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  1. MashaAllah! There is some hope for Somalia( Somali-Weyne that is) after all, only if these elites could go back to construct Somalia united Somalia,then the nation would be more credible at a global stage. A fragmented Somalia is beyond doubt the down fall for ALL the Somali people as a whole. Abdiwahab A. Musse is so gorgeous I could barely lower my gaze!
  2. Keep your options open, wait for his reply also look else-where. Plenty of good men out there. Do not limit yourself.
  3. -KIWI


    Mr Right is looking for Mrs Right. The question is are you Mr Right or Mrs right??? I would like to share this brilliant short story that has a huge wisdom behind it. In regards to the issue o 'perfectness'. Being without defect is next to impossible, nevertheless enjoy the read. Here is a story from Mulla Nasiruddin (the sufi wise fool/simpleton that is famed for saying funny tales in quite amusing wisdom) – ponder on this and think about how it applies to you and the next choice you make: Nasirudin was helping a group of people search for the best leader for them. They had been searching frantically and gone to every nook and creep but alas to no avail. In desperation they turn to Mulla Nasirudin for help. Over dinner, they started asking Nasirudin about himself. As they spoke, they discovered that Nasirudin was yet to be married. They asked him, had he come close? “Indeed” he replied. “When I was young, I was keen to marry the perfect wife. I travelled many lands looking for her. In France, I met a beautiful dancer who was joyful and carefree, but alas had no sense of the spiritual. In Egypt, I met a princess who was both beautiful and wise, but sadly we could not communicate. Then in India, after much searching, I finally found her. She was beautiful, wise and her charm captured the imagination of everybody she met. I felt I had found the perfect wife!” Then Nasirudin paused with along sigh. So one of the people asked him eagerly: “Then, did you not marry her Nasirudin?” “Alas”, sighed Nasirudin, “…she was waiting for the perfect husband.”
  4. Money should not be the issue, if he is a man of character. But then again, naagaha ayaa these days wax guursado.*LOL*.
  5. Congradulations Jamilah. Oh you have come along way. Only at 17 you have accomplished so much. One can only wonder what you will accomplish at 21. Congradulations once again on your superb mark. You have amazed me with your dazzling wits and intelligence. By far you are the most intelligent person I have meet. Keep up with your writting always knew you were something special. Middle child are indeed remarkable. You are an inspiration to your younger siblings remember that.
  6. I have tried every mean to avoid listening to music and I have failed miserably in all stations.
  7. The twins had immense courage and determination to do what they did.They had lived difficult lives,i doubt i can ever put myself in their shoes it was heartbeaking to hear their depature may Allah reward them with the good news of paradise.They were patient for 29 years.
  8. There is actually no Islamic state in the world today,when i say there is no Islamic state i mean in a sense that it fully reflects the explicit word of Allah and the explicit teaching of the Prophet.The muslim countries are lead to believe that they must subject to "alien" governing in order to achieve civilisation.Western civilisation doesnt try and direct man to peace and tranquility it tries to increase human pleasure and fulfill our desires in order to give us 'enjoyment', this is seen by the countless industrial productions,that arent necessary for our survival. Every muslim country is longing for an Islamic state.By using their initiatives they are bound to reconize that man-made laws are incomplete and unjust.And hopefully every muslim country will not be burden by 'western civilisation'if they stand up on their feet and enable truth and justice to govern the world.
  9. Proudsister: My dear sister our religion prohibits for any man or woman to fight for a kufaar country.Besides there is so much careers to choose from that are neverending, i dont see why joining the army should be on the top of your list. Buubto quotes: "According to our religion women r not allowed to participate in jihad physically. If we not allowed to participate" We do all respect sister but our religion does allow women to participate in jihaad physically. As a matter of fact women were so courageous in battlefields for example when the disbelievers attacked the Muslims during the battle of Uhud,only a few devoted followers were left to fight with the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),it was Umm Ammarah who shielded him with her body and fought off the enemy with her sword as well as her bow and arrows. In the battle of Ahazad( the battle of Trench)it was sahabiyat Safiyyah who showed a marvelous military strategy in handling Jewish attack,she even slaughter one of the Jews. The sahabiyat took part in battles both on land and at sea.Other services they performed included giving medical aid to the wounded,nursing and so on.
  10. Asalaamu Caleykum Wa rahmatulaahi Wa barakaatuhu Shukran brother Nur,reading the Qur'an not only does it enrich us but it also helps us to understand its message,to ponder the overwhelming future of man and it makes us grieve for the melancholy fate of those who ignore the promises of Allah.
  11. Asalamu Caleykum Wr Wb What Made You Smile Today?! Well, the same thing that makes me smile day in and day out, and that is being born as a Muslimah and the fact that i was nurtured as a Muslimah.
  12. Asalaamu Caleykum Wa rahmatulaahi Wa barakaatuhu Brother JIDAAWY, shukran for the exceedingly brilliant pictures it gives me a sense of warmth to see Mecca and InshaAllah i hope to be there in the near future.
  13. It seems some of us are still holding on to the ignoble past of our war-torn country, we need to struggle to abandon our prejudices rather than reverting to escape goating, I can not express how much i deplore qabil bigotry. I hope i am not leaping to a hasty conslusion when i say we still have individulas that are poisoned with qabil in our communities and ignorance seems to shoot through them like a dart. Its mersmerizing to witness some of those individuals are seen as potential great leaders. For example take the notoriously famous qabil bashing episode that took place in my home town ( south island ,NewZealand), when men of great eminence resorted to violence(violence the force of the weak) to solve their qabil differences.Why couldnt they just enunciate their views to those who would listen???? That horrible incident rocked the entire country, a country with less than 3000 somalis.The goverment even threaten to send individuals hel responsible back. The writting is on the wal, majority of us still let desperation and stupidity out-weigh our scanty common sense. What we need to do is put our qabil differences aside and unite under the banner of islam, is that so hard?????? w/salaam
  14. Asalaamu Caleykum Wa rahmatullahi Wa barakaatuhu.. I have meet a vast number of kiwi(new zealand born) reverts( the proper terminology used rather than covert as everyone is born as a Muslim revert indicating that they have come back to it) all sisters who walked from all sorts of life and all who have walked straight to the right path. They will all tell you almost identical stories on how they went about their "soul searching"the road which gave them a touch of realisation there is only one creator having looked around and noticing that every house has a leader,every school has a pricipal,every town has a mayor and every country has a prime minister so they all got the same stage and pondered on the same question over and over again "who has created us".After giving it some deep thought they have come to the same conclusion that there is Allah the creator of the universe. After geeting to know some of the sisters they have personally informed me that they now have a sense of direction a purpose to life and they are all leading a life of tranquility and peace. Its funny how sweet gal you have mention numerous boxers who are all reverts,take the Australian boxer i would doubt anyone would know who he is Anthony Mandene when asked why he become Muslim he laughed it off and replied "isnt Islam every boxers religion". Its true Allah guides whom he chooses. May Allah take us to our graves while we still on the right path.Amiin