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  1. Bayle sounds he wants to move on from some unscrupulous dealings that has gone on in the last five years . I don't personally think he embezzled funds for himself but I believe he let others walk all over him. Let us be honest he would not be a finance minister that long if he did not let them diverge from the budget. He would either resign or moved which leads to me that although he is one of the finest ministers of that regime, his integrity is questionable.
  2. That is below the belt and uncalled for. Reer dhan baad ucaynaysaa hal qof. Nacas. Hadhoow baad Dblocknimo u ooynaysaa! War sida isku dhaan.
  3. Deep down Faysal is in love with Reerkan yaree Garowe .
  4. But Deni does not need a house, he is self made millionaire before he even joined politics. So no tuugsi for him from poor fellas
  5. The dude was in the villa for few weeks. Nothing much changed except few personnel here and there since when your habib was there . So you blaming him already on everything and anything seem to me that you want him to fail. I am not fan of him but I hope and pray for the sake of our country he succeeds.
  6. There was no plan B to be had. Home base would be like " Dani iigeeya" if he had became president. It is nature of human being that they lament the losing part.
  7. Balo sheeg badnidaa ninyahoow? Cadyahoow Fatmaajo ku cun ama ku ciideeyay miyaa waxaagu?
  8. In politics you win sometimes and you lose other times. He is only 50 something and he has a lot of experience and opportunities to serve his country. He needs to concentrate on Puntland now and take Hassan to account as well.
  9. Why would they poisoned him? He is the man they wanted. It does not make sense.
  10. To make Ethopia happy shall we hand over the Prime minister ?
  11. Kkkk This is laughable. You are fabricating news to make yourself sleep well at night. Puntland's budget without any direct foreign aid is just half billion: Baarlamaanka Puntland oo ansixiyay Miisaaniyada 2021 WWW.JOWHAR.COM Golaha Wakiillada Puntland oo uu shir-guddoomiyey Guddoomiyaha Golaha Wakiillada Puntland Cabdirashid Yuusuf Jibril ayaa waxa... If Puntland includes the indirect foreign aid the budget would easily surpass £ 1 billion. Somaliland budget including direct foreign aid given to them for organising sham one man one vote is about as same as of that of Puntland at around $405 million. That tells you their project is in decline. The Ictiraf is ever elusive. There are rebel groups popping up every few years. The Habro are fighting over the the power and kicking each other in the parliament over the loot to the point where their biggest town Hargeisa does not even have running water and proper rubbish collection. If you can not help your people how can you help reer Sanaag!!!! Cajiib. Warsos have it good in Puntland where there have been a big projects including longest high way in Somalia under way in Ceeldahir - Ceerigaabo. Many water wells have been built with the Puntland tax payers' money. Maakhir University. Many government institutions have been established including Puntland parliament, many police stations and local authority buildings. Here is this Somaliland puppet Xildhibaan touring Puntland Projects and complimenting Puntland for the good work.
  12. Well done Tarzan. Hassan must teach a lesson to Kikuyus for interfering Somalia's internal affairs. Somalia has so many leverages against Kenya: 1. We can create a rebel group that calls independence of NFD 2. No more Qat imports from Nairobi. 3. Kikuyus are cowards so bring some of the Danab, Gorgor and God knows what animal names we have to the Somalia-Kenya border . They will be crying like a baby I tell ya.
  13. You are playing in the hands of Al shabaab. They like this kind of iskudir so they can get powerful. Of course there are people who work with them but they are far and few. If we are being honest no clan has suffered under Al Shabaab as the HG suffered. They lost many powerful generals, businessmen and elders. In Galkaio Al shabab were playing clans against each other so that no one points fingers at them. They killed many people from different clans and sub clans and it was discovered that it was only Al Shabaab sleeper cells that were killing people and were using mistrust between communities to thrive within. Sxb nin wayn baad tahay caqligaaga ka shaqaysii. Stop following the herd. Fahad if had credible lead that men like Mahad Salad were working with Al shabaab, he could have used many channels to expose them. The fact he is talking now and claiming that he has evidence is not credible. The least he could have done was to leak a list of MPs working with Al shabab to the media. And next bug his phone and expose that too. He would basically publicly putting him on trial. His current screams seems a revenge on Mahad's opposition during his NISA leadership.