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  1. thank you so much everybody i greatly appreciate the advices.I will soon see a dermatologist as soon as possible insha allah.
  2. Hi sisters? i hope that after this that my two problems will be solved insha allah,anyway let me get to the point u see i have PIMPLE problems + blemish i have tried every product that says either it gets rid of pimples or dark spots i,m very light which makes the problem even more greater cuz i look like 101 dalmations everytime i go out i have to put on make and recently i have learned that makeup is haram so i wanted to stop plus i hate putting makeup on all the time it really sadness me to see my face looking the way it does.I think what is causing to get none stop pimples is cuz i have very bad oily skin.So ladies what would u recommend for this kind of problem?.Also what are some ways to grow ur hair?,and what shampoos is good for oily hair as well.
  3. damn that was hilarious straight up.I couldn't stop laughing.
  4. alxamdulilah ido pray even though i pray 4 times a day sometimes cuz its so hard to wakeup early in the morning for moring prayer but insha allah i,m gonna work on that and pray my five times.
  5. welcome,welcome,welcome with HUGE open arms sister
  6. welcome,welcome,welcome with HUGE open arms sister
  7. welcome,welcome,welcome with HUGE open arms sister
  8. welcome,welcome,welcome with HUGE open arms sister
  9. Damn i,m as thin as a tape worm that it makes me SICK everytime i look in the mirror,i just wanna gain weight and have some meat in me be a big beautiful woman.Some actually think i,m anorixic except i,m not even close to being one cuz i eat everything that comes my way and still never seemed to gain any weight.OH WELL. I guess i,m gonna have to like my thinness.
  10. daaamn jewel that was some funny stuff,i couldn't stop laughing good story sis.
  11. wooow i got 318 of course the 3 being the number of times i would like to go out or go out and 18 being my age, that is cool stuff.
  12. i think this whole love thing in the net is happening to me even though i don't like to admit it.But seriously i guess it just depends on how soft hearted u are, i wasn't really expecting this but it kind of happened out of no where .His really great i think and i hope that his just as great of a person as he sounds whenever we chat. SO I SAY IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE WHEN YOUR LEAST EXPECTING.
  13. hey yall i was wondering what happened to the COMMUNITY section?,where u click on the community and than it shows pictures of somaliaonline users.If yall know where it went please holla and tell me where else i can go for that. THANX