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  1. Well I don't think it has to do with feminism.... it comes down to the spirit of activism and leadership. When it comes to morality anyone with a grain of sincerity and God given intelligence can advocate for it. Half of those who prescribe to the feminist movement are the proverbial bra-burning-dyke-loving-men-hating-butch-looking types (I should know, I work with them). The other half constitute of truly GREAT activists who are relentlessly in pursuit of equity and social justice. It’s not the feminists who are the only voices of morality rather it is the non-conformists, the seekers of truth and justice, namely those who tend to shake things up. The way I see it, there are 3 categories of people in regards to the debate of morality. There are those who carry the torch, those who run after those carrying the torch, and those sitting in the side lines wallowing in the dirt. Their titles, their faiths, their alliances are inconsequential because in the end morality is a universal value. Salamz
  2. Isn’t it interesting how people are always trying to control women’s private parts? So The root of all evil is the woman's private parts? Cut it, dice it, and slice it and all will be well. Yet men run amok, free to stick their 007 anywhere they wish. Why is it so hard to have a holistic approach on such social issues? If a girl gets pregnant, there are multidimensional reasons to explain her situation. Unruly teens, unstable parental environment, non existent role models, low self esteem etc… HOW DARE YOU REDUCE IT TO A CLITORIS? I have never been more appalled in my life. Subxanallah May Allah protect us. salamz
  3. My organization is part of the March as well, very anti-Shariah I must say. I’m glad the weather is rotten today…it’s raining… good for them!!! I’m not for separation of church and state when it comes to Islam. We either live by the rules of God or we let some man make the rules of law for us. Which one is more just? Who is more Just than Allah, the best of judges? However when it comes to Shariah in Ontario, it’s a different territory, no matter how well we attempt to apply the law, Canadian law will always take precedent. So I don’t see the point of making a supreme divine law secondary to a man made law. Unofficial arbitration is already practiced in Masjids across the country; Once we make it “official†there will be talks of reform and rethinking the shariah debates. Salam
  4. Last I remember, Modesty was a lady no beard in sight. I agree with the whole "Dajjal system" that foster kufur, shirk, idolatry and so forth. We must be aware at all times of those threats however we should take care not to alienate people because everyone is a potential Muslim. If we get on a high horse, the message will be lost on the same people we are trying to convey the message to. We must not assimilate in the mainstream culture nor do we need to live in complete seclusion in the west. Besides, overzealous preaching of Islam isn’t the answer; our righteous action should speak louder than any speech. Westernized and modernity-loving Islam isn’t the answer either. We don’t need to imitate them in order to succeed in life. I think that finding the right balance and a middle ground is the best option. To each his own. Salam
  5. Well Richard Burton got into a scuffle with a nomad warrior and he was left with a huge scar on his cheek for a reminder. Wouldn’t you be bitter too if you were humiliated like that? If one wants an account of the Somali people, one listens to our oral traditions, THAT is the reliable source. Looking for dear ole Burton for answers about our people and history is like asking a kafir about Islam. Salam
  6. I'd say Toronto, we got many nomads here. salamz
  7. Listen my post wasn't meant to offend you but to let you know that your comment was inappropriate given the violent way those boys died. I don't think it's right to glorify guns and ask for vendetta. Salam
  8. I see what you mean; it’s true that it’s hard to handle everyday failures on your own when you lived a life where someone else made the simplest of decisions for you. However, this argument takes away the responsibility of the guilty party namely the abuser. If you were a woman who was shackled with an abusive partner, who can’t use a penny without writing a financial report, who is punched for hanging the towel on the left rack instead of the right rack, you’ll be singing a different tune. Sad to say but most failure that an abuse woman faces is due to the particular facts of her abusive relationships. The degree of her abuse and the length of her relationship will determine her success rate and her failures. Again there are numerous multidimensional factors who come to play in the decision making process for women who wish to leave an abusive relationship. Salam
  9. Pardon me Orgi, but are you saying that it's because of her "failures" that she is abused? So she is an undercover victim? I will be interested in your "victim playing" analysis, this is by far a new concept in abusive relationships. Salam
