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  1. Man_Mullah, I really do not have any comment to your bigoted attitude, calling those who spread islam in somalia and deep in to the horn of Africa with deep wisdom and patience as"sufi nonsense". Whats the "the fake" story that I mentioned sxb. One thing I do not do is speak of things that I have no knowlidge of, you should also take that example. This story is widely accepted in orthodox sunni teachings. Even the scholar Ibn Tayymiya and his student Ibn Qayim acknowledged the existence of karamaat (divine intervention among pious believers). Even Imaam Taxaawi said in his book (the universal accepted sunni codex of theology) said that karamaat is part of our faith. An example of an karamaat that Siid-Cumar Faaruq (rc) made in his life is of-course when he from his minbar in Madina warned the army of Qaadisiya in Iran, should we reject that also? The main point of my post if you read it again is to show how Paul was misled by satan while our Shaykh withheld the divine law and rejected satans temptations. That is how simple Paul misled Christanity. nBy the way Mad mullah I think should stick to your other thread about morrocan music:D Baaba suufiyaasha dhibka dhaaf, Roccalittoria, dadkaasi adi ma aragtay? Hadaadna aragtay those people are utterly wrong, simple as that. Coofle: Well said, yet again though, I could have formulated the thread better but my point was how one single man, Paulwas misled by satan while our noble shaykh stood fast upon the divine law.
  2. Juxa;976027 wrote: Don't dismiss the locals so easily. They do study hard and try to further their opportunities. The diaspora returnees are often odayaal, did nothing whilst in the west and now have cushy jobs because of qabiil. Who do you think the educated and the qualified work for? A punch of non qualified qasaaro-joog Having said that the qurbo joog should live like locals and not segregate themselves. This will keep the living costs down and thus the resentment. I will be emailing the afhayeen. Run sheeg waa ceeb sheeg +1. Thats the truth, most of those returning are often single mothers with 5 children and a small scale of of politican wannabes
  3. All Somalis have heard of the Sayyid Cabdul-Qaadir Jeylaani. (qadasallahu sirrahu) We have heard our Islamic scholars talk about him and seen and heard the islamic students (xerowyaasha) chanting his eulogies in the dusty semi-desert plains of Somalia. I will not dwell into the history of this friend of Allah but I will illustrate a beautiful short story that highlights the difference between those who have truly attained the firm belief in God and those who claim in it. Within the eternal struggle in the inner dimensions of of every human being their is a constant struggle between evil and good. God says in the Quran: ”By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it; And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;- Truly he succeeds that purifies it, And he fails that corrupts it!” (Qur’an 91: 7-10) For those materialists in this forum who only believe in what they can see or hear or sense., Those who are limited to believe only on their own perceptions their will be another thread to them. But for those who truly believe beyond this realm I hope that this short story will show the un-unshakable faith that the friend of God took when he was tested by God in comparison with the christian Apostle Paul. The Munaaqib of the Shaykh teaches us that once, the Sayyid was teaching the prestigious darul-Hikma of Baghdaad. He saw one of the most learned scholars of his time and thousands of students but the shaykh (nafcallahu bih) felt that something was missing in his inner dimension. He felt that he was yearning for God and asked the sultan the appoint someone else as the grand shaykh. The Sultan suprised by this asked Cabdul-Qaadir and said him " Yaa Cabdal-Qaadir, we have benefied from you, why is it so that you want to leave this honorable post. The Shaykh answerd : "What is the point ya khalifatul muslimin for me to be here while their are other knowledge persons that can replace me? The Sultan answered and finally gave Cabdul-Qaadir his permission to spread the call of God. One cold night in the deserts of Iraq while Sayyid Cabdul-Qaadir was all alone making dhikr and big cloud opened up for him. He saw a shining light (but it was really a hidden demon) speaking to him and saying "oh Cabdul-Qaadir, I am your lord and I have revealed you from all of your duties from Islam" The Sayyid answered with no fear his beloved tongue " shut up oh enemy of God" The light in the heavens then replied "Oh Abdul-Qaadir, I fooled many before you, but I could not deceive you". The Sayid then answered " Shut up once again, You did not fool me by strength, you could not fool because of God only not because of my wisdom or strength" Another similar story happened to Apostle Paul, in his words he says in the new testament "I saw a light calling upon me and and telling me that Jesus is the lord and son of God. Paul continued saying that the light continued and saying we made it lawful for you what was not before lawful before Jesus". See the difference between of Paul and Abdul-qaadir. Whil Cabdul-qaadir was not fooled by satan while Paul failed. Such character was the friend of God, waliyullah Sheekh Cabdul-Qaadir Jeylaaani alle ha u naxariisti, acmaalkiisna aan ku anfacno, Rabbina ha naga aqbalo tawasulkiisa. God knowes best.
