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  1. Che, As I said before, the oromos are now those who can either make peacefull dissulution of the amxaara empire that the blood thirsty religous extremist Menelik created. But with all the good PR-pictures above and all the hum-bug of the OLF they have still not been able to capture a single regional capital. The OLF had a strong presence among the Boran oromos in moyaale and nageele, the bordear areas with kenya, Still no military activity have been reported in that area They have not been able capture the regional capital city of boran oromos nagele. Even the hard-core seperatists, those who actually refused to be assimilated, the hararge oromos, those who support Jawar,. Its splinter group from the OLF , the Islamic liberation front of Oromiya founded by the late Sheekh Cabdulkarim Ibraahim Xaamid Alle ha u naxariisto (I think he died a couple of years ago), a scholar and a fighter trained in the mogadishu in the 70-ties and have been unable to conduct any major military activites, Hararge and cut of the infamous A10 highway to Addis Abeba. Their is no national Ethiopian army, indeed all tigrayan colonels and officers were purged. What remains are loyal amhara or loyal neftegna oromos (oromo la amxaareeyay) that are loyal to the abyssinian caste system and lordship. Mainly a amhara centric state. If those pictures are true and OLF-W are making rapid progress in Shew a it would have been noticed by the media. Any activity in Shewa would have noticed if they would have cut away the main high way from Oromiya west to Addis. Their are 4 main high ways the lead to the capital and all of these highways are in Oromiya and they have not been able to make a single move. Either the Oromos are throwing their support for the neftegna Oromo of Caabey-Amxaaro or they are simply not cordinated and efficent in war as the TPLF. Take for a example jimma, they have not even been able to capture that city despite that all soldiers belonging to the former regime ran off and qeero youth replaced them as policemen. According to an Oromo friend of mine who I called in order get my regular dose on whats actyally happening from an oromo perspective. Everyone is armed and their is no law and order, and that by all definition is a civil war. The vast arms depots and have been plundered and the TPLF intentional distrbution of vast tones of weapons to the south have made the whole south a no mans land, yet we hear no OLF-W claim of capturing a regional province capital. Those who can spell the end for dying amxara empire are the shewan oromos of OLF-W. The only thing that they need to do is cut these 4 main roads that lead in to Addis Abeba. Attacking lorry tracks by night in combat groups by 10 along the road using anti-tank guided missiles or more simple weapons is all that it takes to freeze Addis Abeba and take the war to the capital. Yet they are unable to do this. Disrupting supply routes in a war is a key condition for victory and thats how the TPLF took the whole world by suprise when they cut of Mekelle from Addis Abeba and every soldier ran off. Amxaaro will never fight. The only time they fought was 2 times, during the oromo migrations and during the war of Axmed Gurey. They lost both times. I dont know, but we need to understand the oromo psyche, war maxay rabaan? Siiba oromoda gaalada eh ee galbeedka? Mey dagaalaman? Thats a political question that I cant answer, maybe you or galbeedi have more info. What the end game with the oromos and why on earth are they supporting a Caabey Amxaaro using a oromo mask while directing amxaaro policies? Kiina aaway? Intuu dadka diyaarin lahaay kulahaa ciidamo soomali aan u diraa in ey difaacan amxaaro. No offence , But our dear friends Abtigiis mental health needs to be checked as he and farmaajo has entered in history as Somali leaders sending somali lads dying for an amxaaro centric Itoobiya. Abtigiis is a Somali nationalist, that is undeniable but his personal vendetta against the TPLF should not dictate the greater good for soomalida. Caabey Amxaaro is a magician by his wods, giving a few seats to Somalis "as if they have been included" does not erase the 100 years of oppression since 1884. Every weak Ethiopian ruler used to keep his enemies close, Xayle Selassie while he was weak had a eritrean PM. Once he had crushed all political opponents he forced eretiteriyaa into his amxaro centric world. Caabey Amxaaro did the same, Lemma, Jawar, everyone, was kept close untill he had his amxaaro backing. He then stabbed them in the back. Thats a warning to Abtigiis.
