you've become my shadow, is someone paying you to stalk me?
  23. Aaliyyah;729239 wrote: lol stop being so mean subhanalah. Anyways, who knows perhaps people are gonna listen to this link and decide to quit music. Imagine how much ajar I will get salaam people like you are what makes others turn against islam, inconsistent reactive people who never look at the diin in a serious way. one day preaching about islam and posting random hadiths, the next day doing niiko and wearing a see through dirac or khamiis. you seriously think because you posted one islamic video that more than likely no one will watch, that will make you different? perhaps you just be yourself instead of focusing so much on trivial things. i expect after a few weeks, you will post more music videos. islam should not be a shaati you can put and take off as you please.
  24. Aaliyyah;729235 wrote: after posting many songs on this thread. Now I decided to share this video ...what islam says about music ..hopefully danbigi badna aan halkan ka birsaday ajar ba la igu badalayaa ..Enjoy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you think one islamic video is gonna be enough to erase all your previous sins from the music videos you posted? you should post one islamic video for each music video you posted, perhaps then you will be ok.
  25. A_Khadar;729046 wrote: GD, you got jokes.. I am expecting also another thread from the patriotic clan lot that says, “If Somaliland isn’t recognized, resurrection is very eminent."