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  1. Bashir of Sudan is really facing biggest test. It is Ethiopian Oromo uprising all over again.
  2. no matter how much Turkey tries, there are people who don't want Mogadishu to prosper and go forward niyoow. it is shame niyoow.
  3. it is all about money. We always knew about it niyoow , but these Brundian sanbalaars are so shamelessly open about it. it is laughable.
  4. useless list niyoow if you ask me. it is shame we are even talking about them.
  5. niyoow we are tired. we keep electing incompetent leaders all over somali lands. they don't accomplish anything. the somali people is still poor. there is corruption everywhere. the poor people are getting poorer. the fat cats are getting bigger pockets. when will we elect people who can actually change the lives of our people?
  6. farmaajo is desperate to get rid of all dowlad-goboleed leaders who don't support him. he would do anything niyoow.
  7. hahah. niyoow muuse local was a host of the Garaad there and garaad's clan was gaurding him because Muuse said he wanted to talk peace. heavy money was paid. instead of building wells and schools, he is giving cash away to corrupt LA water carriers so that he can visit LA. it is business. give me a break niyoow. jeegaan will never be accepted. he can sleep under the mountain guarded all night if he wants, but nobody will welcome him in the streets waving caleemo qoyan niyoow.
  8. niyoow taasi waxay lamidtahay adigoo yiraahda Farmaajo habeshada dhunkada at Gondor waa tii la arkay isagoo awrka lagu kacsanayo. oromo uraysa iyo habesha Tigray from Eritrea ku ciyarayaan. madaxweynaha geesiga dhintay afkaaga ka jeedi niyoow. afku yuku qaloocan niyoow. bismilayso.
  9. the plan was forwarded to donors niyoow and if the money comes that is what they will do with it. they are not lying or change any plans. that is the sad part niyoow.
  10. there is some rumors in Nairobi niyoow that this is true. we will see soon. let us not jump the guy and call this a lie. Farmaajo will do anything to be recognized as legitimate by anyone out there niyoow.
  11. niyoow @Oodweyne marku wax kale wayey, hada ma beeruhuu fashaa? lol awalna wuxu nogu faani jiray rerkayga ugu geel badan. Sidii muuse biixi u gumaystayba ninkii waxar yarbuu noqday oo xininyihii laga sibay. muuse local ayuu u sacbinayaa manta intu beeraha fasha ku yiri. aduunyo gadoon waakaas niyoow
  12. no spy from Puntland State/admin in that alleged Oromo released list. Zero. all listed are either enemies of Puntland or are no entities. lol It shows you that Puntland was always independent and never cared about any particular entity be it Kenya or Ethiopia or any other country. guul iyo gobanimo. Thanks Galbeedi.
  13. niyoow nimankan Ilahay ummada kahaqabto. They will do anything as long as they have social media support as Galbeedi said. anything possible under the sun and will pay their own trolls all day ka faaniya social media talking how patriotic the two are. lol our old SOLer Abtigiis is copying their style too nowadays. lol.
  14. niyoow fake corruption means charges that don't apply to Abiy himself who equally robbed the country blind just like MBS buying 500 million dollar yatch while he is rounding up his cousins for corruption. don't fall for these stories niyoow because abiy rounding up his old friends to get rid of opposition has no meaning.