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  1. Sijui....mmmmm...,the word sijui shouldnt be used at all. Its a term used by uneducated faraax's amd halimo's who want to class a group of people that come from either Kenya or Tanzania. Sijui stands for "I dont know". If you are classed as sijui then use the word "unajua" on them! :mad: damnnnn..............
  2. I love these article. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. jamani, lazma tuwa fundishe hawa watu wetuu.
  4. Cuba + Castro = Stone Age thinking. Not at all comrade. It just that, I aint going to be fooled by a cosmetically enhanced face but natural beauty counts high in my list!!!. Its a mans nature soldier so live with it. Some nice cuban ladies out their though. I might be tempted to buy a ticket to havana to steal one of your daughters!. loooool.
  5. I predict England will reach quarter finals and get knocked out by Ghana!!!. Final Brazil VS Italy, Spain, France, Germany?.. Who knows!!!
  6. Quote: "So; the time when somali men develop six packs is when heavy somali women will lose their weight." True, Somali men need to set examples. I am striving to get a six pack. I would enourage all somali people (young or old) to join the local gym or buy a self assembled home gym for the garage or living room. Khaat should be banned and Somali cafe's should display health promotion leaflets for the local gym. But you know what, Somalians doent want to help themselves. Action speaks louder than words baby!!! :eek:
  7. A women does need to make herself look pretty if it pleases her. However, I dont approve of light skin enhancement creams!!! I once remember seeing this girl in a wedding in ATL. She looked cute and was light skinned. She came to my aunts to drop some stuff for her. She took off her shoes as she came in and I aint joking - her feet were as dark as the night sky!!...Damn. I made an oath from that day onwards that I aint going to be fooled by a pretty face until I see the feet!!!.
  8. Let nature take its course. The west always has a solution to be lazy!!!. I bet they will come up with self cleaning plates soon. :confused:
  9. The problem with our somali community is that they like to talk, talk & talk!!! Action speaks louder than words. What we need is role models. We need community leaders who can guide somali women to full fitness using health programs. We also need Somali dieticians who can embrace the idea of helping our community to full health. Our community needs to be united. Look at how the asians are runnning things in the UK! The whole somali scene needs to be sorted out instead of pointing the finger at one party!.
  10. Neutral View. Marriage!, Me?, Marriage aint easy. You have to be comitted to the other person 150%. There are times when you want to be single again to pursue personal goals. I am not speaking from previous experience but I have seen that marriage is not for the weak hearted!!! The best thing is to wait for your alaf. Dont rush and remember, their are always plenty of opportunities that will come by. :cool:
  11. I fit your portfolio Hibo. I am on a mission to cruise in!.
  12. Sis...I am just adding a few more points from OG MOTI's cure!. To stop those wild buffalo moods, you need to think positive before you sleep. Sleeping with an argument will turn you into chucky when you wake up. So sis, subscribe to National Geographic and you will have some sound sleep like michael palin on those around the world trips and this will make you wake up on the right side of bed. Goodluck.
  13. From my point of view, marriage is a pit that is bottomless. You just keep falling and falling until you break your back. Farah style unions tend to creat havoc and problems after some time. For all you sista's out their who have this fancy idea of marrying a brother that you knew for less than two year, make sure you take slow steps otherwise you will fall out of the pan and into the fire!. :eek: :eek:
  14. I dont belive in romance but believe in keeping the pocket full with sterling!. Romance just makes you skint and you might get a backlash. Sorry people but I am just pessimistic with all that mumbo jumbo stuff! :rolleyes: