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  1. Alpha ,please keep updating these thread. We are witnessing a history as we speak. All the same. greed, corruption and despotism in action.
  2. Before the introduction of the colonials in the coastal area, Zaylac was a city inhabited by Indians, Arabs, Oromos and Somalis. Probably, some of these lyrics are a mix of languages. I remember growing up the " reer Zaylac were different from other people. In Borama, when there was a wedding or a party, you must call Dumarka Reer Zaylac, so they could cook their special foods and preform the folklore dance.
  3. Sister Safferz, thanks for uploading this rich culture. I met Allah ha u naxariistee Maryan Omar in the summer of 2008 in Ottawa, Canada. I went there for the commemoration of late Hassan Sheekh Muumin, one of the greatest playwright and composer of Somali culture. She was probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She was a soft spoken women of abundant grace. She had literally thousands of Somali Suugaan from 1950 to date. She passed in 2012.
  4. I think farah is a good man. Some times he he goes over the top. Mr. Malister please bring the full video of his speech. When he was talking about Mogadishu , he was quoting a conversation he had with one of the leaders of jubba. This video is totally selective and out of the main context of his speech.
  5. Another main issue is Al-shabaab is vehemently against foreign troops coming to Somalia, which is their main stated goal of attacking the federal Government. So far there were no foreign troops in Somaliland coming from the neighboring countries. Another reason is Ahmed Siilaanyo is very careful of greeting close to ethiopia. that could be probably some of the reasons that al-shabaab refrained from Attacking Somaliland.
  6. I do not think Somaliland supports Al-shabaab. It will be suicidal to do so. The international community have a big ear and connections to sift intelligence. Having said that I do believe there were truce between the ruling Kulmiye and Al-shabaab in the early years when they came to power or some kind of connection in the early years. In 2008 when the debate about the postponing the election was engulfing Somaliland Al-shabaab took action and Bombed the UNDP office , the Ethiopian consular office in Hargeisa and the Presidential Palace Itself. More than 10 people including the secretary of the president died. Also few members of the Guurti and others were targeted with bombs. Since Kulniye took power there were no one single attack of bombs or even threats directed against Somaliland. Although after that initial bombing, no other attacks happen during Rayaales reign, but there were disruptions of plots and some arrests. I am not implying any tribal connotations , just stating the facts. Also there were a lot of Al-shabaab menmbers, who left Somaliland during the war between Ethiopian backed government and Maxakamadaha, who came back quietly in Hargeisa and joined the the public. So far no single al _shabaab member was arrested in Hargeisa. It is hard to explain, yet there are no clear indications of collusion between Somaliland and Al-shabaab at the moment.
  7. They are from Shabeelaha hoose, Probably WaterMaal. I think it is part of Al-shabaab's strategy to saw discord and conflict among Somali tribes. They killed the Ugaas of some of the Jubba community ( c.Maleh) today. They did murder people in Galdogob and many other places. When there is pressure they shift the target. Also long time ago they said Wadaad xume iyo Oday xume waa laynaynaa. THe mayor of BuurHakaba said they know the culprits and they were Al-shabaab.
  8. I agree Xaaji, I yet have to see one single southern politician sacrificing any thing for the common good.
  9. Xaaji, rather than constant negotiations which does not produce any thing with both sides, why not Somaliland take over the south. It is a long shot, but it is not impossible. During Shariif Ahmed's rule, a wise man from Somaliland said: the current president " Kursi Dhiigle Ayuu Ku Fadhiyaa, Haddaad Tidhaahdo Waar waakii lixdankii calanka kuunfur la geeyee, Maanta nin Rag ah iska dhig oo Hargeisa ka geg, oo waxaad tidhaa dalkii ayaan sidaaye bal si nuun waxyeela". Kaa yeeli maayo oo waxuu u malaynayaa in uu wax luminayo. Instead of asking, power must be taken from the southern leaders. Tell me, who can challenge a northern president with a strong base, thriving economy, direct cash from the Somaliland treasury and 20,000 soldiers. These southern political leaders have no moral authority to hinder his mission. Waar labaatan sanadood ayaad wax keeni waydeene ha i hor joogsanina ayuu dhihi. He won't have to debate about so called gobols from Jubba to bay and hiiraan. he will enforce order first.Xaaji think as a the owner these land.
