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  1. Oh my days! It's been so long since I logged on here. I think last I logged in was like last year! Selayahai mala faya? What's new with you all? Hope u all been in good health n happy.
  2. You wanna know what's awkward heading to the showers after a swim and seeing all these asian hairy women standing there showering. Nightmare! They bring all their soaps/shampoos..Duh! It's just for a rinse not take a freaking bath. :rolleyes: Awkward +vent (edit: with swim clothes on, I don't want anyone thinking people shower all naked).
  3. Narniah


    Showqi thanks a lot for that link. It was quite useful. Redsea yea its red has a soft sandy texture to it.
  4. Haatu this guy is hella dodgy. He pretends to b a chick. I think thats totally crazy.
  5. Narniah


    InshaAllah I hope you've all been well. Can those of you who are familiar with 'Diinsi' please tell me the uses/benefits of this Somali medical herb and the English name for it? Tnx
  6. MashaAllah Congratulations Zeynab:) Where can we get the book?
  7. This is a sign from Allah. It doesnt really surprise me as previous nations have had a similar fate. May Allah have mercy up on us ameen.
  8. Wyre You are missing the point. When she says 'I don't like him that way''. Shes basically sending u an indirect invitation to make a move on her. ur wlc:p
  9. OdaySomali;921341 wrote: :eek: She's very beautiful I agree MashaAllah... But this is how she looks today after she's been wed n poped a baby:p
  10. I think these pills are an excellent option for people who lead fast-paced lifestyles and hardly get their 5 a days and all the nutrition from eating. As for those who already get the vitamins from food there's no point taking pills.
  11. Inalilahi wa ina ileyhi rajauun. May Allah Allah accept the sheikh as a shaheed and unite those who loved him in Jannah and grant them sabr to bear this tragic loss ameen. What an honorable noble way to die. In sajud. I feel so saddened that now our shuyuk ulama are being slaughtered in sujud.
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    ^xarow? Did u just say what I think u did:/ Coofle Mabrook to ur upcoming marriage. May Allah increase the love between u n shower his mercy upon u both ameen.
  13. Those unfortunate qualities you mention are the characteristics of the Munafiqeen. A practising pious muslim wouldn't do that.
  14. OdaySomali welcome back. How u been bro? Ur advice is always appreciated.