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  1. Mansha Allah It sounds like you all havn't much chinese/indonesain muslims in your area. Where i live they are everywhere and such good hearted ppl somtimes you wish you could exchange them for some somali ppl in ou communtiy who have no respect for islamic ideals.
  2. Booramaawis, Hargeysaawis are with you in the fight for Somali unity. lol speak for yourself brother. XOOGASADE how can you come to such conclusion??? Framing ppl as you mentioned,,,
  3. Rahima, The FEES FEES and again THE FEES are so high in islamic scoohls. I hated primary and when i say that my friends laugh at me and say how could you say that? they were the best years. The reason was all those said in the article,,,the friday scool disco, the fright of wearing the hijaab, gaang fights(yes in primary) because you looked different and ugly with long shirts and skirts...It was horrible and damn boring. They would tell you at year 6 prom to get a boyfriend to act as your partner at the ball for the night. it was so funny you would see these kids holding hands and kissing and the teachers would look on as if it was surprised me ****** . I was soooo happy when i went to an islamic scool in high scool in Sydney. and whenver i go outside the scool walking pass a public college i get that horrific smell, silence and disgust in my inner gut i want to vomit...i pray to Allah i was saved and didn't end my tertiary schooling in a dump hole. in high school i didn't have to answer WHY DON"T YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? IS IT COZ YOU"RE UGLY UNDER THAT TABLECLOTH? I fear more for my brothers and sisters in Melbourne. The reason why the somali youth there are out of control lies in thier broken and alienated years of teen. They need more islamic schools with small amount of fees i guess because for the somali parents, the immensly high level of fees is the main problem. But i have to say the somalis in downunder are much better than those in other diaspora regions of Europe and America. Readin Sister Raxmah post iam gratefull iam in downunder
  4. Golden Before you wear the hijaab you need to know the meaning and purpose of wearing it. There is no point in wearing a khimar with tight skirts (flairs jeans skirts somali girls love typical that show the shape of your wulaaa) and hibsters . And surely there is no point in wearing the jilbaab when you backbite 24 seven and take a break at the next aroos by revealing all the hair (but i was behind the camera they say ). The hijaab should be your adaab, your clothes and not just the bit that covers the hair but the whole bodyyy. So if you would perfer the scarf, then you must make sure you wear loose shirts and skirts and pants are out of the no dont give me that sigh like it's the end of the world because it ain't. Some girls are soo glued to these days i dunno. so sister there is me thoughts,,,as dry and sull as some may reckon i take the example of Aisha (rda) and remember in the hot climate of medina they wore thick jilbaabs that you wouldn't tell the shape of thier nor who it was,,if it were a man or a women. The longer the hijaab, the bigger the reward
  5. Nur may Allah grant you wisdom , more than you conceal already and janaah,,i really mean it because that was beautiful. And pray that we become like you,,,you're love for allah and the prophet is compellingly real the first i have ever seen. Please pray that we the other sol users become like you and the prophet because you are more pure hearted and your prayers will be accepted more than ours do with our too many faults.Insha Allah i hope you will not die soon the youth needs ppl like you--pray that we have ppl like that who do tiresome inquisition just to stay close to the prophet and spread dawah. Ilaahay diinta uma qurxiyo adoonkisa kaa uu jecelyahay mooyee so you are one of the loved ones how does that make you feel?
  6. Qacbaro what happened to Qac Qac? everybody is changing thier names these days, anyhoo yakhi adi ismaad badalin, isna badali doontid. Toocsashadii walii ma wadaa? imikana rayaana baad tiri Jabooti wanabe? alaah hadaanan isuug waan kaa so jaran somehow. Oo mxaad uu naceebtahay jabooti waryaa, i bet you have been there, walk on its streets ate at its restraunts and chit chatted with thier girls don't deny it...if you haven't then i feel sorry.
  7. Rahima, if only everyone thought like you the world would be a better place
  8. OG i dispise you,,,you're going to beuatiful hargiasa:( and iam still sittin here same n all NOT FAIR :mad:
  9. Welcome to the world of the unnatural, unprovocatives nomads here are friendlyyy the way nice to see you are from downunder
  10. Assala Mualaikum Sheikh NUR you forgot somethin,,, the mosques and mullahs in Hargiesa lol Anyhoo nice to see you are advertising my town,,,but its for mee mee only. Hargiesa has a nice climate like you sadi and all the other things but the government underpays its workers a great deal. That is why all the ppl there are doing private businesses because the public sector cannot meet their needs and efforts. I would like you to only acknowledge the ppl of sland only because they brought the country in the glimpse and hope of posperity it now has. You would find it no other country such hard working ppl who recognise their identity and efforts and who love their home so much regardless of the govvernments rewards or acknowledgements. i know this is going off track the topic but it's an issue that needs to be raised.
