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  1. Safferz;979625 wrote: Alpha can't cook so you'll have to consult the hired help, or the restaurant he's ordering from. Safferez by the way did you succseed in the bullshitting through the discussions ? lol! Remember when I tried that once, my examiner just said "hmmm...your intresting BUT what are you talking about!
  2. Waxaan yax-yax ee ku gelinayaan. What a shameful man. Justifying the cold blooded murder of women and children
  3. N.O.R.F;979624 wrote: There will come a time when all 'parties' say enough is enough and decide to go it alone. Its sad but let's face it and stop wasting time. Norf, that is a wish I hope comes true, but let's face it, in 2021 those who were born 1981-1991 will be in the age 30-40 years. They will be a whole generation that have not seen the meaning of citizenship in contrast to those who were born 1960-1970 who saw a peaceful Somalia and enjoyed the free education. We cant compare one who has eaten the fruit to the one who does not even know what fruit is. But who knows? Everyone is now talking about globalization. A kid in Mogadishu can now easily connect through the internet to the western/eastern world, that will maybe a positive factor. Nin Yaaban : A couple years ago I once had a newbie Somali youngster as a neighbor. He was some what educated but when he was amazed by the Swedish society he quietly told me " War ninyahow xadda aan fahmay waxa laga wado dowladnimo" That chocked me a bit because he was in his late 20-ties. That simply means that his whole generation has been shaped by the cow-boy mentality. Note: There are young somalis in Somalia whom are better educated then me in Somalia, my intent is not to generalize. But with the raw capitalism in Somalia, education for the one with the dollars means over 80% of all Somalis kids do not go to school.
  4. kickz;979595 wrote: Horta 1991 to 2021 is 30 years Kickz never heard from dramatization
  5. Times goes by fast, that is the fate of man, weather he wants it or not the clock ticks on. For some people, the duration of time is something of joy, seeing your children growing in your own country and and then reconnecting to their culture is what defines man. A human without a sense of proud in his root's or culture is man lost in the dimsy world of globalization. Somalis has now for some 23 years been scattered around the globe, within the 7 years to the dooms date of 2021 the old bourgeois-Beyzaani elite of pre 1991 Somalia who once in their life time saw the cosmopolitan peaceful Somalia will be to old or senile to do something that make a impact on Somalia. That is going to be a game changer. Sadly those "people"that I like to call the post-1991 will be people who have seen nothing then the barrel of the gun and chaos. But I am also optimistic. Maybe the youth in the west who know what statehood and rule of law means will change Somalia into a viable peaceful state with a modern outlook, and a firm conviction that Somalia can rise again in what ever means it can. But one thing is sure. No one, no Somali can blame the problems 2021 on a civil war that erupted 40 years ago, in 1991.
