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  1. Ministers visited Laascaanood without incident before. This warancadde guy just looks like Morgan and INdhacade. Rather than reassure the residents of Laascaanood for stability and peace, he is welding machine gun. By the way this is the guy who destroyed UDUB party because of his bad politics, then joined Wadani Party. He probably found his own dysfunctional party in Kulmiye.
  2. I do not see any legitimate reason to remove Tarzan. Those who did good things must be rewarded. He doesn't want any body else to shine in the limelight. The President is in the news almost everyday. Look what Tarzan did for the last 12 months. He introduced city traffic lights, night life and amenities; he brought former Waaberi stars to Mogadishu to lift the moral of the populace and openly challenged the Hag elders to rid militants among them. While the Tarzan caravan is moving forward, the Federal government is in quagmire since October. By the way, he is not the first successful leader eliminated by Qoslaaye. First he fired Dhagabadan, the most successful Somali commander in chief of the army for the last 25 years and replaced to incompetent commander, second he fired Diini the man who disrupted Shabaab workshops and brought the war to the extremists. This man captured more EIds( improvised explosive devices) than any one else. \ Why, Why?.
  3. Geedi is free from tribalism, He may even crush his own Unaka if they go against the state, but he has a lot of baggage. He was the first Somali leader along A/laahi Yusuf, who introduced foreign troops in Somali soil. In 1978 when A/laahi was asked " how can you join Ethiopia which we fought six months ago with our wounded solders still in hospital?. HEe said " Siyaad Barre Shaydaan Xataa vaan U soo Kaxaysan". Geedi has a lot of enemies, he will face fierce opposition, and eventually, he will spill a lot of blood. We don't him. Finally he is one of those leaders who will only come to power on the back of foreign tank, this time Kenyan tank.
  4. There are some good men who have achieved something before like, Godax Barre, who even fought Sheekh Shariif when he appointed a warlord governor for Hiiraan, and Abdiraxman Bayle is a successful technocrat. here some of his songs he composed in 2006: Qaylo Dhaan: A dialogue between the Somali Flag and Dr. Abdirahman Beileh By Abdirahman Beileh December 08, 2007 Print Friendly Dear Folks, I would like to share with you this short note as a preamble to the song attached below called Qaylo Dhaan. Qaylo Dhaan is a culmination of a long dialogue, over a period of about 14-15 years, between the Somali flag (the Blue one with the white star in the middle) and Dr. Abdirahman Beileh (myself). This dialogue was taking place, intermittently, during occasions of important international/regional meetings, conferences, and summits where high level national representatives from Africa and from relevant institutions, seated gracefully behind their national flags, debated national issues and promoted their own respective interests. The dialogue took place in these meetings when the two of us met representing two different entities, the Flag representing the Somali Republic and me representing the institution I work for (the African Development Bank). In these meetings, I often delivered statements and/or participated in discussions on behalf of the Bank. During the deliberations of each of these conferences, we would, once in a while, have eye contacts with the occasional nod or two signifying recognition of each other’s presence. The Flag would always be sitting there quietly and desolately, squeezed and barely noticeable, between the Rwandan delegation on the left, and that of South Africa on the right. You have to look hard to recognize its existence, especially as the seat is always empty. During the earlier years, say 1994 to just about 1999, various groups would show up, each one claiming the right to occupy the seat, with sometimes a scuffle or two between them over the seat, and in the process violently damaging both the flag and the chair. The organizers would then arrive, with security personnel, and decidedly