  2. Galbeedi is completely true what he says about who defeated mengistu, the best well trained army in Africa. The EPLF succsesfully defeated 10 Ethiopian offensives and when Communism collapsed so did the aid for the Ethiopian army. It was the EPLF that sent thousands of its soldiers to cut the vital supply roads addis to Massawa. They did so and in 1990 over 100 000 amhara soldiers were cut off. Once the supplies had ran out every general fled and so did the soldiers. The whole front collapsed and the EPLF captured Massawa and then Asmara. That had a shocking knocking of event and what many do not know is that the EPLF sent further thousands of soldiers to the TPLF to capture Addis abeba. The gaalada saved Ethiopia by the deal in the UK. The TPLF today are landlocked and its hard to replay the scenario of the 80-ties. Galbeedi what you do not have in your equation is that the TPLF masterminded the flooding of vast amounds of weapons into Ethiopia. According to a source of mine the tons of weapons the TPLF flooded freely into Ethiopia even made the weapons dealers in Mogadishu bankrupt. A brand new chinese made kalash for 50 dollars?. Why did they do that? They wanted to incite the the oromos, the somalis. The oromos are know those who can determine of Ethiopia survives or dies. All police stations in Oromiya have been taken over by the OLF and the OLF have now become lawfull regional army, a far cry from its rougue terrorist label. If the oromos see the writing on the wall and realise that Abey is nothing then a Amhara using a oromo mask that could spell the end and be the victory of Ethiopia. The alliance between the OLF-W and TPLF was a gamechanger. Even though the OLF do not want admit it and keep caling OLF-W as splinter group many signs point to that they want eat with both hands. As for us, Soomaalida need a take step back and realize that their is no diffirence between amxaaro and tigrayans, they are both abyssinians and they have allways in history wrestled control with each other. The dissolvement of an Empire built upon blood of Somalis, and cutting of the breats of muslim oromo women and forcing millions of jeberti muslims in Tigray to convert to Christianity is an Empire that needs to dissolve. A peacefull disolvement would be the perfect scenario for a peacefull horn of Africa. Lets see if the oromos are wise and united. Its sad to see how somalis have degenerated so much that they sent somali lads to die for amxaaro, YAAB!
  3. The cowboys of Somaliam now with a a suufi suits have suddenly become a new deviant form of al-shabaab. A wadaad with ak-47? Yaab! Wat bax dheh!
  4. Using drone attacks, killing civilians and then compensating the families with amound of a couple of goats. No wonder the taliban humiliated the UK and USA. This begs the question, how many innocent Somalis have been killed by US-drones with inpunity. Afghanistan war: UK's lowest payout for civilian death was £104.17 WWW.BBC.COM The compensation payment is one of hundreds by the Ministry of Defence, revealed for the first time.
  5. War corrupts you, even honest hearts can be stained by the dirty politics of Somalia. Sheekh Macalaim Maxamuud and xertiisa in guriceel were busy studying islam. When al-shabaab under the leadership of Kaba-ku tukade wrestled controll of the mosques and imposed his interpertation al-shabaab style a group of xerows took upon arms, Remember the battle of wabxo? Al-shabaab launched 4 major offensives and failed everytime with heavy losses? why? The indegenous group thought they were literally fighting khwaarijta of our time, al-shabab takfiiris.. They belived they were on the right path, while enemy was on the wrong path. I am pretty sure that government forces would have laid down their arms and run away but these xerow students in 2008-2009 did not. In Gedo Sheekh Xasan Qoryooley armed themselves and the Shaykh himself was martyred. Shaykh Maxamed Faarax was also martyred, But power corrupts you. Ahlusunna of guriceel became a pure tribal militia. Its bizarre to see him know saying "waanu tanasulnay" when he was the one advocating war against the government. Alle ha u naxariisto Sheekh Maxamed Faarax in the video, He was martyred a year later. As I said before politics corrupts you, look how a movements starts and then becomes burcad. A rouge militia that craves for power, Somalia's Sufis Fight the Shabab - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Somalia has been plagued by civil war between rival clans for almost 20 years. Now, religious groups are killing each other over competing visions of Islam.