  4. Carafaat;974936 wrote: Federalism is supposes to safeguard some kind of independence, authonomy and souvereignity from one another. But Somalis use federalism(read clan) to intervere in diffrent and eachothers regions. Garowe intervering in Kismayo, Mudug in Merka, Baidoa in Baardhere, Jowhar folks in Jubba. Even Farooles wants a piece of Kismayo. So who wants Federalism? Thats the question of the day ya Carafaat, what does federalism exactly mean and is it applicable in it's somali definition [clan-states} Talaabo: I dont know but that north-eastern entity has de-defacto independence, They have their own foreign policy and their own rules. So what would they gain practically by declaring independence? Zero, same thing with enclave in Hargeysa. Waving a flag and creating a local currency has shown ues previously that it does not change a thing. Kismaayu was just the beginning, We are going to see worse land-grabbing these months to come, and to spike the wheel with more fuel: When the cash from west dries up just as it did to the late Melez what will happen of the SFG when the ugandan tanks roll home to Kampala. Saaxibyaal, we need true reconciliation based upon mutual interest and common values rather then the magical mantra frenzy called Federalism. We can lock us in ourselves in a room and repeat that mantra 100 times but a quick exit from the room will not change the gloomy reality.
  5. Maskiin; Yaa og daris mar kale in aan noqono aaba dhicikarto , siyaasadna qabyaaladeysan tabar yaa u haayo yaakhay! Haatu well said, we Somalis need to be honest to each other, I would love to hear from sols political pundits about their own definition of the federalism mantra and the life support machinery of the ugandan tanks. How will federal states be built in the south where many regions are of diverse mixed clans? Would that not create more land-grabbing and conflict?
  6. wyre;974860 wrote: His name please Wyre you know him;) The guy loves wealth and if you listen to him he loves to speak somali with a some what arabized dialect in order to make himself more "pious" or learned. Che: +1! Well said! I hope that the muslim world wakes up and truly deals with those abuse other all in the name of God. But Wahabism did not begin today. During the times of the beloved one, peace be upon him, a man whome everyone thought to be pious said to the prophet "Oh Muhammed, be just". The prophet always merciful answered "If I do not make justice who then will be just"? He warned that sedition would come from the followers of that man. During the times of Siid Cali, a group openly said to him "You do not rule by God". He was ultimately martyred by them. The Amman message, where over 2000 muslim scholars condemned takfirism is a good starter I hope that we adopt that proclaimation.
  7. Maskiin, Off-topic . But why is she having a little dog? Eeyga aanba la yaabay. and if you do have a dog why have a leish on it when your in a room?
  8. Jacpher;974808 wrote: ^What do you know about Salafi. I guess to you, whatever every monkey that does whatever it is they do in the name of salafi, makes all the salafis the 'mother of takfiirism' Jacpher you need to smell the coffe and understand that Salafismlim/Wahabism, a movement that started with Ine Cabdul-Wahaab of najd is the mother of takfirsm. They blended with old kharijism (ex-communicating) muss and then started to raid Xajj-caravans. Claiming that everyone expect themwere infidels. They even destroyed historical sites of Islam.
