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  1. i always knew somali's had a talent in dividing and distinguishing themselves on different attributes , but who would of thought it would come down to religion, saying someone is gaalo is beyond any comprehension i have, , futhermore dose this mean any supporters of C/laahi is gaalo is well, with the only exception being if you live in xamar,
  2. its all good eating rice everyday if your of an asian decent but if you have natural curver body it works against you just look at the arab girls and if your somali its even worser because we eat bread and pasta i only started eating fish after i found out it has omega 3 which is apparently good for storing memeory which comes to good use if you are a student i have seen no effect so far although my skin looks great !!! green tea without milk, thats bit like having coffee without five spoons of sugur
  3. I get on that bus every dawn in search of a new horizon a new opportunity the white would day a better future my mother would say I get on that bus everyday thinking that today is going to be different they gonna offer a job that meets my needs but instead they tell me to get down on my knees and clean IM too experiences I say then wait the white says but I cant afford to wait so I start to clean any beliefs I had on democracy pride wiped away from office windows your lucky you even here weant to university you in for a chance but wait the white says so I get of that bus waiting for my turn to shine to be accepted and to treated as a citizen i walk away from the bus thinking im asking to much or asking to little to late
  4. i must that i find this incrediabelly shocking, is this actually real, u saying turkey as a muslim nation ban the wearing of hijab since when and does this apply to education institutions only
  5. Day break red heart melts in fear of what to come and what is not coming in search of truth you lost the eye to see even the clear waters
  6. the world is full of you who run from the rain the tears i shed on the glory world rain on you on those days of winter blues with tea scent your sorrow eyes reflect my complextion the world is full of you that hold their breath for a day to be alive to feel live the world is full you that capture aroma of sadness that is lovely and cleanes the histroic cracks on your back the world is full you it wants to breath air of light queens pure sand there is no room for you as you have displayed willingness to capture smoke and feed on mangoes
  7. geel jire are u implying droping out to be a good thing or even an option. after all the trouble one has to gone through to get to a western country and adopt to that countries culture and education system , u expect people to quit college for something that the likely hood of success happening to be at odds, castro- brutally honest but well said.
  8. there is no doubt that somalies are the most tea drinkers after the british of course, so its not surprising that i drink to much tea around 4 to 5 cups a day.this did not concern me untill recently when i find out that apparently tea absorbes the iron you get from lean meat, which explains the fact that so many of our sis are low in iron. but how can one quiet tea, its the first thing that u drink in the morning and with nearly every meal, and mot to mention when visting others and they offer herbal tea, do you ask for hot water instead.
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    salaam oh my godeness i never thought there would be so much replys , i just hope no one reconizes me, i have decieded to get contacts, the disposables ones. people i tryed to say i look good when i am wearing my glasses but the truth of the matter is that i couldn't change this whole mentality of me thinking i looked so bad wearing glasses with hijab, an believe me i am not a sister who has low self esteem , if anything life is good and there is no need to be. also i never had a glasses for more than one year, they were either stolen,lost,and left at places i just couldn't remember.each one costs around $300 dolloers so far i spent over $1500 for real and i am just a student !! surely that is sign that things need to change.and last time i was droping my sis of at school her friends thought i was her mum, heliroues i know but not at the time. it is intersting how others perception of you can change an individual. but it occured to me that this is not about looking good it more about me wanting others to think of me as smart student but not looking like your typical student.
  10. salaam sisters wearing hijab and glasses is one look that i hate, i don't know why but i am thinking of getting contacts but the thought of putting things in my eye makes me a little scared. the other thing by getting contacts it's like saying i don't have much confinderence in my look which i think is pretty ****** . when i wear hijab only i have more self steem then when i am not wearing it, these days i only whear glasses when i am driving or in a lecture, but recently i have decided that i need to do something about it, because in the long term i am hurting my eyes.
  11. it is intersting how people view issues differently because i have always thought qassim to be a dictator , and if he became a presidant somalia would only go backwards. isn't he why we left our peacful country. A-yusuf is more likly to be the next leader of somalia for many reason then one, he's actions act accordly on the bases of his religion. in short he has a good heart , fear of allah, and his goal is to see somalia with a govertment wheather he is the leader or not. don't let ur vote be controled by qabil or honor just think in terms of who is going to benfitual the most towards ur family and improve the standard of living
  12. the biggest diffuculty facing somalias in the west is employment and education. the need for improvment in these two areas would lead to adopting the kind of lifestyle somalias want without damanging their religion and culture.
  13. when i firs heard about this bleach stuff i thought to myself how brave they were then later thought these girls wouldn't do it if they knew the chemical in it. how grazy is it to put bleach on to ur face.
  14. in my first year i was the only somali girl in my university . the first semister was the best cause i made new friends, got really good marks. then second semister just like that my life just changed. i had to look after 4 of my bro and sister.I would go to lectures and do the shopping before going to 3hr labs. not only that i had this major personal problem which effected my studies. i end up failing all the papers i did in that semister. so which meant holiday school for another 3 months. this was the most diffcult time in my life . At the age of 18 i archevied everthing that my friends would aspire to, had part time job, nice car and was studying towards a honours degree. so nomads ask allah for protection from the evil eye of other. now i am back on truck, although i am not so sure of my self most of the time. I got A'S in all my papers i took in winter break. from morning to night i think about assignments, lectures, reading i havn't done. stress mounting each day. but ilove being a student, and i think i will be one for the rest of my life inshallah.