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  1. Marka aanu dhaliilayno madaxweynaha, ama aanu maalka ummada yaan la xadin leenahay macnaheedu ma aha in waxan la dhoodhoobayo in ay baa ba'aan ma rabno. Hadii uu Culusow qaranka soo celiyo libinta in uu qaato uma diidayno. Bal ka waran kuwa diidan in cuna qabataynta hubka laga qaado Soomaalia si ay iyadu isu difaacdo. waxaan u dhaliilayno waa farasku ha dheereeyo.
  2. Xaaji, inaar is diyaari waanu ku taageeri. kuwan Soomaaliyeey toosta qaadda ee hadana Nairobi ka laba noqonaya boqol jeer baad ka fiican tahay. Waadigaa arkaya mooge iyo kooxdiisu bahashu in ay fashilanto oo Zero laga soo bilaabo ayey rabaan. Xaaji put your in 2016 we will suppory you Walaahi.
  3. Xaajigu deep down he cares about Somalis. It is a realistic prediction. 1- President hassan is already looking for his third Prime minister.
  4. Remember in this kind of conflicts local people will always prevail. Why Madoobe was not ruling Jubba for the last twenty years when Somalia are left among themselves? because The Kikuya put him there. Loo,k, the so called ministers he appointed none is from the water boys or the *** community who are the indigenous people of the land. I have to raise this issue because the D block and Hag really fear the rise of the real southern people whose voices are not heard.
  5. Qof muwaadin ah dalka meeshuu rabuu ka degayaa, loomana diidi karo, beerana wuu ku yeelan karaa. Waxa la diidayo waa maleeshiyo hubaysan oo dadka qasab ku xukumaysa, dhabarkana ku haysa awood kale. just like Madoobe boys in jubba and General Indhacade in shabeelaha hoose.
  6. At first, A/weli Gaas seemed formidable and well qualified, then he opened his mouth and lol and be hold " waxa la yidhi waar yaa naga aamusiiya" he even boasted that he works only for four hours, twice a week and gets paid hundreds of thousand.He claimed that his kids got a tuition money worth up to sixty thousand dollars. He is not even full time but an associate professor, who is he kidding. Everybody thought he will be the champ who will unseat Faroole.
  7. They are all junior players compared to Rugcadaa Faroole. I think he is going to win unless they get smart and gang up against him. Remember how Sheekh Shariif was defeated in 2012.
  8. Xaaji waad asiibtay, This man upholds the rule of law more than any one else and he cares about the people Soomaliland regardless of their region. The only problem is good men always finish last in this corrupt world.
  9. What Faysal has done for peace and democracy is much bigger than what those with the barrel of gun have done. He is not corrupt either like many of his opponents. Some people like you loose their mind when they try to respond his constructive criticism., even Siilaanyo woke up 2 in the morning just to refute what the Suldaan Faysal said. I will take his word any day compared to the foxes in the Palace.
  10. It is a lie. First there is no such thing as Provincial welfare fraud court. It is called Quebec or Ontario Provincial court, second, Police hull is incorrect. It is called Hull police or Ottawa Hull police. finally if the letter is written by City of Quebec, they conduct their business mostly in French language. It has many grammatical errors and it is written in an professional way. in my opinion it is forgery.
  11. We all know he has an agenda when he mentions Unisom bases in Somaliland, and he got some facts wrong. The truth is this confused Kulmiye Government has been threatening to arrest the Opposition if they dare to hold their consultation conference. few months ago the Mayor of Borama said " Magaalada ma soo goli karaan Golahan bilaa sharciga ah" Since when it is illegal to form counsels to pressure this government to follow the constitution.Even Waran Cadde said he will arrest them.What happen to Jamal A. Huseen is a shame that should not be repeated. waa la og yahay in aan dib loo dooran doonin , laakiin waxaan ka baqayaa in ay dhib geystaan inta aysan ina dhaafin
  12. I think people will notice when you deny the UCID candidate to peacefully visit another city. It wasn't an election campaign or any thing, just a mere visit to rally his supporters. To stop him at gun point is some thing new that only the Sol readers ignored
  13. few weeks ago Warlord Dahir Calasow openly incited the murder of *** Community in Waaberi and Hamer Jajab for the retaliation of number 50 clashes. The Shabeelaha Hoose community is one of the oldest and most civilized among Somali people. You will never see their elders or politicians incite violence or abuse other communities. This community were on of the most powerful guardians Somalia territory against the Italian colonials in late nineteen century and early twentieth century while others welcomed them open arms. They suffered huge loses in Warshikh, Lafoole, and Afgooye. If Somalia is a land of Justice, they should be ruling the land between Afgooye and Kismaayo. Keep in mind Ahmed Madoobe is the temporary man Jubba until the rightful owners get their Justice.
  14. oo sawtaan moodaayey in ceebtii bangiga ka raacday uu rabo in uu *****lo. reer xamarku waxay odhan jireen " ninkaan ma shiixaayo". ma dilaaliintii laga qaylyey ayuu madax tooyada ku soo xerreeyey. Warkani haduu run noqdo, kooxdani xaaladoodu waa khatar. arintani waa mid hadii lacag la raadinayo baarlamaanka iyo golaha wasiiradu hawsheeda galaan. cajjib. warkan ha la xaqiijiyo
  15. Poverty is not the only one of the major causes of desperation, but it is one of the factors.. A research done by a noted scholar found that over 90% of Canadian or American youth who joined Terrorist organizations were one way or another had issues either with law or failed to achieve any meaningful progress in their life. Venerable young men are lured to join gangs, how about if the gang offers money, marriage of a young woman, honor and heaven.. A great effort is needed to confront the ideology and money coming from the gulf, mobilize the young men and offer some hope. I think the way he describes is exactly how many poor people are used.Do you think Godane, Aweys and others will send their kids to be suicide bombers? no they use the poor.