order all groups to leave the premises. The flag would then be folded up and put away with the chair moved to a remote corner somewhere outside the debate area. This normally happened when such important meetings took place somewhere in the Horn. More recently, however, the look on the face of the flag and the eye contact have appeared noticeably much more hostile towards me than before, to an extent that it made me nervous at the podium delivering a prepared statement or during my participation in discussions. He often frowned at me with visible anger and disdain towards me. I first noticed this in the Food Security conference held by the African Ministers of Agriculture and Water in Libreville Gabon on November 28-29 2006. In this conference, I spoke about what the African Development can do to assist African countries in their efforts towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals on Food and Poverty reduction. The flag’s gaze at me was so intense that I had to disguise my discomfort by taking frequent sips of water with short coughs! I succeeded to restrain myself and the meeting was concluded without any physical contact between us. I occasionally concluded that this was harassment and that I should perhaps draw it to the attention of the organizers. But then, the better part of me commanded that I gave more credence to our blood ties, and thus I should refrain from taking any action against Him. After the conclusion of this meeting, all delegations participating in the Libreville Conference moved to Abuja Nigeria, where Heads of State Summit was convened on December 4th and 5th 2006 to deliberate on and endorse the outcome of the Libreville Ministerial meeting. There we met again! But this time, because of the expectation of a Head of State, the Flag was mightier in size and more imposing. In addition, the Somali delegation (supposedly led by the head of state) was seated very close to the podium and the high table. As I took a position at the high table, I immediately faced the all-imposing blue flag with the big white, and very bright star, right on my left shoulder looking at me as more disdainful to me as ever. This session was not a very productive one for me but, at least, I made an effort to concentrate on what I had to say. Within this session, I decided that as soon the session broke for coffee, I would politely approach Him and ask him what sort of problems He had with me! So I did! as soon as the Chairman, adjourned the session, I got up and directly walked up to Him, very nervously, not knowing what His reaction would be towards me. I quietly shook his hand and hastened to assure Him that I was not there to fight Him like the others in the past, but simply came to say hello! As I sat down with him, we were joined by two ladies who later on told us they were refugees living in Abuja but recruited temporarily to assist in the organization of the meeting. We all talked and confirmed our origins to each other all speaking in the language: iska warrama? Waa nabade idinkuna? Alla mahaddii and so on and so forth.. I then said “ But, Flag, we have been meeting over the years without talking to each other”…” I am happy that we now started talking to each other”…. “Let me just ask you…” And this song then started expressing these feelings. The ladies also took part in the song!! QAYLO-DHAAN Beydkii koobaad Dr. Beileh (1) Calanyohow qanddoodaa Sida qaanso roobaad Amma kaynta qadawgoo Inta uu qayood helay illimuhu qulqulayaan quruxdaadu badanaa maxaa qiimo kugu ladhan in aad qaayo leedahay qalbigaygu kula jiro anaa kuu qiraayoo naftu kuu qushuucdee bal qabsoo ha yeeshee qambaruursigaagiyo isha qoodha daymada igu soo qallocdiyo qoolaabnidaadaa qulub igu abuurtoo igu dhalisay qarowgee anaa kuu qareen ehe maxaan ku qabtaa sheeg Calanka (1) waxan qoomameeyaa weli quuddarreeyaa qun-u-dhalasadaydii ballantii ad qaaddiyo qorshahaan samaynniyo hilbahaygan kala qalan quruxdiyo hankaygii qolqollada magaalada waxan qoorta fidinjiray xiddigaha ku qaydnnaa qarinjiray daruuraha hadba laanta qawlka ah qoollaalligaygii debintoon qaniiniyo ma qaxootibay xigay maxaad haatan ii qaban ma adaan ikala qubin qudhu ha’iga socotoo maruun