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  1. I think their is a big difference between qurba joog and the local people. Xaaji waa runtii dadka unionistka ahi Hargeisaiyo, burco , laascaanood iyo borame way joogaan.
  2. Early when they were selected we said ninety cents of every dollar must be spend on security. all wee see is red carpets and huge entourage following the leader. They should hire more professionals based on their knowledge and capacity other than the local guys. some people who could think outside the box. no more flying around.
  3. By targeting the courts and the innocent this group is an enemy to ball Somalis. We must defeat them for our own survival.
  4. This was a well planned attack, they also bombed around the airport. I agree the British government last week did release a warning for an imminent attack in Mogadhishu from Al-shabaab. the government must enhance it`s intelligence capabilities. the big military offensives to defeat al-shabaab are almost over. know most of resources must be targeted on intelligence gathering and infiltration of these deadly menace. A big sweep must be done in Benadir. you may arrest some Innocent people on the process but it is worth trying. every young man who have any connection with these groups must be detained. you need to build big holding jails to keep large number of suspected Al-shabaab. Also substantiated intelligence coordination with foreign intelligence like the British is necessary. another important step is to implement unscheduled inspection of all homes in the city in the middle of the night. This wide net could bring some important info. Interrogations of known Al-shabaab members must also bring some badly needed intelligence. The government must act now. .
  5. other than Gaani the rest are wadaads and warlords. they can not lead a modern, democratic muslim region. I can't imagine the same people who were loathing muuse suudi , sheekh aadan madooe and warlord Barre Hiiraale are now supporting these warlords. only Gaani is a legitimate leader.
  6. We all know madoobe was one of the warlords. one time he was a member of hisbul islaam of Awees, then he called himself Raaskaambooni, then he went to Eathiopia were he was treated from a wound sustained during sectarian fighting. I thought those kind oF guys are done. A warlord as a governor is past tense. s
  7. if any one who can muster 1500 militia can declare a federal state, may Allah help us. defenetly the long foot are legitimate residents of jubba, but others are pretenders. where are the biyo mall, the camel lovers who are one of the largest inhabitants of the land, the sheekhis, the indigenous Bahjuun and many more. for the interest of Somalia it is better for Gaandi to be selected as a leader rather than a warlord like Madoobe.if things don't change you looking at another 1991 tribal conflict.
  8. jamaal is well liked in AWdal , he is a former city bank executive and Harvard gratuate, he is young and charismatic but clan politics may side line him. samaale andSiilaanyo alliance will take the hargeisa vote from Jamaal. Wadani has both the clan dynamics and the the support of all five regions.
  9. Kulmiye is done like a dinner, this shabeel guy did not read the writing on the wall. Siilaanyo already said the convention will be in december/2013. If election is held today or two years from now Wadani leader Mr. Cirro will win handy.
  10. While it is impressive the progress puntland made , especially on the security side, I agree with Tallaabo, this should have been casual trip of the prime minister coming to visit one of the regions. we should stop all this carpet and pageantry. use the resource for other important issues.
  11. apophis if kenya want to build it's navy that is their job , but not on our own waters. their are hundreds of multinational ships patrolling the sea lanes to fight piracy and weapon smuggling with their own resources. If you keep defending Kenya they way you are they will be unmanageable in a few yours. don't give the shop in order to be the governor of Jubba. besides the al-shabaab never controlled the sea lanes. be reasonable .
  12. another important factor is even few months ago the Kenyan forces killed and burned garisa. of course some people in the government protested but did not help much. today it is democracy and freedom of speech which allows you to speak up yet, it did not stop Kenyan troops from killing and burning businesses in Garrisa.
  13. Aophis is also right thirty yeas ago Somalis in Kenya including the top leaders were puppets. it is normal for African leaders to rush those who pose a treat. even then the long foot guys were not that powerful. the only reason some of them get preferential treatment was that on of them , a general saved Arab Moi from military coup, in return he was named defense minister. another important factor was the Degoodi were the principle base for the Nfd resistance helped by the civilian government of Abdirisaaq and Aaden cadde in the sixties. many years latter both communities were against the Kenyan occupation.