  11. salam i can't beleive this psot has been opened for soley jabootees and there isn't one who showed up yet WELL HERE IS ONE AT LAST ok now iam vulnerable to discrimmination i guess. But my ancestors are somali,,,so what does that make me???
  12. salam what's happenin? why r ppl leavin nowadys sooooooo much? could someone pleez fill me in? I see so many ppl posting thingz and i don't know them,,,coz all the ppl i did are leavinnn darman gave this forum light,,,and he left some too but only a glimpse.what sad news
  13. did you notice it now? it got distroyed years back,,,lol i mean months back because nobody participated, everyone felt too embarrassed to be seen in the TEEN SECTION,that pised me uff walaahi. But anyways atleast we still have islamic section.
  14. tis not right,,, what about those poor people far in aus,,,,i have to wait all the way in june. tis not fair walaahi i envy all of you
  15. seattle, if everything any individual wrote was easily believed from their ignorant perspectives then people with the ZERO intelligence would occupy this world. And again if you are jealous of other individuals hard work and developments than you are in a sad situation. where is this genocide????acuudkee how can someone lie that badly,,,and what is said barres regime doing in sland?when he was exterminating them? This news editor should atleast sound convincing with this disillusioned fictional story of his. ic alot of bad words. but iam not a somalilander i guess i dont have any voice on these. so if i told you there is a lion behind watching you, you will believe me Mombasa??? Runn he's really there.
  16. Saalixa

    Love ( Jaceyl)

    assalamu alaikum shiekh Nur where have you been ya sheikh? i thought you left us here,,,i thought you were sick of preaching us and no good comes out lol jazka allah, mansha alaah this is the one i want Kan ugu muhimsan jeceyllada oo dhan wa Jeceylka Allah! thats the love i dream to achieve, then the rest insaha allah comes afterwards.Hrad to gain but easy to loose. May Allah love me and forgive me. And the love for sis intuition i hope you recieved my pm
  17. I agree Rayaana, but I think the producer had his own reasons for doing to. I think it was to really wake us up from the usual position as the third person seeing the situation from afar, and brings us headlong into the probelm itself. I think he ment us to take the intiative, by amking us already involved (inwhich we already are). iam already in it? pleese i dont and never supported division and hate till today,,,aboowahiis don't target me, lol i want a peaceful somalia and pray for one everyday,,,but it seems impossible coz the leaders now have no different agendas or jurisdiction in which fair ,non tribalistic systems regulate. So actually iam a victim and a product rather if it sounfds better of this cultural hate.
  18. SPADEZ this place day by day is becoming like SOMALI NET, ppl passing through has only been a member for less than a week and already you are picking on her. Is it because she is new and has no friends yet?? is it because she is from somali net? Is it coz she is innocent and absent minded? and what i see and iam ashamed of is the so called MEN, giving such comments to a young girl. GET off her back boys and pick up on someone ya own size, geezuz!!! moti the nomads are not doing there jobs properly as you planned so as a poster i will leave it on you to do it right.
  19. that was fun, i actuaaly noticed that back in year 7 but you reminded me. Well nice research, what mmind humans have huh? oen mroe thgni, waht saw hta seocnd wrdo? i dndt teg tath eno. i am trying me own, looks like someone is having bit of nuf.
  20. firstly as far as iam concerened there is nothing called FREE TRADE. The rulers use such terms to represesnt fake deals within themselves blindidng the public while non of them are ready to ambolish all forms of protection. They are not going to transform their economies into a more liberal and open markets and never benefit from any capital gain. So i say whats the point?
  21. sad very sad, but why is the producer incorprating more division? by sayin the enemy is your brother or father? i don't think thats the right approach, enemy is an enemy and is imperial without being named and is known to everyone like all the tribal warlords are holding a damned public figure and history. He should leave it to that.
  22. lol at qudhac, i suppose we weren't meant to see that bit down at the bottom huh? Typical though.
  23. Darman where are your references? how do we now that source is authentic and hasn't been lubericated?
  24. sis is that why u have been outa sight here these days?Pretty preety you're too good to be crying over him, and too sweet too. Haven't you heard of the saying:"Boys and peeps come and go, if you see them next to Valerie, just blow them with the flow"? sis you'll meet new ones i bet you will, change em like youre glove when it becomes old fashioned this will be a good example, next time you wont be too detached to somali men, very common they always do that, so you have nothing to worry of, well let me remind you of your qualities: you're single and sexy yoi beautiful, turnin heads every now and then you're a carer a good listner and the list is endless, so why you complainin girlfriend?
  25. What can i say? the object poisons sight. The old american way of bringing peace? did it Vietnam-cuba somalia(roasting a litle boy like a chicken turkey what of course wasn't depicted in black hawk down :mad: ) iraaq etc the list goes on. But theres is a punisher out there, they might get away in this world but the savage fools will face endless severe hell , i and i pray they get the worst right at the lowest, of the hottest of hellfires. Ameen ya Allah