  10. Xaaji, arintu markaa markaa You need strong leader who could take over the South Central Somalia and make his own rules. Or why don't we get the job, we have 20,000 strong army in Somaliland, puntland has another Five thousand. These well disciplined army can secure the country. We ask the united nation to pay $1500 dollars they are paying for Unisom to go our boys. We could do better than the Djiboutians and Ugandhans.
  11. Xabad, what you have raised is a good question . Some clans feel threatened by being under the dominate one. Some provinces would like to be among the old 18 Gobols. to make as many as possible, you must change the current constitution which says: federal sates must be two or more. Some body in Hiiraan, or Awdal or Shabeelaha might one to stand alone. It is an issue.
  12. If I were to demarcate possible federal states of Somalia including Somaliland, here is how I would Have designed. !- South West Region: Jubbas, Gedo, Bay & Bakool and Lower Shabeele. This region is huge in terms of land mass and resources. It could be the bread basket and the land that feeds all of Somalia. It is one of the most important region for the future food stability and fight against hunger. remember, these people suffer most of famine related issues for the last 20 years. The domination of these region by one single tribe or allying themselves with foreign powers must be avoided, if possible. Both the Bay & Bakool region leaders and the Jubba leaders have shown the tendency to throw their lot either with Ethiopia or Kenya. This must be avoided if we want to build a prosperous free S.west. The powers of these two groups must dilutes for the interest of Somalia. 2- Mogadishu will should be the Capital of Somalia. Somalis left in 1991 after they have been forced to leave their homes aftermath of the tribal anarchy. That does not make for those who live there to day, the sole residents of the capital. While the stability and prosperity of Mogadishu is important, the existence of the Somali people are more important than any region of the country. The formation of Somali state should not wait any more for the Capital to be safe. Haday Bahala galeen noqoto, meeshii nabad ah ayaa Caasimada La gayn. Also no one should try to add or join the Capital to anyone of the imaginary federal state. People who live their already have all the advantages of living in the commercial and power center of the country. Hundred of millions are spent in Mogadishu while people have of other regions are starving. 3- The Hiiraan region or Central region. This region will comprise Galgaduud, Hiiraan and Shabeelaha dhexe. unlike public perception, These region is inhabited by diverse group of people. The Jareer wayne is one of the largest communities, the Caabudwaaq and Dhuusamareeb, which is mixed communities. While the H community is one of the largest, there are many others who have significant presence. These region will have both agricultural resources and livestock. 4- Puntland. Puntland is already ahead from most of the regions I mentioned in terms of administration, order and security, self rule, and have developed a great tradition on power transfer and conflict resolution. Mudug, Nugaal, Bari and Sanaag will form the Puntland state. Gaalkacayo is a commercial hub for the central regions of the country, it must not be divide in to Puntland and Galmudug. The Trouble makers of the Somali republic, traditionally originate from this town. From Aideed to C/laahi Yusuf to Cismaan AAto, are native sons of Gaalkacayo. If these group agree to share a city and brotherhood, then their is a hope. The reason I added Sanaag to puntland is mostly geography and trade. The main cities of Sanaag, like Badhan, Ceerigaabo and Laasqoray have relatively small distance to the main port of Boosaaso. Rather than take the goats, camels and other livestocks of the great grass land of Sanaag to Berbera for a day and half travel, they could reach Boosaaso within four hours or two hours in some towns. Rather than Somaliland Building this huge road from Burco to Ceerigaabo which crosses this colossal golis mountain ranges, it is cheaper to build Ceerigaabo-Boosaaso road. This road would definitely cost hundred of millions to build. 5- Togdheer-Sool region. THe people who live in this region have both great rivalry and kinship. As a young man in high school I spent over a month in the city of Burco in 1981. Almost a quarter of the city was inhabited by the Darwish community. They intermarried in large numbers, both in Sool and Togdheer. Of course, the war against the regime in the eighties created certain realities on the ground and a new political realities. Unlike public perception there are people from the east Burco community who live inside large districts of the Sool region. These are some of the fault lines of the Somali conflict which must be resolved by joining these communities who are already connected. Burco is becoming an industrial and commercial hub, while laascaanood could produce great number of livestock exports from the Nugaal valley to Buuhoodle district. 