  6. Your father Alle ha u naxariisto was a wadani and a man of integrity and a beloved person to our family and all somalis. He had hindsights and always to right moral just decision. He was also a religious man. My father and your father were in the same lot and lost with coup in 69. God had not decreed that I would exist but my mother told me how the 2 seats of mogadishu was highly contested in the election before the coup. When my father and the late avokaate Jimcaale won , your father came as usually with congrats to my father. Africans voting and congratulating each other. 30 years has gone, look at the picture above. MMA and Galbeedi,. My late grandmother who hails from cadale (alle ha u naxariisto) used to say when she saw bizarre things "Maandhow, nin aanan yaabin ayaa yaabay, yaaa huuu" Imagine if D-prime minister would have done this. Yaab!
  7. It doesnt look good, but mark my words. Gaalada will probably send a former american president and force them to the negotiating table just as 1991. The difference this time is the gaalada might not be interested in the unity of Ethiopia. The TPLF-OLA alliance of of need will press for all regions to free and fair elections if they wish to remain in the fedeal republic of Ethiopia or leave. Tigray will leave and will make sure that the afar leave. Those left with the name Ethiopia will be Axmarta. I hope Somalis and Abtigis are planning for this scenario. What they need now is ethnic nationalism.
  8. MMA you have a taste for history sxb, Ustaad Cismaan together with Ditoore Aweeys Maxamed Rifaaci-dabarwayne Alla ha u naxariisto. They predicted this and look at the picture. above, just as galbeedi said laahay xishoodska ma naga qaado Ditoore Maxamed Axmed Rifaaci who hailed from the non xamar-daye people had a secret meeting within the clan and heavily criticised Halgame Xaaji dheere with Gudoomiye iyo halgame Sakhawadiin the president of SYL, sakhawadiin was a direct descendant of Sheekh Uweys al-Baraawi. out of 13 members in SYC or later named SYL 6 were from the non-xamar daye people. He foretold them that even if we were all Somalis the non-urban nomadic pastoral somalis north of the rivers, from hiiran up hargeysa had a completely different culture. Raised by his maternal kin who hailed from xarardheere, he knew. He openly said that you 6 are opening the doors of shame, they will dominate and we will be in the thinlines. therefore they wanted to carve out bulge in Somalia as : Rifaaci proposed 1- Independent state 2- If not federal state with the borders of the bulge, baidoa or baraawe or muqdisho as the capital within the greater 5 somali. A week after the meeting, SYL condemned separatism and slammed them "pro-talyaani" in order weaken them and politically frame them as collaborators. The non-xamar daye people rejected as all Somalis we firm on freedom and uniting the somali people. Clan was by that time seen by the urbanite SYL-members as something backwards. Let those who are offended by this be offended. While Prof Said S Samatar spent decades on glorifying the "Sayid and his poems" and somali culture is produced with the picture of Hadraawi everywhere with Sayids poems of killing clans and stealing camels, The non-xamar daye people of of xamarweyne and xamar-daye communities who married with each other knew each other composed religious chants and love poems. In a long interview, Prof Said S Samatar, the interviewer being the awdalite Ahmed Ismail samatar (not related to said samatar) said in an interview he made before his death if he thought there were somalis whom he could define as a culture/civilisation that everyone could me morphed into, just like the amhara. He explicitly said "those urbanite non xamar daye ppl.".
