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  1. These kinds of forums always make me feel so good, and relaxed. It was interesting to read it all, my favorite is number 13: WARNING: Exposure to Allah may prevent burning.
  2. The funny thing about number 1 is, it was the total opposite for me. Instead, i didnt believe a word they said, cause i was one of those kids that thought my parents were kind of slow( pretty bad huh ), Well when i grew up, ironically just about EVERYTHING they ever told me or warned me about actually happened :eek: ! It was really weird, i never really admited to them that they knew best, but i never like to let me people know I'm wrong!
  3. Senora

    War Debate

    I believe in diplomacy . I also understand when people say that war can be inevitable, but what Barwaaqo is trying to point out is the fact of how innocent people are affected by this, That is what turns me of from war so much. Considering the whole Iraq thing coming up, it makes me so mad that innocent Iraqi people will suffer for Husseins actions. I dont want to bring up the whole Iraq issue, but i dont belive this is one of those "inevitable issues".
  4. Honestly Shuijui, i understand what your trying to say, but i don't have a problem with that sentence. The reason is that, i REALLY belive he will be a threat, This man urged others to kill. I dont care what you try and tell me, but unless somone was trying to kill him as well, and was doing so, i dont ever see murder as justifiable! I don't condone other religons, cause its not my place, and it wasn't in his place to do so as well. I'm sorry but i really belive he is a threat to many people, and this world doesnt need people preaching murder
  5. I 've heard of these interesting facts a while back, but i didnt really get to read ALL of them. I love reading stuff like this, it makes you want to take a closer look at things that are similiar.........they may even be similiar then you thought?? ( then the scary music comes, DUHN... DUHN... DUHN..., lol)
  6. i hope you realize that your post has so many things wrong with it First off the thing about us being the laziest people. I'm going to tell you right now, that you don't speak for me, my dad, my mom, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my friends, my grandparents, ........the list goes on! We have all worked HARD,( whether it is at school or at a job) to get where we are at, and are still striving to accomplish even better! Secondly, the thing about somali people being the smartest people on the planet........ I'm not bringing down my peeps, but your being totally unfair to other nationalities. And where are the facts here to back up your ridicules allegations! Statistics that prove were smarter, or that we are in fact lazy people who are pretty much " greedy". LOl, i dont even know what else to say, if there are statistics to prove we are the smartest, they must have obviously skipped over you
  7. Damn, :eek: do y'all smell that? its the IGNORANCE in the air, and all over this post! Come on people, dont call a creations of god, " ugly". If you dont think they are beautiful, then they are just unattractive to you, but lets not judge these people like that!
  8. Jaber if they guy chooses to put himself at risk with the flag right there in front of his car, let it be! There is nothing wrong with someone being patriotic. Even if it is to the extreme. They are just proud of their country, and if they trully aren't who cares. We all know what country we live in, but we should also know to just let people be, but then again, you are entitled to your own opinion, so i guess i can't jump down your throat for trippin on those people. But Hibo girl, come one, why the animosity? what was it you said, "rip it off". Remeber the saying, "Do unto others as you would want done to you", you wouldnt want anyone rippin off your flag or any other item, ya feel where I'm comin from? Respect what others do and belive in. i wish i could have read the rest of the posts, but damn, Kisima, you surely made sure i quit that ambition. Lol, girl i'm messin with ya, keep doin' wat u do.
  9. I enjoyed reading what you wrote, and i think its interesting, ...its not something i haven't heard b4, but its not something i dont want to hear again. I had some things i raised an eyebrow towards, i wanted to share it, but then i thought that i would just be ruining the beautiful passage you just wrote. So i wont be picky today.......
  10. Lol@Kool Kat, I'm lovin' that last comment you made....a little harsh though, i gues u do have a little cat in ya!
  11. First of all, cutie, you do bring up a point about light skinned people often referred to as much more attractive. This goes way back into history, when the white people saw blacks as an ugly group of people, and the closer you were to the complexion of the whites, the more of a chance u had to being beautiful( in their eyes). It slowly began to brainwash the minds of others, and unfortunately it stuck with us. But when U went about saying that those who are light skinned need to realize that no matter what happens they are still black, I disagree. its up to the person to decide what part of themselves they would like to relate to. I know a girl who is 1/4 somalian, and 3/4's arab. I also have a friend who's great grandmother was black, and the rest of the people in her family were white. Why should they let a fraction of their race, dominate who they are? They both choose to relate more with the dominate part of their race. What I'm trying to say is, its not up to you or the white people to decide what a person decides to represent for themselves. And, it doesn’t matter what the white people think, I personally believe that you shouldn’t let ppl decide who you are. That’s your decision. As far as ballerz goes, you just fell trap to the same thing so many people these days unfortunately have. For the record, me, my sister, and the rest of my cousins are all working with a little something something, and we all look good. We don’t need the help of the "light skin" to make us prettier. I honestly belive beauty can come in all shades, but it’s the ignorance of others that makes them not realize that.
  12. Differences between a man and woman Of course there is physically Then there is mentally Which leads to emotionally But lets begin with socially Were equal, by law But in other aspects, not at all Women oppressed by patriarchy Men assumed superiority Weight, size, shape and anatomy A difference noticed by all, easily Men, like, POOL, have their sticks and their balls Women and their ASSests have all the guys fall Scientist say, women have more brain cells As they all say, men think with their one bell ( ding-a-ling!) Women actively participate in conversation Men participate in sports, and often express confusion Women are more caring and sensitive Men can be more sexual and aggressive Though at times these differences can be disappointing We have to learn to accept them and be more understanding By the way, I know this bit is harsh to the guys, but its just something I did off the top of my head.
  13. I do agree with Jamal-11 in that love can equal out to dependency. It is true, but it can turn out to be a good thing when that "dependency" feeling is mutual. Maybe those 2 dependencies can collide to become 1 independent thing! I may have lost a lot of people with that, but i seemed to have lost my way of expressing what i am trying to get out....Which is exactly how Love is. It's not something that has one answer or interpretation. Everyone has their own justification as to what love is to them. They come up with it through their own experiences and understanding, so i'm not going to knock anyones post. But the only person that really nailed the bullseye for me as to what i believe love is and how marriage and love is related was Kool Kat. I remember reading something about you saying your married. I hope that everything you predicted for a marriage is evident in yours. Speak your mind girl,..... that way I dont have to, lol
  14. It has to be my signature mark. I think its the one many need to follow
  15. Senora