  14. Carafaat Zaylici Soomalia wada hadal lama gali karo kelidii. hawshan waa lakala leeyahay. waxa uu ka cabanayo mahan midnimo iyo soomalia midna. warkan keligaa ayaa shhegay. hase ahhatee Cigaal ala ha naxariistee reer bari wuu ka digay weliba waxa uu yidhi maalinta " the day the foxy tribe in the east takes power will be the end of government administration" it is Somali culture they don't listen the wise people. well it is too late.the foxy guys spent 30 million for the election and they are rest unless they got back their money or else.
  15. I remember exactly were I was on that tragic in 1984. I was in wajeer or wanla weyn as a national service after high school in the so-called Gurmad, teaching elementary school in the town. The bbc radio broadcaster explained the the destruction clearly. After they killed as many as couple of hundred then they took about 400 men to a make shift camp and kept them for few days. eventually they burned them alive, almost over three hundred people died in that fire. the thing I remember most is the Somali government did not said a thing. as a young Somali nationalist that did hurt me a lot. I would not say it was tribal or any thing like that but was shameful the revolutionary government did not raise ther voice. the only thing I remember most is the bbc kept talking about the tragedy for days.
  16. Soomaliland is going down quickly. Siilaanyo is parnoid, he is too old to change. did you see the movie " back to the future?, this man is almost eighty what do you expect, We in Awdal had a beef with him before but it could not get worse. you remember Siilaanyo saying that one of the major reason for his struggle was " dadkayagii baa dhulkoodii lagu maamulayaa". they always talk about some body coming from gedo or kismaayo ruling over Hargeisa. we all know Somalia was ruled by military dictatorship that rules by decree. here today in 2013 we have this man appoint to Awal a governor from Burco who is Siilaanyos cousin. to add insult to injury he appoints the police chief and the regional judge. can you imagine these guys are going back to thirty years. The biggest mistake was we accepted a tribal warlord with blood in his hands as an elected president. The D community never accepted AIdiid as a leader no matter what, the H community never accepted Abdilahi Yusuf although he was elected. These are the rules. you do not accommodate A TRIBAL LEADER. , The only way to confront him is a tribal way. if you think you can stop him through an institution you are mistaken. he is here to serve his tribe. He want to appoint a governor in today. no way. We know the end game, these are the last actions of a dying regime. folks I am not tribal but it is the only way to confront a bully. After twenty years of self rule democratic elections , back to the future. The late Cigaal may Allah bless him said " please keep out the eastern foxes from the government or their will be the end of the administration". The usual suspects will say what can you do to confront a bully. We shall do what they did which was get arms and liberate ourselves from the yolk of tribal rule. they did test us many times before but we chose patience and perseverance. enough is enough. remove this governor immediately to his home or face the rebellion. can you imagine his audacity to come and rule in our province. you already have every thing in Hargeisa. police chief, military chief, high court, house of guurty leader, parliament chief, intelligence head and all the ministries, yet you want to appoint a governor from Burco to rule us in Borama. hell noooo,,,,,,,
  17. I got it. by the way Cigaal was the best politician The Somali speaking people produced for the last fifty years. once I heard haji Ibraahim nuur discussing the late fifties and he said Cigaal wasn't talkative or good with "haasaawe" on it comes to women yet he defeated every body including Ina Oomar, C/raxman tuur and many others in politics. he was also very generous. he once said " siyaasada guri lagama dhistee maalkaaga ayaa la geliyaa". compare that to kulmiye and today's robbers.
  18. Xaaji this is hair splinting argument indeed, Cigaal led the union and in 1961 the constitution and the act of union was ratified by the parliament. then their was a referendum voted by the whole country, subsequently he become member of parliament , cabinet minister and became the prime minister. As Rayaale he may have born a village five kilometers inside the ethiopian border but he grew up in Qulijeed inside the somaliland border. he went elementary school and middle school their so I don't get it why you keep repeating the none sense that he could obtain Ethiopian citizenship. he cannot. Their may have been border between the countries but their were no registries or book keeping. does garoowe and laas caanood had border no , so people intermingle because the lived both sides. They were all soomalis but they reclaimed their original Somaliland before the union.i hope that answers all.
