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  1. Viking have you seen the poll they had on that site? 96586 people have voted and 84.2% was against the wearing of turban or hijab,. Sad indeed... http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/special/storfragan/visa/0,1937,19813,00.html
  2. Lool @ malaria...i used to dress like that girl... white hijab, green sweater, but instead of the green tie, nilikuwa na vaa red tie, since nilikuwa prefect..
  3. I went to Aga khan primary school....*Remembers Mr kamau, Mrs Wanyoike, Mrs Mumu and the stick i was beaten with..lol
  4. Salaamu Aleykum everyone. Waa salaamantihiin. Are there any somalis living in new brunswick in canada and how are the living conditions there?
  5. Originally posted by Mizz-S.Lander: i can't help but think some of you are slightly exaggerating to gain some extra points; lool just kidding; okay I get the whole concept of going for what you want, but then if that’s the case dee come out wid it straight, stop hiding behind the bushes; say my name is so and so, this is who I am, what I do and my good qualities; I’m seeking someone who fits this profile; 1, 2, 3, …. I hope u all get the picture of how to get what you want; peace Aduunyoo xaalkaa ba´ lol... Sis , "THIS ARE ONLY WORDS ON A SCREEN" as someones stated before..ITS CYBER WORLD...why on earth would anyone be looking for a potential husband? Did anyone state that they were single in this thread? The last time I checked married people also posted on sol. So i dont know why people over here are trippin´ ,talking about lonely and desperate people that are seeking attention. Soomalida wexeey dhahdaa, tuug, intaanan tuug dhihin ayuu tuug ku dhahaa..
  6. Originally posted by Legend of Zu: Did I mention This http://www.natashatynes.org/newswire/2004/09/japanese_women_.html cheers sheekooy ku nacday..lol..Was that necessary, i wanna make one thing clear..making yourself comfortable to bed doesnt mean you need someone, or imaginary aa tahay.
  7. Originally posted by Hibo: Do you gurls pamper urself before you go to sleep? I mean actually take a shower, perfume urselves, wear sexy lingiries, and all of that for urselves. No impressing of man....just yourself. I do that all the time. Am I freak or do you gurls share dat? Guys you can also share if u do that Loool, i just had to reply, I think we are twins and got separated at birth..lol Walaaahi , i had to check twice and see i didnt post this thread.. and no, there isn´t one freak in this thread, there are two. Originally posted by Ay Kutubo: Personal hygiene is part of your deen but wearing sexy lingerie to bed alone… :rolleyes: …are you serious….guys take a note hibo is already trained ..lol As for moi …there is no better feeling in the world than taking long azz shower bumpering myself with VS goodies and getting between the sheets wearing my birth suit ooh what a feeling Some love wearing jeans and some prefer skirts.Some like wearing pyjamas to bed and others go for lingeries. Dadku waa different.
  8. Happy independence day....Soomaliya hanoolaato, Ilaaheey nabad haka dhigo...aamiin
  9. ^^lool...ndiyo, lazima ni pate break ...Na ona this place haija badilika...
  10. Maashaallah...I enjoy all your poems..keep them coming.... By the way...(wuu soo dhacay, i got it safe..)
  11. ramadaanka bes xumaanta in aan iska ilaalino ma ahan....it should be everytime and everywhere......
  12. Diamante , this is for you sis... by the way, beledweyne maad degantahay, if so, fariin baan ayeeydeey kuugu dhiibi lahaa Badda Cas Dhul biyuhu maraano Xareeduna baliga taal Boocamay ku dhalatiyo Dhul barwaaqo ah ood garan Bidhaanteedaan waayo Baadigoob ku waashee Beriga ay ku nooshaa Shimbir buuba igu tiri Barakadoo aan barkadiyo Beesha Gedaan u boogayaa Boqolo soomaan balan ku qaadee Bilaash laguma dhaartee Boqolka soo baxaayey Shan iyo tobnaadeey Baahidaa aan kuu qabo Barniyeey bidhaan araga ha iga tagin Butin dheer bureeqoo Baalasheedii fidisoo Inay buubto bilowdoo Bilciladii ka boodaay Berigaan is baranaa Wadnaha boog ku yeeshee Beerkii bay damqadayoo Boqodoo kuu basaasee ps...there are some texts missing...ill get back to it...
  13. Salaamu Caleeykum dhamaantiina marka horey.. I had this question.. Can you fast when you are pregnant...I heard you cant but can one still do that if they are a few days pregnant ? :confused:
  14. Originally posted by Qacbaro: i am waiting to hear, a somali transexual.. forget about gays. http://www.mask.org.za/SECTIONS/AfricaPerCountry/ABC/somalia/somalia_5.htm kkk
  15. lol@ nuune, xalwaan qarsaday nooh.. by the way, whats up the avatar, waxaan kuugu ogaay xarfaankii non stop dheeldheelijirey.. sasa laura, ume ishia wapi...