  9. A Senior official within the somali government that sometimes talks to me told me that the a joint agreement signed by Somalia and Turkey was that Turkey would help state the with mass-produced solar cells in a great magnitude. Somalia would own 51% while the Turks 49 %. This agreement was signed 2 year ago, As soon as the pen was written, the monopoly tried in various ways to stop the deal but failed just as Jubba airways failed. The pressure to delay the agreement was so high it reached the prime ministers desk. Amaan ama Hamaanin, he took somali stand and dismissed them. Turkish geophysicists and actuall solar cell company kalyon wanted to with this project to outdo the germean solarcells that Morocco bought and show the world that its solarcells are much better. The best way to launch your product and the whole green energy politics is showing how a poor country as Somalia can find its needs in solarcells and windfarmcells. I will not disclose the chosen the place for the security of those somalis and turks involved but think about it, while the wahaabi was using fancy arab words written by saudi shaykh who wanted to explain basic economy in the frame work of the islamic jurisprudence, he made no mention of monopoly. Do you guys remember the fanaan Cabdalla Cabdalla, the arab, the artist after getting tatxiil from the sacuudiga went back to his family joob. Making sambuus and a nice restaurant. The restaurang became a hit, the crowd went with Cabdallah, he was a living entertainment. The opposite restaurant owner got jelous and cabdalla was spayed with 9 bullets. Folks that is how the bizarre capitalism with monopoly works. A funny side not, You always want your mother inlaw content with you. Everyyear when some in the family would head of to mogadishu, she asked for a MIXER. After sending her 5 mixers I asked her a bit comical why do your mixers always get damaged. I have had mine for 5 years and yours dies after 3 months. We laughed. 2 months lather, one night it struck me, the Watt system in Somalia is not harmonised. The Voltage in Europe is 10 ampere or 230 volt. For those buying fancy kitchens machines watch out and buy a equalizer before you the somali ampere that nobody knows.
  10. The man behind the company Axmed Nuur jimcaale was a integral part of the first wave of saudi financed preacher and entered the venture of "xawaalad". The city in Scandinavia I lived in was during the 90-ties the town where all of these "wahabist" clique would meet and make an annual event called "mutamarka islaamiga". When civil war was raging and blood was being spilled in Somalia I remember those annual meetings were the place to be. It was the only common place that somalis of 4.5 could come actually chat with each other with compassion and no clan grudges. Everyone remembers the defunct Al-barakaat. Thousands of Somalis lost their money but they were given the sham promise that they would regain the money they had in the bank once the sanctions were lifted. Once the sanctions were lifted the man behind the Hormuud, a man who liked to potray himself as a dedicated salafist preacher took the money. A relative of mine had 15 k dollars and after sham messages of various somali tv channels that they could collect the money that was frozen by the US. He did so and contacted the local man . The man said that the US had taken "intrest" in holding the money" during the days of the sanctions. My relative answered banks usally give intrest to those who actually owns the monet and vica verse. He went away. He did not receive his lost money. The messages on Universal tv was sham to protect the wahabist salafist religious face. Had he not sent those messages we Somalis would openely have called him "tuuga". Anyways during the chaos of the 90-ties and early 2000 he was shrewd and foresaw that Somalis with a huge diaspora needed telecommunications. He collected the former state employeers of pre 1991 and installed technocrats from various clans. The good thing about him he did not sorround himself with geel-jire cousins who could not read as some other Somalis usally make when they venture into buisness. Axmed nuur was instead pragmatic and if you had the degree and the know how, or the contacts he would hire you. He installed modern mobil phone antennas. This is just the beginning. With no central bank, and everyone being being able produce somali shilling, the economy was tied to the dollar and. He also found inspiration from Kenya where impeeza was implemented, mainly digitalized payments