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  1. I'm with Mahadi on this one. I think its better to educate others about the negative effects, and let them decide. Banning it might not neccessarily make it more popular, but there will be definite illegal action going on.
  2. Ok???? :confused: :confused: It's ok Saddam, i can see you got some anger in you, I'm here when you need a hug.
  3. I see your face when I am dreaming That's why I always wake up screaming My favorite one! I really do hate when that happens
  4. awww, poor guy The title should be changed to "A sex addict and cook" that makes more sense. every guys dream to have a young, horny, good cookin' wife!
  5. LoL, i expected her to kill him, but who knew. Dang guys, u better think twice before getting on your wife's bad side. Whether she runs you over with a car( u know who I'm talking about), or beating you with the chair, either way your going down. p.s. let me stop,......... lol
  6. paki u always seem to make a post seem even more interesting then it is. You write things no one else expects, and in some way can be pretty unusual or even different. And due to this............ your my role model! Sike!
  7. let it all out baaniyal,.......... I'm against the war as well, but dang, you really let it all out didnt you! For me, i don't think George Bush was very convincing in any of his speeches. If Saddam is such a threat, then the Unted Sates should be as well. That whole idea of saying Iraq has used weapons of mass destruction ( which should make them a threat), is what really gets me. United States is the only country that has used the most weapons of Mass destruction, the US is also the leading country for killing the most with conservative weapons. The US is also the country that sells the most weapons to other nations, compared to any other country in the world! Who is really the threat here? the whole Saddam thing is just a load of crap to me. Yes he could be dangerous, but look at North Korea, a country who today is still defying us and the United Nations. They are more of threat then Iraq is. ( considering they even have the 5th largest army force in the world!) I don't like to be like this for my own president, but I'm sorry, if I'm going to be a citizen of this counrty, i expect to be treated like one. I'd like to really know what the reason for this war is? He keeps saying its to get rid of Hussein, and 2 save the people of Iraq. Another goal is to create a democratic Iraq so that other middle eastern counties can follow. But when the Bush Admistration showed how they wanted to create three different region in Iraq, it seems odd how the north and south were going to be split up. The places occupied by the Kurds, who happen to be US allies, and those are the areas with the majority of the oil fields. Is this really not about oil? I dont know, this is all confusing, and all we can do is watch and see what happens. May Allah be with those innocent people in Iraq who will soon die over an issue that could have been solved diplomatically.
  8. I think everyone pretty much said what was needed to be said. All i want to point out is the part where you mentioned the following.. "Dont start to disrespect me now as you know it will not harm me because i am superior to you." I dont care what facts you try and prove or what statistics you want to pull out, there is no one superior to me. And for the disrespecting part, how dare you disrepect us by saying were inferior to you! As far as your grammatically incorrect post goes, you just made it even more clear why many other countries give America the bad image it has. With the whole " survival of the fittest" statement, despite the sanctions, Somalia( including somaliland), is working hard to make ends meat, and hopefully build back the countries that were lost during rhe civil war. Dont for one undermine the determination, as well as intellect of the somalian people, because we( well at least i know I can) can come back at you with many historical facts, as well as some i can think of today, that makes this country, and your " people" look bad.
  9. I think everyone is starting to believe the war is inevitable now....... I wont state my own opinion until after i watch the President speak tonight ( which is about 8 p.m. eastern time).
  10. the Gucci Rush is really great, but I'm starting to fall for the cool water now too. I might chamge my mind once i try Gucci Rush 2
  11. I totally agree with bachelor "One man's terrorist is another man's freedon fighter" The united states definition is premeditated, politicaly motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or state agents, usually to influence an audience. i believe terrorist are people who instill fear and attract attention(media), motivated by religous, political beliefs or revenge, and domestic power control. i honestly believe that terrosim wouldn't be condoned so much if it didnt bring along with it deaths of civilians. There is a big difference between those in Palestine who kill the Isreali's, then Nelson Mendela and his followers who bombed EMPTY government buildings.
  12. My definiton of the word soulmate is that there isn't one. I never have or never will believe that soulmates exist. Sorry to sound like a "pooper", but i just saw something like this on a television show, and the number of people that defined what a soulmate meant to them, just described someone that they loved deeply, and understood, which can describe a lot of people's relationship now. Even what lover said described the typical "sprung" person in a relationship. But go on believing what you guys want. I don't want to stomp on your dreams or anything. I could be wrong, but it's just my opinion.
  13. You said that you assumed that he rejected you because of your disability? Of course the best way to find out is to ask, but here comes the even harder question: Do you really want to know the answer, and which ever answer he gives, what do u expect to do about it? It seems to me like since you already assumed that he doesnt like you because of your diability, even if things go your way, your always going to have that doubt in your mind? I don't know, one thing about me is that i always make my decisions based on my head, not my heart? So just think long and hard about your situation, and make your own decision? And think about the long term effects.
  14. It was a little amusing, but i dont see the connection with the title? Are you trying to link the fact that she outsmarted the man to a sort of "power"? :confused: well either way, it wasn't that bad, it should have been in the jokes section though........
  15. Senora

    Ladies First

    Lol Shyhem, Well i dont have a problem with that. As far as it being against religion and all, yes it is true that women are inferior to men when it comes to the quran, but honestly, let's be serious here. Do you really take that action as being sinful or just an act of generosity? I've had people hold the elevator for me as well: men, women, and even kids! I also held an elevator or a door for a man and woman B4 when i see them coming. It's just common sense, "i KNOW this person is trying to catch the elevator, or get through the door, why not just hold it open until they come?" Lighten up girl, he's just being thoughtful.
  16. I may be living in the ATL, but i represent my hometown Chi-town. Most PPl, are always talking about how they didnt find the Chi all that great that it was made out to be. But to me it's one of those places you really got to get use to, and figure out. p.s. for all them false claiming folks that say they Ghetto, u aint seen ghetto until you grew up in the south side of Chicago. :eek:
  17. Just how long do people expect this to go on, until someone does something to help?
  18. This is soo boring.... but then again it's cute( and a bit sexy ) to see u guys all worked up about this sport, lol
  19. LOL, well in my "hood" it would have to be my sister. If I would say myself then I would be labeled as being concieted, so instead I'll take the next step and give the crown to my sis! But, looking at your location, you would think there would be much more of a variety in MNPLS? I got some friends that live there to, and they are very beautiful. Just look harder, but not too hard :eek:
  20. I dont wear a hijaab, but i trully admire those that do. Considering i was never really accustomed to wearing it, and the fact that I'm so influenced, but I'm not on trial here, so I'll get off my case. getting back to the topic....I did wonder however, why some girls did that, but i do think that SOME of them do it for the fashion sense. I know i did the whole "Eryka Badu" thing myself. Then again, I have some cousins in Canada who do the same thing, and a lot of my cousins do it because they aren't comfortable with the whole hijaab and outerwear. I'm not here to judge them or anyone else, as long as people like them don't think they are better then me( cause they wear the whole hijaab thing), then i leave my questions to myself.
  21. Two words describe what you write beautiful and uplifting BTW... I would love for you to write me a few poems, or at least help me out with expressing my own feelings into beautiful lyrics as well. I especially love "Faith"
  22. I agree with Sensual in that i know why the lady did what she did. And I myself, would always fight for womens right. Its wrong how those women are abused like that, but honestly, i would never criticize the Quran for it. Unfortunately, i use to grow up questioning the quran( which nowadays i am ashamed of ), but, I learned to accept with it everything it brings. I belive this particulary lady is only looking at things on a short term basis. She isn't even paying attention to the long term effects. But thats not in my place to say, may god be with her.