aan qarsoomee qarka ma’iska tuuraa Hoorintii Hablaha calankan qaayaha lahoow qudhada badhkeediyoow waxaan kuu qabo jacayl qiyaas kuma koobi karo hadday caanuhu qubtaan illayn dabadood la qabay waxaan diray qaylo-dhaan saadaal wacan baan qabaa sidaa ku-calool qabow Beytkii Labaad Dr. Beileh (2) shirkan qaabka loo wacay qasdigiisu uu yahay quruumaha adduunyadu danahooda qaaska ah in ay wada qorsheeyaan qaadaa-dhigaan talo arrimo isla qaataan qaran jira in aad tahay hadday kugu qiyaaseen sidaa kugu qadariyeen madal kugu qotomiyeen haddaad qaawantahay weli qaladkooda maahee waxa guuldarrada qaba qoolkuna dulsudhanyahay qoonkaad u dhalatee qaybsani ka doorbiday qarannimada wadareed garoo qoontu waa taa maxaan kuu qabtaa sheeg Calankii (2) Qaran jabay miyaan ahay! Waxaan beero qodanjiray Quudinjiray adduunyada Qaddarkay* ma liicoo Qayrkay ma tuugsaday Qaraamaad ma urursady Qacda waranka feedaha Qaniinyada halka I mudan Weli maan qandhaysnahay! Sida qaanso oo kale Ma u soo qallocasamay Qufac ioy xanuun iyo miyaan qaaxo weheshaday ma qaxootigiibaa bahaluhu ku quutaan! maxaad haatan ii qaban ma adaan ikala qubin qudhu ha’iga socotoo maruun aaan qarsoomee qarka ma’iska tuuraa Hoorintii habalaha calankan qaayaha lahoow qudhada badhkeediyoow waxaan kuu qabo jacayl qiyaas kuma koobi karo hadday caanuhu qubtaan illayn dabadood la qabay waxaan diray qaylo-dhaan saadaal wacan baan qabaa sidaa ku-calool qabow Beytkii 3aad Dr.Beileh (3) wax la yidhi qiyaamuhu marka uu qariib yahay qaab lagu gartaa jira hadal aad ku qanacdiyo qiso aan ku siiyoon kuu qaboojo laabtee qun-u-dhalashadaadii nimankii ku qaabbilay qalbigooga kuu furay kuwii dhiigga kuu qubay kuu qaaday heesaha qof hadduu ka noolyahay sedan uma qatalanteen qaawanaan ma mudateen ilmo kaama qubateen qawyada majebiseen qandho iyo xanuun iyo jirro kuma qardoofteen anaa kuu qareen ehe mxaan kuu qabtaa sheeg Calankii (3) qoran weeyi geeridu qofna waari maayee qabri lama huraayee haddii qaamudkood galay qiso ma aha yeeblee maxaa qaatay ubixii? qalinkiyo tawaaddii? qorijirey ummuuraha qarankiyo dadkisii qarada iyo laxaadkii quwaddiyo itaalkii la’igu wada qaddarinjiray qoomiyad jacaylkii Qarshe iyo dirkiisii qasiidooyinkoodii qawlkii halyeygii qammaammuurtii waberi qabanqaabadoodii maxa qaatay ee helay? miyay iga qatoobeen? Hoorintii habalaha calankan qaayaha lahoow qudhada badhkeediyoow waxaan kuu qabo jacayl qiyaas kuma koobi karo hadday caanuhu qubtaan illayn dabadood la qabay waxaan diray qaylo-dhaan saadaal wacan baan qabaa sidaa ku-calool qab Beytkii afraad Dr. Beileh (4) Talo wey qallibantoo waxa qaatay beledkii qasnadihii la oogsaday qawleysataa timid yamyam iyo qadaad weyn quraafaadka beenta ah qaybqaybta maahda ah qalbiyada daciifka ah ku qadhaabanaysoo qofna aan canyn iyo ilma qaabaqowsyeyn qisadeennu waa taas waxan kugu qancinayaa qiil kaaga dhigayaa in kastooy qadhaadhahay Qadder weeye eebbee inaad qaadataa furan anaa kuu qareenoo kula qaadi heestii maxaan ku qabytaa sheeg Calankii (4) waxaan quudhsanjirey beri, ka qashaafijiray hore qasab ma igu noqotoo dani ma igu qabatoo dullinimo ma qaayibay ! qayrkay ma tuugsaday! ma hantiyay cad* (hilib) quudheed Qacda waranka feedaha Qaniinyada halka i mudan Weli maan qandhaysnahay! Waabay qadhaadh iyo ma qantuugay jahanama wakhtigaa is qallibayee anay qoontu igu taal maxaad haatan ii qaban ma adaan ikala qubin qudhu ha’iga socotoo maruun aaan qarsoomee qarka ma’iska tuuraa Hoorintii habalaha calankan qaayaha lahoow qudheyda badhkeediyoow intaan kuu qabo jacayl qiyaas kuma koobi karo hadday caanuhu qubtaan illayn dabadood la qabay waxxa diray qaylo dhaan aadaal waxcan baan qabaa sidaa ku-calool qabow Dr. Abdirahman Beileh Email: -----------------------------------------------
  5. Waxaa waajib ah hadii muran iyo isqabqabsi cusub bilawdo , in Madaxweynahan iyo Raiisul Wasaaruhu aysan kala hadhi doonin markan. Baarlamaanka waxa ku bwaajib ah in uu xaaladan cusub ee keentay in 37 maalmood qaadato in la soo xulo wassiro , ay thay mid uu keenay madaxweynaha oo farabaas ku haya Raiisuwasaarha. sidaa darteed hadii ay dhacdo un kooxdiisu olole ka bilaabaan baarlamaanka , waa in labadaba is raacaan. AQoslaye ha ogaado in uusan ka hari doonin markaan.
