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  1. Guyz try this book "Buyology" written by Martin Lindstrom.... its a well-written and a valuable book which explains the psychological effects of the branding and advertising in our purchasing and consumption decisions. Ever asked yourself why you really drink Pepsi and not Coke? why you prefer Kit Kat than Snickers? Why Blackberry not iPhone? Whatever is the product you are buying, nothing is purchased randomly
  2. Salma


    I've seen it on Saturday, and I can give 4 stars for the SPFEX... What ticked me off was the counter lady who forced us to buy the 3D glasses for 20 Dirhams (30 for the ticket and 20 for the glasses and it's like comm on.. I brought my 3D glasses from a previous movie with me >>>> why to buy a new one. The cinema management are forcing us to buy the food from their cafe nd also to pay for a new glasses)... Anyway,, well Avatar is another Avatar for what's happening in Iraq or any other place in the world.... The Silly joke of the "The War against the Terror" but in a 3D World....
  3. Jean Sasson: Queen of Drama... I wonder why she can't write about the secrets and scandals of the west life....
  4. Alf Alf Mabrook KK, May Allah protect your lil angel....hope you are feeling better now inshallah... A new kitten on the block ....
  5. I hate Dance Flick fery fery much.. :mad: 2+2=4: R u referring to the same "Dance Flick" with the same movie poster you've posted?? strange ...Nothing broke my heart but the 30 Dirhams I wasted on that silly movie....a big tear was on my cheek while leaving the theatre LOL I am speechless when it comes to "Children of Heaven" Atfaal Al Jannah was double amazing, indeed... luved it...
  6. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ More or less. Salma, ويحك يا امرأه. ان الاخ جعيلبارو لا يتكلم اي لهجات عاميه ولن يستطيع فهم الخرابيط (جمع خربطه يا جعيلبارو)التي كتبتيها هنا. لهذا السبب, فأنا اشجب, واحتج و انكر, واقول لكي: احكي عربي ولووو..... 3an jad??!!!,, ma kent ba3ref haida el7aki,,, lakan meeshan sho yed'7el el 3arab 3a nazel wetale3.... Ya zalameh : sho ya3ni esmo bel 3arabi??? 7ob sho?? Ma 3aleena
  7. Well, I believe as Adnan said,your name will give a further info about your religion,though that's not the case all the time.. Away from the well-known islamic names like Ahmed, Mohamed, Mahmoud, Ali, Hussain or Omar, not every Maher is a Muslim and not every Michelle is a christian... Anyway, personally, I don't think it's a must thing till I am asked about it..
  8. I've seen this on TV, how sad.. May Allah help them and grant his mercy to the dead ones...
  9. ^^ La samaxa allah... I wish all the married couples are living in a satisifed & peaceful life
  10. learn how to become a good swimmer.... truly franky honestly and really,,, I would luv 2 be a good swimmer... One day,,,not too far away What is in your Wish List?
  11. Salma


    Originally posted by chubacka: ^ 10 days! OMG. Where did you say you were Salma?(besides Shangri La which might be a bit hard to get to! ) UAE dear,,, the 10 days (26 till 30 Nov for the Eid,and 1st Dec till 05th for the 38th UAE National Day),,, o bacdeen back to work :rolleyes: Of course including the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays)...So many of my relatives went to Somalia and many of my friends went to their homes... Ppl are really taking the most advantage from this holiday...
  12. Salma


    Adha Mubarak to all of you ..... 10 days for Eid holiday: How cool, alhamdulelah...
  13. Ashoof ma 3ndak salfah '3eer el 3arab sawwoo wel 3arab 3amalooo... 2010 will start soon,,,, change your path buddy!! Update yourself, get rid of the dust
  14. Are they really Arabs??? The name sounds like it, but the faces don't look like Arabs... I am only seeing a caucasian couple,,, How odd !!!!
  15. Folks, don't you think you are exaggerating by repeating the same sentence. So who is the next baby who will repeat the same sentence: Salma has ruined it, we can't see it any more!!!! You crying African babies