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  1. I do believe somebody in the UN want these government to fail, others want to keep their cozy jobs in Nairobi. This president was almost assassinated by Al-shabaab immediately after he was elected in Hotel Jaziira in 2012, he openly and secretly waged war against Al-shabaab. Do you know how many Afghan army members Kill coalition forces every year in Afghanistan ? Hundreds of American and NATO solders are killed by the so called friendly members of the Afghan Army. Few of that kind of accidents happen in Somalia. You do not see Somali armed forces killing Amnisom Solders. Some of us were criticizing him by not quickening the growth of Somali army. Now that we see the army is gaining strength they want to undermined it by denying them the weapons. This county is fragile, incidents of people undermining the state will happen, yet this country is punished collectively by the so called UN for every opportunity. When a country is stable and peaceful within it's borders, Failure of the government of the day is an option that can be accepted, But the failure of a government of a state trying to rise from the ashes of anarchy is futile.
  2. They are claiming, the government refused to show the monitoring group, the arms they bought from the gulf. Isn't this a state secret? Is this people have to know all Somali state movements?. How can a government that is waging a war of live and death could give arms to their arch enemy. The report did not say any thing positive about the country. Their main target is to impose total embargo, then Somalia will be under the mercy of it's neighbors. Also there were Somalis from diaspora who are campaigning the for total embargo. Lately, for the last four months there were a lot of build up of Somali army and recruits, this will not sit well with Kenya and their guests in Nairobi. If this speed of army build up continues for another year, we may even have a national army. T his monitoring group must be disbanded and all arms embargo must be lifted from Somalia. The government must prepare it's evidence and clarify all these allegations. If they are not true then these members of the Embargo must be replaced. Do you remember a guy by the name of Matt Bryden, he use to write inflammatory reports about Somalia but was replaced by the UN and ICG. We can not accept a couple of bureaucrats sitting big hotels in Nairobi deciding the future of Somalia. It is unacceptable.
  3. 45 million /month from Turkey 6 million / month from the poet 3 million/month from the airport. Add that the money given by Arab states. That could total roughly 600 million dollars a year. if you pay 20,000 solders $ 200/ month, that is 4 million dollars per month, 4 x 24 ( for two years) that is $ 96 million. If you double it and add food, fuel and other logistical issues it is less than $ 200 million for two years. Ilayn dadkan Hoteela jiifaa waxas ayey quutaan. Arrintan warkeeda waa in aynu helno sidani si maahine.
  4. Yes Boosaaso is a commercial hub and port. Traditionally the Reer Bari were never been people who are dependent of government hand outs and jobs. Even in the eighties, few of them were involved in bureaucracy. I agree for the last TWENTY YEARS THEY DID GROW a lot, but also remember they were the only port in most of south central Somalia. I will rather prefer Boosaaso share administration with Sanaag and surrounding area instead of Mudug. Further more, for the people pf Ceerigaabo and Badhan, it takes one and half day to reach Berbera, while Boossaaso is two hour away. Geography and Commerce should dictate the federal states.
  5. Somaliarising, Saaxiib I am different kind of Soomaalilander. Some of you only understand the sectarian slogan which is " you are either with us or against us". My all families- Brothers , sisters, uncles, in laws and many more live in Hargeisa, Boorama, Gabiley and between them. Of course I believe a United Somalia that includes Somaliland, at the same time, I do not any anarchy, Violence or civil war to befall in Somaliland. I always support those who respect the rule of law, democracy and open society. I am against those who nurture sectarian and the tribal platforms. If you are a genuine Soomaali who is seeking a peaceful united Somalia, you would not wish the destabilization of your other brother who is missing. Yes, some times i lament when I see the condition we are in. Some of you even said " waar calaacal badanaa". Finally , in the city of Zaylac their is a Mosque called " Qiblatayn Mosque". Before Islam reached Medina, Muslims used to pray in the Direction of Qudus. This Mosque is a testament, that Islam reached in this land before it reached The Arabian Peninsula. (Xadaaradaas Fog), That ancient civilization made some of us different from the Guys who are raised In Burco, Gaalkacayo and Afmadow. I will never Die for the honor of my tribe. I may die for my country and faith , but I will never sacrifice in order for my tribe to be great. Saaxiib waa sobobtaas ta aad iigu wareertay. Nabad iyo caano.