of kenyan shillings, He had a problem though, with millions of dollars in cash he needed a bank, a recognised bank by the IMF and all states in order to do the same in Somalia. He established ties with recognised banks of Djibouti and made salaama bank of shoot of djaboutis state bank. The "Salaama" bank that we see today is an offshoot from djibouti. I am not a communist, neither do I have a Marxist tendencies. I utterly reject the notion of communism, Marxism or communism has no objective moralism and is today preaching and promoting the morals of the left hand path (lgbtq etc etc). For those who are willing to see and dig a and reflect bit beyond the what we see and hear we as muslims understand that we are are upon the right hand path, asxaabul yamin. Thanks god communism is dead, it was rotten at the beginning when the racist Marx had his isnad and abtirsi to Iblis and now all of those who promoted it are dead. As muslims we also reject the american form of capitalism of exploitation. We consider them to be mofsadeena fil ard according to islamic thinkers as the sufi Shaykh Xassan Banna and Sayid Motaherri. Indeed the beloved ones to the prophet and those whom the eternal words of god speaks about are the muhajirin, the poor, the weak who took upon the faith despite facing grave dangers. We see today white european nations using capitalism in order to literally starve people to death with no moral objectivism. They lie, they say we believe in free trade and peace yet when the African man wants his fruits to be sold grapes fruits they impose tariffs in order protect their own "european tariffs". We strayed of the topic. But Axmed nur Jimcaale is a smart man, he does not speak on somali politics. He keeps his political views to his own. But the facts on the ground is that Axmed Nuurs budget is much larger then the FGS budget. He does not need to go to politicians, they come for him. What is going in Somalia is a evil form of capitalism, a much more corrupted devilish form then Americas. The traders do not pay taxes, Axmed nuur Jimcaale rose from the ashes from the money he got from Al-barakaat, is he willing to pay taxes? Does it lie in his interest to see a strong federal government that takes 10% income on every digital transfer of money that occurs in Somalia? I do not think so. For those who do not believe in him regarding his salafist preaching during 97 see below. Many years has gone. Notice that he does not in anyway talk about taxes during his preaching on "islamic economy".
  11. Galbeedi, Gartay and agreed But you I think that you have not been updated with facts on the grounds that have virtually changed in a minute. The tide and the clock is on Caabey-Amxaaro and the likes of neftegnas (armed assimilated amhara oriented oromo, or simply amhara). The read Sea front, and afar group that advocated pan-afarism and who were created by the TPLF and to conduct an insurgency in Assab and denkalia-saho lands of Eritrea are now in direkt talks with the TPLF. I dont you remeber when in 1978 Suldan Cali Mireh of the afars completely destroyed the supplyroute for the Derg. During those times, The WSLF distributed arms and 0dymamites and they simply destroyed the railtrack evert 10 mile (100)- See the news my friiend, the railtrack built china, and chinese workers have been destroyed, the regime in Addis having diffuculties in using the Djabouti-Adddis rail way. We tend to think the cafars as a united ethnic group but their are those who dedicated to pan-afarism as we adhere to pan-somalism. The current regional president of the cafarta is a puppet, enelected just like Abtigis. He and the somali regional leaders are "colonial governors" and the damning bittre truth to this is while Abyssinia, Amhara region and Shew, no Oromiya were voting, the colonized lowlands and muslim majority somali region and cafarta region were exkluded? why? A well known Somali journalist said what is it so diffirent from Cabdi Iley and Abtigis if they are both chosen as a colonial adminstrator when we as somalis in soomaligalbeed can not even conduct an election. Abey Ahmed lost the war when Mekelle was taken, 90 %of Ethiopias hardware was in Mekelle under the the controll of TPLF, They hid thousands of tow missiles. Noteside here, Remeber when the Syrian rebels united under a big umbrella 2015 and Saudi-qatari export of tow-missiles caused Idlib to fall and the syrians rebels were at the gates of Lataqya,. The Regime in damascus were panicking and it was a question when they would fall, lattaqiya