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  1. after all said and done i have to go to my prayer and pray that Allah will save and help my muslim iraqi brothers tortured in Jail for no reason and punish those savage soldiers for Allah knows all things and is all wise. What a bind we are in, when would the so called muslim leaders.....
  2. coz if he leaves her for'd always wonder if he would leave you for another that is exactely what i was about to say, wow i have some ppl that think exactely like me. sis imagine that was your husband, how would you feel he remarried or left you for a younger hotty chick new to the neighbourhood? Imagine how his wife would feel, try to put yourself in her position. salam
  3. Darman, where and i say where on earth does your sister live??? having not seen a somali person for 8 months- Acudkee taas ilaahay nama badan. Sydney is a populated and dense city, somalis live mostely in metropolitan areas where the muslim community is the most like Bankstown Auburn and Lakemba(me hometown) which you won't for a second think you are in a western country.Melbourne is also packed and more packed 10 times as in sydney with somali it;s just that its becoming dangerous and many gangs are statring to become popular. As my sister urban nomad already mentioned with the youths in Scools and unis all is well and lots of youngsters are getting involved in law/political areas. the unemploymwent level is currently at 5.6% and that is not high if you'll compare it to other OECD countries.and most somalis any way get the doll, while they study and raise kids. What a relaxing flexible life huh? thats why we look twice as healthy and beautiful compared to other somalis in the US AND UK, now all you gotta worry about is paying your Duels -bills on time . But the standarad of living is high and things are hell expensive. well thats my Australia or version of Australia. Take care mate.
  4. Mob Deep i thought that it was already declaring independence.Are they confused themselfs now?Somalis are so quickwitted and plan so much but don't do any action.and so they never make the right decisons just like the peace conference thats been a failure.Things were decided too fast and now they face issues.
  5. AS i always said , arranged marriages are more lasting and yes our fathers and mothers do us well.Because look you all heartbroken-lol tissuega baan jeclaan laha inaan idin gaarsiyo but this screen is blocking me. btw MO what happened to ur story???
  6. sis your name says it all, gives you the answer, you are a queen and a queen does not do her duties, ppl do it for her therefore you should remain silent and let him do the talk.because if he realy likes you then he will do it, but if does not, then either way he will reject u. By the way is this fellow new to de scool you are in? because this always happens with new goodlooking faces, ppl just start running after them but takes them a year or two to see how pathetic and ****** their feelings were because they see the real person and not the rumours said about them in scool.
  7. rayaana orod meel kale ka qaraabo, inta boos ma kaaga banaano! lol you're a laugh, why don't you make your own website then tell me where to go? but for the time being, just keep track with yourself and your folly but funny atittude.Pity Just an advise: sugar ATTRACT MORE FLIES THAN VINEGAR sho them off yaself. So don't order me .
  8. Why don't we first get whole new leadres-some other people should be given a fair go who of-course have never been in the politics field and second ambolish the goody qabiil system,9i know mission impossible) MOTI summeduppretty much everything-and the t-shirt mijig is great
  9. ck -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rayaana this is not my post Ok, u should re-check the owner al'right. I did not say u guys are not allowed welcome here....only 4 ppl are left in this post, thats me, QQ, Tuujiye n Nuune and yes we do NOT want any intruders thank you very much!! i'll re-phrase that bit for ya: YOU ONLY DONT WANT INTRUDERS, i didn't see any of the other nomads feel the same way. SPEAK FOR YOURSLF AND ARROGANCY.
  10. I knew it was coming it's here Iam back after not visiting this place for a while and the first place i used to rush to was my place---The TEENS thread,,,but to my unpleasant surprise it was not there.This is discrimmination!Ain't no youngsters here thats why it was dead the past year or so,and admins got rid of it. It was just worth not going. Anyhoo, thats some sad news- guys iam i the only one affected, misee there are some ppl ilaa dareemay arintan?
  11. So when is this writer coming to downunder? i hve never heard of him before and iam surprised. I hear of every new talent in our diaspora somali community, nut yet he has been around for yonks! :confused:
  12. CK sis if you don't want us to share our views on your post you should have mentioned that at the beginning,,, anyhoo i should have known but i can't read minds-i aint psychic na'mean. tujiyee abowahiis i can't say any introduction of myself,as you asked. it will be disrespectful to the poster if i do,,,,,,so maybe in some otha post. take care all.
  13. Aboowahiis i meant English, thankx for correcting me, midakale murtidayda marka aad dhuuqdo waxa aan ka baqanaya inn psychiatrista horee lagugu turo, kadibna ambilancka. Markaas i don't want to mentally affect you in any sort of way waayo gabadha woorigeeda lama fahmi kore iskabadhaf dhuqis aad igu caawisid qa qac aff jini ilaahay nama siinin walgeena kuu hadlimayno ACUUDKE. Tujiyee as you know he collects pickup lines from ruwayadaha-- markaas taas aa ugu roon luqada saxiixka ah--and all those maah maahyo garan maayo siduu uu xafido
  14. dhalasho wanagsan sister,,,,enjoyed reading your profitable topics on Islam BTW where do you live??? I would have attended to give you a warm hug take care sis.