6- Awdal- Northwest region. These region will comprise Saaxil(Berbera), Hargeisa, Gabiley, Boorama, Zaylac districts. Like the people of Sool and Togdheer, these regions are intermingled both in terms of commerce and daily life ( way isku tidcan yihiin). There are people from Awdal who have lived in Hargeisa through the ages. The commerce from Hargiesa to Djibouti, Borama and Gabiley continues till to day. Hargeisa will be the headquarters of this region, and I believe life and people will trive. You will have direct commercial Airline connections fro all over Somalia to these region. There will be less bureaucracy on the lives of the citizens. Most of the Taxes and other money that comes to these region will be used for the development rather for security. I believe these can of regions will bring people together, rather than separate them. The names of the leaders of these regions will be governors or Premiers, not presidents. Waa biciid kaan dili doono , laakiin waxa wax waba ka horeeya, Let us defeat Al-shabbav and stabilize the south central Somalia. The process of Somaliland Joining these new federalism is a long one, but at least in my opinion we will have a formula based on Geography, trade and cohesiveness of the people. Finally the right of the Somali citizen to live freely in any region of the country and the right to elect and to be elected should be superceed any system. Remember the individual right is always important than the group rights.
  13. Since Somalia is guided by the United Nations road map, the Federal issue is already out of the box. As they say, the horses have left the barn. Dib loogama noqonayo. The main issue is what kind of federalism is suitable for Somalia. The way it is implemented at this moment will create problems for the future cohesiveness of the country. Nin walba intuu doono ayuu jeexanayaa. Ethiopia was an empire, a collection of different ethnic groups conquered by the Amhara led empire in the late nineteen and twentieth century. It has three choices. first, to disintegrate like the former Yugoslavia on ethnic line where every group will have their own state. The Amhara, Tigray, Somali, Oromo, Danakil and so on. Second, they could be a pluralistic democracy where different ethnic groups can co-exist wit open federalism. The third one is to keep the status quo and rule by force while allowing the ethnic groups to be supervised by an appointed emissary with a false federalism. In Fact, like all empires, Ethiopia should have been dissolved long time ago. Since tribal identity is becoming synonymous with ethnic identity, the road map people copied the Ethiopian federal system based on ethnic lines. That is why we are having Presidents rather than governors. Dr, Osman said that certain tribes by nature will have larger land masses. Of course most regions are dominated by certain tribes, but that alone will not qualify someone to be federal. " Laba gobol iyo wax ka badan" will not be be the only main criteria. As i wrote in this page, what you are creating should not be a recipe for future conflicts. It should enhance self rule, economic growth and cohesiveness of the communities. For example Puntland as one of the functioning federal states must fill some conditions to be a viable entity. you can not dismember the Mudug region and join along clan lines. If you add Galdogob in Puntland and leave Hobyo , Xaradheere and half of Gaalkacayo to Galmudug, that is demarcation by clan lines. Both the Galmudug and part of galgaduud should join puntland. If you can not share anything with the brother who lives in Baraxley, Gaalkacayo; how can you share a country with him. Since we all agree on some kind of federalism, we must have a real debate and discussion on what kind of federalism which suits the Somali people. We can not accept five presidents whose security and existence are guaranteed by neighbouring countries including the federal president.
  14. Yoniz, xaajigu waa nin balaadhan oo Zaylac ilaa Kismaayo ka war haya. marka Soomaalida la isku keenayo waa in xaajiga loo yeedhaa.
  15. Of course Siilaanyo is doing more. There are more money coming from donors. I will give him credit for attracting that money. Now the aid agencies who are in Hargeisa do not give direct money, but they finance projects. If WiilCusub investigates who paid for these projects we will all appreciate. Development means improvement of public services and infrastructure building. I want to see the government money spent on hospitals, water wells, electricity grids and housing. I have yet to see one hospital built in Awdal, Gebiley or Sanaag. THree store buildings in Hargiesa by NGO is not a progress. There are $ 52 million dollars in the Somaliland development fund. all that money was donated. we need to see these money spent on roads, Hospitals, ports and and others. Let us compare the money coming to Somaliland and what they will accomplish with. Siilaanyo has an opportunity to do these things. we are all watching.
