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  1. I was accommodated at Faroole's office sxb ..... i told you there was no fish in the town during my visit.
  2. Somalia and Somaliland have been attending reconciliation talks brokered by Turkey, which is trying to extend its influence in the horn of Africa area by helping diplomatically and giving aid. The self-declared president of Somaliland, Ahmed Silanyo, spoke to BBC's Mark Doyle about relations with its troubled neighbour, Somalia. BBC NEWS
  3. I was in Garowe 10 days ago and there was no fish at all ,,,, good that they can bring some now
  4. Oslo, 23 April 2013 -- DNO International ASA ("DNO International"), the Norwegian oil and gas company, announced today that it has entered into a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) covering Block SL18 onshore Somaliland. The President of Somaliland, Ahmed M. Mohamoud Silanyo, and DNO International's Executive Chairman, Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani, attended the signing ceremony in Washington, D.C. yesterday. "This 12,000 square kilometer block adds substantial exploration acreage to DNO International's portfolio and in an area that is both prospective and undrilled," said Mossavar-Rahmani. He added that Somaliland falls within the Company's geographic and geological comfort zones. "We have been active across the Gulf of Aden in Yemen since the late 1990s." The Company has initiated studies on Block SL18 ahead of an extensive seismic program planned for 2014. --- DNO International ASA is an Oslo-listed, Middle East and North Africa focused, oil and gas company holding stakes in 18 licenses in various stages of exploration, development and production both onshore and offshore in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the Republic of Yemen, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, the Tunisian Republic and Somaliland. http://www.dno.no --- Oslo, 23 April 2013 DNO International ASA Corporate Communications
  5. NGONGE;941110 wrote: ^^ No. I was talking about the young kid that recently killed the Sheikh in PL. When push came to shove, SL handed him over. Will Khaatumo do the same? Well, that is the defining line dee ...
  6. Waayo waayo ............... anigu maan dhalan markaa laakiin dee
  7. Wonder if we will find Godane there as well ,,,
  8. Salaam Juxa, Norf, NG and all ... Norf, it is daily and very smooth one. Welcome back Juxa, Cakes for you
  9. Subax Wanaagsan ,,,,, Monday Blues ?? ,, waar ka toosa meesha
  10. Caynaba(Waaheen) - kooxdii dishay Taliyihii Sirdoonka Caynaba Marxuum Axmed Caydiid ayaa la sheegay firdhadkii inay u gashay Kooxda Khaatumo halkaas oo ay ku soo dhaweeyeen. Kadib markii Xukuumadda Somaliland baadi goob u gashay soo qabashadooda. Sida uu soo waramayo wariyaha gobolkaasi waxa ay kooxdani maalmahan oo dhan ku sugnayd deegaanka yeyle hase yeeshee markii ay ka war heleen in lagu raad joogo waxaay u talaabeen dhinaca balay cad oo ay degan yihiin Maleeshiyada Khaatumo. Xukuumadda Somaliland ayaa ku balanqaaday inay gacanta ku soo dhigi doonto kooxdaas, hase yeeshee kooxdaasi ayaa ka tabaab ulshaysatay qorshaha Xukuumadda, waxaanay wararku sheegayaan in ay ahaayeen sagaal nin oo hubaysan.
  11. nuune;940231 wrote: Really, that is ciyaar Soomaaliyeed, JB , dee dhaqanka meel ha uga dhicin waxaasi ciyaar maahanee, Innaa Lillaahi Tii xaggii maaha dee ,, waa tii xaggeer ,,,
  12. malistar2012;940123 wrote: More development and money for Mogadishu admin.... Somali land admin is confused ...... They stressed the need to get their share in aid in Turkey. In the other hand they refused to come to the Donors conference. Yes, because the things were settled in Turkey and whatever the donors will discuss in May, the Somaliland's share is already on the table signed by the both parties in Ankara ,,, wax fahan
  13. Indhahaa ku doogsada ma qashay ?? ,,, u daa dee ha ku doogsadeene
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_8OJQ2sdexg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  15. They had them in SL but he didn't know ,,, they told him it is Caano Nido looooooooooool@Maadeey ,,, sow ma aragtid niyow
  16. xiinfaniin;939568 wrote: The question is who will participate in such referendum ? Yey talada kala goynta Somaliya ka go'daa? We argue rather convicingly , It is all of Somali people that must weigh in any referendum regarding the territorial unity of the country. You seem so desperate ..... but thank you for acknowledging the fact that the Majority of Somaliland wants the independence. No, Taladaasi kama go'do the guy who is living in Dhoobley and/or Ceelbuur sxb .... Waxay ka go'daa cidda leh waanu tegeynaa that is all.
  17. loooooooooooooool@bilaa edeb ,,,, Indhahaagaan u naxayaa dee,,, I don't want you to be hospitalized just seeing the Kurus dee
  18. Waar iyagaa isaga baqday to tell you the truth ,,, dumarka waxba ugamay baqanin
  19. and i was here last night ,,,, you can see this but not the Kurus raula