home ofthe alawites. Russia then intervened but the offical russian grievance was that the fight not fair becouse sophisticated american weapons were bering used. The tplf officals were made in into minced meat , during this time of supplyroad to mekelle by cut off,. A tigrayan jabarti at the mosque showed me how they managed to cut of the route. Thousands 40-a team were dotted hidden in the mountains alongst the road with tow missiles. He showed how a petrol tanker was easily destroyed. How a tanks, Techniko everything was being destroyed by these tow-missiles. When reinforcement could not come. The Somalis who hade no idea what he was doing in Mekelle together with the oromos were the first to surrender when they saw their commanders fleeing. Caabey Amxaaro thought by capturing mekelle the war would be declared a done deal. TPLF professonal lobby groups were very effective in maximasing the tragedy. Compare that to the ogaden insurrection in The latest alliance between Oromo Liberation army (military front group) for the OLF( they deny it but everyone knows it is their "informal" army, alliance between them and the TPLF was devastating for Cabeey Ahmed . The OLF have managed to something that the TPLF can not do. They themselves cut the supply route from amhara region and addis. The Bahridahr road. Caabey Axmed failed when he did not submit to the oromo qeero masses. So galbeedi, facts on the ground, are not good for Cabeey. if the OLA gaines huge these tow missilesm its game ovwer. The Amhara region is now freely without a cost armying amhara civilians, free kalashnikovs, this policy have been caused sicir barar in Bakaaraha supermarket. In conclusion. Caabey Axmed, weather he likes it or not, The withdrawal of eritrean troops and the continuing losses and the destruction of the railroad is sending shockwaves to amhara dominated Addis abeba. Empty shelves are in the shops. 1- The TPLF is asking for ceasefire and talks via third party, the us,, they demand that all the kilil to join "the ethippian peace-talks" push for article 39, If cabeey Ahmed says no and the cash stipped nation gets sacntions he loses. If agrees he looses and the break up of Ethiopia will be negotiated. 2- In xamar, when we see a bizarre thing we say "maandhow nin aannan yaabin ayaa yaabay" That is the bizarre reality of Soomali-galbeed, who would in a million years would think a Somali leader would praise meneleik in a conferance held in the heartlands of Amhara, Bahridahr. Then when a civil war breaks out sends Soomali maxamed to die for amxaaro,. Bizarre! But the colonial stooge has to prove withe blood of somali youngsters that is loyal to caabey amxaaro or Abey neftegna.
  12. MMA Those who ockupied the water and the tried to "sell" the water, ockupied the costal lands of xamarwayne, marka, baraawe have not changed. Traditions do not change. One thing guidlines Baidoa-xamarwayne, even warsheekh to bareewe. The word is "Xishood". It means you see the bigger picture and avoid becoming the trangessor. Those from from mudug and above up to Hargeysaa do not know the culture of xishood in the means of being peacefull. While southerners were composing religious poems and chants. People from mudug and above, upp to hargeysaa and carta were 100 years ago they were boasting and bragging in poems about killing their cousins and stealing camels from each other. I will write a historical post in another thread but during the 1940-50 a group of intellektuells consisting of coastal somalis -baidoa Somalis who made a foresight that this would have happen and wanted a federal or a seperate state. The SYL with pan-somalism saw them as a bigger political threat and labeled them as "pro-talyaani" group. In order discredit them. Indeed, what they they foresaw happened, it happened in a massive scale
  13. Be grateull for Mosuveni and firm policy of Pan-Africanism. The Taleban are not Al-shabaab. They no not even share the same creed. Al-shabaab out of courtesy (my enemyis enemy is my friend) are witholding their ideological belifs. Taleban are maturidi in creed, hanafi in fiq and naqshbandi in sufi tariiqa. The closest ideological friends to the taleban would be traditional non wahabi somali sunni somalis. They took arms (xerta macalin nuur siyaad) and those in Guriceel when al-shabaab adopted the policy of forcing the salafi or wahaiyya creed upon them. Galbeedi, the wahhabiyya movement are also divided. Al-shabaab chose salafi jihadism and it would be considerd a cult that belives in a endless global war against