  6. Some of these issues could have been handled by a technical committees instead of Ministers talking for the sake of talking. Did you hear that they do not even have organized agenda yo discuss. All they need is two capable men to sit and push the agenda, but there are no trust among the Somaliand ministers. They don't allow the foreign minister to conduct the negotiations, that is why Hirsi is the one leading.
  7. The problem is the system. What can the Prime Minister do? you have Shariif Sakiin fighting for the defence minister, you have Jawaari bringing his block; you have Siilaanyo pushing his cousins, add that to Damjadiid and other special interest groups. the defence could have been given to professional solders. The media were called yesterday around five pm, yet they announced at 2am. This tells that the guy was fighting four different groups.
  8. Maybe I am wrong on the list but, I saw the Damjadiid Heavy weights were not there. C/xakiin Guuleed was no longer in charge of interior, Fowsiya is gone, Faqi the weak defence Minister is gone. I hope most of the list is from the prime Minister. I HEARD the Prime Minister was almost resigned. Cadale want every thing including the Capital. He is probably the new young USC.
  9. IR Heestii Doobir By Dr.Abdirahman Beileh October 12, 2012 Duulitaanki shalay Douala iyo France Tunis oo ka dambaysay Diyaaraddii cammirrayd Ummaddu ay daf ahayd Illaa daakhilka buuxday Dardartii socodkii Dadku ay farxad weyn iyo Sheeko deeddamayeen Durdurkii hadalkii Kursigii iga dambbeeyey Iyo kii dacalkayga Dawladaa ku shiraayey Dadweynay ka hadleen Hal-doorkii ka dhammaayoo Digo-xaadh la marshay Doonni bay ka hadlleen Ku dayowday badweyn Dhakhalka iyo shiraaca Dabaylo ay lulayaan iyo Injiinkii is-duqeeyey oo Dalambaabi dhacaysa Dooddii ay dhex-galeen iyo waxay dowddabayeen ee Dhegahayga ku duulaybaa Igu daaray kulayl oo Boogtaydii darsanaysay Damqay oo i xanuunshay oo Dammiirkayga dhaqaajay oo Hurdadii wey iga duushay oo Anigoo dirgan waayey iyo Dibinta oo aan qaniiniyo Dirqi baan ku socday Horaad taa ugu daashee Dug intaad ka tidhaahdo Gacmahaaga ka duubo oo Danahaaga ka raacana Naftaydii igu diidday oo Inaan dood ka idhaah Debnahay cuncunaaya Dulqaadkaan waayo lahaana Daaddays baan ku xabaalay oo Dushaan oodo ka saaray oo Dib u soo noqon maayo Diyaar baan ahay caawa Ciidan baan dumayaa Dacwad baan furayaa oo Dagaalb baan ridayaa Daadb baan soo rogayaa Bulshadaa kala daadsanee Fadhataystay dugaagu ee Sida lo'da dammaanka Afmiishaarku dillaalay ee Dirqi uu ku xaraashay ee Ciddu doono ka iibshay baan Wax u deydayayaa yoo Dadaal baan ku jiraa Danyar bay korisoo Dugsigii la I geeyey iyo Sidii lay dabajoogay baan Daynkoodii bixiyaa Darteed baan u mlaeegtay Calankaa degta saartayna Daacad baa u hoggaan ah Afartaa dood furiddeed iyo Arraartaydii ku daa Darandoorriga heesta Durduraa geel ku jabaa e doobir ii dheh abaadir waxa ta aka dambaysa Ninkii daarta cad fuulay ee daruurtii arkay waayey ee Iyaduuo da’ay roob oo Dunidoo dhan asqeeyey Duufaanno ay dhacayaan Isagu daaradda seexday Alla doonni ka saar Daranaa caqligiisu Ma dameero jin baa? Digaa hoosta ka nool eh Inta aan dambaskeedu Sii dambaaburo heesin Ku hullaaqin degaanka maan dagaagaro heesta Ha dabbaalo dhuflaysoo Digdigteediyio reenka Dadwaynu ha ku toosee Dawga maan u tilmaamo Durbaankii abtigay (Timacadde) Doobtiisii ku codeeyoo “Daaddah” maan ku idhaahdo Deellaybaa curanaysee Waxa ay ku dambayso Anna maan durrujaaga Intaan xaabo u doono Dusha geedo ka saaro Roobka noo da’ay maanta Ku darrooray agteenna Isla doonasho Eebbe Daruur heedhe ka weynoo Kani waa daldhaammeeye Daad buu soo rogayaa e Dantii haw mulacyeeyoo Cudurka inna dulleeyey (qabyaalad) Danaheenna ku