  10. Goonle I find your humor tasteless at the moment. I don’t think it’s the time to talk about retaliation or sponsoring thugs for that matter. We have dead young brothers and people are sending du’aas and prayers. Either join in and pay your respects or zip it. May Allah give strength to their families, and have mercy on their souls. Amiin Salam
  11. What a useless topic. Thousands of Muslims are prosecuted in the world. Millions are dying of hunger; people are homeless and wonder where they will get their next meal. The world is full of issues we can contemplate on and strive to be aware of. And what the hell do we choose to talk about here? The color of our skin, or who is lighter than whom? Rest assure, in the end, when you’re rotting in your grave, you won’t recognize what color you are. Salam
  12. Well there are countless reasons why they stay. It could have something to do with fear of the unknown, she can't see herself capable of leading an independant life. It could be because of her kids, she doesn't want them to vilify her or think it's because of her that the family is torn apart. In some case, it's because her family don't want her to bail out, (just suck-it up kind of attitude) after all, all marriages go through rough patches. Are we talking about physical abuse here or the many hidden faces of abuse? Mostly, I think women don't want to leave "abusive" relationships because they don't even consider it an abuse. Salam
  13. QL I posted a topic on this a while back and the video is awesome. If you have time check it out. I'm mos def going to see those clips.....Many thanks.;f=6;t=004153 Lots of unanswered questions remain, it's easy to focus on sensational CNN news and lose sight of the truth. Salam
  14. Aside the good diet, exercise is the key to staying fit. I’m not talking about bodybuilders’ exercise mind you but more like Yoga and Pilates (Windsor pilates with resistant bands are good). It’s not for losing weight but working with the shape you have. It won’t bulk you up like a man but will build lean strong muscles. It will be hell at first if you’re not a flexible person but once you get the hang of it, it’s good for the joints, the back and the digestive system. I started this a couple of weeks ago and I feel much better and relaxed. Look wise, I have a hard time gaining muscles so I’m not holding my breath. Hatha Yoga is a good start; it will help you with your posture, your breathing techniques and mainly relax you. Beware It may also make you so relaxed you might fall asleep
  15. Kruella


    Toronto folks, for those who want to debate till they're blue in the face this is the place for you guys. If it were up to me, I would say don't even bother to give a penny to listen to them rant and rave. Nonetheless, it's an interesting group of parrots singing the cause of the hypocrites. If you're into comedy and farces here is your event! salam Date: Friday August 12, 2005 Time:7:30 pm Film: "Submission" 10 minute short film about women in Islam Public Speakers: 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm Questions: for 30 minutes following the presentations Press Conference: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Location: OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor Street West (at the corner of Bedford Rd and Bloor Street West) Tickets can be picked up from information disk at 252 Bloor Street West only on Saturdays 2:00-6:30 PM. Tickets: $20.00 (seniors and students) $12.00 Ayaan Hirsi Ali Ms. Ali is an MP for the Liberal Party in the Netherlands. She is also an author and the co-producer of the film "Submission". In her book, de Zoontjesfabriek (Factory of Sons), she criticized traditional Islamic views on the position of women in society. The film 'Submission' is about the oppression of women in Islamic cultures. Dutch Muslims found it to be blasphemous and as a result her co-producer Theo Van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri, a radical Islamist. Ayaan now lives under police protection in a safe house. Irshad Manji Ms. Manji is the best-selling author of "The Trouble with Islam Today" and the host of the TV show "Big Ideas," Oprah Winfrey recently honored Irshad with her first annual Chutzpah Award for "audacity, nerve, boldness and conviction." Ms. magazine has selected Irshad as a "Feminist for the 21st Century." Maclean's, Canada's national news magazine, named her one of ten "Canadians Who Make a Difference," In June, Irshad received the Simon Wiesenthal Award of Valor. Most recently, OUT magazine has included Irshad in its list of "top success stories of 2004." Homa Arjomand Ms. Arjomand, is the Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada. She started her campaign in October 2003 with a handful of supporters, and today it has grown to a coalition of over 80 organizations and 1000's of activists. Homa is a Toronto based transitional counselor and was a human rights activist in Iran until she was forced to flee in 1989.