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  1. ^^hey ODB...are u kidding me..what was that...man u been doing the 420 again
  2. this is just F&ing sad...I can't say the N word @ Cambuulo laakin its close to that. war hedhe waxaan isku sheegaaya minister's where tha' F&($ did they crawl from....where do they find the money from....dumarkeenina F&^$&*NG kenyaati iyo shiidh baa habeen iyo maalin haysta..walaahi this get's my blood boiling. Ok I am out for now. sorry got a bit carried away. Didn't mean to spoil the beauty of MOG.
  3. cabdihaybe773;675402 wrote: ...aabihii u tagey una sheegay inuu guursanayo oo waliba aanu mid kaliya guursaneyne uu 100 dumar ah guursanayo ...ninkii habeenkii ayaa inta cirkaa la geeyay oo dhulkaa la geeyay ayuu isku dhex yaacey gabigiisuba subaxii ayaa isagoo liicaya seexday 7 subaxnimo markey gaadheY ayaa odaygii aabihii haa yimid markaasuu yidhi faaraxow ina mari markaasuu Faarah yidhi aabo (iskadaa Tanaa Reerka dhan ku filane) :D walaahi maxaan qosle maanta. Thx guys.
  4. ^^thx for the info. Will/did/remind them to call the local social svs. What's child "mining"?
  5. great thx Blessed. MMA-now that i remember, I only knew abuur as planting, but good to know there is another meaning of it.
  6. International campus of what-ma skool ba? Some of buildings look like primary school classes. N'ways Banaadir campus is pretty. (sorry for being a bit critical here) laakin dhulkii dhamaa ee dhismooyinka ku socdaan waxaa laga dhige dhagax & sibidh/sibir (Shamiito). Even the grounds for walking hadii laga dhigo pavement, & we have problem w/deforestation to begin with....how are we going to survive in the future w/little oxygen capacity anakoo carigeena awalkii ahaa SEMI-ARID? Aloow gormaan Lido iyo agagaarkeeda tegi..
  7. Alpha walaalo, sorry if that's how it came across. No they aren't ignorant....I meant print materials in English (can't read or write that) as they would be fine to getting along w/their daily life in Arizona if that was the case. Not Somali. I was merely asking for any SOMALI resources in ARIZONA, specifically any if, in MESA, for this family. (I Have informed them to check out the local libraries,bookstores-discounted or not for materials, but wondering if any other resources)-such as daycare services so that they can attend school. **Thx for the Headway -I have checked out, but i think it could be dialect issues as the ones i have looked up on GOOGLE are of british Accent, hence can cause cross-cultural misunderstandings-makes sense?
  8. I got a call from a daughter of a colleague volunteering w/a Somali Refugee family (ies) in MESA, ARIZONA (USA) asking if there are materials available for this family to use as they can't afford daycare, to attend Adult language classes close by. (the family has young children, & somehow don't have childcare assistance-or maybe they don't understand the system well, i don't know), so can't go to school. Do you guys know any resources I could refer them to? Somali communities? Daycare resources? DVD's/CD's/Audio etc. I am guessing they won't be able to read or write so print material might not be the best-but anything. Or where i can find such materials? Thank you.
  9. Wiil Cusub;975189 wrote: But patented issue is only for rich countries. Pakistan and Idea re produce so many patented medicines, china copied every thing from those who come with blue print of their prototypes for cheap industrialization. Why should Africa worried for patent rights. Rich countries indeed have patent wars but those multinational companies are holding the local farmers (& hence the whole agriculture-& for all that's concerned the food chain) by the throat/hostage-by suing farmers that neglect to use their seeds (watch Food Inc., this is just a start..)-those that fight, end up loosing not only the battle, but their livelihoods due to litigation costs (millions), or settle out of court. ***I joked once when Dr. Osman posted Puntland's farmland & Machinery & said hopefully you follow Monsanto regulations or your are screwed. The truth is that the patent is not in the minds of the local somali/geeljire farmer, but due to the dependency of the farmer towards the seeds every growth season is problematic & not cost effective (compared to the old ways of using previous harvested seeds to replant). Ok, its a known fact that also companies like MONSANTO also manufactures herbicides/pesticides like RoundUP; as research indicates that such products pollute not only the environment, but as well pose health risks (because crops fed to the domestic livestock can lead to resistance to antibiotics & other health issues. As well as GMO foods reduce the nutritious value of our foods), & our waterways. Those herbicides as well lead to super resistant weeds that wipe out local plant lives & eventually destabilize the local ecosystems during flood/rain seasons. So, yes we have issues (drought, famine, lack of security)..laakin should we even stagnate the local economies by making them even more dependent on the "foreign aid"? How can we ever sustain ourselves if we are can't realize the big picture (dependency vs. self-determination/liberty/sovereignty) ?
  10. ^^^ I have used google translate w/swahili (technical or for scientific rhetoric)sometimes, but I am cautious as some of the words are not even in context to the whole text-hence issues such as above pointed out by Abbaas. Nonetheless, i wlc it.
  11. Che -Guevara;974850 wrote: A human rights issue has been to reduced to "My friends and I will all be in a nightclub having a crazy time, but while they are getting guys' numbers, I hang back," Very unfortunate. Indeed-che & the hang-out's or party lifestyle is besides the point-that's part of some people's growing up. DOC-hopefully some Somali/Lander chick doesn't go "bobbitt" on your Pee-wee eh :rolleyes: ***well if some on this forum, could stomach the details of the article w/out getting caught up on the sexual escapades..well that's a start...
  12. I heard of this last night. Ina lillaahi waina ileyhi rajicuun. May Allah grant him Janna & may his family have the strength to go on-InshaAllah Amin.
  13. ^^waa loo baahanyahay boogaag afka hooyo ku qoran. Mid mid baad ka heli maktabadooyinka (local libraries) if you search. Wyre,..kama hamna kisomali..ulikuwa unasoma...ABUNUWASI, MALKIA na MFALME & Mills & Boon ama