  16. Xaaji, hadaan fahmay. Sol will not be fun without the Xaaji.
  17. Xaaji waxbaa is qabsan la. is this guys the Long foot or the "d' ta koonfureed. hawshan xagay kala qaadeen. can you explain?
  18. Saalax, all this 'dhagax Dhif" is electionaring by Siilaanyo. Before they can build any thing, let them fix their Kulmiye party which is delayed for the fourth time. Having said that if the opposition does not clean their act, these guys could win easily, again. The best way to defeat Kulmiye are: 1- Ucid and Wadani must merge together if they want to have any chance of defeating Kulmiye. Remember they were the same party before the formation of Wadani. 2- C/raxman Cirro does not have the political will or the backbone to face Kulmiye. His dithering decision making and weaknesses allowed Kulmiye to thrive in the early days. Rather than hit when they were down, he gave them life line. 3- both Cirro and Siilaanyo represent the old guard. 4- In order to succeed the merged parties should nominate Jamaal Cali Husseen as a candidate. 5- Remember Rayaale, Waranadde and Cirro destroyed Udub. 6- Mr. Cirro, During the last Parliament crises, he could not even gain one single member both from Awdal and Sool. If these steps are taken, the election would be a contrast between two diametrically opposed ideas , parties and candidates. On one side you have Jamaal who can claim these important attributes: 1- He is young, educated and articulate. Infact, he is a Harvard graduate and former City Bank executive. 2- He is not connected with any corruption or old guard politics. 3- No one can accuse him of tribal politics or nepotism. 4- He is independently wealth , who earned his money in a legal way unlike many who gained richness through Oligarchy and kickbacks. He does not need to steal money to live comfortably. 5- Unlike Siilaanyo and Cirro he represents the future. 6- He will not be surrounded by Relatives or others to articulate his vision. 7- By electing Jamal, The Somaliland people can claim change for the first time in 12 years. How about bringing these two opposing leaders ( one young and charismatic, the other old and tired), in the same room and debate the main issues of the day. I do believe Jamal could win that debate easily. The problem is they will never allow a democratic debate for the people to judge their leaders. Saalax, do you have any alternative to defeat these guys.
  19. Some times one must think outside the box. Do not discard all of the suggestions made by Xaaji Xunjuf. First let us see the outcome or the result of this offensive. After reducing the capacity of Al-shabaab and capturing all these towns and villages from them, how are they going to survive?. Where would their leaders end up. Without a permanent base to launch attacks and assemble deadly bombs, will they still be a threat? If this offensive and the following intelligence offensive to hunt Al-shabaab from house to house in Mogadishu, does not produce greater security in Mogadishu and around South Central Somalia, then some kind of cease fire or negotiations with extremist is not a radical idea. During the early days of President Sheekh Shariif, their were some kind of negotiations with Al0shabaab sponsored by some Ulema. their main demand was the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. A lot has happens since then, Al-shabaab did murder a lot of the Somali ulema's. If there is a cease fire it has to be at least 90 days. The idea of keeping them in certain part of the country also is not a new one. Lebanon, during the end of the civil war, the government was functioning in Beirut and mostly north of the country. The radical group HezboLlah were left to operate in south Lebanon and Beka valley far from the power centres. There were agreement between the ruling government and Hezbollah to keep the cease fire. Another suggestion of mine is use the capacity of the peaceful regions of the country to build the army. Bring some of the government to operate in Garowe. I would even bring this hapless Parliament to Garoowe so they can debate openly some of constitutional issues. They only convene when prime minister is impeached. let them do some work. Finally if things do not change every idea must be considered.
  20. Asad, Saddam, the Saudi kings and the Egyptian generals are all blood thirsty criminals. If it takes five million lives to stay in power, they will do in heart beat to kill the five million. That is why Israel never trusts these Arabs. IF some body is killing his own citizens by millions, what will they to their Adversaries. The Al-qaeda fighters in Syria, Boca-haram in Nigeris and Al-shabaab are all the product of Saudi and Wahaabi Ideology. They must be defeated.
