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    MAY 18th

    Oh can i? can i please i love it sooooo much. Sky why talk out so loud when no one hears you (from what i have read no one is reputing your arguemants) and for the first time in sols history i have laid my eyes on a female attacker, more like a hassler. Iam so sad i thought all of the brothers here had the least amount of respect no matter what the circumstance they do not enter a quarall with the ladies let alone make one between them as you like doing here. Sherezade can i take some of you burconess and indent it into my veins coz maybe that is like the only way you cannot take burco out of yourself right? For me Djibouti works fine and never leaves me.
  2. Ok i thought Underdog character here on sol was always a girl? confused really maybe i will offend you but really i was always thinking you were that strong, oppinionated chick from mel... Thing about women having some free space in women section will never be taken into consideration by the admin and moderators because i have complained already many a time and no cooperation iam recieving :mad: . It has become so bad that the proportion of male species of sol visiting women section than the females is literally beginning to unequalize. the brothers come to mostely brag and complain of some somali sisters becoming to westernized and feminocentric when really they are the ones who are too leniant and soft for the sisters so me thinking it is time the brothers discuss these matters elsewhere like probably the sports section coz nowadays it is becoming a gohst occupied thread. How about if my suggestion gets into the "things to improve list on sol" by the admins for once PLEASE.
  3. Nice poem but what are you trying to clarify? Ngonge if there was such a marriage in the somali community, there would be histeria. Either they love each other much or they are seperated, no in between at first. But down the trakc of 40 years of marriage you will see odaygii awooga aha oo qalanjo yaro 15 ah guursanaya and his valuable long time asset is gone decaying in price and interest and walaahi most of the time i blame the women!
  4. BOQORKA I agree, and don't you hate it when they say : "are you a somali girl? oh i didn't know sorry i just don't mix with somalis ..ah you know how they are they one minute smile at you and the next they are talking about you in a bad manner".(And me wonder why?) And the other thing is girls wearing meanies and tight jeans so tight you can see the lining bits :eek: not nice view from the rear you see i was just trying to hold my breath all the way to the chemistry blocks So really it is sad and i go to the point that i just hate some girls who would rather marry non somali uni this is becoming commmon and iam so upset. It is a by product of our mistakes comming into a NON MUSLIM western culture and you will notice it is ok to marry white men although they are non muslim. However what about the as true as some points you indicated might be, don't be biased in your thesis. Oh what a bad ending of a great us the bad satanic side of the mali men in the west. The other day i saw this couple of somali dudes at the city with blonde girls. One had a girl on his lap and when they saw me comming their way some diappeared and changed directions. I felt like Marcho man in one of those episodes Ya Rabi
  5. Lexuz I have been living in australiasia for some long time now...and i personally think that the youth in Melbourne are very wild and unstable in the mind. This of course is all on the parents for not taking them out of the Wild environment like your title suggests and helping them start a new health chapter in some state like beautiful PERTH or SYDNEY. The reason why the parents disagreed at the beginning was simply because they didn't wasnt to reuin the future of these little love dubs that thought marriage was all about love making. They say down here about Melbourne youth "there is a marriage between two every week and there is a divorce made every fortnight between a different two and when you see a new young couple marrying in somewhere like the HILTON HOTEL give em a few months coz its already been agreed upon that the marriage will last approximatley this long in duration." More like bold and beautiful to me don't you think? It is like signing your divorce contract at the same time as your marriage contract :eek:
  6. Pink What do you mean by the title Girls Gone Wild. Are you specifically blaming these on the girls huuno, when both sexes are equally guilty of the deed? I think you are being too influenced by the somali conjesture thinking always the girls the one who agreed to get pregnant.