  6. Westgate attack: Kenya's 'Little Mogadishu' fears backlash Eastleigh is home to both Kenyan Somalis and migrants from Somalia Tuesday, September 24, 2013 A cloud of anxiety has engulfed the Somali-dominated Eastleigh suburb of Nairobi as the residents await the outcome of the standoff at the Westgate shopping mall. But many are also angry at the attack and rallying round to help the victims, like other Kenyans. Eastleigh is a suburb in the east of the Kenyan capital predominantly inhabited by Somalis, drawn from both Kenya and the Somalia, that is popularly referred to as "Little Mogadishu". It is a big business hub where East African traders come for shopping and is considered to be one of the leading markets in the region. It is normally a bustling place with everyone from hawkers, retailers and open market traders engaged in various activities to eke out a living. Following the claim by Somali Islamist group al-Shabab that it was responsible for the shopping mall's attack, some Eastleigh residents are apprehensive that they may be targeted by other Kenyans. A year ago, there were ethnic clashes between Somalis and other Kenyan communities after a minibus was blown up by militants in Eastleigh, killing at least seven people. According to Abdirizak Nur Ibrahim, a young Somali who has lived in Nairobi for more than 15 years as a refugee, life has changed drastically for many Somali nationals. Ibrahim says he fled Somalia to seek a safe haven in Kenya. "I don't know what to say, why are they doing this to such innocent people, unarmed people - those attackers are not only enemies to non-Muslims but to humanity," he says. "I condemn the attack and I wish that other communities will understand that we are against this ideology and share the pain with them." Another Eastleigh resident, Mohamed Ali, said he was concerned that should any of the attackers turn out to be Somali nationals or having emanated from Somalia, the community could be targeted. He thinks the harassment could come from either members of the public or Kenyan authorities, who have previously been accused of harassing ethnic Somalis as they search for Islamist militants. The chairman of Eastleigh District Business Association, Hassan Guled, says that they are waiting for the siege at the shopping mall to come to an end to gauge the reaction of the rest of the Kenyan community. Asked whether there is a possibility of retaliation against ethnic Somalis, Mr Guled said: "We don't expect that but we can't rule out criminal elements taking advantage of the situation to harass members of the Somali community". The businessman said no community should be targeted for the attack on Westgate shopping mall because it was an act of terrorism and an international crime that is not confined to any community or nation. The community has joined the rest of the nation to show their solidarity with the victims of the Westgate attack, and a centre has been established for blood donation and another for collecting money, food and other necessities to help those affected. Kamukunji Member of Parliament Yusuf Hassan, a Kenyan Somali, was injured in an attack that killed two people in Eastleigh last December. The MP was holding a discussion with his constituents after evening prayers at Hidaya Mosque when a man hurled a grenade at them, injuring nine people. Mr Hassan suffered a fractured leg and now uses a wheelchair. The attack on the Eastleigh MP sparked violent protests, with youths barricading roads with burning tyres. Kenya sent its troops to Somalia two years ago to fight al-Shabab after the group was involved in the abduction of tourists and aid workers from Kenya's coast and the Dadaab refugee camp, home to hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees in Kenya. The soldiers have since been re-hatted and are part of the 18,000-strong African Union (AU) force supporting the UN-backed government trying to establish control of Somalia. Are you in Nairobi? Have you been involved in helping the victims? Send us your stories using the form below. Source: BBC
  7. Che -Guevara;979041 wrote: lol@Ngonge, a mole to flush out AS supporters like you. warlord supporter crying about AS yet undermining the central government. This horrible act shows how potent Al-shabaab and why FGS needs support from the world to tackle the problem with Al-shabaab. In defense for Che. I think I know where he is hinting at. I have posted similar posts before. No war-machine weather how well-equipped it is or not can ever bring peace to Somalia if somalis themselves do not want it. For Gods sake, I know why Che is doubtful for any peace by the hands of any war-machinery from Kampala. What could they accomplish that Ethiopians could not? Remember that the Ethiopian troops quickly drove out the Al-shabaab from major cities but when it withdrew the boys from hell were back. Most importantly what will happen when the cash-cow, The USA dries it's support for Mouseveni and Amisom... What will be the consequences for Somalia? We all know what happened when UNISOM in 1995 withdrew from Somalia. It's critical questions we all need to ask ourselves. Personally, I do believe in a open democratic peaceful Somalia but the road to that peace is bumpy.
  8. nuune;978807 wrote: There are armed police forces outside the Westgate most of the time and surroundings, even kuwa dharcad ah ayaa inta badan ilaaliya oo hoos hub ku wato, this place is frequented by wealthy Kenyans, expats and UN agency staff, security is always very high, at entrance, metal detectors are there(of course this is nothing since once you are armed you can go inside and kill the staff at the metal detectors). . Nuunow, your 100% but nothing can prepare an army or commandos for an assault by gunmen who are suicidal. If one's mission is todie and take so many people you can with you , their will be great difficulties in stopping them. Askari keenyaati oo baashaalka iska jecel maa kula eh in uu u dhimanaayo difaacida meel suuq ah?. Apophis: It's confirmed that a somali father with three children died. My thoughts are with those who died on this horrible terrorist act.
