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  1. Abtigiis, the day of joy will come sooner than we thought inshallah! GOD WILLING we will come out a winner once and for all.
  2. The Somali people, who have long languished under the cruel Ethiopian occupation, deserve a better alternative to seek their freedom. As such, reviving the more inclusive Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF) is one of many alternatives at hand. Please stop shading your crocodile tears. Instead of blaming everything and anything on ONLF and thier noble struggle or the name. I sincerely advice you to start your own struggle under banner of WSLF. What is so hard about it? Why dont these people who thinks by switching from ONLF to WSLF is the only way out of Amxaaro colonization, fail to take part under the so called "WSLF"? What have WSLF achieved if any? and who were the majority of so called WSLF member who used to fight then? If the name O makes these people so uncomfortable than Vs. the oppression of Amxaro then let them grief about it. They indeed doesnt deserve to liberated. If you have a better solution/alternative on to how to librate the people in that part of the world then come up with concrete action and that is simple take up arm and start your own struggle as ONLF did. RESPECT AND FREEDOM SHOULD BE EARNED. One has to pay a great deal of price to earn his/her freedom. Then and only then that we all will come out a winner. Untill then keep mourning about ONLF and insignificant issues struggle, while i see a bigger and better picture. BII IDIN'ILLAHI WA BII FADIL'ILLAH KARIIM WE WILL COME VICTORIOUS SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.
  3. Somali leader rushed to hospital Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed President Yusuf has survived several assassination attempts Somalia's interim President Abdullahi Yusuf has been taken to hospital in the Kenyan capital, the BBC has learnt. His condition is said to be "serious" but there are no further details. He had a liver transplant in the 1990s. He was named president in 2004 after protracted peace talks in Kenya but has not been able to end years of conflict. Mr Yusuf's Ethiopia-backed government is battling Islamist insurgents and the UN says that more than one million people are homeless in Somalia. "The Somali president has been admitted here. He is in serious condition," an official, who declined to be identified, told the AFP news agency. But presidential aides have tried to downplay his condition, saying he is "fine". He is to be flown to London for treatment and has cancelled a meeting on Wednesday with regional leaders. Mr Yusuf, 73, had been due to travel to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa for Wednesday's meeting between regional leaders and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Inadequate The news comes as four ministers resigned from the cabinet named by Mr Yusuf's newly appointed Prime Minister Nur Hussein Hassan. The ministers complained that their Rahanwein clan was under-represented in the government. Somalis at Afgoye displaced from fighting in Mogadishu - 2/12/2007 Some one million Somalis are living rough, the UN says Mr Yusuf is a northerner, from Puntland, and a member of the ***** clan, who had been an army commander during Siad Barre's rule and subsequently a guerrilla leader. President Yusuf controversially enlisted the help of the Ethiopian army to oust the Union of Islamic Courts from the capital, Mogadishu in December 2006. The past year has seen increasing levels of violence as the Islamists battle the Ethiopian-backed government, rendering Mogadishu too unsafe for the government which has been forced to operate out of Baidoa. On Monday, UN humanitarian affairs chief John Holmes said the international response to the situation in Somalia had been inadequate. "This is obviously a very serious humanitarian situation in Somalia," he said. Mr Holmes said the security situation was hampering relief efforts. "There are checkpoints everywhere and aid agencies are stopped at these points and at times charged a lot of money." Somalia has not had a functioning national government since 1991.
  4. May Allah give us sabr inshallah and protect our families in the region. AMIIN YA RAB...INSHA ALLAH WE WILL COME OUT VICTORIOUS
  5. not only to late but they wont change anything. UN is well known for there Ineptitude .
  6. It seems our struggle is getting real momentum. INSHA ALLAH, BE IDIN'ILLAH KARIM we the people will come out victorious sooner rather than later. In this fight anyone who assist the Tigre is our enemy therefore, let me copy Bush here "either you will be with us or against us". ... So, this poor man is another TPLF puppet what we call "JAAJUUS, D/DHILIF,and DAABAQOODII". He should be punished INSHA ALLAH he will be one day.