  7. Saalixa

    MAY 18th

    although i won't make it......i hope the best for all my fellow LANDERS where ever you are. Lander and northerner thank you both for you relentless efforts to unite and gather the community for memorial celebrations like these. Iam having trouble getting the flag las time dusty helped me but to no avail she is not here nowadays...could u help me Lander coz i like your one the best very colourfull ilaahay ha garab galo dadka miskiinta ee somaliland, tacab kugo ilaahay ha tawafujuyo. AMEEN. Current Somaliland Flag from 1997 to present-day
  8. aslamu calykum Marka ugu horayss aad iyo aad baad uu mahadsantahay xilkan aad qaaday ood na yara bararujisay oonad wajibka Alaah iyo umada muslimeed nagu leedahay naa hasuusisay. Dadaka soo gala islamic section ayaba marka igu horeeysa aad uu yar marka la garab dhigo the other threads. Ma ogtahay maliin horee waxan waydiyay su'aal kuu sahabsanayd siiradi nabiga and no one answered me, waxan dareemay iin sida cajiinta la ii dhafay. Topicaygina waxa uu socda somewhere in the last threads in islamic section. Hansal la'igama qaadin. Ilaahay hana soo hanuuniyo amiin. Lakiin nuur waxan jeclaan laha hadii aad nosii kordhisid topigaan walaal ood waliiba dhinaca dumarka aad wax noga sheegtid waxa ay gabadha islaamika ahi oofin karto ay uu qaba karto communitigeeda islamka ah maxa yeelay waxaan samay nayay muxadiro yar malin horayto ku sahabsan xaaqa iyo wajiibka dumarka islamku ay leeyihin. Waxa ii cajabisay waxyaabaha badan ay faleen dumarka sida Asma bint Abubakr (rc). Actually I will, marka iska dhaaf walaal ani baa topiga aad uu jecel Salam and ilaahay hakuu naxariisto, dambii kuu dhaafo jana fardowsana kugu hambalyeeyo. Amen
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    chat room

    when i go on it iam like the only person there...weird i thought sol was a full house all time any time
  10. i right now just want to fire my MEdical Laboratory tutor @ uni (yeah right like i can do that),,,he just keeps giving me marks i do not deserve and when i ask my mistakes reasons are so lame like you were supposed to use red there instead of blue highlight. it is like that was not worth 2 mark down MR!!!It really makes UNI a hell when tutors just slash you down somaajeesta waa runta Meeshan dad badan baa Quraan saar u baahan walle! laakin waligaa may kugu dhacday iin maclinkaga uu ogaan hoos uu kuu rido casharadada and u really feel angry at him but you are helpless because you have little power and waxaad samynkarataa waxaa weyaan ooyin uun :mad: :mad:
  11. A woman is a vehicle by nature. She is waiting for a man's call. She wants to be used by the man she loves for a higher purpose. One such purpose is to create a healthy happy family. I found that to be deeeeeeply OFFENSIVE I think if that was the case in the ISlamic society no one women would get married. Man wants power. Women want love (not power.) They ARE different. since when??? your living in the dark ages i guess Please don't stir much more controversy than there really is and we are getting in trouble with the west with sending these fabricated facts that are purely culterized than islamically based. Tell me where in the quraan it says this ahh i fell angry. some men i guess are ill minded by nature. you think you are honoring the sisters but you are deteriorating thier value and respect they own in Islam buy classifying them as objects than human of intrinsic worth.
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    XU sis don't worry i think it is a bit too computerized and superficial me self. here are me results me think "IAM NOT A FLIRT"! Men See You As Understated You are an intreguing mix of girl and woman. You're feminine, quiet, and a total mystery to most men. Yet they often feel the urge to protect you, even if they don't know you. You *are* a flirt, but you usually only flirt with those you know well How Do Men See You? Take This Quiz Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.
  13. ASALMU AlAIKUM This topic is aimed at , for , needed to be replyed from all students teachers of islamic knowledge. WALAYAAL please don't do the 'oh no this is not expected from me to answer' consolation. This site is for nomads by nomads so really as long as you are a sol member(a smart one) you are the target audience madams-moosyee. First walaal i attend arabic school on saturday mornings then straight after that i go to quraan lessons. OK don't think this is just like any other quraan madrasaa. The macalin may ALLAH reward him has been keeping us constantly on the move on researching topics concerning hadiths of our blessed prophet MUHAMMED, siraadisi iyo dawa. NOW this is my recent assignment that i was given and it is not so tough as my last but the problem is the sources which iam getting my search are all giving me ranges of different facts. The topic Qs: Who were the people called ANSAR (helpers) and what were the two major clans called. How many agreements did the prophet make with them and what were they. Furthermore what were the sayings concerning the made by the Prophet(saw). The first part is ok and i have the answer, but the last two are a bit subtle in the sense that iam not getting complimentary answers. THey deviate in facts eg In the first Aqabah pledge there were 12 ppl of ansar 2 being women and rest being men. in the second aqabh pledge occuring following year there were 70 of whom2 were women. Now not all sources agree on this some say more and iam rather mystified. Ok this might be more like CHEATING but really i am allowed to ask teachers students of knowledge and my assingment is due well aah..tomorrow. so fadlan help brothers and sisters in Islam.
