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  1. The CL is back,and with it comes the analysts. Cant' say that i was too suprised with the results, especially the lacklustrous gunners. There is a very strange psychological problem with frenchies, starting with the manager who has to be the most stubborn S.O.B i have seen. The confidence fctor begins with the manager, and just like a virus it transmits thru the whole team. When was the last time we have watched Viera asert himself in a CL game? You would think a second shot to prove yourself at the Olympiastadion would be enough,and this time there is no Effenberg to muscle you around. The defence that Wenger put out against Munich cost a total of 4 million pounds,a staggering stat. Isn't 5 million the prize money for winning the CL? Add to that figure a hapless 1.5 million pound goalie. It is known that Wenger suffers from extreme Myopia, but when you concede so much and soo easily, your eyes will start to speak for your mouth. How can he still be the only manager in the EPL and CL that still plays a zonal marking against free kicks and corners? You would think that the # of goals Arsenal have conceded from those situations is proof enough that it does not work. Enough of these cheap buys,build the team from the back, Arsenal are not the poor club they used to be, they have been ranked as the 6 richest club in the world a few days ago, and in 2006-2007 will be the 3rd richest only behind Manu and Chelsea. Anyways it looks to be a Real-Milan final,or even Chelsea with that stubborn defence(yes they will eliminate Barca) as for the rest, darkhorses maybe? Who cares am saddened by the pathetic condition of my gunners,who somehow managed to walkaway today from St. Mary's with only a draw, damn tossers. P.S.--> Milan put on a masterclass performance at Old Trafford, not your typical Italian team.
  2. Bob you seem to be still watching Henry from your rose tinted glasses, that's alright i put mine on sometimes when the need to be all Arsenal is there. For you to misunderstand the lying conception me and vanquish are trying to point out about Henry's no-show phase in big games, proves to us that you speak from a biased view and "va va voom" perspective. Being a long time serving Arsenal fan,I can sit here and name for you all the games i had my fists cuffed wondering where did Henry dissapear too. Let's cut the crap about the Inter Milan game(what about the first game), where was he when Arsenal was losing in the uefa cup final to a 10 man Galatasaray, where was he when Arsenal was getting knocked out 2 seasons by Valencia(albeit him scoring a lovely goal),what about last season's important CL quarterfinal game against Chelsea. You don't get it i think, journalist don't just start making up stories about a player's lack of tenacity for the big games, it is what we all witness. The way Wenger designed this team,is to play to Henry's best abilities, that is why things don't go right for him when he plays for France or if he did move on to play for another team. Go watch the video of the first goal against Chelsea last weekend, he doesn't even look to see where the goal is,just shoots straight and it finds the net. Very simple Henry still has that problem of missing simple chances,like his days in Monaco and now Arsenal. No doubt he improves every year, otherwise we would have the debacle of the 2001 FA cup against Liverpool, where he missed so many chances,you wonder what team he was playing for and northerner can testify to that. Sheva has did it in the big games and still is,even if he came from injury to score that penalty for AC Milan in CL final,you should ask yourself would Henry have made that,or miss like he did so many times at the penalty spot(Depo at Highbury,Keiv,Juventus under 23 team..etc). Or can you see him breaking the ranks of AC Milan to score a thunderous strike in the last minutes of the game,maybe so but we yet have to see it. This season is his to prove in the CL and so far am dissapointed. But the crunch games are the knockout ones,so the Bayern game he has to show us why he won't let Roy maakay(the orthodox striker) outshine him.
  3. Raula what place do you speak of? Vanquish "ohhh looorr" indeed my friend, relax on the exam thing,or you might pop a vein! Damn cocky Mourinho, has the swagger of a king,and deservedly so. Henry played his heart out in that game, reyes was dissapointing,and Pires had his moments. I must say that Robben is quite a catch for Chelsea, he is a one footed player who can still beat you of the dribble. That ****** miss by Henry is the sheer reason why he still can't be classed with the Sheva's and Ronaldo's. Entertaining game, and one that should always hold the flag for the PL. Manu could learn alot from Chelsea, rather than try and disguise rugby for football. Shujui the winter break is here and you know what that means--> a few wks of PL footy only, u must be excited!