  7. Is this why the the Northern invade LA...uncle Meles must have given them a green light...who knows...Riyale/AY/Geedi all are disgrece to all somali people.... ...................... By:Tamrat Nega October 28, 2007 According to a source with intimate knowledge about the affairs of the hilltop palace of Meles Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia, who is not willing to be quoted due to the sensitivity of the issue, Meles has commissioned a committee of Somali specialists early this year to come up with a strategic analysis and a menu of options with respect to Ethiopian national interest towards Somalia. The committee chaired by Ethiopia’s foremost expert on Somalia, Dr. Alamu Tekede, minister of state for foreign affairs, comprised senior officials of the ruling EPRDF, several military generals and security and intelligence officers. According to the source, after five long months of deliberations, the committee submitted to Meles a well-thought-out “red” dossier containing confidential policy proposals in last August. The committee of experts persuasively argued that the reconstitution of Somalia to its pre-1991 status would not serve the national interest of Ethiopia. Furthermore, the committee emphasized the possibility of landlocked Ethiopia becoming “sandwiched” between two hostile countries, i.e. Eritrea in the north and Somalia in the south, underlining Ethiopia’s vulnerability to gruesome civil-war and disintegration if the current Ethiopian efforts in Somalia fail and the country fall back to the hand of ousted Islamic forces. The committee further emphasized the possibility of Ethiopian Muslims becoming influenced or radicalized by Somalia’s Islamists which could ultimately ignite a devastating religious war in the country. The committee recommended the following propositions: 1. A two-state solution for Somalia along the pre-independence colonial boundaries. The committee suggested the Ethiopian government play a lead role in advocating for the international recognition of the breakaway republic of Somaliland. 2. Southern Somalia (former Italian Somaliland) to be divided into four federal regions in line with ethnic based Ethiopian federal system, namely, Puntland, Hawiyeland, Jubbaland and Rahanweinland. 3. The Somali region of Ethiopia to be “isolated” from the rest of Somalia, and limit to the extent possible commercial and traffic links between the Somali region and Somalia. According to the source, Meles has discussed the proposed two state solutions with Rayaale Kahin, the president of Somaliland, Abdillahi Yusuf, the president of the TFG, and with Mohamed Gedi, the prime minister of the TFG, in separate meetings held in September in Addis Ababa. While Mr. Yusuf rejected any discussion on the subject, Mr. Rayaale has praised the initiative and committed to deploy ten thousand Somaliland troops in Mogadishu to work with Ethiopian military forces to help quell the growing insurgency in the Somali capital. Mr. Rayaale also assured Meles that Somaliland will help Ethiopia in subduing the ****** National Liberation Front (ONLF), a Somali rebel group based in the Somali region of Ethiopia. According to the source, Mr. Gedi began to entertain the two-state notion after the rift between him and Mr. Yusuf reached to a point of no-return, though he reportedly rebuffed the idea in the initial discussion back in September. The relationship between Yusuf and Meles has deteriorated since, according to this knowledgeable source. Subsequent to the September discussion between Meles and Rayaale, a Somaliland delegation comprising ministers of foreign affairs and finance and chief of staff of Somaliland army held several meetings in Addis Ababa with Dr. Tekede and the chief of staff of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF). The two sides discussed the role Somaliland can play in quelling the growing insurgency in Mogadishu and part of the Somali region of Ethiopia, deployment of Ethiopian troops to Berbera to protect Ethiopian military hardware coming through the Somaliland controlled Red Sea port and Ethiopia’s support to Rayaale’s re-election for another five years term. The Somaliland delegation highlighted the fear of Somaliland drifting towards Eritrea if the KULMIYE opposition party wins the presidential election scheduled to take place mid next year. The Somaliland delegation also tabled a number of evidences accusing Puntland of providing sanctuary to ONLF and Oromo dissident groups. The Somaliland delegation has agreed to send an advance team of military officers to Mogadishu to pave the way for the eventual deployment of Somaliland troops in Mogadishu and to extradite to Ethiopia members of the ****** clan residing in the territory of Somaliland. Ethiopian government believes that the ONLF is drawing support from ****** businessmen and some segments of the Issaq clan who largely hail from the Togdheer region of Somaliland. In light of these discussions, Somaliland was given the green light to secure the borders of the former British Somaliland. According to the source, Meles has taken into confidence members of the Ethiopian opposition parties who have fully endorsed the proposed two-state solution for Somalia. With the blessing of the Bush Administration, Ethiopian troops invaded Mogadishu and much of southern Somalia in last December. They were successful in overthrowing the radical Islamist dominated regime of the UIC and in installing divided and unpopular TFG. His troops bogged down in the messy quagmire of Mogadishu where the remnants of the ousted Union of Islamic Court (UIC) continues to wage Iraq-style bloody insurgency, Meles is understandably frustrated with the apparent failure of the internationally recognized but toothless fledgling Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in pacifying the tumultuous Somali capital. The Somali experts in Addis Ababa view the two-state solution as a vital long-term strategy for Ethiopia’s national interest. Tamrat Nega Freelance Journalist Addis Ababa
  8. What galvanized the people yesterday morning was what happened the day before when the TFG militia executed a Quranic Teacher who used to teach Qiraa'ada to kids by calling him Al-Qa'ida and then refusing his body to be buried. That is what they do day in and day out to the O.G.A.D.E.N.I people. Sorry to see the TPLF is doing it deep inside Somalia capital. :mad: MAY ALLAH CURSE THOSE WHO SUPPORT THE ETHIO.
