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  1. I got it. by the way Cigaal was the best politician The Somali speaking people produced for the last fifty years. once I heard haji Ibraahim nuur discussing the late fifties and he said Cigaal wasn't talkative or good with "haasaawe" on it comes to women yet he defeated every body including Ina Oomar, C/raxman tuur and many others in politics. he was also very generous. he once said " siyaasada guri lagama dhistee maalkaaga ayaa la geliyaa". compare that to kulmiye and today's robbers.
  2. Xaaji this is hair splinting argument indeed, Cigaal led the union and in 1961 the constitution and the act of union was ratified by the parliament. then their was a referendum voted by the whole country, subsequently he become member of parliament , cabinet minister and became the prime minister. As Rayaale he may have born a village five kilometers inside the ethiopian border but he grew up in Qulijeed inside the somaliland border. he went elementary school and middle school their so I don't get it why you keep repeating the none sense that he could obtain Ethiopian citizenship. he cannot. Their may have been border between the countries but their were no registries or book keeping. does garoowe and laas caanood had border no , so people intermingle because the lived both sides. They were all soomalis but they reclaimed their original Somaliland before the union.i hope that answers all.
  3. one thing i like about Mogadhisho is the passion people have about sports in general. this kind of events promote "is dhex galka dadka. beautyful.
  4. che is correct, the mayor of zaylac ruled their for 10 years and he did't dig a water well or school. He goes djibouti to chew qat six months of the year. The new mayor is A local businessman yet Allah knows if he could change any thing. It is the latest mess created by Kulmiye to confuse people. Xaaji you are enlighten person brother , since you stated that you visited qudus " waa halkii reer xamarkee gacan baan kuu taagay". The new snm community of cisse do not even own a house in Zaylac to meet with minister Duur, they were sleeping in the community school for a week yesterday he told them leave the school it is for education, if you are from zaylac go to your homes. this issue is simple has nothing to do with kalshaale. our djiboutian friends won't stay hot, poor zaylac while they can loot in djibouti or try to build some booli qaran their. even the counsel members go back and forth to djibouti. Historically we in awdal never ever , loot, kill or wrong other people , we always play by the rule. conflicts never originate from us. the major issue is our neighbors refuse to grow. In Djibouti Allah cannot forgive those who enrich themselves while people starve. God will judge this country soon. I see Hrgeisa media giving daily air time to inflame this minor issue. the no matter what neither Siilaanyo nor his side kick Biixi will not dare to reverse the vote of the people. history is on our side, , no power can defeat the law. Hrgeisa should fear, because we don.t play games, we are just and flow the rules always, we don't boast like many others, and the righteous always wins.
  5. he is not the so called southern doctors populate the cabinet. This guy is the deputy finance of the district of Columbia or Washington dc , he manages 6 billion dollars with (b) budget. He is a career bureaucrat from a well known family like the foreign minister. This are the natural technocrats who could save this country.
  6. He is Harvard graduate , former city bank executive with international experience. If people want real change this is the progress, you need people like him who already achieved success. good luck Jamaal
  7. Xaaji i bagree the diredhawa migration changes things. I do believe the jessus community lives in the Awdal region and will always and it seems you know little bit about the landscape. I believe the right of the citizen not the tribe. IWe have certain tradition we do not mistreat other people and if the mayor is from Borama community nothing will change. eventually it is about hospitals , schools and water. I also would like Geele to invest in the region. he does not spent a penny in all these years, if he really cares why don,t dig a water well or some small hospital. any way it was good chatting with you , talk to yo laater. I am retiring.
  8. Xaaji CAFARTU dhulka ugu weyn djibouti ayey degan tahay, miyiga jibouti, ubockh, tadgoreh, iyo xeebaha. laakiin waxaan ku muquuninay soomali iyo canfar markii la yidhi,kuuma diidani in ay jeesus community bzAylac degan tahay, laakiin hargeisa kumanaan baa naga degan. anagu djibouti safar kumaanan tegin , lixddan sano ka hor djibouti tuulo ayey ahayd hadda Afar tankii sano ee u dambeeyey ayaey dadkku isbedelay.
  9. 1975 HE WAS RELEASED after some members of the jabhad kidnapped the French Ambassador in Mogadhishu while making praying in the down town mogadhisho church. After lengthy negotiation he was exchangedi ADen, Yeman with him and another captive. The train from Ethiopia and Djibouti brought large number of people from the interior with no question asked while the Borama community either decimated or potted. president Geele wads among those who came with train in the seventies.. while the french elimated those who were anti colonial al least his internal bureaucracy and government jobs was based on Merritt. that is why in 1977 we Djibouti gained independence over 75% of civil servant was from borama community beacause of their education. today their are one or two. one year before independence the french prepared a totally new group aligned with the french who were in facor of djibouti staying with french for life.While the civilian government of somalia fought hard for the liberation of djibouti, the military government of Siyaad barre made a deal with french in exchange for some aid money. that is why even Siyaad barre arrested the leaders of the |jabhad six months before independence others were executed in Lawyyacado while crossing to Djibouti. Now this same guy Geele ant to push us in Somaliland through an incompetent Siilaanyo. These are some of reasons I am always suspisios of Soomaalinimo been ah.Djibouti become tribal state and now if Siilaanyo want to marginalize us to build another tribal state through Geele we will not watch. .