  4. Well as Vanquish would testify too, I moved from lovely old Canada, to the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis-St Paul, or as the somalis would refer to it by the state name "Minnishoda". Let's just say my Euro 2004 experience was sitting in the midst of a tiny somali cafe that had a satellite and the place was jam packed you don't know if you are in a cafe or a meat market. And everytime a cross or a move happened the whole place would go buckwild,and then the arguments and punches start ,in where the cafe owner has to step in by turning the T.V. off until the whole ruckus has quited down. So basically out of a 90 minute game,only 20 minutes would be watched, the rest is arguments and fights back and forth.And let's not talk about the heat,look like a japanese sauna up in there. But what do you expect from a city that is run by somalis, in where a stretch of one of the busiest streets in the city can be blocked off,so Hassan Samater can sing on top of a moving stage! Anyways enough that maddness, what sickens me here in America, is that as football gets more and more televised, they are charging to watch almost everygame now. For example I had to pay $20 to watch that melee of Arsenal-Manu, and same for Arsenal-Pool, and today it's Arsenal-chelsea, that's 60 bucks in 2mnths time to watch games most folk watch for free. And forget about CL games,they rather televise fishing or hunting down here. Anyways i've ranted for long, what y'all think about the tinkerman Ranieri flopping at a Valencia that had all their players from last season added with the 2 italian strikers? I always thought he wasn't much of a coach!
  5. Yes Totti(shujui i knew u as,before you went on a quest of namechanges) it's good to be back, but now am on dial up speed,so am on lesser. Looks like the Gunner Brigade has increased ten fold since my departure,ehhh? No doubt that Ronnie is the King Kong of Football at the mo,and lightweights like Henry don't come close to comparison, But again this award is for that individual who accomplished most of a footballers goals in a full season. And it is Henry that has done that last season! But if we are to discuss the most deserving individual who should have had a few by now,then it is Sheva! Maybe it is not yet Henry's time,until he shows it big on the important games. Problem for henry is that Ronnie will win the award for the next couple of years probably! Warya Vanquish how is life treating you at cold and windy Montreal? Hopefully the finals hasn't got you losing plenty of hair,lol!
  6. let's cut the crap, this award is always based on last season's accomplishments. All 3 are more deserving then previous finalists this time around. But very simply Henry outshone the other two in the most important categories. Winning the EPL with an undeafeated season,reaching the quarterfinals of the CL, and ofcourse the most important stat -->winning the Golden Boot for being Europe's Top scorer.
  7. Some less-than-clever faaraxs believe saying 'I LOOF U' will give 'em free access to a girl's panties. I would suggest your friend show that imbecile the door. Obviously that Faarax is more clever than you deem him to be, since such a thing has either already worked for him previously or he witnessed it work for his friends. In my opinion, i think the homeboy played his card too soon, unless he noticed that the girl is just infatuated with him.
  8. sorry Roma fan your time to shine was this season and you just had the luck of having Ac Milan on excellent form. No odubt i think you guys played the better football,but you didn't do it against the big boys. I don't see you doing it again next season, cause Emerson is gone,Samuel might be leaving. And your golden boy Totti might head down to Madrid.
  9. Timberwolves played like lions last night, damn Garnett is some player,wished we had him rather than the useless Vince Carter. How mnay of y'all got heart attacks when Peja Stojakovic kept sticking those threes with some ease?
  10. shujui you know how everyone gets their shine at some point,i just get this damn feeling that the italian panzies will have their cake soon come. They had lady luck against them since the 1982 triumph,i just hope it doesn't happen while am still alive. Same goes for the english,who will remind us of this great victory for the next 100 years if they do win it. From the last world cup i say watch out for the young and robust Spanish team, Joaqcuin was a sensation at the world cup,and now they have Vincente from Valencia on the left wing,with Morientes on some amazing form and Xabi Alonso. Their defence might look weak,but for one thing Puyol is at RB waiting for anyone who dares to attack him from there. Should be a great Euro 2004,with games being played at times we like, unlike that 3 am-7 am crap of Korea.
  11. ama go with the Dutch for this one,i just have a soft spot for them. Oranje to lift the cup in a final with Les Bleus. My hatred for the Italian panzies has reached an all time high, last night i dreamt of Arsenal vs Italy at the San Siro, where Henry and Pires scored some unbelieveable goals,and Totti was crying for being laughed at after he tried to dive but landed on his head and grease was all over the pitch. Yes am officially consigning myself to a Mental Institution.
  12. They don't call him the "Tinkerman" for nothing. It worked great for him against Arsenal,but yesterday it backfired,poor guy. BUt who cares Monaco is my team for the CL now,so let's go Morientes,Guily..etc
  13. and the best one yet! MR. MARTIN KEOWN LOOOOOOOL, and you wonder why we enjoyed that chop on RVN neck.
  14. it's all gravy i guess we both saw what we wanted to see. Anyways here are a few comical outlooks in the PL!
  15. are you joking winger? That was anger happiness,from the unfairness exibited by the Referee. RVN was cheeky that day,and his penalty miss bought out all that happy feeling from the Arsenal players. The recent game at highbury showed how the two teams usually react when winning or drawing,basically they just act normal. Arsenals' happiness at old trafford was out of the sheer unfair play and calls that went against them,but Manyoo's joy came out the sheer thought of runining Arsenal's Treble ambitions rather than progression to an FA CUP final they played down for years. Now that's an inferiority complex right there. Manyoo betta buy big time in the summer!