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  1. One dictator has gone and another comes in. The only difference between the two is that one was a staunch opponent of the west and the other will be a puppet of the west. I see nothing to be joyous about.
  2. It's quite hard to debate with someone who twists the truth and name calls you.
  3. Abdul;740237 wrote: And who the hell are you to judge her? I guess those chopping limbs, bombing and killing innocent people are more positive to you. What do you mean by 'judge'?. I'm talking about her profession, not passing a judgement. If you're trying to find an excuse for her, then do it in a proper way instead of asking 'who are you to judge'.
  4. Nina Fox;740381 wrote: ^^ Totally agree with you walee. Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia iyo Kuwait inay passport kusiiyaan iska dhaafe, sida SLAVE camal ayeey kugula dhaqmaayaaan. /COLOR] First of all I want to tell you that the countries you mentioned are ruled by puppets oo laga xukumo the white house. They will do what the white house tells them to do. For example who put the Saudi king into power?. It was the British government and he is now under the protection of the United States. Nina Fox;740381 wrote: Gaalka haduusan diintaada, gurigaada, qoyskaada soo faragashan waad la noolaan kartaa. Diinteena waxeey na fareysaa PEACE. Laakin hadaan intaan wadankooda imaano intaan u mahadcelin laheyn aan iyagii dhibno, dhulkooda abuse gareyno, lacagtooda qaadano, shaqooyinkooda ka shaqeyno, ayaga dhan neh aan yasno macquul ma ahan./COLOR] There is nothing like freedom of religion the west. You have to be a 'moderate' muslim to live in the west. You can not govern yourself under the shariah law. So how can you say there is freedom of religion? Please watch this video. And this Nina Fox;740381 wrote: I wouldn't tolerate for a second if a Foreigner came to my country and did not show respect to my religion, my land and my people. We must extend the same courtesy to dadki na gacan qabtey oo na gaarsiiyeey heer aan wax inta ku barano dalkooda aan dhulkeena iyo dadkeena wax u qabano. Allah SWT ayaa niyadooda naxaris noo galiyeey towards us, anagana naxariistaas inaay na gasho waye hadaan Muslim sax ah sheeganeeyno Presuming you live in Britian, how can you say we should have naxariis for the British government or its people (most of them support the war on terror. In other words the war on islam) when they are at the front line killing muslims all over the world?. They are killing our brethren in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?. Would you be be grateful to a man who gives you everything thing and at the sametime is busy killing your brothers and sisters? I very much doubt unless all you care about is yourself.
  5. Nina Fox;740363 wrote: Muslim thanx for the reply walaalkiis. The reason behind my question is *had you said no" waxaan ku dhahi rabey some Gaalo are like Muslims, Ashahaadka uun ayeey weli ku dhawaaqin mahane, walaahi Muslimiin badan ayeey ka naxariis badan yahiin, oo aay ka dadnimo fiican yahiin, weeyna ka Iman roonyahiin. But since you have an affiliation with Gaalo, its all good marka. I remember not long ago (2008kii) baadariga Ingriiska ugu weyn Archbishop of Canterbury ayaa dhahay Sharia Law in lagu introduce gareeyo in UK ayaa advisable eh. Im going to post the link. Odaygaan oo kale I believe haduu diinta Islamka sii dhex gali lahaa ama intuu raadiyo Hadiths iyo Qur'an translated, shan daqiiqo uu ku muslimi lahaa. Don't you think? Guidance is with Allah walaalo. I don't see anything in that interview that suggests he is interested in Islam. He was rather more interested in the cohesion of the society. From my understanding, he is basically saying it's dangerous to say there's one law (man-made laws) for everybody. So he is suggesting muslims can judge themselves with shariah law if that pleases them. This used to be the case with the christians and the jews who lived under the caliphate. They would choose whether to rule themselves with shariah laws or their own laws. Peace.
  6. I would rather appreciate the effort of a poor girl who lives in baadiyo and practises her deen to the best of her capabilities than this so called civil engineer. A muslim sister who really cares about her deen will not take such a person as a role model. That is a fact.
  7. Abdul;740093 wrote: Her good looks and great personality helped put somalia on the world stage in a positive way when everything else was negative. What is postive about a woman selling her body sxb? Am I missing something here?
  8. [h=1]The Beautiful Story of a Pious Muslimah[/h]
  9. [h=1]Ragga Qoorta ku xirta Katiinadaha[/h]
  10. Qof muslim ah waa gaal mala dhihi karaa?
  11. A lecture about the beard and the so called nationalistic flags (The Somalia flag and the Somaliland flag).