  15. mansha allah everyone's getting married truely this place is blessed MUBRUUUK, may bliss and long life hapiness wait at your door and anotha one to rudy.
  16. salam Rudy i cannot belive you re married, wara sidaas baad uu amustay miyaa misee you are playin us? why didn't u tell us long before and the planning-u didn't even invite us well congradulations, mabrukk and HIBBO IYO DUCABA NAGGA HOOYA EE ps Don't forget to take out the rubbish next time lol
  17. guys iam on and no one is there fine then ya'll hate me huh? iam gonaa cry
  18. nuune gt qaqac and sis ck sorry for intruding your beautiful dialogue but i was wondering if one of you could teach me that fluent dialect- the somali language. And keep talking in somali, waa in laga garta meeshan in ay tahay website somaali ah. I was outraged markii aan arkay some votes ay bixiyeen in general section which showed about 80% of sol nomads prefered to speak somali. Hada waxas folxumo ma aho?maxa nacsiyey dadka dhaqankooda?
  19. They asked, ‘Why is that, O Messenger of Allaah?’ He replied, ‘You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religious commitment than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women asked, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, what is deficient in our intelligence and religious commitment?’ He said, i don't know if iam committing a terrible sin but i kind of get upset and frustrated when i read that line-it's as if our hard work and effort to rise the flag of islam is been ignored-why is it that we are blamed for mans wrong doings- a sensible man could be led astray by some of you - i get hurt reading that line it's confusing me and i thought the we were the goodly trees that bear the goodly fruit in islam, i can understand some wommen being bad but all to be blamed is a bit cruel don't u think? or iam i disillusioned and speaking for the devil. Correct me if iam wrong but i was terribly upset when i read those few lines.
  20. Gosh, why can't some men just stop the whining and figure out its not the damn WESTERN at fault for everything wrong in this world. Western and muslim men have the exact same mentality! and women are not having it. I say..just GET OVER IT.. ouch sis hold your horses, thats not the way to thank our beloved brother who kindly posted this topic with good intentions and motives, trying to protect us from sins, squarell and all those horrors of the western world whose actions are against the teachings of islam and exploit women deteriorating their modesty, dignity and self respect. And read the last line he wrote Always remember behind A successful Somali Man, there is YOU, my dear sister so don't get agitated qiuckly by someone who cares. N-sister you are crazy but cheeky- "adjsuts her pink jibaab" kulaaha then gets on her pink parachute lol i hope she won't get fitnah with that lol so incredubally pious :rolleyes: :cool: :rolleyes:
  21. lool mop deep what you do? edit and delete it before i got to see how bad you are? fine then i won't see
  22. nice but i see no camels-place without camels ain't somalia, aadhi iyo geelu is our thang.
  23. Hot Chocalate hold your horses dont turn away faces from us here in aus ok we need more somalis. And speak for yourself its soooo cool in Sydney, there is a significant amount of muslims here- so many arabs but if you looking for a somali town you better head to -melbourne. But come to Sydney OG sis and i will welcome ya with open arms Hot Chocolate sis i have been here in aus for quiet some time (so long) that i forgot to count. Maybe it's time for me to try the rest of europe-and iam soon heading to somalia. But why do you want to see Japan? Odd walaahi
  24. Hot Chocalate hold your horses dont turn away faces from us here in aus ok we need more somalis. And speak for yourself its soooo cool in Sydney, there is a significant amount of muslims here- so many arabs but if you looking for a somali town you better head to -melbourne. But come to Sydney OG sis and i will welcome ya with open arms Hot Chocolate sis i have been here in aus for quiet some time (so long) that i forgot to count. Maybe it's time for me to try the rest of europe-and iam soon heading to somalia. But why do you want to see Japan? Odd walaahi
  25. salam all this is crazy guyz i don't get it all, why the hell did farah divorce his wife and why did the father feel pity for him and wed him to his own daughters? The father asked Abdi to invite Farah for lunch, Farah came and after lunch the father kissed his head and said “ I know what my filthy son has done to you, and I am really sorry, I have invited you today to wed you to one of my 3 daughters because I firmly believe I wont find a better man for my daughter., I don’t want no “Meher” from you nor any of my daughters want a wedding reception. I will wed you to the one you choose right here and right now.. The three daughters walk in, Farah chose one of girls, the Nikaax was read up on them and he walked out with his new wife!!!! i don't quiet get that part could you DARMAN retell it a bit better, more prcise plz, it's sounds interesting