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    i used to call myself......then changed it to Beast, so i guess y'all know me as a Beast.
  2. Happy Birthday OG_Girl baby. how old will you be if you don't mind me asking.
  3. to be honest i don't think i would wanna meet any soul from this Forum. don't ask me why cause you know for the fact why i don't wanna meet them.
  4. Girls,Girls,Girls,Girls.... sense of dress?come on that has to be the funniest line i have ever hard in a long long time. well my list is looooooong but i will try to make it short so here it goes. 1-Girls with no respect for themselves. 2-Girls who talk 2 much. 3-Girls who are show off. 4-Girls who are late and never even try to appologise(manners matters.) 5-Girls who lie. 6-Girls who smoke.(i don't wanna smell like an ashtray) 7-Girls who wear lip stick. 8-Girls who wear tight pants. 9-Girls who are too loud. 10-Girls who are rude. 11-Girls who listen to rap music(no man wants to date lil kim) 12-Girls who are obsessed with american way or wherever she might be of living. 13-Girls who say bad things about her Somali ppl. 14-Girls who are too narrow minded about life in general. 15-Girls who apply 2much make up. 16-Girls who are sooooooo fake(accent,manners and behavior) 17-Girls who cheat(double timers) 18-Girls who drink(i am not a russian but a skinny nomad) 19-Girls who think they are happening and talk about themselves all night long(selfish) 20-Girls that cuss like a sailor(please you are a lady so act like one) should i continue Guyz?lol. p.s i love my Somali Queens to Eternity. .
  5. i'd hate if i was to give my all and later on find out all these crazy times she was never serious with me in the first place. that would definitely make me sick and never forgive her for the rest of my life.
  6. I know it's still some weeks off from your birthday but i wanted to say this in advance. i probably never told you this before but i want you to know that I LOVE YOU more than the life itself. we have been through a lot and most of the times thanx to your weird sense of humor wich always got us into trouble wich even made us stronger 2gather. i wish you all the best and enjoy your adventure in Somalia and make sure you come back with a lot of funny jokes to tell us all. all i am saying is i am glad we are family and I LOVE YOU. take care and say hi to Mom and Dad for me. don't forget about what we talked about yesterday on the phone. .
  7. i have heard Clown talking about this dude and how he is respected underworld hip hop but i thought he was up to his usual jokes. mosdef i knew he was a muslim but this dude is new to me. anyway i wish him all the best at the same time i hope he represents Islam to the fullest.
  8. don't you feel sorry for the kids of 2day? we was constructive and creative at the same time. remember Kushuneeto? damn that was the day when we enjoyed sliding it down in every hill that we could find in the neigborhood. the kids of today all they do is watch cartoon all day long and drink milk from the bottle even when they are 5 years old. we was soldeirs who never cared anything but having a good time. we have kids at home and all they do is watch cartoon and play some video games all day long, but compared to me i was active and always sweating from doing god knows what? those was the days... but the good thing about growing up back in somalia was the simple fact that we had no child molesters and our moms never had to worry about us actually getting abducted by any phsyco.
  9. my vote goes to whoelse but the ace of S.O.L.. CLOWN.
  10. i am looking forward to seeing Clown back in town so we can have a real party. it might not mean anything to you but i just love that boy to death. he is fun and you will never get bored by hanging out with him so for me that is what i am looking forward to Clown's Home Coming Party!
  11. Originally posted by SHAKA ZULU: quote:] well mine was very very different. the girl i used to see was alright in any way you looked at her but the biggest mistake she ever made was introduce me to her father. the old man was always on my neck asking me what did BBC said today like i have a time for that nonsense radio :mad: :mad: . then he started forcing me to play a poker game with him now how can i take the money of my girls' daddy?i consider myself to be a nobel man as i am a King Shaka so every night i had to leave broke from the house til one night i finally managed to get her out of the house and we went to see a movie so when we reached the ticket place the girl asked me to pay...... i looked at her and staright up told her go and get your ticket money from your daddy coz he asked me to have your ticket money and i gave him plus your pop corn and whatever you wanted to drink money. i bought my ticket and assured her that i will keep a seat next to me for her but first she needs to hurry back home and get her ticket money from her old man and went to see the movie all by myself. after few weeks i managed to sweet talk her and she agreed to continue seeing me but wouldn't you know that was the last time her father ever bothered me again. now he even asks us if we have enough money whenever we go out. that was the most hectic situation i have ever been in. :confused: :confused: . now that is a one funny story . i can't stop laughing.
  12. what is with the french guys? i thought it was a room for arabic but now i find french in here! what is up with that?
  13. Originally posted by Shayma: If you follow the guidelines for a pious wife, (which I plan to when the time comes, insha allah) then this question should be immaterial. i thought you was 60 odd years! if not then sorry but can i have your number?
  14. Originally posted by Charismatic_Aussie: Clown has a thing for me 2. You should have a look at the private messages... [/QB] i don't mean to sound rude or crash your hopes but unfortunately when he talks about females he only mentions one name and that name happens to be non other than XAFSA' P.S i know you wondering why am i speaking on his behalf well they say Blood is Thicker than Water!