  21. Skeptic, working for someone else and going home after work without worry has some advantages. While job security is becoming rare and downsizing is becoming a normal part pf doing business, it is nice to work nine to five and leave the headache of the job behind to the owners. Of course your life becomes routine and constant. you must have financial plans since you have a fixed income. tHe most important aspect of this is you are free. Having your own business has both advantages and real risk. You will be spending a great deal of your time in the business. You may even work seven days a week. If your family does not support for your adventure, it may even cause a great deal on your relationship. Success in the small business comes after hard work and a lot of headache. you must be have a backbone. Please check this small list before you start the business. 1- Starting from scratch is always hard. You should be patient in the first year of the business, since it takes time to build clients. you must have enough cash flow to sustain yourself while invoices from clients are delayed. 2- Avoid restaurants business, Especially one that caters to ethnic groups like Somalis,75% of them fail in the first year. If you want to involve in the food business, it must be a franchise or Donair shops. 3- Avoid any business that has high overhead costs, like expensive rents or utilities. It will constrain any of your efforts to spent money for advertising or employees. 4- your business must be one that targets for the main stream. By targeting all of the residents of the town your chances of increasing the customer base will be higher. As a self employed for the last ten years, I will suggest you few business that might be successful. !- insurance broker. A large number of Somalis and others are using this business. All you need is small office and few trained people. You may need a three months course to run this business. 2-car rental franchisee. It is easy to recruit both young Somali sisters and other attendants. The franchise will help you to succeed. 3- If you are trained in any of the trades like, electrician, plumbing or carpentry, you may set up your own small shop and get contracts, especially in the hot booming economies of western Canada. There could be many more. It is all depends what is your field of education and how deep your pockets are. Any way, good luck.
  22. This video is not news, nor it has any bearing on what is happening right now. It is pure propaganda. This Mad Mullah keeps recycling Shabaab Propaganda. It does show that Al-shabaab is a foreign entity. The bomb makers, the field commanders and most of the brain behind the destructions in Somalia are Al-qaeda members. If you deny them a save heaven to build there bombs and train the Somali youth, and cut their financial backers, they could be defeated. For this group of foreigners, Somalia is a collateral damage for their war. even Godane, in his message last week, he mentioned his boss Al-zawahiri. I do believe the early founders of Al-shabaab were foreigners. The so called Zaad service which facilitates money transfers through the cell phones must be banned..Any one from any where can receive thousands of dollars unanimously. First the military offensive will deny them bases, second, cut their finances, and finally the intelligence net should be wider. Detain as much as possible among those who have any connections with the group. Build huge jails and detention centres. Take your time to interrogate each one of them extensively. We already know hundreds of Al-shabaab suspects have been released to the public after they were captured in the 2012 offensive. After this big offensive, every one in this cities should feel the pressure. Let the shabaab sympathizers feel the heat, keep them moving . If they spend most of their days and nights to hide or survive , they can not build any thing. There will " Tolaayeey or reer hebel baa laxidhaya iyo wax la mid ah. This is the last chance to eliminate them. Waa Halkii Mungaabe waa in Bur iyo Biyo LOO kala baxaa. If the Unaka can not handle this job , let somebody else take the leadership.
  23. Bernera could be a major container port, which will handle transits containers. Small size fishing and Bagaash ports are good for the locals economy and coastal intra trade. We welcome this kind of projects. Dittore, Kulmiye have left another year and four months to rule. We are all watching how they proceed. They know if they do not deliver their promises, they will be voted out of the office. Regardless of the it's weaknesses, there will be hope in democracy. I am also sensing the diaspora Somalis are out of touch of the realities in back home. I think we should let the people back home to decide their future.
  24. Guduud Looma Raaco Haween Gobolba Waa Cayne Giraan gebi ka lulata waa lagu gadaadmaaye Isku gaadhay gabadhaad tidhaaba Gobol uun baa dhimane. Sorry sisters I take back my suggestions.