  9. Robbers would not kill 30 people, this looks like a terrorist attack. I hope that no Somalis are involved in this horrible act.
  10. Garoodi, a wise man once said that don't stare at the sun, if you do it you will hurt your eyes, same thing with the soul. Why even argue with an atheist? One who says that his complex life came to existence by chance or random events. What's more annoying is that if you tried to convince him that his very same laptop came to existence by random events driven by chance (example lightning hitting metal and then becoming a laptop) he would reject that claim and tell you that your a liar. Hobbesian: Your atheist, fine by me, you have made your choice as we all do in our lives but their is no need go into stuff that will offend us.
  11. Sound secularism means religious freedom. In other words no state should force religion upon it's citizens. But what Quebec today is doing is the opposite, it's forcing it's citizens upon atheism (non-religionism). Everyone should be free to wear the garments they went. The muslin women the hijab and the jews there kippa and the Sikhs and their turban. A second point is what is the definition of a religious symbol?. What would exactly happen if hijab-garment or the sikh turban becomes the norm of fashion in society? Should it then be allowed because of it's fashion status. Johnny B, would you not count the aggressive french secularism as counter productive? The swedish norm of "religions-frihet" should be a norm to be followed.
  12. Saalax;978297 wrote: Baraawe isn't even liberated yet. That does not have to mean that my scenario from hell will not take place,
  13. Khadafi

    The inlaws

    Avoid your inlaws, kolley dhaqankeeena saas waaye.
  14. xiinfaniin;978186 wrote: Khadafi, You made a valid point. I believe the president to be the executive because he is the one elected. The author seems to think differently. Xiin, the author has previously written good analyses of the political reality in Somalia. I suspect though that this mistake is an intentional error. The Jubba-affair and the surprising political deal that Hassan Sh Maxamud came up has confused and divided the previous staunch opposition. The author seems to be in that category. Jubba waa laga tagay yaakhay shimee laga hadlaa the ******* ot Baraawe and Marka and some parts of Mogadishu xiinow. It's not acceptable that HAG politician that originates from Galgadud has been appointed as a mayor for Baraawe.. What happened to the historical original city-based communities. Xaqoodo ha laga hadlo, That's the mutual interest between the groups in Jubba and me!.
  15. The guy Faarax is funny. I remember a more hilarious song "biito biito" he made a couple of years ago. I showed to a friend of mine and I could say that we had a blast. A bizzare but funny song is allways good.
  16. xiinfaniin;978121 wrote: President Hassan, is essentially ceremonial (Italy, India, and Israel are but few examples) and acts, not like a politician in the thick of controversies, but like a statesman and a father figure who breaks deadlocks rather than create them. That is the sort of president envisaged in our Constitution. . The Somali constitution clearly says that the elected president has the right fire/appoint the prime minister. I I dont know how the author of the article made that into ceremonial role. Isreali/Indian presedency can not fire/appoint the prime-ministers or head of governments. In conclusion, Xassan Sh Maxamud is the president of Somalia and the one whom primary responsibility rests upon.
  17. Che -Guevara;978162 wrote: Better than gun fight.. lol, mind you, add to the list that they did not use the chairs as weapons as the barlaamanka of 2007 did.