  16. We have to find yet one single Somali professional who works or worked for the private sector companies appointed to any thing . To achieve a management position in the private sector means competing with the well qualified native professionals. In the corporate world you either succeed or you are out. It is a government of NGo's for NGO's. I heard that as soon as he graduated from Gahayr University he became the director of government agency. As reer koonfur tradition they already calling him a doctor. Any way, we pray for him and we wish him well. Warya Hawdian nimankan falaadhaha iyo naanaysta ku bilaabay bal car garo
  17. Xaaji is correct. A Mp from puntland was elected twice in Hiiraan. Also being a member of the SYL machine was crucial to be elected. There were historical literature mentioning confrontation between the Long Foot community and the British in the Jubba region, but if you compare other communities who are inhabitants of the jubboa area they are a minority.Even during the Kacaanka they never became mayors of Kismaayo. Also do not forget, there are large influx of refugees and others who crossed the border for the last thirty years- which are legitimate Somalis who were seeking shelter- Badhaadhe iyo Afmadow maanta way degen yihiin. Bay iyo Bakool if election is held they won't get a seat. that land is D&M country today.Bu'ale Saakow and surrounding country side is dominated by Jareer Weyne community and others. Both the Kacaanka community and Long foot are minority in the jubba region. In today's Somalia your number does not mean any thing, as long as you armed and backed by some entity. look Janeraal Indha Cadde, he says his community should be the legitimate rulers of Shabeelaha Hoose. who knows when the Kukuyo army leaves Madoobe may follow them in Kenya as some Jubba people suggested.
  18. We all know Madoobe was is a warlord. He was Al-shaab, before he was switched sides. he was Dahir Aweys's point man in jubba conflict. Latter he was wounded and captured by the Ethiopian forces who took him out of the country for medical operation. He would never have a leader of any thing without the Kenya. Halane is the man who put Ahmed Jubba. My main argument is he tribal groups are gaining power by serving the interest of the neighboring countries.
  19. look, I may have missed some facts, but the fact is even the Hargeisa one never elected the second time. people from Puntland were elected in Hiiraan and places that the community does not have large numbers. it was a democracy and people elected those they think were competent or well organized. he could be born in Afgooye does not matter. the issue here is demography. Their main district were Afmadow. Please tell any other district trhey form the majority of the residents in the sixties.The debate on this topic is if it wasn't Kenyan occupation of Kismaayo this guy could not have been considered for this post.
  20. they had one single seat, go research them. they never got elected from Baardheere or Bakool. There seat was Afmadow district. look I do not mind if any competent Somali becomes prime minister regardless of his tribe . What I am against is a proxy militia backed by Kenya taking stake in the affairs of a nation rising from the destabilization of the neighboring countries.
  21. President Hassan Sheekh will regret if he appoints this Kenyan stooge while ignoring many other prominent Somalis who hail from important regions. Why not nominate The people of Shabeelaha hoose whom their land stretches from Afgooye to Kismaayo, or Puntland. Why not nominate Fowsiya Haji Adan who Showed grit and determinations.
  22. Assembling is a process. Even the Chinese before they manufactured any thing they used to assemble other peoples parts. it is a good start , you gain the knowledge slowly. they could produce cheaper cars for the people.
  23. From 1960 to 1969, during the Parliamentary democracy, the long foot community had one member in the Somali republic parliament. Even some suggested that they did not have enough number to win seats. Any an honorary seat were given to them by the Somali government who were campaigning for "Shanta Soomaaliyeed". I was one of those who welcomed the formation of Jubbaland administration on the hope that it may reduce the treat of Al-shabaab and minimize the confrontation of Kenyan military who were occupying Kismaayo. By naming Mr. Halane the Prime Minister, the president is sending a massage that aligning your self with a foreign power pays off. The proxy militia of the Kenyan government is finally given the post of the Prime minister. Every body knows they are not even the majority of the jubba region. The Bay community is twice the number of long foot. If being the proxy militia of a neighboring country is the answer to gain the power , let us fold this notion of Somali nation and fight foe every ones tribal home land. The *** community of south and the Bay people have already spoken and rejected this false jubba. The tribal war of 1991 may restart again.
  24. Waar ninku raqiisanaa. Xataa ma dhihin shuruudo ayaan ku xidhay, ama wada Hadal ayaa noo bilawday. si dhaqsa ah ayaa waxa uu yidhi mawqifkaygii Soomaaliweyn waan ka noqday. Odaygii Wasiirka Shaqadu Adeer buu u yahay oo waxoogaa dhibca ah ayuu rajaynayaa. si muuqata waxoogaa kaash ah ayuu soo qaadan ka dibna godkiisii Ottawa ayuu ku laaban.
  25. Malister, debate aside, we all pray for the well being of the people of Mogadhishu and the Somalia in general. if Hassan sheekh succeeds , it will be good for all.