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Found 20 results

  1. War deg deg ah: Daawo Agaasime Wasaarada Amniga Puntland ka tirsan oo siro Badan soo bandhigay. Wasiir Cabadisamad Galan lagac jacaylka waa ku ogaa lakin inuu fadeexadaas gelayo manogayn , Arintaani waa mid ka jirta wasaarada ha Puntland oo dhan M.FACEBOOK.COM War deg deg ah: Daawo Agaasime Wasaarada Amniga Puntland ka tirsan oo siro Badan soo bandhigay. Wasiir Cabadisamad Galan lagac...
  2. Basically they allege the FSG gave the money to Muuse Biixi directly to instigate instability in "SSC". is this jealousy or something else?!! [Baroortu Orgiga ka wayn].
  4. This Could be Fake News; but interesting otherwise.
  6. H.E Mohamed Abdi Hashi,  former President of Puntland -THE ONLY WAY TO PEACE IN NORTHERN SOMALIA
  7. From the creation of Puntland in 1998, there were two groups with conflicting thoughts To include SOOL and SANAAG, and Cayn in Puntland ( Abdullahi Yusuf camp) or Not to include, and leave former British SOMALILAND regions undisturbed, (Faroole and others) FAROOLE , , and many others, still alive, and current Puntland politicians believed SOOL and SANAAG, Cayn, should NEVER be included in Puntland, to the point FAROOLE angrily left the conference in 1998,and gave interview with his objection to BBC, that is after Abdullahi Yusuf camp won, and decide to include SOOL and SANAAG and Cayn. During Abdullahi Yusuf , he was more of a uniter, and SL would not dare to attack SOOL. Many years later Faroole became the president of Puntland, still has not changed his belief, and worked closely with SL, undermine Khaatumo, QAWda maqashi waxna ha u qaban style. Shortly, after Faroole left office, he was welcomed with with red carpet in Hargeisa. why would any Puntland former President ever deserve such welcoming? Now close cousin of Faroole, Mohamed Haji Adan discussed this interview, he dared to say more , than Faroole can say publicly. This is still an issue in Puntland, and will be one of the many reasons, Puntland may not go to war in Tukaraq. At the end of the day, the group that has local support will win, and even though Khaatumo community gets big share in Puntland, for some reason that does not translate to much support, like Faratoon can deliver from JS. Here is the interview.
  8. Nabadoonada Puntland oo kaso horjeestay Shirkada Maamulaysa Dekeda Boosaso
  9. niyoow that is a big blow. maxamed abshir was a legendary Puntlander and I can assure you Puntland lost a great one. alahu naxariiso. RIP