  10. Some people say we complain a lot . yes thier have been huge build up especially in Djibouti. In 1949 to 1956 the mayor of Djibouti was from Borama community.In 1884 we signed the Anglo-gedabuursi treaty. we also signed , the French -Somali treaty in djibouti. our biggest misfortune was we campaigned for the independence of French-Somaliland. 1958 they formed a movement to expel the french, with Mohamuud Harbi., he was killed in plane crash by the french.every body thought that in 1960 Djibouti will be free and join Somaliweyn. the Borama community was identified with this movement and crashed, deported and jailed. in 1967 French president De Guole came djibouti and was belted by Molotov cocktails and belted with stones by the independent movement. After he saw what was going on he proposed a referendum 1968. The french knew that a free referendum will clearly shaw the will of the , so he devised a plan which will defeat the vote and undermine the so called Somali unity. he produced new citizenship cards that will shaw the tribe or the ethnicity of the person. He said number 1 is Affar, 2 is jesus community, 3 is borama , four is Carabta , five is Hargiesa community and five is the D. second he started massive deportation of Borama community which was for independence and Somali unity. he put electric wire and land mines on the border with Somalia and finally changed the name from French-Somaliland to Territory of the Affar and Ciisa. many freedom fighters were jailed and executed, Some of you may remeber DR, Omar Osman Raabe in 1968 convicted to death which latter changed to life in prison in FRANCE.
  11. Ambasador is correct, the West hargeisa community is manipulating the issue. they promised Geele a Zaylac region so he could have influence Somaliland. Also you have 8 members of Somali parliament from Jesus community in mogadhishu because of Arta conference held in 2000. We have 9, can you imagine the are large communities in Somalia with big population who do not even have 4 members. the main issue is if people see that don't even control one city their parliamentary seats could be in danger. Also last year 18 million dollars stolen from the djibouti bank was invested in a Coca- Cola factory in hargeisa., so the Sacad muuse guys must repay this by promising some pay back. the problem is you cannot bribe people with other peoples future.
  12. Xaaji waan ogolnahay, dad sharciga ixtiraama ayaanu naxay, Hadii mayor ku xigeenka la siiyo anigu waan soo dhawaynayaa. governarkana aynu kawasa hadalno. mida kale wixii madaxweynuhu dastuur ahaan ku soo magacaabo sida governorka ma diidi karo . sharcigaa u gol in uu soo magacaabo. keliya waxaan leenahay "don't reverse the vote of the people"
  13. Let me correct my self out of the 14 seats contested they were given one seat without competition. if we could have contested all the seats they could end up with out no seat. also the coastline is hot and dry, life their is difficult , that is why most people immigrate to djibouti. The European union gave Somaliland this year 28 million for water development which the government allocated to Hargeisa, Berbera and wajaale. how about some water wells for these coastal communities. Finally no body can use as a bribe to geele for the Zaylac people. waar indha adagaa reer barigu , dad doorasho ku soo baxay buu leeyahay kuwa kale u daaya. maxaad berbera in aad mayor ka noqotaan aad u samayn waydeen. ku xigeenkii xataa dadkii ayaa qatay oo weliba governarkii saaxilna la siiyey. Ma anagaad nagu tijaabinaysaan waxaad meelaha kale ka samayn waydeen. Hargeisa 15 ka mid ah 25 xildhibaan ayaa keligood shiray oo doortay mayor waana la sharciyeeyey. Siilaanyo car maanta ha maquuniyo codka shacabka , isaguna fadhiyi maayo. mida kale markaanu is nidhaahno dadkani dal sharci leh buu noqonayaaba mid jabhad ah oo wareersan baa imanaya. bal eeg kan muuse bixxi, xisbul xaakimka ayuu madax u yahay sidii Huutugiina wuu u hadlayo. Ilaahay nama joojiyo maalinta uu kaasi madaxweyne noqdo.