seegnnay iyo Daafka ha innaga maydho Halkuu doono ha aadee Miyaan daaradda mooso Miyaan daadka isdhaafsho Wuxuu doono qaadee Daafta maan ka istaago Da’yar baa qatanaydoo Habka diinka sidiisa Daymadayda ku noole Miyaan dowliska qaato Degelkoo leh barwaaqo Ku dareeriyo beesha Dukeeyoo iska daafay Tu kalaa ka dambbaysa Darandoorriga heesta Durduraa geel ku jabaae Doobir ii dheh abaadir Dabnahaa I cuncunaayee Haddii aan dib u laabto Maahmaahdii dura sheego Dulucdeedu ahayd Markuu doono Raxmaanku Dameeraa dhala weylo Kor baa daad u kacaa Dilaa weeye yaxaase Isaga oo dam ku siistay Dalqadiisa ku geystay baa Dabaylo isbeddelaan ood Dib u soo noqotaa oo Dabadeed talisaa Waxa taas u daliil ah Dadaalkaan u dhammayn Dayrkii aaynnu yaglleellay Arrintii aan ku Ducaynnay Degelkii xaabka la’aa Duruuftiisu adkayd qofkastaaba ka dayrshay Hasheennii dergan weyday Dhaafiweyday duleedka Ilayskaynnu ku daarnnay iyo Halka uu ku dambbeeyey Doorka aad ka ciyaartay kaalay oo ila daawo Dalaggii aynnu fajaasnay Miraalaa ku darrooray Damta heedhe ka saaray Ku bashiishtay diraacdan Xareed baa la durduurtay Dunidii ku badhaadhay Buurihii deddanaa ee Dabayshu ay balfinaysay Cadceeddii ka darrayd ee Haddii aad ku yar daahdo Ku dubaysay dhammaan ee Dusha kaa murxinaysay Diirka kaa muldhinaysay Barwaaqaa ka dambbeesay Dalkii xabka la’aa Naflaydydu ay kay didaysay Dunidii way is beddeshay oo Daaraha is hadheeyey Markaa waagu dillaaco Loo dareero iskuulka Illaa fiid dabadiisa Marka laydhka la daaro Damaanshaadka dhacaaya Dareenkaa ku dhaqaaqa Durba waad garataa In aan daw cagta saarnay Dibna loo noqonayn Dawaaf baan ku jirnaa oo Dantay baan u maleegtay oo Calanakaan degta saratay 00 Waan ducaysanayaaye Doobir ii dheh abaadir Mid kalaa ka dambbaysa Ragga daabbad jaraystow Dumarkyo iyo carruurtow Dariiqaynnu astaynnay Wixii daal inna gaadhay Wixii geedka duleedka Odayaal ku dardaarmay Dib intaan u jalleecnno Intaad daafaha eegnno Shalayto iyo dorraad Deris weyn ha noqdaan Noo ileeya dariiqa Dalandoolka hayaanka Marka awrku dakaamo Jidhku uu dubayoobo Afku uu hadal daayo Daran-doorri- ku maal iyo doobigoo xoorku caleeyo Wanaagabaa ka dambbeeyee Dub-adayg iyo fiiro Dulqaad ha inna hogaansho Qofka dooddan maqllaaya ee Dulucdeeda fahmaayee Jidhku uu damqanwaay ee Halka daabbad marysso Daymoodee iska dhaafay Ka digiigixan waayey Dhegihiisa dabooshay Muxuu yahay Alla doori? Kuwii doonta shiraacday Dirir xooggan habeeyey dantoodii ku labeeyey In ay daawo galaan Dulqaadka iyo hannaanka Inay daacad yihiin Diyaar hawl u yihiin Socodaal dheer dalbadeen Wallee daah kuma qaydna Afartaa run u daa Tu kalaa ka dambbaysa Darandoorriga heesta Durduraa geel ku jabaae Doobir ii dheh abaadir Doqonbaa warwareegtoo Meelo dheer wax-ka-doontoo Hadal aan dux lahayn iyo Duu-daa-daa ku wareertoo Kugu daalisa hawle Anoon dhaafin duleedka Durba ma idin qaboojay? Ma idin deeqay warkaygu? Dareen maydinku beeray? Ma dubaaxiyay jiidhku? Masakaxdiinnu ma diirtay? Haddii uu dirir hooray Dal dhammeeye hillacay Degelkoo dhan asiibay Daayinkii na abuuray Farriimahaan u dirannay Ducadeenni ajiibay Dadaalkeennii midhaystay Dugsigeennii Gebeed Daakiraadda allaylka Marka diiggu dhawaaqo Illaa fiid dabadii Dam cadeeddu tidhaahdo Duruustii soconayso Dhallinteennii dayowday ee Sida duunyada fooftay Ilaahbaynna dilaayee Habka diinka sidiisa Dubkoodii jidhifaysaty Hadday maanta duruus Climigii dihanaa Ka durduurnayaan Faraskii ina daabbad Ee daddaabba xidhnnaa Ha dawaafo adduunka Dantii ha xarragoodo Waxaan sheeko ku daayey Ku soo duubay warkaygan Dambbibaannu samaynnay Daa’imoow naga maydh Dadaal baan ku jirnnaa yoo Daa’imo iyo carruuriyo Danyarbaa na sugaysee Allow dawga hagaasan Aammiiin Dr. Abdirahman Beileh E-Mail: _________
