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  1. If I must settle, why settle for less? If I don't want someone I would have to run after to lift up his jeans, or someone who needs to explain why is he carrying a towel on his shoulder, or better yet somene who calls me B**** because he doesn't know better........Then to hell with it. SINGLE-ITIS is not a disease. Calaf wuu iska imaan si kastaba...intaas ka horna madax xanuun qofkii isu keena, isaga ley jirtaa
  2. A good friend of mine goes to GW and I know couple family friends from Georgetown...There aren't many but they do exist:)
  3. Indeed, Some order is better than no order at all. Check---> Somalia....No matter how long I was away from Somalia, it still hurts to see such articles. I want my children to be proud of their origin, to be able to invest my money and mind in my country, to feel comfortable talking about my country without getting suspicious looks from people I considered "friends".
  4. I met him personally and I thought he was a great man!! I just said last night that there was no HOPE for Michael Jackson now that Cochran had passed away.
  5. Allah yerxamnaa Jameecan.... I know he wasn't nubian but Nubians loved him because whether you noticed or not there were not too many dark skin Egyptians that became as famous as he was. Also, I was not being Negative, I stated a mere fact. The girl assisted him for the whole duration of the making and told us about it. So, it wasn't something I read from People's Magazine.
  6. I actually have one of the Kitaab in Arabic and Somali. My mom had two and she gave me one. Some strong Somali words!
  7. I just came upon this website and I wanted to share with my brothers and sisters:) Enjoy! Quran
  8. Hayam Girl we are going to be neighbors and cusbada iyo sokorta baan iska doonaneynaa Being raised in Egypt...I would like my children to experience the simple life! with no stress whatsoever:) But I would want them to visit Somalia as much as they can.
  9. Welcome walalo: and the saying in SOL is "Once you go Somaliaonline You never go back" My one reason of always comming back to this place is the sense of community in it.
  10. Cool topic!!! I woke up so early (6:30AM)Sunday morning, so I can have breakfast with my friends before I head to the airport and kiss my spring break goodbye!!! It's 1:09 AM Monday, still awake can't sleep, can't focus, and Im not even sleepy!! Whatever happened to good old days with 14 hours of sleep!! I should've believed my uncle when he said, "The older you get, the less time you sleep."
  11. As Conspiracy pointed out I was very disappointed to know the pride of Nubian people didn't really care for them! My best friend who was Nubian(dark skin Egyptians) worked with him on the set of Ardh Elkhowfand told us about his obsession with lighter skin people and the degree of self-hatred! He was a really good actor, but yaa khasaara!
  12. AK: I Believe that he's from the Coalition of Farax Stalking Services! So watch out.. He's not alone! Try to reason with him first. Don't tell him you're not interested in him because he would like you more, but tell him that you're not interested in having or being in a relationship with anyone! find excuses such as work, school, or family and if he's a bit sane he'll get it! Also, if you call your cellphone provider you can actually request to Block someone's line from calling you. If nothing works, Give me a call and I'll make sure he fears for his life!!
  13. deep....Ileen wax baa kugu duugna:P
  14. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm lying!! Again, I have to tell you what's my motto : Never admit anything