  14. this election reversed a lot of gains that the people made for the last ten years. Xaaji i don;t understand why you putting here a tribal boasting video. their are too many clips in the net were certain tribe is thumping their chest. when it comes to zaylac 95% of the businesses and houses belong to AWDAL COMMUNITY. That does not mean people who hail the Djibouti majority community does not live their. it is all about demography. the last parliamentary election in somaliland 14 seats were contested in awdal region and they were given with out competition in order for them to have presence. We the awdal community game them because we share a lot. now here we see a guy like you who came from the East of somaliland string the pot to make some mischief among neighbors. here we have a government that does not want to flow the rule of law. usually it is the citizens who should be convinced to follow the rules. in zaylac election was held and 10 out of 17 were gedabuurisi , they elected the mayorand vice mayor. Siilaanyo says that Geele of djibouti asked me a favor to make the mayor for the ciise community since you guys did the same thing during Rayaale;s time. Well mr Siilaanyo the world is changed. on of Somaliland warlords by the name of Muuse Biixi who suppose to be kulmiye chairman spoke like the commander of Hutu militis by publicly saying that during Snm strugle the djibouti community helped us , so now it is our turn to help them in Zaylac. All we saying is the election result must be followed, this city is not different from the whole country or else.We spent a great deal of time to educate this Eastern guys with no avail. if you look Burco in one election the number is 137,000 the second when which Siilaanyo won they registered 340,000, every cycle is different . while in Awdal it is always the same number with some up and down. Mr. Siilaanyo their is news flash for my friend if you mess with the vote of people of Zaylac kiss good by your throne, because this time we mean business. I am for the rule of law but if the head of the state want to destabilize the land , I cannot help. also mr. Xaaji we are the fouders of djibouti and 25% of djibouti we fought for the Independence of that land against the french ho decimated us because we were fighting to unite djibouti to Soomaliweyn. . we established also Somaliland in Borama so we could live in peace with our neighbors who are always drifting to Fawdo and Qabiil.
  15. I think the presence of Faisal in Somaliland is important. because of him democracy survived . during Rayaale and siilanyo quarrels he was the one who stood up for rule of law. No without him their is no opposition. He is interested in rule of law , will be much better than Siilaanyo and Cirro.I think Awdal will vote for ucid.
  16. Well Siilaanyo made a lot of mistakes especially the armature Palace minister running the show. he is former Islamist with a checkered past, having said that this writer's article is just tribal garbage and name calling. it has no place in this forum.
  17. Oba, saaxiib arintan aad soo qortay AWdal state oo Pro. Samatar dacaadaynaysa ayaa soo qortay. Anigu ma qabo in qof lagu eryadu qabiilkaaga maxaad u qabatay. Casharadan saxaafada la idiin marinayey sanadkan oo dhan no money can buy. mida kale xamar lagu joogo ciidan usc ee waxa lagu joogaa awooda unisom. Shariifku during his term he did visit even Balcad. as soon as he lands from the airport he is taken by aminson tank to the villa, so , I deos not mather whether you are from Borama or xamar. also being surrounded by tribal militia or foreign army doesn't bring stability. your uncle Aidid captured Gaakacayo to Kismayo, finally he was killed one of his nephews. How about Abdilahi yusuf with 30,000 Ethiopian troops, dhiigii uun buu sii badiyey. to take 100 dollars of a solders salary from mogadishu to hiiraan is a big task. dawladnimadu wasiiro iyo madaxweynayaal diyaardaha raaca wey ka weyn tahay. Ina Samatar oo kale hadaad heli lahaydeen burburka iyo dhibta waad ka bixi lahaydeen. waar umadan hala badbaadiye xukunkan iyo wareerkan iska daaya oo fadhiista , miyaydaan bani aadam ahayn labaatan sano ayaad kor u dhaafteen weli , it is like nothing happen. Beelaha D iyo H ba walaalayaal fadhiista koob shaaha ma caanaynaysaane.
  18. Markii shirkii Carta la regeyey ayaa Allah ha u naxariistee Cigaal waxa u yimid Mohamed abshir Haamaan talana waa la isla meel dhigay. in Baarlamaanka carta lagu soo doorto cigaal loo keeno, oo la yidhaahdo idinku lixdankii baad noo keenteen anaguna hadaanu wadnaa ee wax ka yeel , madaxweyne noqotayaa wixii kaleba, caasimad nabad ah waad joogtaaye. markii dJIBOUTI LAGU DOORTAY BAARLAMAANKI C/qaasim iyo rag kale ayaa la aaday hotel xamar ku yaala oo xabadi wiifta ka dul hayso. markii 20111 kii Shariifku taangiga unisom ku dhuumanayey ayaa oday waayeela oo saaxiibkay ah oo reer hatgeisa ah ayaa yidhi " adeer maanta ninkani sow kursi dhiigle kuma fadhiyo, haa, ma saldanad uu luminaya ayaa jirta hadii uu kursiga ka dego , waa maya. hadaba adeer hadaad tidhaahdo maanta bahashn aynu qaado oo siday u dhan tahay aynu Hargeisa geyno, kaa yeeli maayo. sidaa uu diyaaradaha u raacayo eee madaxweyne la lleeyahay waxba ugama damayso. dhamaantood waa sidaa. kurbaba ma hayso. nin jawhar iyo baoidhabo ku dhashy aragtidaa dheer ee umaddan geeska joogta ma garan karo. dawladnimadii reer woqooyigu keenan ma garan karo.
  19. When prof. Samatar was campaigning for Hiil qaran in early may he did big speech about the future and how Somalia is in the crossroads. he said (dad baa qaba in ay somaalinimadii dhimatay oo baabaday, anigu waxaan rumaysnahay in dhaawac badani gaadhay oo weli la badaadin karo). reer koonfurku wax welba waxay u haystaan hadal la iska yidhi. waxa uu yidhi waar Soomaaliyey is daba qabta, Folks this wasn't an academic exercise, it was a real diagnosis of the issue. every thing is a game for you guys. you seem to think every body is a professor, by the way he is not geography prof, he teaches political economy and the first black man to become a dean of a white university. reer puntland kan ina wareeriyey iyo reer suoth kan hadii maanta lagu wareejiyo xagay gayn dalkan. . shan reer koonfur ah iyo intaas in leeg oo reer puntland ah ayaa madax noqday. koob shaaha ma caanayn. Weligiinba is bedbedela, Samatar wuu soo taabtay, wuxuu arkay prof. wada bug ah oo meesha ordaya.hadiiba ay dhacdo mustaqbalka in la isku biiro waa in Caasimada Hrgeisa la keena. u malayn maayo qof reer Soomaliland ah ayuun baa diyaarada marba meel u raaci lahaa ayadoo dadku gaajo iyo macaluul u dhimanayaan. ku jira ciyaarta oo xukunka iku bedbedela ilaa qiyaamaha.
  20. If people don't criticize this slow moving caravan now, four years will lost without no achievement. the most important job of this president is to bring security. He probably thought by declaring war on al-shabaab will be enough credit to gain the confidence and acceptance of Ethiopia. Nin xaaskaaga doonaya gabadhayda aan ku siiyo kaa yeeli maato. waxuu u malaynayaa arrinta ugu weyn ee shisheeyaha Somaalia keenay gaar ahaan dalalka deriska in ay Al-shaab tahay. I remember during Abdi qasims term, Premier Hassan Abshir going to ADDIS, and guaranteeing Meles that no islamist will be allowed in the cabinet and offering so many other concessions. Finally he said mr. pime minister what is your answer, meles said you will get my answer soon. as soon as Abshir landed mogadhisho the Ethiopian troops entered Gaalkacayo. Former american president Eisenhower said you make peace through strength. In diplomacy peace must be mutual. those who reject peace must know their are prices to be paid. Another main point is he was elected in uu Xadhkahan deriska kala furfuro. sanad gudohood hadii aanu waxba kala furikarin uu dhibku sii bato ciidamada shisheeyana soo bataan. waa in baarlamaanku is dhaafiyaa, ilayn afar sano ma khasaari karto.
  21. You staying their hotel because they own the best buildings, hotels and businesses in town.
  22. I think it is wrong to blame Dahabshiil any other legitimate businessmen who hail from the east. These men made their money before Siilaanyo and they employ a lot of people in Somaliland.Their investment must be welcomed whether it is Berbera or zaylac.
  23. Maybe I went little overboard, I have no intention of dismissing this regions, but if you look carefully those who advise him and his inner circle , it does not take much to know how this president is challenged in so many ways. Oba la isma gaadhin, markii tartanka lagalay lixdii qof ee u saraysay, Afar ka mid ah isku xaafad ayey ahaayeen. taas macneheedu ma reer Balcad ayaa uGu kambayn fiicnaa Soomaalidii tartamaysay. jawaabtu waa mayua. because the used the resource of the capital region. that is some us will be demanding sooon that the capital city must moved to Hargeisa or some where else, other wise we will have the same recycled politician's of Mogadhisu.This is the last time, you have three years or less to get your act together, because the survival of the nation is more important than the capital.
  24. Yes , I agree, after one year of confusion he will get rid of these prime minister and start all over again. He does `t understand the difference between friendship and competence. this has been the hallmark of this government who want to surround themselves with relatives and friends. just check Vila somalia you don`t have one single heavy weight politician who can handle international diplomacy. Of course that is what you get because the most important resume is born in Ali Yaale, jowhar in hiiraan. Since when the southern Somalis mastered foreign diplomacy. none.maba oga wadankani ku daynayo hadaanu helin dad wax garanaya.
  25. the kulmiye guys wanted to manipulate the the session to elect the mayor. they dispatched a vice minister who wanted the meeting behind closed doors but the governor demanded open vote by raising the hand which eliminated the old mayor and elected two new people. in return the president and the palace minister got mad and fired the governor. PEOPLE feel that was retaliation . BY the way berbera is the home of the late great Cigaal.