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  1. I have seen a dinka pass of as a somali bantu! shocking!
  2. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: Sheh, I am sure you can have a word with Admin... Ps, did I tell you ladies I make the wickest fruit cream cheese cake! To die for! Do you want me banned KK?
  3. Seems like two superstars of SOL returned today! Ms DD welcome back eedo!
  4. On the 08 July, 2009, I put myself to a public vote to either be voted out of SOL for good or to come back with another 1000 posts. I won the vote by 2% in what was a close knit result. see here for results I have reached that target now. However I will not be putting myself to another public vote. I have come to the conclusion that since my mandate to post another 1000 posts of self-opinionated bile has come to end; I will no longer be posting on SOL. As I write my 2000th SOL post, I am filling with tears because SOL has been my home for just over two wonderful years. I clearly remember when as a young impressionable SOLer I started posting in late December 2007. I was completely overwhelmed by all my surroundings. SOL has been my home for the last two years and now as I write my 2000th post I firmly believe I have contributed to the discussion as far as I possibly could. I came to the conclusion that I need to move on and look to engage with other aspects of my life. I have learnt a lot, read lot, and laugh a lot, and got to know many wonderful people. We might have crossed swords quite a lot but I enjoyed every part of it. I have learned a lot and SOL has indeed contributed to my personal development. I want to thank all of you for all your efforts and support. I came with the intention of changing the perceptions and the stereotypes held by self-hating Somalis and non-Somalis like against Somalis and I firmly believe I have contributed towards this goal; however we have a long to go before changing this. I would like to advise you all to break the mould and show unity and unite for a common objectives, however our differences in views. I wish you all the best in life and hope you all have a wonderful life. I hope you all achieve happiness and success in all your endeavours. Signing off for one last time Maximus Powers
  5. Quite right there GJ. I just think it would better for our collective psyche that liberal arts are given an opportunity.
  6. Originally posted by rudy-Diiriye: quote:Originally posted by Maxaatirri: Dontv worry Max, you will see her again, she's just a first year, shes prolly out boozing, wait til shes a second year...I agree with Rudy, you could use a wing woman...done it plenty of times before and it works believe you me! Hes brit...they dont get laid but just complain!! lool. dont waste her, pass it to a homie that can do the job. :confused: big time fail. u dizzappoint faaraxs here. Failure is not an option here. lol@rudy. Its not so bad, she was just a drop in the ocean somaha.
  7. Originally posted by MAXIMUS POWERS: PeaceNow, I believe you owe the noble and honourable citizens of Berbera an apology. It is indeed unfortunate you have adopted this position against Berberains, who are known for their hospitality and generosity. Parts of Somaliland are still developing. Our rates of development should not be compared to industrialised country, for they too were languishing at the rung of the ladder one point or another in their respective histories. You should judge Berbera and Somaliland by its own standard; it’s a developing city which is making great strides, despite being unrecognised. We are working towards building Berbera and Berbera which is indeed a strategic city and an important hub for transportation has been improving its infrastructure for a number of years now, seeking both investment and assistance from Somalilanders in the Diaspora as well other governments and multi-national corporations. So rather than judging Somaliland cities against a different benchmark, its important to consider that each country goes through its own social, political and economic trajectories. I would kindly ask you to at least consider or even deleted this blasphemous and ill-thought thread seeking to ridicule Berbera. There I was thinking of inviting you for a nice drink by Bartaalale beach. Originally posted by MAXIMUS POWERS: quote:Originally posted by Peacenow: My full apology Maximus. I have been blind and woeful on this occasion. No disrespect to Berbera. My own father hails from Erigavo so it is close to me too. I have edited the topic. Peacenow you are man of high moral fibre and a fellow Somalilander. We are brothers and comrades in our campaigns to seek the truth unhindered and commitment to the spirit of democracy and the freedom of expression. I am grateful that you have retracting this statement. By your kind gesture of friendship, you have averted reducing the honour and reputation of my people to a mere nothing. The people of Berbera are indeed glad and rejoicing. Your kind act of friendship and your kindness and humility have been noted. Maximus Power @Adam. It’s perhaps to with the fact that I articulated a pragmatic approach towards peacenow.You have been very quick to condemn him because you disagreed with some of his views. @ Xinny Your essentialist approach and the use of buzz-words is hardly impressive. Calling me a convict is most unnecessary. The use of the term ‘Convict’ is a defaming, for I have not committed a crime. This merits another ban under Rule 7 of the SOL Golden Rules. Just to clarify, I was banned not because I contravene any of the rules of the forum like you have done on numerous occasion, including today. But rather due to a misunderstanding, which was easily resolved. If my banning was so adverse, I would not have been granted an opportunity to come back again.
  8. Originally posted by NGONGE: Oh! And I dislike the guy more than all of you combined (carab this and carab that). He is talking about Arabs in caves. Whose geographical endowment means they are able to have high GDP while their roads are not surfaced and whose natural tendencies leave a lot to be desired. Who export extremist ideology to far flung parts of the world while their own countries and people live under dictatorial regimes. You are Somali, from Burco. You have been arabised. You are not an Arab just as I am not an English man. Peacenow simple message has been misrepresented time and time again from disgruntled Somalis who are living in fantasy world. Originally posted by Adam.: Ailamos, your defending the undefendable. My voice is definitely silenced for good, if this character is allowed to continue to degrade our values and heritage any longer, cause why bother being in such a hateful environment when your original intention was to exchange ideas and discuss things with your fellow Somalis without getting your background attacked on a daily basis. If your ideals and values could give way to peacenow’s freedom of expression, it was shaky all along.
  9. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: *** This is in contravention of SOL Golden Rules. Rule 7 clearly stipulates: - Flaming: absolutely no personal attacks (direct or indirect). Criticize ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated in any way. This includes any material which is vulgar, profane, defamatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws. [ January 29, 2010, 03:06 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  10. Quite ironic when all else fails they attack your somaliness and accuse you of being a self-hater. Who defines what somaliness is and whose version is correct? Identity is a fluid concept that is forever changing and evolving. People are able to construct their identities and there is no collective Somali identity. @ Adam. The spirit of democracy and freedom of expression is being abused on SOL. I have had similar grievance where topics have been deleted. There appears to be a censorship of what can actually be said.
  11. ^^ Calling me arrogant and foolish will not change the status quo. These excuses are documented and authorities are becoming aware of these manipulation.