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  1. heheheheheheheheh stupid cocky americans Ouch that hurt! But I guess we can be a bit bossy and aggressive............
  2. A girl is always her mother, Thats not necessarily true for everyone. No matter how much you try and argue with me, parents can't control or supervise what their youngsters are doing. Yes me and my mother may share the same qualities, but I'm still my own person, and what i do is in no way a reflection of what my mother is or what she has taught me. Anyways, didnt mean to get off the subject here, i dont have much of a feedback for you, but i didnt realize this was an actual issue with somali's. I just heard something like this from this somali girl i know, and i couldnt believe when i heard that she was three months pregnant b4 she actually got married! And the worse part is, she doesn't even know who the daddy is?? :eek: This is so sad , regardless of it being a mistake or not.
  3. I agree with Naziha............... I dont think it's that big of a deal. Yeah the women's section is second to last on the list, but is it really our right to have a post where we want it( first second, etc). I could have sworn it was up to the administrators/moderators, or whatever. Come on now Og_Moti, it's not like were only allowed to post in the womens section. And it's not like only women/girls post in the womens section! We can post in any section/post we want, regardless of where the post/thread is. I could understand if this was a serious issue, but this if far from an issue linked with oppresion as your trying to mislead it to be...........
  4. I only left you one day when u couldn't decide on what to do, just cause my time is precious doesn't mean you have to get your panties all in a knot! .............Anyways there is that big riwayaad tonight remember, that band is playing.............what was their name again??!
  5. I enjoyed reading this. i think most of these rules could go either way this one... 6. Thank her for all that she does for you. Then thank her again! Take for example a dinner at your house. She makes the food, cleans the home, and a dozen other tasks to prepare. And sometimes the only acknowledgement she receives is that there needed to be more salt in the soup. Don't let that be; thank her! Many of us notice (especially parents) the bad, or in this case the simple mistakes, rather than acknowledging/appreciating the everyday (good) things. And we dont realize that the other( girlfriend/wife/friend) takes note of this. It happend to me b4, and it does hurt, but i think it could go for guys as well. All in All, good advice.
  6. What is the one thing about the opposite sex you would change? Thats a really hard question to answer because they're so many different types of men around. I wouldn't change anything simply because if I'm not happy with ONE(or a few) guys, then I'm sure there is at least one other guy that will satisfy me, and my needs!
  7. I have a lot of songs i enjoy listening to, but my ultimate favorite ( which has been for like 5 years) is Mariah Carey's "Always be my Baby". I think i like it, cause it reflects some of my past relationships.
  8. I've heard this many times b4 as well, but....... when i was born I was white, as a matter of fact,i looked asian! When I'm cold and sick I am red.. So i can see the point of this, but it's not true for everyone.
  9. It's obvious that there are bad women drivers as well as bad men drivers. All women should not be judged as being trouble on the roads because of a few men( like Shyhem) who encountered 2 or 3 bad women drivers. And Shyhem,when u stated that you were in no way trying to generalize, sweetie, you just said after having incidents with 2 bad drivers, it has lead me to conclude that women are indeed bad drivers...........oh and don't let me forget the part about there only being 10%good women drivers. I'm sorry but did i miss the part when you said that you conducted the survey on driving skills for all the women in this world? I dont mind if you stated that,... "i came across 2 bad women drivers, and im starting to believe that women may not be as good a driver as i thought they were, does anyone else have some feedback on that?" Now that wouldnt have been that bad......but it's cool. You made a mistake. Oh and by the way, my father, mother, best friend and I have each had a MAN/MEN hit us while we driving. One of those men drivers were drunk, 4 of them were not paying attention, and another made a careless decision. But I'm not going around saying that because of my two incidents, I've concluded that men are horrible drivers. It happens, you have careless people,( in each sex), but put those people at fault, not the hole sex!
  10. Scorpion_sista, your really starting to make me believe in soul mates. That story was so beautiful, i really enjoyed reading it! Honestly this hobby of yours could turn out to become a career one day, .....i'm serious! But i didnt want it to end. I always asked myself, if i ever had strong feelings for a person, would I take the risk and go for it, or would i pass off hints and hope the guy would catch on and try and talk to me? This story just made me think that, things can go your way, if your determined enough to act on it. awwwwww,......i just love how it ends!
  11. she killed her sister so she could me the guy at her sisters funeral ?? That's what i was when do we find out the real answer? :confused:
  12. its been less then four days and this topic mananged to make it past ten pages............ I'm wondering if this is some type of record?? Any Guiness officials around??
  13. S.O.S, funny you mention that, its spreading all over the state....... :eek: anyway T.B--- disease
  14. Moral of story: Always let your boss have the first say poor guys
  15. i have learned very few and i mean very few things from each one of you guys LOL
  16. HMMMMM, I'll believe it after today, since it is April Fools Day :rolleyes:
  17. lol@section6er i shoulda done have done this when i hit the big O'O