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    ياالله ما أحلي هذه الكلمات. اللهم صلى على سيدنا محمد وعلي آل محمد. جزاك الله خيرا يا معطى سلالالالالام
  2. Originally posted by Fidel: Are you spreading rumors here P? That's serious business dude and the mods won't allow it. Originally posted by P_508: For Fidel are you threatning me with mods... are u saying you are well connected? are you being so ignorant to involve mods in here? be careful what you say.. and let me help the people, help or let others help.. Salam
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    Bad Habits

    Brother, before you lengthen your beard, shorten your trousers and fill the air with the praise of the almighty, you need to work on your manners. @NGONGE. Believe me when I see likes of Khayr is when I almost decide to throw all my religion books.What is the use to go Schools, Universities. Do degrees after degrees when anyone who goes to the Masjid few times, wore short khamees, grew some beard become al-mufti? We need marje3eyah wa ela ro7na fehaa. Kol youm ya6la3lana 3alaim zamaneh.!! Ya Allah!! Salam
  4. Nice reading. Thank you sister Nafisa for sharing. Salam
  5. My Q is how would you feel if your younger sis is ready to get married, and finds her soul mate? Would your family accept it? Or, it would be like the above situation. And if you’re the younger sis, what would you do? I never knew people would care this littlethings!!. We learn new things everyday. what about if the elder sister doesn't want to marry for some reason? Salam
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    I got beef

    Originally posted by Tuujiyee: OG-Girl "The arab bajaq of the year" I love you too tuujiye. Salam
  7. يا أمة ضحكت من جهلها الأمم سلام
  8. I’m sorry but when I was reading your post I thought you would ask for help to find your family, such a father, grandparents, uncles, cousins if they exist! Never thought some one who does not know his immediate relative would ask for general history about Somalia and Somalis. I would advice you first to look your family if they exist. Salam
  9. Allah yarhamah Try to make contact with his family and give an appology and 'diya' they may forgive you.Ask Allah for forgiveness Salam
  10. Allah, this girl just likes to embarrass the people. Some of them are married ,got kids.Some are in relationship with some girls around here . Don't look at me , I am not one of them But nice topic. I'm wondering if shaqsii still avaliable or not..*ehem ehem * Salam
  11. I mean you have free will to go and kill your self!!like suicide. Or your drive like 300km/h... Is that Allah's fault or your chose to drive crazy!! Your statement could only be valid in very limited circumstances. For example? Edit: It's almost 4:00 AM here. Anything I say could be wrong Salam
  12. Since we are just exchanging opinions. I believe people do not have choice in two situations other than that is your free choice. 1) When you come to this word. 2) When you leave. Anything in between them is your choice including how you die. You can decide to suicide, use over dose drugs, drink and drive and kill your self and others...etc. Is your choice to choose how to die but the time is written. When Allah created the world, he created all things good. He created people, however, with the freedom to choose. This includes the freedom to make right and wrong choices.Those wrong choices bring about consequences that end up hurting ourselves or other people, sometimes-innocent victims who did not deserve it...that is our fault. Otherwise would not be just and you know Allah is most just! Salam