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  1. Arafaat, What are you talking about ninyahow? It's all roses and peaches in the blessed Republic.
  2. James Swan, a quote from his tenure "'There should be no partial elections, no parallel processes, and no unilateral actions by Somali leaders."
  3. Somaliland oo sheegtay in ay si dhakhso ah ugu duulayso Laascaanood Somaliland oo sheegtay in ay si dhakhso ah ugu duulayso Laascaanood HIIRAAN.COM Isniin, May, 13, 2024 (HOL) - Millateriga Somaliland ayaa ku goodiyay in uu markale la wareegi doono qaybaha uu lumiyay gobolka...
  4. Update - UN Somalia mission: Spoke to the @UNSomalia Spokesperson At Gaitanis about the Somali government’s decision. This is what he had to say: “ This latest development is a testament to the valuable work of UNSOM in support of Somali authorities these past years. As I am sure, you know UNSOM is in Somalia on a mandate from the UNSC, and like all special political missions, its mandate ends when its tasks are achieved or this decision that it is no longer required.” Gaitanis suggested the decision by the Somali government was not unexpected. “I should mention also, tied into this, there was a strategic review of UNSOM about two years ago. In that reviews’ findings it did say that they recommended that UNSOM begin planning a transition from UNSOM to the UN Country Team taking over the responsibilities. And the Security Council actually endorsed these findings in one of its resolutions. So right now we are in discussions with the Federal Government of Somalia , we stand ready to follow the instructions of the Council, and of course, we will remain committed to partnering and supporting the government as we can and as required. This is specifically referring to UNSOM - the UN family, agencies, funds and programs and UNSOS remain in place and the support of UN for Somalia will continue regardless of what happens to UNSOM or not.” Asked about criticisms against UNSOM that its engagement in Somalia was seen by some as “intrusive” and compromising the sovereignty of Somalia, Gaitanis said: “I will just echo here, the UN is here and has been here, and it remains here. It’s always about supporting Somalis, in a Somali-led process whatever that may be. As far as those criticism go I could not comment except to say, as I said before, we are here to support and help in any which way we can.”
  5. Confirmed As #Somalia will be a non-permanent member of the Security Council in 2025 and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia ends in December 2024, Somalia is urging the #UN to strategically prioritize not renewing UN Resolution 2705 (2023). Key reasons: 1. Somalia seeks a transition from a UN Political Office to a UN Country Office, not the closure of the UN presence. 2. Somalia is poised to secure a non-permanent UNSC seat (2025-26), making the Political Office unnecessary post-December 2024. 3. After Resolution 2705 expires and ATMIS troops leave, Somalia aims to exit Chapter 7 and revert to a UN Country status.
  6. 18th Champions League final for Real Madrid
  7. Xaaji, Considering Somalia is lobbying to elect former FM Fawzia as the AUC chairperson and with Xamar have been her base. Is she still Slander? I get the feeling if she's successful, Biihi might even welcome her to Hargeisa.
  8. Tigray Vice President Announces Plans to Dismantle Illegal Administration in Western Tigray by June —- In a media briefing today, Tigray Interim Regional Administration Vice President Tadesse Werede (Gen) revealed that an agreement has been reached with the federal government to dismantle the illegal administration in Western Tigray by the end of June this year. According to him, the process of disbanding the administration in South Raya and Tselemti is expected to be completed by the end of this month. He emphasized the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) as part of the plan. Vice President Tadesse Werede(Gen) that Tigray and the federal government are working closely to ensure the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement. He denounced what he called “divisive narratives” accusing factions within Tigray of opposing the Pretoria agreement, noting that the entirety of Tigray’s administration is clear on the importance of the Peace Process. On April 16, Tadesse Werede (Gen) appeared in the media to announce the agreement reached by both parties on the need to dismantle unconstitutional administrations established by Amhara forces in occupied areas. He highlighted that armed groups had engaged in skirmishes with federal forces to hamper the implementation of the peace process. “The first step is to disband armed groups in the areas and dismantle the unconstitutional administrations established,” he said. Likewise, he reiterated today that the process will proceed in Western Tigray to dismiss unconstitutional administrations. “The implementation process will involve AU monitoring mechanisms,” he added.
  9. I can't speak to Deni's intentions, but there was nothing quick or cheap, but the project has been in the works since Abdiweli Gas's admin. It was slow and purposeful and the money was raised by many Somalis These are investors not philanthropists. And having seen what the Emirates did to Bosaso Port, no one was interested in handing the port to them.