  19. one thing i like about Mogadhisho is the passion people have about sports in general. this kind of events promote "is dhex galka dadka. beautyful.
  20. che is correct, the mayor of zaylac ruled their for 10 years and he did't dig a water well or school. He goes djibouti to chew qat six months of the year. The new mayor is A local businessman yet Allah knows if he could change any thing. It is the latest mess created by Kulmiye to confuse people. Xaaji you are enlighten person brother , since you stated that you visited qudus " waa halkii reer xamarkee gacan baan kuu taagay". The new snm community of cisse do not even own a house in Zaylac to meet with minister Duur, they were sleeping in the community school for a week yesterday he told them leave the school it is for education, if you are from zaylac go to your homes. this issue is simple has nothing to do with kalshaale. our djiboutian friends won't stay hot, poor zaylac while they can loot in djibouti or try to build some booli qaran their. even the counsel members go back and forth to djibouti. Historically we in awdal never ever , loot, kill or wrong other people , we always play by the rule. conflicts never originate from us. the major issue is our neighbors refuse to grow. In Djibouti Allah cannot forgive those who enrich themselves while people starve. God will judge this country soon. I see Hrgeisa media giving daily air time to inflame this minor issue. the no matter what neither Siilaanyo nor his side kick Biixi will not dare to reverse the vote of the people. history is on our side, , no power can defeat the law. Hrgeisa should fear, because we don.t play games, we are just and flow the rules always, we don't boast like many others, and the righteous always wins.
  21. he is not the so called southern doctors populate the cabinet. This guy is the deputy finance of the district of Columbia or Washington dc , he manages 6 billion dollars with (b) budget. He is a career bureaucrat from a well known family like the foreign minister. This are the natural technocrats who could save this country.
  22. He is Harvard graduate , former city bank executive with international experience. If people want real change this is the progress, you need people like him who already achieved success. good luck Jamaal
  23. Xaaji i bagree the diredhawa migration changes things. I do believe the jessus community lives in the Awdal region and will always and it seems you know little bit about the landscape. I believe the right of the citizen not the tribe. IWe have certain tradition we do not mistreat other people and if the mayor is from Borama community nothing will change. eventually it is about hospitals , schools and water. I also would like Geele to invest in the region. he does not spent a penny in all these years, if he really cares why don,t dig a water well or some small hospital. any way it was good chatting with you , talk to yo laater. I am retiring.
  24. Xaaji CAFARTU dhulka ugu weyn djibouti ayey degan tahay, miyiga jibouti, ubockh, tadgoreh, iyo xeebaha. laakiin waxaan ku muquuninay soomali iyo canfar markii la yidhi,kuuma diidani in ay jeesus community bzAylac degan tahay, laakiin hargeisa kumanaan baa naga degan. anagu djibouti safar kumaanan tegin , lixddan sano ka hor djibouti tuulo ayey ahayd hadda Afar tankii sano ee u dambeeyey ayaey dadkku isbedelay.
  25. 1975 HE WAS RELEASED after some members of the jabhad kidnapped the French Ambassador in Mogadhishu while making praying in the down town mogadhisho church. After lengthy negotiation he was exchangedi ADen, Yeman with him and another captive. The train from Ethiopia and Djibouti brought large number of people from the interior with no question asked while the Borama community either decimated or potted. president Geele wads among those who came with train in the seventies.. while the french elimated those who were anti colonial al least his internal bureaucracy and government jobs was based on Merritt. that is why in 1977 we Djibouti gained independence over 75% of civil servant was from borama community beacause of their education. today their are one or two. one year before independence the french prepared a totally new group aligned with the french who were in facor of djibouti staying with french for life.While the civilian government of somalia fought hard for the liberation of djibouti, the military government of Siyaad barre made a deal with french in exchange for some aid money. that is why even Siyaad barre arrested the leaders of the |jabhad six months before independence others were executed in Lawyyacado while crossing to Djibouti. Now this same guy Geele ant to push us in Somaliland through an incompetent Siilaanyo. These are some of reasons I am always suspisios of Soomaalinimo been ah.Djibouti become tribal state and now if Siilaanyo want to marginalize us to build another tribal state through Geele we will not watch. .