  9. I am a guy who loves metaphors. They simplify complex problems that people just love to ignore. Suppose that a screaming patient comes into the hospital. Bewildered doctors and nurses rushes to the patient and sees that he has a big axe in the head. The blood just flowes out of the patients head. The shocked doctor asks the patient "are you okay"?. The patient then calmly answers that he has some pain in the foot. The nursers and doctors then says "but hey you have BIG axe in the head" The patient then says *"oh well that not a problem just give me some pain-killers for my foot ache". He then grabs some pills and just walks away. It's has gone 11 years now since a federal structured government was restored in the peace-talks of Nayroobi. We all remember the actors of that game. Actors that today are out dated in Somalias politcal theater. The warlords whome for more then two years assembled literally in abandoned pig-farm house elected the late somali president and strongman Cabdullaahi Yuusuf (Alle ha u naxariisto) as president. While some were skeptical (I am included in that list) others were rejoicing and thought that Soomaliya was returning to its pre 1991- "glory times". The old man, Cabdullahi Yusuf (AUN) knew that his fate was doomed in Mogadishu if he did not have Ethiopian backing and so did his opponents, the warlords of Mogadishu. What would they gain from "government". As Ngonge put it so nicely, Everything is about intrests. It was not in their interest to have a strong man in Mogadishu. Then came actors from a completely different game. Islamic neo-militants forced the warlords out and begun politicized Islam that Somalis never has seen. The drums of war begun and we saw Ethiopian tanks rolling into the streets of Mogadishu, Ironically they made their head-quarters in a building where Somalis in 1977 were planning war-strategies for for he occupation of eastern Ethiopia or Addis Abeba. That had to be lowest point for any Somali nationalist. Days became into years and the Ethiopians without the cash from the War-mongers of Washington simply went away. Enough said about the history whats more interesting is what the difference between government of Cabdullaahi Yuusuf and Xassan Sheekh Maxamuud. One had the life-support of Ethiopian tanks and the other Ugandan tanks. Whats more interesting is can the government survive without the Ugandan tanks?. Returning the earlier metaphor, the patient is of course Soomaliya. While everyone today is repeating the magic mantra of "federalism" no one can clearly define it. That's the big axe in the story. We all heard and saw the story of kismaayu. Where Xassan Sheekh defined federalism in his way and others in another way. The issue was finally settled not by the legitimate government of Soomaliya. It was defined and solved in some murky room of an IGAAD-meeting. Whats clear and without doubt is that those advocating for magical mantra of Federalism are actually creating a murky no one knowes what loose based balcanised clan-states. Let's be honest and start discussing that instead of ignoring the big AXE in the patients head.
  10. This is horrible and outrageous. These monsters has no understanding of the correct islamic concept of the holiness of life in Islam. God forbid us to commit suicide because life in it's self is holy and it is he only who has given us life and he only can take it. If life is so sacred what about murder? The Koran speaks about the sacredness of life. God tells us that a life taken unjustly is as if you have killed all of humanity. By the way if these beasts say that they belive in Islam where has the correct understanding of the after life gone?. All of gods creatures will be judged in the after life so why not leave it to Allah? Hobbessian your aggressive atheism is a choice you made, We all make choices in life. A wise sufi scholar said once to a rabid mulxid/atheist: If your correct in your atheism (meaning theire is no god) then their is no harm for me after death. But if your wrong, Then you are in in great danger. Wahabism/Salafism has to be the greatest dangers facing Sunni-Islam. With it's takfirism and hostile attitude towards islamic spiritualism (sufism) It is going to make a meltdown in the Islamic world. Before the spread of wahabism Islam was purely a religion that engaged society with it's sprituality. It took care about the orphans and spread deep seated moral values of love and friendship. In the desert plains of 1900-century Soomaliya the wadaad (caalim) was the the only one who had free passage between different feuding hostile clans. The wadaad had codex not to involve himself in the never ending clan warfare We had xer-communities were the orphans and the poor made settlements in southern fertile somaliya. They were given food and security by the locals. In return they would recite the quran for the locals and pray for them. If someone was sick it was the wadaad who would be the medicine man. The only -non clan institution in Soomaliya was in those religous settlements in Baardheere. Please correct me if I am wrong on this point. But times do change. From the humble wadaad we have gone to a a wadaad on a tiikniko and ak-47. Killing and fighting all in the name of God and ofcourse for political power. Amiir Godane thinks he only is some kind of God's messenger that has a divine right to rule all of Somalis. And if someone disobeys or dis-agrees with his sect then ofcourse God has permitted him to kill him. Being a Wadaad has also become some kind of buisness. If you turn on random Somali TV you will see a wadaad speaking about all things from science to mathematics and political matters. I remember during 2006-2007 in Nayroobi, a certain famous Somali Wadaad accused then somali government of being apostates and everyone working for them. At the same time he was flirting with Kenyan kikuyo government. After wide spread criqiue he flip-flopped and turned on his al-shabaab wahabi students. No one noticed it and no one dared to question him. Who can do that? After all he is a wadaad Johnny B. Dem här monstren är politiserade o-andliga människor som rättfärdigar sina handlingar i Guds namn. Om du studerar dem noga så kommer du se att dem är långt ifrån det andliga inom Islam. dvs det som bäst definerar en religion. Jag skulle nog beskriva dem islamistiska kommunister. Det låter konstigt eftersom det är motstridiga begrepp men hela deras världsbild är politiserad. Efter socialismen fall så har det blivit populärt med att blanda gamla vänster-retrorik med kryddade religösa termer.