  6. Xaaji of course they have done more than Udub but they got ten times more aid money than Udub. Besides Kulmiye party is not in charge any more. Among those who campaigned for Kulmiye only a handful are left. Look this men were all former Kulmiye. 1- former vice president c/rahman aw cali 2- former finanace minister Mohamed Haashi 3- Former interior minister Dr. Gaboose 4- A/eahman Abdulqadir. 5- Degaweyne 6- Ibraahim Qaalib 7- mohamed OOmane 6- Cali guray 9- Cismaan Hindi and many more are in the opposition. Few of the ministers are Kulmiye. In Awdal all the ministers in the government are former Udub members. The close Family of Siilaanyo have taken over the Party and the Government. With the huge foreign aid money coming to Somaliland, they are buying off everybody.
  7. I believe the more the election is delayed the better for peace to rain in Somaliland, If this incompetent party holds another election in little more than one year, there will be a disaster. The People of Somaliland are fed up of Kulmiye and their divide and rule policy. They are not democrats who will accept defeat. Before any election is held, they must be exposed. Hirsi and company have already set up election infrastructure. When I say infrastructure I do not mean voter registration or voting boots. I mean, the infrastructure to steal the vote. He put loyal and corrupt governors and police chiefs in Awdal, Togdheer and Hargeida. In Gabiley, he already instructed the security apparatus to remove any opposition. They must be exposed and stooped now before it is too late. Those who support a peaceful Somaliland must act now.
  8. As I said, instead of being a big fish in a pond, I would rather be a small fish in the big Somali sea of the horn. If you are self confident, have a faith and have some life skills you will survive where ever you are without the help of a tribe. We all want the local people, whether they are in Gaalkacayo , Burco or Diinsoor to have access for government services and manage their internal affairs. They should manage their education, health care and local policing. Today's federal out posts are not designed to enhance local services. They are ladders for individual politicians to reach power without realizing the collateral damage they inflict both for his tribe and The Somali people in general. For example, A/weli, the Puntland leader was a former Prime Minister of Somalia. I do not think he chose to lead Puntland to dig water wells, build schools or manage what ever goes between Garoowe and Boosaaaso. Other than the meager resource of the port, which may not even cover the salaries of the civil servants, there are no major revenue producing mechanisms. Last week he announced 45 member cabinet ministers and six dozen members of Parliament. With this kind of top heavy bureaucracy how can any thing reach the local people or services like schools, hospitals and roads. Each one of these men need a convoy of cars and other perks. The main reason Dr. A/weli want to be a big fish in this small pond is to use Puntland as a ladder to reach the high office in Mogadishu. He will not have time for water wells or small village issues, because he will be spending most of his time and energy to build a war chest for 2016. That job needs constant flight to Nairobi, Addis and other places where Somali future leaders are decided. Any resource that comes from the donor countries to improve lives , will be used for campaigning and building alliances. I will not even go to Galmudug, Jubba or other warlord posts that are masquerading as Federal states. Friends these so called federal states will not accomplish any thing meaningful for the average resident. Every where, even in the most advanced democracies, states suppress, diminish, dilute or minimize the tribal and sectarian nature of the politics. That is why they have the democratic or the republican party, not the party of the Germans, the Irish party or the Mexican party. Let these tribal home lands, fron Djibouti to Hargeisa; from Jijiga to Garoowe, and from Hiiraan to Jubba enjoy the honey moon while the patriot is wounded. The great composer said: Ahmed Guray Ma UU Dhiman Ma Gablamin Darwiishkii Geenyadu Ma Daalana Ma af Beelin Gamaski Waxaan Uga Gol Leeyahay Hadii Geesi II Kaco Gayaankayga waan Heli.
  9. Puntland is one of the so called federal administrations and Somaliland is also an autonomous region, Yet we have to see any meaningful and accountable system of government. There are no credible prosecutors or independent judiciary, there are no auditors who save guard public finance. while people every where talk about government corruption and misuse of public funds no one is ever prosecuted for any crime.. There are no public records to register Birth, marriage or death.If you are ever in trouble with the law , your tribe will make a case for your release. Only the poor, the disadvantaged, the thief and common criminals go to jail. If The so called federalism doesn't lead to good governance, justice,rule of law, employment and prosperity, then why promote it. Let us see Puntland. They claim Bari, Nugaal, half of Gaalkacayo and Sool, sanaag and Buuhoodle. Remember Buuhoodle is part of Togdheer. If geography, commerce and human interaction is the logical reason to make a regional administration instead of tribal one, then all Mudug, part of Galgaduud should be part of Puntland. Rather than claim east of Burco, use logic. For 15 years they never built school or hospital. The only visible growth is security forces and private enterprise. Do you think Madoobe and friends will build hospital, improve education or enhance civic rule? Noo. They are here to be called president of a tribal homeland. Every Somali rule in the horn of Africa from Djibouti, to Zone Five, from Hargeisa to Puntland is a place where some body want to be a big fish in a small pound ( dhijaan). If the idea was self rule and distribution of power then start with the management and city governments who are nothing but " jago bixiyeyaal": A very wise Somali intellectual told few years ago, that if the present trend doesn't change you may see four or five independent Somali states who are satellites of the neighboring countries. The so called federalism must be based on geography, commerce, culture, cohesiveness and the future well being of the Somali nation. If these criteria are not fulfilled, then we are building tribal homeland with our own peril.
  10. He is a wise man of peace and reconciliation, Just like suldaan Faysal who did a lot for democracy and rule of law more than anyone else. It is a shame Faysal had to debate with Xirsi Gaab.
  11. I think these Kulmiye bunch are string the pot so much they may create some unforeseen problems. They are trying to change the rules during the game. To remove the speaker of the parliament, they need 55 members or 2/3 majority to vote hin out, now they want to reduce that number to just 50% plus one or 43 members. To amend the constitution you need super majority or 2/3 of the Parliament. Kulimiye had 28, Udub 33, and Ucid 21. Since Udub dissolved their members are for grabs. The news is the ruling party is buying everybody to unseat the speaker and that may not sit well with the public. Another game of the corrupt Kulmiye is to prepare the extension of the term through this corrupt house.These guys have been sitting there since 2005 and they don't mind warming the seat another 10 years. I think they should be dissolved and new election must be called to get people who represent their parties. They don't vote on party line or any thing based on principle.
  12. Mooge, this kind of mentality like Buuraha will eventually cause the fragmentation of Somaliland. They are called Gaas Dhagoole. Does he know if a conflict comes AllAH forbid, the Awdal people won't have to go to Diridhaba like Snm, but they will eat dinner in their Zone five communities and cross here and sleep in their bed at the same night. There are 40 villages which are 10 kilometers from the border. No one can oppress or force people in this day and age. Eventually, if the people of Awdal decides that the Somaliland project is unsustainable and too heavy to bear than, it won't take much to get rid of it.
  13. On the issue of violence and war, it will only make the lives of neighboring communities difficult. If you have the power of the ballot box to change things, you don't need to resort violence. Another point is the people are inter connected (Dadku Way isku Tidcan yihhin). Let me give you an example: my Family from Borama, just told me that one of my sisters just got married to a guy who was attending Amoud University for the last four years for Business Management Degree. They informed me that they are moving to Burco ( The city of the foxy bunch of the east). Another one my Sisters is already married to a guy from Berbera and she told me they live just few hundred meters from Naasahablood mountain in the south west of Hargeisa. As Galbeedi tradition demands, I may even have to guard my language against the Foxy community since they are ( gacal and xidid) now. We the Diaspora are some how out of touch of the reality in our own regions. I believe the whole Somali community is one big Tol and Gacal.That is why I support a peaceful and prosperous Somaliland that must unite with other Somali brothers and once again build a strong, free and independent Somalia. You cannot fight with your own neighbors and find peace in far away places.
  14. Ciidan,Somaliland is not Hargeias and Borama. Some decentralization would go a long way, especially for taxation. Rather than use the old method of Wasaarado, give the money directly to the regions and let them spend on their needs.In every Democracy there are some form of equalization to distribute the taxes collected, otherwise we will end up the old Somalia of the seventies.
  15. Che, the wise man , I think i have yet to learn how to write one single sentences that says all. like you, but I will try. Thanks.
  16. The whole cabinet led by the prime minister was there. The guy was welcomed like a head of state. The speaker was also there. I thing it is a good start. why you guys wish for confrontation.
  17. Miyir, Saaxiib no body is noble among Maryooley, but there is a measuring stick on the issue of power and the threshold one must cross to attain it.. Some would go the extra mile including riding on the back of Sawaaxili or Ethiopian. I am not talking about "Jabhadihii". Look the Kacaan Community had the opportunity to bring Ethiopia or Kenya. They had the man power and geographical proximity on both, yet , they decided to exercise what ever Somali muscle they had rather than introduce a foreign power to a country that is desperate for Somali rule. Also throughout Somali history, I know a warlord will never bring peace or prosperity. I don't mind if you bring prof. Gaandhi to run it, at least he is a decent man.
  18. This problems are getting bigger by the day. Even the number two man in Wadani (the vice presidential candidate for the party) Muumin Seed said that there is hardship in Awdal, especially in the coastal area. He said there is no one single project initiated in the region. people do not mind if if citizens in Hargeisa or Burco build their lot with their ingenuity and business know how, what they resent is millions are donated by the international community and nothing is coming in their way. During Egal or Rayaale times, there wasn't much either but at least people were running their local government. Today not only the governor is from Burco but the majority of security and civil servants in the region are from outside Awdal. Also when you have half million people with no private commercial activity or government projects, or any other incentives , they will become desperate. Every thing they have is built by the people . From city water, to hospitals and roads. not only Awdal, but also the western regions like Gebiley, Wajaale and Kalabaydh are getting hopeless. At the same time I believe this Kulmiye guys could be defeated with ballot box. As long as the guy is coming to you for a vote, you can vote him out. I believe those disgruntled Awdalites must vote for the opposition.
  19. Mr Howd, unlike most Landers I always follow the money. The most important reason that most of the Somaliland youth are crossing the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean sea is for the green buck ( dollar). I don't know about you, but for me a million dollar is a lot of money.Most of these figures are announced in the media by the ministers themselves or are available . I know Djibouti and others receive large amount of foreign aid, in fact Djibouti gets money from multiple donors including Iran and Arab countries. The question here is, where the money is going. for 3 1/2 years they never built a hospital, School, Water wells or thirty kilometer of road. If you go to donors and ask money for sanitation, education and roads , you better use the money for those reasons.
  20. Look, the Gedo community, regardless of what dictator Siyaad Barre did are a nationalist community. In the south west of Somalia, they are the vanguards of the land. Without them, Kenya could have annexed Jubbaland long time ago.In the nineties they prevented Warlord Morgan, who was aided by Ethiopia to put up shop in Kismayo. Saaxiib, the issue is not Qabiil but the future survival of the country. We all know the era of the warlords is gone, how come a known warlord who was member of al-shabaab and companion of Aways is ruling the land. If Indhacade becomes a governor , all of you will call him names but not one of your own. These are the same guys who called Muuse Suudi, Al-Xaaji Suudi when he was against Abdul Qasim.
  21. I hate to disrupt the party but, this minister is misleading people or lying. What Somaliland lacks is loans from international lenders not foreign aid. It doesn't take much to figure out how much direct and indirect aid Somaliland is getting from donor countries, NGO's and United Nations Development Agencies. Since the July 2011, this government got direct aid from different countries. !- 28 millions from EU for water improvements. 2- 10 million from Kuwait for Airport improvements. 3- 19 million from UAE for road contractions. 4- 30 million from Britain, from European Somali fund 5- 4.8 million from government of Denmark. 6- 25 million from money raised by Turkey people for Somalia. 7- 1.8 million from US aid for local enhancement. 8- 2.9 million from U S for the training of anti terror force called RRu. 9- 6.5 million fro inter peace for the municipal elections. 10- 5 million for the prison management of Somali pirates captured in the high seas housed in Somaliland. Add that, the 119 international NGO' who are based in hargeisa. If each one of them spends $ 1.2 million a year, that will make it almost 140 million and that is Conservative estimate. All the pick up trucks and cars operated by the police is donated by the UNDP. Remember the elections has to be postponed because the money from Inter Peace and others was missing. give me a break. This numbers are conservative estimates because there are more money that comes from France and other places. How about giving that money three cities how will they look. or distribute to the cities of Somaliland for Sanitation, roads and education. Mr. lying minister please give me a break.
  22. During A/laahi Yusus's term, the idea of Six South West State was discussed both in Baidoa and Puntland. The revolution community in Gedo could be a junior partner, so is the Water Maal. By far, they are the largest in these region. If you combine The Jareer Wayne, D & M, Water Maal , Gedo community, and many others, they could easily form the super majority of the population. The biggest hurdle that can prevent is the foreign powers, especially the neighboring countries. Without their blessing, No Somali entity is capable of organizing and setting up any meaningful system without the help of their proxies. Constant quarrel (Isqabqabsi) makes it impossible. They need the Master with a big stick to put them in line. Do you think Prof. Gaandhi would have accepted a Jubba run by a warlord Madoobe? No. It is not up to the attendees of the "shir"in Baiddoa who will eventually decide the so called six states.
  23. I thought the Bay& Bakool guys are working on the formation of six federal states, including Jubada Hoose. There are people who believe that as soon as the Kenyan troops leave the land, the inter-river people and their allies will take over Jubba.