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    Troll Corner

    Howdy folks! Looks like this thread has come along way. I hope those of you in london have enjoyed the beautiful summer weather we have enjoyed today! fingers crossed it prelongs and we beat the predicted forecast! cheers
  2. Must admit Pink and the brain was one of the best cartoons that made me laugh during the 90's,3rd rock from the sun, married with children, martin was a good laugh as well PS those were the good old days, cheers
  3. Hear hear for all the single mothers, working mother, and even for the accidental mothers as its a full time and half for being a mother alone for doing two tasks at once. Its a total nightmare for lookin after those little for all the mothers out there.........we are undoubtly ever thankfull for being out there for your un conditional love you have put out there.... Keep up the good work... we are ever greatfull cheers
  4. You know there could be another side to this story, which could be that the guy would simply have meant that he is not from that region, therefore not familiar with that folk dance in discusssion of that region, even though the way he have said it might have come accross as negative...... Cheers
  5. Greet them with a smile, and a warm hug as you have was once dated them and there should be animosty shown towards him should u have parted on good notes like most civilized couples in now adays. Besides life is too short to show sourness if you have moved on and is happily pleased with your new partner, it so much shows the fact that you are happy and is glad to have known/dated him in yesteryears and have now moved on..... Live for today! Cheers cheers
  6. Didnt read the thread, but me thinks( in regards to the question at hand) when every ***** in this wide world can get away on opening some ****** topic just for the sake of it..Go figure to those who are still known for their for fully fletched manhood cheers
  7. Foxy

    Troll Corner

    I hear A rise in duty on alcohol and tobacco is almost a sure thing, though the chancellor is unlikely to put up the tax by more than inflation. However, the chancellor has hinted that he will abolish VAT on nicotine patches and other anti-smoking products I like the fact that he have pointed on the first-time buyers where by he has doubled the stamp duty threshold from £60,000 to £120,000 to help first-time buyers get onto the housing ladder. The allowance went up again in last year’s Budget to £125,000. So there are pleas for more help for first-time buyers. At the moment, the amount of stamp duty you pay depends on the value of your home – and there are currently four bands. If you buy a house for less than £125,000, there is no duty. If it is worth between £125,000 and £250,000, the rate is 1%. It rises to 3% on properties that cost more than £250,000 but less than £500,000. The top rate of tax for homes worth more than £500,000 is 4%. Brown could raise the stamp duty threshold to £206,000, in line with house price inflation so it sounds a good deal to me that is, i am the least highly informed being that would now how much inflation should rise by. I hear another advantage is for the low income family members which i havent paid any attention to but i am sure folks with kids paid extra attention especially should they have declared through the authorities.. Cheers
  8. Nice overall options on what to do with your girls! It was great to have different options on entertaining whilst pampering yourself silly! only missing the hunky male strippers which would have made every womens pampering sancutury a refreshingly dream to live off. Having different male striptease Show for women that would break all the rules. Although the show would be incredibly daring, it would keep the group of audience on their toes and laughing their heads off whilst keeping within the boundaries of what most people would call'good taste'. cheers
  9. No doubt Exercise is a must for any human creature, so go on and get on the band wagon mate>>> have a go and you will notice the difference whether it be physical ot mental! cheers
  10. Foxy

    Troll Corner

    since its a troll corner, i thought Browns new budget might be a handy thing to discuss? anyone worried it? this applies to UK residents only! cheers
  11. Foxy

    Troll Corner

    26/02/07 >>>>watch BBC TWO at 9pm. 7 0r 8 ppl retreat in spanish gateway to rediscover Islam cheers
  12. >okey song Youm wara Youm (samira saeed feat Cheb mami)
  13. ^^ regarding the clip> one would imagine hadii magaaladii ay qabsadeen they would make an effort to atleast look after it not take out every glass window, every gate, everything that could be dismantled? and they guy who is filming goes on about how safe its is to film ever since the bloody courts came to power? what a joker? the bililiqo started agian the minute they took the cimaamada out and brought out their guns out. Ceeb walee cheers
  14. Foxy


    If he can shake it that good niiko style i am sure he can do the dutty wind dance no doubt....Funny clip though, good to see a bloke that can shake it cheers
  15. For the house enthusiastics the creeps My My My Party all the time be without you-Mary.J.blige) crack up video worth watching