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  1. Correction: He said Lower Shabelle. It is one of the most diverse region in Somalia and one of the dominant clans there include Watermaal who are said to be descended from your forebear.
  2. So the young soldier said he is from the Middle Shabelle so does that tell us his Qabiil? And what would knowing the Qabill of one young man out of thousand tell him?
  3. It is not about one port taking another's, it is about increasing capacity. Bosaso port was at some point in time supplying as far as Burco and was port of choice for most of the Somali traders and business people. But since then Somali economy has became larger and it is needed a port that can handle many ships at same time to unload cargo as soon as possible so as to increase ship's turnaround time. Currently ships wait longer to unload because the port can only handle one large ship at a time. Also Ethipia's economy is growing 5% to 10% and would need more ports as the demand increases. Garacad would supply via Wardheer corridor which if you listened to Abtigiis yesterday there are big infrastructure development going on there including two high ways that would link them to Tuurdubi, the dry port terminal between Somali state and Puntland. So therefore Garacad would complement Bosaso and not take anything away from it.
  4. Garacad depth with the current two berths are 12m, deeper than both Bebera and Mogadishu that is before any dredging as it is naturally in deeper waters. The remaining two berths under construction are designed to handle big oil tankers with up to 17m depth.
  5. Horta when did my cousin Che deserted Al Shabaab? Midakale why do I see some of Farmaajo diehards were Al Shababaab sympathisers at some point?
  6. Lol Farmajists turned Shabaabists. Once extremist always extremist. It is a mindset, they can not help.
  7. Che of 3 months ago would not be spreading AS propaganda but would be tirelessly bombarding us with the immaculate pictures of Gorgor, Waran and danab being paraded on Aden Ade airport. How times changed!!!!
  8. This more than obsession. On TV he was sitting next to Samia of Tanzania. Would that make you happier?
  9. I remember this project stalling because of the a clan there objecting to it. Good to see that it seems now to be taking off.
  10. You making your opinion and how you see things as "facts", but it is just your opinion and I respect that. Remember we differed on on Farmaajo too where you thought he was a Somali hero and saviour, whereas I thought he was a mistake and unfit for presidency!
  11. Over 30 years and we still have not learned our lesson. I hear Madaale is a good guy who is incorruptible. I will have him as a mayor any day instead of my mischievous and corrupt cousin. But our Somali psyche have not reached there yet. Bal dadkaan ma waxaa u daran boqolaal qof ee maalin walba Alshabaab laynayso mise nin magac uyaal ah ay isku qabiil yihiin? Talk about misplaced priorities.
  12. What is Somali got to do with this? Mise wax walba oo xun Xaawaa leh.
  13. Che, is that you? Isn't time you came home and embrace mother of federal Somalia?