  18. Khayr;978077 wrote: You know the Salafis forgot about loving the rasul (sallahu caliyhe wasilm). In their efforts to fight shirk, they have made Islam to be lifeless and emotionless. You go the grave of the rasul ( sallahu caliyhe waslim) and they police your emotions. Bidda bidda, control your love and emotions. If only they knew what love was. Then they too would be over come with emotion. The rasul (sallahu caliyhe waslim) embodies beauty and all that is beautiful in this deen. Khayr, wixii aan sheegi laahaay adi aaba sheegtay . Jacaylka dhabta ah waa kan axmadaa, sida aa sheegtay. Islam has many dimensions but it's greatest one is the spiritual one, after all is it not a faith that leads us to God ? I am a bit critical to those groups you mentioned. I don't know why but it seems that their way of understanding faith and spirituality has sadly spread as a wild-fire in our community. Instead of infusing the perfection of the prophet (scw) his love for the poor and weak, his mercy for all of humanity regardless of race and creed it seems that they have made him just as you said a static figure. Axmadkeena (scw) sooma hayn ki dhidikiisa ahaay catar , from the best of the fragrances, his face the best of all faces. Khayrow, Khayral anaami riyadaada ilaahay ha kugu tuso.
  19. MMA was just surprised with how clan-ship can mobilize entire communities. We rarely see somalis from all clans joining huge demonstrations for peace and mutual intrests. Nuunow that's a valid point. Dad u banaan baxaayo nabad ma helaayo laakin caadifo qabiil hadey sheekada noqoto, waxaa laa arkaa habro 80-jirayaal mudaaharadaayo. Baydhabo folks should have the administration so should the original "banadiri" city groups who inhabit the coast-line. Baraawe and Marka and parts of Mogadishu must be given the right to form some kind of city based federal states just as the Harari community in Ethiopia got Harar. Imagine the injustice today facing the banadiri community where militias from southern Gaalkacayo roaming freely in Baraawe and Marka. If this is not possible because of the reality on the ground they should be given the choice of the joining the Bay-administration because of the similar culture. Jubba-land and other communities should press HAG-groups on this issue.
  20. Carafaat;977725 wrote: There are enough Somali laborers, why hire Kenyans? Caraaat, after 20 years of chaos and civil war, maybe we do not have qualified workers iska dhaaf injineero.
  21. The thread was an open discussion for serious discussion, not a pie throwing game. Tallaabo here is an old video/documentary about the in early 1980, It shows how the guerrillas had their own medical clinics, schools and marxist training political educational programs. Women played a central part of the liberation fighters. I am not eulogizing a Tigree movement but they did it with no formal state based support (Somalia ofcourse supported them , mostly by giving it's leaders diplomatic passports). But something went wrong in other parts of Ethiopia. The struggle died down in the east. Why?
  22. If this is true it is a major shift in somali politics. Accountability for murder and mayhem is the key to peace.
  23. Rice and meat combined with banana must be a somali invention. Hey it is better then the tiikniko, it does not kill people;)
  24. Mad_Mullah;977769 wrote: First of all the Eritreans fought while the Habesha Ethiopian groups fought as well. So the falling government had two fights to battle. Oromos and Afars can't be taken seriously, the Afars are desert people that don't fight and the Oromos are peasants. They are by far the largest group in Ethiopia and could easily take over. Yet they prefer to traffic themselves to Bosaso and then Yemen. Also read this: ] Mad Mullah, historical facts did not answer the question. Meesha wax lee ka jiro. In order to be effective we need critical thinking and feedback. Been yaanan lisku sheegin.
  25. Kolley sheekada shirka turkiga wey dhamaatay, When three men were sitting under the desk that said "somali president". Faroole, xassan shaykh and those ahlusunna guys". The Turks were probably saying "what is it with these dark people., who is the president". Hope the government gets all the support it needs from EU. These meetings and the recognition from Washington and London means that FGS here to stay but one critical question remains. Wax kasto dhamaad ey leeyihiin, what will happen when dollars stops to roll in for Moseveni in Kampala and Amisom withdraws.? These cosy pictures does not change the situation in Somalia, we have a entitity saying that they do not belong to Somalia, we have a puntland saying that they do not accept FGS, and of course we have our own crazy taliban/al-shabaab blowing up things, and then we have people whose intrest is simply not see law and order in Mogadishu. Big questions for Xassan Shaykh to answer.