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  1. WOw interesting topic, i actually do not know why will they call hero a guy who is sleeping around, and this is some thing that is commen for somali guys. Sorry guys who are on Sol. Any how we need to be very strong when it cames to dating these Somali guys because they take every thing for granted, and they also try to take advantage of being nice to them. Sisters all i can say is we need to be very strong and not sleeping with them.
  2. Bisharo you are so funny, there is nothing wrong sharing what we se, so take it easy.
  3. umayma

    chat room

    Hi every one Who ever did the chat room can we make it biger then it is now because i can not log in tonigh.
  4. umayma

    New member

    Hi waryaa It is very interesting quote. That is so right, and that is what i alway exprience. Thanks for the quote.
  5. Hi Nuuh Wow all your happenes dependes on women, oh bro you need help.
  6. umayma

    Hello everyone!

    Hi Lindia Well come, I am also new to the side and i hope that you will enjoy.
  7. umayma


    Hi It is ok to be warllord but there is place that really needs that which is Somalia, so i will sugest that you should go there. We need here open minded people who can discuss issues like this.
  8. Hi every one, I am also new to the side so i need your well come with halwo and buskut. Any how we all know how relationship effects our life whether it is bad or good, and we do not usually talk about. We always tend to forget important things in our life, as i see we mostly focus on politics and things that are not that important. Therefore, as we all know have dysfuctional relationship where guys and girsl do understant each other and not only that they do not understant each other there is not feeling and respect. Brothers and sisters we need to talk about that issue. Thanks every one.