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  1. How far back is the past? Last year? Last month? I believe in second chances but only after a sufficient time passes. Love trumps reason and caution.
  2. I wonder if the men reported the rape or not? How did the story break out?
  3. Fortunetly, my Somali failed me halway through this piece of trash. I only read "habeenka arooska" paragraph but seriously hala xishoodo.
  4. Waxaan ku dhihi rabay, what are you so afraid of?
  5. The Zack;751032 wrote: Loooooooool@I would fire you on the first day, Aggah! Just what I was thinking! Haweeney hakaa sareeyso dhibkeedey leedahay : D Seriously though, I have seen women reporting to women and the reportees were being bossed around for sure. Not sure why they do that. Adiga yes ma'am-ta ugu dadaal qoftan kaa sareeyso anigu my plan is to add lots of emoticons and smiley faces to the emails I send to my new "boss" . If I were you I would ease off the emoticons as that could potentially be construed as flirtatious which is a no-no when dealing women in the workplace. Mideeda kale, never mind. Good luck.
  6. Morning folks. It is nice and sunny in Minnesota! Perfect weather for walking, hiking, pickicking..... lol!
  7. Since it is getting cooler, I think it is about time we revived this thread. Whatever happen to our budding body builders? Since I got back from Africa, I have been sick and tired and lazy so I havent set foot into a gym. I go back today! So what have you been doing maryooley?
  8. LOL@" I am not sexist." Forget gender, just do your work. But I will give you one warning: you wont get to slack off! Most of my male bosses were lazy crowd pleasers who put off everything until the last minute then yelled at everyone on sight.sheeko iyo sports update ma soconayso when you start. So haye is ilaali.
  9. Morning folks! Turns out I have Maleria!! Bal maxaa loo cunaa, yacni natural remedy? My doctor has me on Malquinine. Symptoms of Maleria? Dizziness. Side effects of medication? Dizziness! Ughh...
  10. Somalia has to be on the list. Although, Somali men cruel as they might be aren't as worthless piece of[ inter your choice of words here] as Arabs and Hindus.
  11. If only you can delete people in real life.
  12. chubacka;749254 wrote: I used to love Anwar Al-Awlaki back in the day, Allah knows best what is true and what is false but we know this much, this man was knowlegable about the deen, he spread what knowledge he had far and wide and he had an obvious love for Allah and His religion. May Allah forgive him his sins and grant him a high place in jannah. I was shocked when I heard this on Friday. I feel the same way about him. This is the man who made me fall in love with siirada nabiyada; he was so eloquent, knowledgeable and full of passion. I haven't heard him preach any hate or terrorism so I can't judge him. Whatever he was he is now reaping what he sow: good or bad.
  13. The baby is cute. Who says the baby is white? I have seen Somali babies lighter than that baby, sheesh!