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  1. Ya...not appealing at all. My step father was built like that and my mom used to complain that all those hard muscles made it feel like she was hugging a rock. As for my wish....hmmmmm I wish I could be a better Muslim. As for those of you that WISH to learn how to cook Somali food....visit my site. Somali Recipes
  2. No but seriously people, cooking is a skill that both men and woman should have. Now if you don't know how to cook and you are worried that your soon to be spouse will think you are handicapped, just tell him that you are learning. There are a couple of other sites that a really useful. Mine of course... http://tammyssomalih An American sister has some really great videos at http://somalirecipes .com and a Somali sister has a site called http://mysomalifood. com
  3. Originally posted by Khayr: I am thinking of starting a 'how to cook' class for girls that become engaged. Instead of just looking pretty and going to spas before the wedding night, they can learn some very useful skills. What do u think? Will it be a hit or what? I might hire Tammy/Amina as a guest chef cause I know they won't take it from a Farax. HIRE ME!!! I'd love to help.
  4. Thank you my dear for the kind words. I am so happy that you have enjoyed my recipes.
  5. I can understand her position, but I don't agree with it. My husband and I lived in Saudi from 2002 to 2006. During that time, we witnessed and heard many odd things. I met so many Saudi ladies that were forced to marry within their family. Because of this it was normal for us to hear about women being caught with their driversor the guy from the corner store.. This being said..she commited a major sin. She should be punished according to Islamic law. Tammy's Somali Home
  6. Masha'Allah...I too also saw the documentary about Abigail and Britney. Insha'Allah it will be interesting to see how they grow up. Tammy's Somali Home
  7. I really don't see the problem!!! Miiskiin, were you trying to avoid going to my site?
  8. What is the problem? Where else am I gonna post it? It is a very serious issue that people need to know about.
  9. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the picture. Sure enough, some people will do anything for a joke. Halal Pork??
  10. the taxi driver who refuses to carry alcohol is a man of principle in my book .. who holds his honor and integrity above $$$. [/QB] I agree, but the reality of the situation is that here in Canada it would be impossible to avoid all haram things. What are the taxi drivers gonna do, check inside bags of the passengers at the grocery store. Quiz passengers on whether they have pork products in their bags. Tammy's SOmali Home
  11. Assalamu Alaikum my brothers and sisters, I am trying to figure out how to make muuffo that is cooked in the oven, any ideas?? muuffo
  12. Another neighbor showed me how to use tortilla wrappers as well. Very nice and easy.
  13. Masha'Allah thank you for the kind words. I am very enthusiastic the first week of Ramadan. I like making it special for my husband and the kids. But after a week, I use the store bought wraps.
  14. Masha'Allah thank you for the tips. I will try making them individually like you suggested. Do you pre cook them to dry them out?