gaalo. And that my friend is the problem. Al-shabaab does not even have a clear political ideas for future Somalia while the Taleban had. Al-shabaab rejected somali nationalism by aligning themselves to an arab that has never set his foot in Somalia. Without Musoveni, like it or not, They would be in control of the capital and Somalia would be cut of from the world.. The way to crush Al-shabaab is by uniting the government and true to his words, Somali intra clan rivalaries is political aids. When Farmajo came to power by the popular vote, non D-people in mogadishu celebrated his presidency, he could have taken the role of being the ceremonial president that puts pressure on federal states by actually giving the somali people living in this federal states the political conciousness to ask the basic needs from their "hebel land president". Whar did he do? Instead of realising how fragile Somalia was he wanted to crack every opposition to him, jawaari, gone, maamul goboleedyo, He even asked Cafwerki the dictator of 20 000 eritrean soldiers would be in joint command by the the president and Cafwerki and thus making Somalia a puppet state to Ereteriya. Be grateful for the Africans dying for keeping Mogadishu safe and falling to al-shabaab. Did you expect turks dying for the fragile somali state or arabs? Your analysis are usally fact based but this one galbeedi was bizarre
  14. Galbeedi, we live in the same city and had common friends, The man is a buisnessman and not a politician. I would with 100% say that it does not in the intrest of the somali ppl to see rooble as a prime minister. A man who made the bizarre mistake of de-ligitimizing the state securiity apparatus by trusting Al-shabaabs denial of their brutal girl who was a soldier in the armed forces of NISA. By hinting at al.shabaabs denial as an argument and firing fahad yaasin he has demoralised thousands of soldiers.? The blame lies with farmaajo. While he could have picked a veteran politician he picked a person whom he thought would be a nacam-yeel.. The so called opposition led by the man from guri-ceel used words in the media as "farmaajos nisa, farmaajos regime", Has he forgotten that Al-shabaab are the gates of mogadishu? Who lost and who is the wion? Al-shabaab gained legitamacy, the state instutution and NISA became defunct by this bizarre move by the pm. Who is to blame? Farmaajo. A man who stubbornly refused to follow IC road map, making the UN official non-grata, The IC- punished farmaajo by witholdning money for three months, it took him only three months waje up and aknowlidge that Somalia is fragile state and that without Amisom tanks al-sahbaab or clans would have overun the government!
  15. The poor girl worked for NISA and was brutally killed and murdered by Al-shabaab. What is highly bizarre is how the prime minister took al-shabaabs denial of her murder as an argument, as if al-shabaab a brutal terror organisation has the legitamacy to dictate what is true or false. What ever the truth is that Farmaajo failed, he was the one who appointed rooble, a man who in Stockholm used to engage with somalis in tea houses. As we have common friends he was a man interested in bushiness and graduatung from the royal academy of Stockholms technical University. He was not a man into a politics. Farmaajo took an non-experienced man to the job and wished him to be a "nacam-yeel". If Farmaajo would have picked a person informed in politics he would have not have taken a man who made bizarre political moves. Who gains in all of this? Who actually gained in this political mess and who loses? Al..shabaab gained legitamacy, Instead of somali masses blaming them we see them blaming the government, Who lost legitamacy? NISA, a state instutution established for somalis for securing somalias security and fighting the terror organisation. Whats worse was watching the so called "opposition" using this tragic murder by uttering words like "farmaajos nisa". By a instant second by using that phrase they demoralised the security forces. BTW a side.joke that is true, when events were rapidly happening in afganistan Rooble summoned the cabinet and as alwats the theater was on. He asked how ready the armed forces were, wasiirka amniga talked a lot and praised and made a picture as Somali forces pre 1991 collapse. The minister of water /non existent portfolio cracked a joke and said "wa ceelasha biya iyo afgooye baaburka kuma tegi karno , amniga aa sheegeysid maxaa waaye". The whole cabinet laughed but the picture soon become sombre.