  14. salam all IT has been nearly 3 months since i came here and it is like ohhh too many topics to catch up with. THe story is not convincing...there are too many holes in this story and that is why i haven't believed the events to have occured. First no detectives or FBI insugence are just going to knock knock and inspect your home without proof...even though they might want to do so. Second the mother just complied easily tall this time without further search of what these groups were and their aim. She too does not really mind her 16 old daughter is taken to a detetion centre and rather worries for her (mothers) safety at home?? There is a chapter in this story that is not being revealed to us somehow and there is some other reason for the raid of this muslim family's home. Maybe a history or connection with some islamic religious groups (that i don't call fundamentalists or all those dispiciple names the coalition gives). But may Allah make it easy for them either way.
  15. HOMOPHOBIA IS SOO GAY !!! This is what i have been taught in scooli. r'v if she is a nice friend and caring mate i think you shouldn't just cut her off especially if you guys have been friends for a long time. Sometimes cultural differences and that includes sexuality can be balanced off when you there is love and sisterhood or friendship between you both. In my high school i habd a girlfriend who was a lesbian. She was a muslim and a nice friend. She liked this other friend of mine who was also a nice girl. After good talk between ourselves she conformed to the idea that it was wrong but she couldn't control her desires, and that sort of heart my feelings for her because she was personally nice, forgiving and caring. She already had mental problems dealing with her socail differences and trying her best to control and hide them. Now she recently attended Hajj and is a hajii. She listens to the quraan and i think is faithfully committed. So give your friend some time and care. She might be herself at distress and at some moments alienated.
  16. i scored 54% at first and gave it a voting of 4 stars then ended up with 52% i don't quite understand that :confused:
  17. i saw the dogs because they were the most conspicuous- attrative on site ... Femme what are you doing showing this kind of test...your contradicting your own thesis. This is no intelligence or gender test to use on highly respected and intellectual sistors of sol. correct me if iam wrong but i found the standard of the test a bit ...low. Now give us some real soaring test to test our femininity.
  18. iam soo emabarassed to share with u guys where i have been to because i will look like an arabian housewife who has did little to step outside her liitle cottage to discover the world
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    walaalo happy birhtday i don't have much fancy headings to emphasise this but i will send it from the heart plain simple. sorry i don't know how to use me pc that well
  20. sister i heard this before that a man who is a virgin is a bit gay and the man who sleeps around is strong and masculine. it famishes their masculinity. but lets us pray we don't end up with ppl as such. just make sure you marry a good muslim. And the guys on somali chatrooms of cousre would think like that what were you expecting sister you were in the wrong environment in the fisrt place. They are not the mediums through which you find a good practising muslim next time try the masjid
  21. the professor said in the masjid mana jirto cid ka soo warantay oo aakhiro ka timid oo war ka keentay , marka meel aan war laga heyn ha isku wareerinina, which puzzled me because our blessed holy prophet AS was sent on sirat-ul-miraj with the angels which he sought the heaven and hel and even cadaabta qabriga the punishments of the grave. So one comes to percieve the professor is lacking some fundamental facts of our religion??how can you argue these propositions when you are yourself ignorant of them??? :confused: and how where the million publications of dar-ul-akhira made without the knowledge and revealation made through the prophet(the quraan). how did we have all these info of the hereafter?
  22. Sister HOBK im welcoming you with open arms and happy glowing heart sis welcome to the nomads corner. I see you have a little problem sis if i would annoy you a little if you don't mind i agree with what hadaad said. Baisically if you put yourself in Allahs trust and heart he will put you in his heart so don't worry of finding the right man to marry it always iz that if you follow the pure islam and avoid relations outside marriage even if your intentions are pure you still are doing the acts of shaitan and are being encouraged by him, and i percive you know being a grown girl what actions of shaitan leads to??? sister stay safe from these guys because as i read the guy on the internet is very not safe, the second lies too much, one has herat for another and one your heart is not content with so result is Zero be patient, Mr right will come isnha alaah,,the man of your dreams is here
  23. Haniif sister or brother (i can't decide it's hard) that was very nice diary by miss mysterious in iraaq,,,,,i must say mansha alaah she is gutsy i wouldn't do that if i was her and she is still optimmistic and intelligent enough to share her experiences of what the west never her and what we are forced to her and acknowledge. Although i havent finished i will do more and come back i too can't believe she is writing from Baghdad it is amazing huh? but how did you like the finger from bush in the link she gave @ he is a bloody mog%$# yes??and he still gives a laugh yaa raab
  24. haa miyaa waraada ayaa kaa qayla badan tigriidaa?? i had a tigri friend and they talked habashi loud...and you all should not generalize. somalis from the north a little louder than the southerners no discrimination haa meslef iam a northerner but cannot help the loud screams and conversations in cafetertias of hargiesa. you live their few months and you get used to it.They remind me of Cairo busy loud suuq