    hey gal! Always remember that good things come to those who wait. I have like over 20 cousins in ottawa, im surprised you havent been able to meet any somalians though. I do have like 10 cousins around your age who are great to be around, and also religous. If you dont mind, ill tell them about you, they love to meet new ppl. Trust me they are the best! I'll give them your email( only if you want). Im suposse to be comin up there this summer, so maybe we can become friends as well. Good luck girl, and get back at me!
  16. you took the words out of my mouth, C. Cutie
  17. Lol,@legend I'm really slooow, i didn't even realize the site was back up until i got an email informing me that someone sent me a private message. Well, i'm glad its back up. p.s. its so cute to even see some of the guys admit that they missed this site. Awwwwwwww
  18. Interesting........ Xafsa, We must have similar names( or that website is trying to doop us!). Anyways, i got the same response you got. Ironically enough, nothing really scared me because it was basically all true. Except for that part about me having an effect on my female organs!
  19. I'm having the same problem as well, so hopefully it'll works out in the end! I wouldn't mind chatting on this site rather than the somalinet anyway.
  20. I hate to admit it but I'm a pig ! I like its description of myself though! Though its impossible, i strive to be a perfectionist, and I think i can be a great companion only because i don't like to pay attention to the negatives in a person. But gosh why'd it have to be a pig of all things!!
  21. At first i was little skeptical to responding to this topic, but now that i see all of these brave responses, i would have to go with my three musketeers, 1)My butt, ( JLo aint got nothing on this!) 2)My smile( I know it isn't technically a "body part", but i get a lot of compliments on it, so oh well) 3)the one and only body part that gets all the men wild, ..My Hips,( i put the whole meaning to "body shaped like an hour glass") Putting these three together could even make the criminals distracted! not to mention numbers 1&3 are paired up with a flat stomach! I guess this is a trait only our somalian women can carry!
  22. Yeah I'm gonna update soon but my page is Ms_Prettyness19
  23. Yeah I'm gonna update soon but my page is Ms_Prettyness19