  10. Saaxiib, it doesn't matter, we didn't had a minister for the last government yet I supported them to succeed. By the way we always send the most qualified people not the losers. The number is big, but that is the only way to do in a fragmented country. The only positive thing is this Prime Minister stood his ground against the President. If he fails, he won't blame any but himself, so let us wait. Tarzan is mad. He was really disrespected, how can you nominate the star of Mogadishu as deputy Minister? . I think President Hassan wanted to low blow him. Unacceptable. Rather than put him in higher level for his effort, they are demoting him. Why?
  11. Malister, there are three Northern Ministers. Ridwaan Hirsi, the deputy minister is Islaax, Jamac Oday is former organizer for Kulmiye party who was director of Finance ministry, and finally A/rahman Bayle is an executive from African Development Bank for the last fifteen years, he is based in Tunis. He has PHD in economics.I heard he has overseen some development aid both for Somalia and Somaliland. Unlike Samatar he is a fierce Somali Nationalist who composed some Somali Lyrics and songs. Calankan qaayaha lahoow qudheyda badhkeediyoow intaan kuu qabo jacayl qiyaas kuma koobi karo hadday caanuhu qubtaan illayn dabadood la qabay waxaan diray qaylo dhaan Saadaal wacan baan qabaa sidaa ku-calool qabow ……. Dr. Abdirahman Bayle
  12. Cadale, Maxaa ku gubaya saaxiib. This government is handpicked by the Prime minister.He picked a new foreign minister, he brought Godax Barre who was a capable minister under former PM c/weli Gaas's government as Interior minister, and Haamud who is experienced politician as the new defense minister. Although Fowsiya has done a great job during her tenure, she became active member of DamuJadiid. Also. Most of the communities are represented.I think this Prime Minister is in charge of this Cabinet. Damjadiid is not anymore change of Arrimaha Gudaha, Difaaca iyo Arrimaha Dibeda. Let us see what this man and his abinet can achieve in one year.
  13. Nuune, please don't make these people the target of Al-shabaab. Intaas in aad hdaanta ayaan moodaayey. do you know how many people, especially those who left from the diaspora have been targeted as foreign agents and people who are not in tune with Islam. your reckless pronouncements will endanger the lives of many innocent people.
  14. nothing is save from the greed of the government cronies. In Hargeisa airport , the Aviation minister is contracting out the airport taxi business to a wealth group to pick and drop people from the airport. I do not understand why any one would like to deprive these small cab drivers to their daily living. If there is complain about their service, improve it but do not terminate them. that is there is a demonstration going on in the airport as we speak.
  15. The President can't have both ways. He proclaimed loudly the failure of the last cabinet when was demanding the resignation of Prime minister Saacid- who left in honorable manner-- and now he want them back, Unacceeptbl......
  16. The system it self makes difficult to reconcile the powers. The president have nothing else to do other than influence the make up of the cabinet, on the other hand the Prime minister must have his own program to succeed. For the Prime minister to present any meaningful change, he must appoint at least one or two new faces in the major portfolios like Defense, interior or foreign policy. Hassan sheekh knew last year the big guns who could have shaken the system were their yet he ignored. people like Samatar, Baadiyow, Yusuf Garaad, Cali khaliif, Gaandhi, Khalii Jamma and others. If the list that I saw is true, they are all newbies.