  11. No wonder why Iranians are so hostile to the US-foregin policy in the middle east. What would americans feel if they got know that Iranian agents in Washington were plotting to overthrow Obama. Same thing with Allende government in Chile, they overthrew a democratic elected socialist government.
  12. Haatu;973996 wrote: They aren't salafi. Haatu do you feel hurt becouse you have some bias for that deviated sect?. What does Al.shabaab, alqaida in iraq, alqaida in syria have in common? They all hail from the salafi-wahabbiya sect that is known to have takfirism.
  13. Juxa you nailed it but whats more worse is that somalia has no other basic medical health providers. A somali can now literally die from diseases that would easily be treated. This wake-up call to the SFG & somali people.
  14. Hobessian, we all want a Somalia on it's own feet, but why do you want the poor somalis, those without the money those who are forced to seek medical care from MSF to die What would you do if you were among those many somalis who have no other alternative then to seek medical care from MSF? Your a gaal but to be honest even the gaalo has more mercy then you. Ninkaani is a freaking troll-
  15. Carafaat;973196 wrote: Another great dance song from Farax Murtiinle. " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Loved that song. The guy is a funny singer!
  16. Are we being proud of a Somali denying aid from his other Somali brother while we actually live in the luxury of the west. Waxyaalo laga yax-yaxo aa jiro, Why politicize aid from a legitimate federal government to regions of Somalia. Think about those danyar people, the children and the old who are literally being affected by drought.
  17. Those green houses are the future but why is it so open to the public, NORF look at the windows, everyone can see into in the house, Ka waran hadii luu arko adoo qaawan? Privacy is something I value high.
  18. Cambuulo iyo bun;972838 wrote: " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> saas waaye, classical Makri iiga dhaafee, miirkaayigi aaba eheede
  19. Cambuulo iyo bun;972792 wrote: Good move by hassan dialogue and reconcilliation is the way. +1. A president calling for dialogue and reconciliation is somebody looking after peace in wartorn Soomaliya. Kudos to Xassan Shaykh Maxmuud
  20. Mad Mullah and Moonlight, why even argue with a person whose sole purpose is to insult God. Hobessian, a lot of persons will be nasty to you in this world, white men, arabs, you name it, even somalis, you need to have some faith and stop blaming everything on everyone but yourself.
  21. I have to agree with nuune and Juxa. Why wake up 06:00 in the morning and work hard and then send the money to a person who simply doesn't want to work and thinks it's his god given right that he should have the money. This reminds of a relative of mine who fled to Mombaasa during the 90-ties. All of the extended family would send him 50 dollars and at the end of the month he would have 400 dollars. I went to Keenya and saw the man living in luxary, I am not a xaasid but the guy was clearly living it. He would wake up at 12:00 go to the restaurant and chew khat the whole day. Thats destructive and creates lazy-ness. But I am going to be honest here, I too called my relatives during my stay their and asked for money. What is it with Africa? You always end up begging! lool;) Kolley dadka hore waxay ahaayeen dad xishood leh, Before somalis were popping up as refugees in the world they would work hard instead of begging. But I guess we now days have a Biil culture. It's a god given right for a person to demand money from a relative in Yurub or Maraykanka. By the way I am not a raxim-goys kinda of guy! Of course we should help the orphans and the elderly, that is something beautiful in our culture. Laakin ask yourself, would you work if got 400 dollars/month in Africa?
  22. Alpha Blondy;972262 wrote: what? you're making words up, inaar. naga daa ciyaarta. :cool: lool... iska hadal? Is that a word for when a bored author just writes random things? Haatu never heard of that word but if you made it up you have to come up with a better word. Iska-hadal literally (talk from yourself) sounds so negatively charged and ego-centric. What about "Nololkashakayn". ?
  23. Congratulations to them, It's nice to see Somalis integrated in to the law in enforcement. A nice example that comes to my mind is when a white officer has a bad day and stops you in a routine traffic control. Instead of beating you because of his racist tendencies he might do nothing when he get's to know Somali people through the workplace/policestation. The best way you integrate people is when they work in the same workplace. We humans tend to avoid everything that's different from us weather social class or race. But in the workplace we are forced to work together and produce positive things. Marka gacanta ha la taago inkastoo bastoolo wax wato aan necbanahay :cool: