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  1. Rendezous you disgust me leave ma topic alone.It's ma question like it or dont like it Rendezous bax!!! It's just a question dont take it personally aight!!!
  2. Did you ever sneak out of da house?????.. and if dats a Yes How? Why? and did u ever get busted?? lol
  3. How Somalian Are You Take Dis Quiz Quiz i got a 62% :rolleyes:
  4. he's better then all those wannabe rappers I have heard of
  5. ok u noe wat just forget it!!!i cant even post dere name dats some bs!!!
  6. arghhhh it doesnt work u guyz have heard on ************ right....go on der and you' ll see what i'm talking about
  7. aight go on Kilo Tonne if dat doesnt work type www.************.com , Scroll down you will see a somalian guy and click where it says click here check out his freestyles and pic
  8. Click on artist you'll see a somalian guy dats Kil tonne and listen to his freestyle Kilo Tonne
  9. He's got true talent y'all might wanna check dis out Kilo Tonne Tell me what u think....HOLLA!!