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  1. First of all Dalmar the Audio link does not work. Secondly would you be kind to tell us which minority clan does Caasho's father belong?
  2. Daanyeer haduu wax xoolo leeyahay futadiisu ku daboolanlaha or Maah Maah on those lines. Hadii ciidamo iyo raganimo jirto wiilasha yaryar oo afks duuban ma iska dhiciyaano? Xarardheere which is part of Mudug ( remember indhojeex occupies half of Mudug only) are controlled by Alshabaab, so only God knows where these brave, mighty and numerous Indho Jeex are???? Any one????
  3. Tallaabo adaa sidaad khaniisiin warkood udhagaysanay baadiyoobaye cidkale ha baadiyeen
  4. Tallaabo marka bro believe what you want to believe just do us a favour don't bring those idealogies to the country We divided as we are we can not have religious sectarian on top of what we grappling with already.
  5. Tallaabo bro listen to brother Nouaman and also I would sincerely advise you to seek guidance from Allah as I think you are good hearted but going on a wrong path about this. May Allah guide you and me and the whole Ummah, and prevent us western fitnah.
  6. Tallaabo I clearly read the Quran Alhamdulillah. I would like you to address the specific matter I put to you. The verses that you referred to do not address of the specific questions I asked you. Quran explain everything, but does it tell you how many times we pray a day and how many raka's we pray for example?
  7. So considering you adhere to the five pillars of Islam: Towheed(monotheism), Praying. Fasting, Paying Zakkah, Hajj to Makkah. Now how do you perform the five pillars? For example, the Qur'an does not go into detail of how many times we should pray, how many rak'as each is to be performed. Likewise, the Qur'an does not tell us how much of our wealth we have to pay in Zakkah, how many days we fast and what nullifies our fasting, how we perform the pilgrimage in Makkah and whole lot more that islamic Jurisdiction derives from Hadith you reject.
  8. Samafal

    Is Puntland dead?

    Holac what made you say that? No balbalaadhi meesha wax aad uwado? Puntland is peaceful except the stand off in Tukaraq, the ecenomy is not booming but is doing OK ( by the way it is not booming anywhere else either). The new president is trying to insert new energy and enthusiasm, but faces a lot of challenges specially how faces Tukaraq issue. So that is why we don't understand where is your question headed.
  9. Ciyaalka Farmaajo haduu xaar qasayo waxay kuleeyihiin waa qaranimo kkkkk
  10. Samafal

    Villa Somalia is happy, only Madoobe left

    Quraanka ciyaarta kadaa adeer aan kuu ducaynee.
  11. Is true though. If true we have another Farole on our hands.
  12. Tallaabo , So you don 't believe in Hadith?
  13. Actually, he did not cut no taxes but applied 100% of taxes previous admin waived due to special circumstances. And I can't see how that affects the value of the dollar. Plus this decree was announced today and the dollar was going down in the last few days since election. On another note, I remember Abdiwali trying to apply 100% of taxes passed by parliment. But you know what happened? The Jaad merchants switched to Galmudug airstrip in Galkio and smuggled into Puntland to avoid the extra 50% charges. He was expecting to win extra 50% but lost 100% of all taxes levied on Jaad.He had no choice but to reverse his decree. So now he too might face same problems. And that is where I say changing leaders for emotional reasons that are not based on rationale is counterproductive but rather detrimental as each leader wastes couple of years going through some basic learning curve.
  14. what is that to do with Cadaan governor, Sir? kkkkkkk
  15. Samafal

    Yaa haray, yaa haray?

    Shariif sakiin wax tabar ahba ma lahayn. Xataa wuxuu kariwaayey inuu Airportka kaceliyo kuwa ladamacsanaa jabka. Marka ha isku meetaalin labada. Tankale, cidu Farmaajo waa madaxwayne Somaliyed, maxaa daba dhigay may dantooda gartaan oo maamulkooda wax laqabaan, oo gedada baaba ah oo waxba kajitin dhistaan. Siyaad bay ku daba dhubeen kana waa kudaba dhumayaan.