  9. MAY ALLAH GRANT THOSE REAL MUJAHIDS VICTORY and take the oppression away from those innocent civilanis. GUULAYSTA ILAAHYIINEE . We will fight to the end.
  10. We were told we were fighting guerrillas – the ONLF," he said. "But we were killing farmers – they were not ONLF." How sad!!! when somali life worth nothing at all... :mad:
  11. "With the help of the TFG anything is possible" -Meles
  12. Not in a million year!!! they will never get a single drop of oil from O.gaden basin. They (Amxaro) been dreaming since Minlek/H.Selss/Mangistu and now Meles. Before they get that oil they need to kill the entire population. They been signing with this Malaysian company for several years now and i dont see any activities at all. ........... Ethiopia signs Petronas to develop ****** gas field Reuters Published: August 13, 2007, 22:47 Addis Ababa: Ethiopia has signed a deal allowing Malaysian state oil firm Petronas to develop natural gas in its ****** region where rebels have warned oil companies to stay away, an official said on Friday. "The agreement signed between Ethiopia and Petronas focuses on the development and marketing of Kalub and Hilal gas deposits in the ******," said a Ministry of Mines and Energy official, who declined to be named. The official said $1.9 million would be paid in "administrative costs", but gave no total value for the deal. The ****** Basin, a gas-prolific area covering 350,000 sq km, is believed to contain reserves of some four trillion cubic feet. Ethiopian Minister of Mines and Energy Alemayeu Tegenu signed the agreement with Petronas in Kuala Lumpur last month after the Malaysian firm won a tender for the Kalub and Hilal areas, the official said. The official said under the accord Petronas was expected to lay down a pipeline to transport the gas to a nearby port. Ethiopia is landlocked and possible options would be in neighbouring Somalia where Ethiopian troops are helping the interim government - either to Bosasso in the Puntland region or Berbera in breakaway Somaliland, analysts say.
  13. Observer did I answer your question,oh heck felt like telling the story.. [smile] Thanks Dahia you did answered it. Now i know why some ppl said that WSLF was runned by Syad bare. Does this organization movement still exist? I personaly know the good old day leader of this organization.
  14. Anyone have any info on what happened in the last Ethio elections? Did the ONLF have a political wing? Did they win any seats? What is the number of Somalis in Ethiopia? etc Last Ethio election took place 5 month after the entire ethiopan elected thier MP. As Abdilethif said the very first time in 1991-92 election the ONLF had won comfortiably a good majority of the sits in both state and federal parliment. Soon after the ONLF and OLF start to debate the article 39 (i.e. every region can secede peacefuly). Meles and his TPLF regime banned both groups. Since then they are not allowed to take any part. I am not sure but the number of Somali in MP is less then 30 out of 450 and none are elected by the people appointed by Meles so that tells you the majority who inhabited the land is not adiquately represented. Q: What different does it makes if ONLF becomes say SNLF? Also, why those who doesnt want ONLF comes up with thier own group and fight the obressive tigre instead of nagging about ONLF? Q: Anybody had idea where the WSLF's are and what have they achieved if anything?