  17. most of the moves Siilaanyo does creates problems. The mayor of Burco used to be from the west burco community and the governor from the East, now a new mayor was elected from the east burco by vote. a new governor from Hargeisa who was arrested and sentenced for stealing food aid was transferred to Togdheer after he was pardoned by Siilaanyo. By removing the police chief the west community doesn't have mayor, governor or police chief in their own city and region. people feel dominated and overwhelmed.
  18. Talaabo is the most logical, by giving this direct answer, you will know how he will votes.
  19. Regions should be based in geography, economy and the cohesiveness of the Somali State and people in general. How can somebody from Buuhoodle, which is west of Burco, Togdheer be part of Puntland while Hobyo, which share both Geography and commerce with rest of Puntland is not. The people in Sanaag can travel to Boosaaso within three hours to sell and export their livestock and agricultural products instead of traveling to Berbera for day and half. It does not make sense.This 4.5 and the Clan federalism must be changed.The Galmudug people should be part of Puntland. It is the most Logical.
  20. clan federalism does not work. It was A/raxman Badiyow, Mohamed Abshir and others, with blessing of Ethiopia, who created in Djibouti with help of Cumar Geele. There are small Communities who does not make a majority of one district, yet they have three members in Parliament. Here in the forum some times we say things in hyperbole manners the reality is obscured. Che said is there any body who lived in Shabeelaha Hoose. I was a teacher seving national service after high school, and was based in Wanla Weyn. I also visited Qoryoolay, marka, and Afgooye. In wanla weyn, I never met any body from Watermall who are mostly live in Marka Janaale and other regions. Most of the residents of Wanla Weyn region were: RRa,, Garre (the beareded community) with large camels and G lovers. The G lovers extend from Hiiraan to Wanla Wayn and Jubooyinka. They probably have two or three in the Parliament. Do you know the Cumar Geele Community who dominate Djibouti have one single member in the Somaliland Parliament and Eight in the Federal parliament. look at Boosaaso with hundreds of thousands of people yet they got two or three members.This guy in the video says the D&m are allies because they created a political party together, is that a case for forcing people to the rule of RRA. Let every one contest his own district, then we shall see who is the majority.The Caydiid group live in Gaalkacayo, Hobyo, Xaradheere, guriceel, with tens of thousands in Mogadhisho and Shabeelaha, yet they got two members in the Parliament. to be fare the HAG, is disadvantaged in the federal parliament. In the C/laahi Yusuf Government which based it's cabinet in 4.5 the D&M got eight ministers. how can people the M, Bay and Bakool got five and the D in Shabeelaha got three. This whole federalism project must be looked carefully..
  21. Okay, then maybe we should revisit these idea of federalism which pushes people without their consent. why not leave the Shabeelaha hoose , hiiraan or any other region to stand by it self. Dadka in la isku qasbo ma' ahan. There are more d&m in jubba and Gedo than shabeelaha. how about Cumar c/rashiid Sharmaarke who is from puntland is one of the leading founders of Jubba. Maxaa ii diidaya aniga shabeelaha hoose since my cousins live there.
  22. Cadale, you are right I did miss this video. The closest city for M is Baydhabo and Buurhakabo yet they want to rule Marka Cadeey. If that is the case, then I have a legitimate claim to Janaale, since I am from Awdal and the Waterrmaal are my blood cousins. Shabeelaha hoose is much closer to Benadir than Bakool.
  23. I agree, The Watermaal and the Somali Jecel groups fought the Italians in most of Benadir, Marka, WArshiiq,and Lafoole . Thousans of fighters died in those battles, especially in Lafoole in 1924. The Italians were welcomed in Hobyo region controlled by a traitor called Ali Yusuf who originated from Puntland. If we look back history just over one century, during the colonial era many groups could be shamed.
  24. while every one in Africa, Asia and Mideast was in the shackles of colonial yoke, the Darwish was in action 1901. That was one of the oldest freedom movements in Africa. Xaaji give the Darwish his dues as a Somali Nationalist icon, and please don't forget his place in the Somali literature.
  25. Are you out of your mind? Al-nusra, Boco Haram and Al-shabaab are all Salafis. Al-Nusra considers Iran Kufaar. The Syrian Islamist are funded by the Saudis, everybody knows.