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  1. I thought it it was a joke. What they should have done is send those doctors to those malaria stricken children in afgooye, marka baidoa , warsheekh, kismaayo and qandala or why not Hargeysaa? Acute malnourishment, disease, like eyphus, all infectionous diseases are rampant in Somalia. Instead of looking for a cheap PR-stunt a good stunt would be to deploy those docs to those who need it at most. By the way, joke or not. This bizarre news out-let exposes the true post-colonial nature of the world,. Jump over the dying black folks while in a hurry trying to help your colonial masters. Like a true post-colonialist one has shed any kind of empatrhy to his own folks (black) and only have love and praise for his former colonial masters. War bax dheh!
  2. Weather we like it or not during the time of Xassan Sheekh the countrey was slowly recovering. To be honest Xassan Sheeikh was a who knew the countrey was a broken car. Peace building was in his mind and judicial foudations was laid down. He compromised and saw the reality as what it was and understood his limitation. We all remember the Jubba-land spat. He, Xassan Sheekh quarrelled ad argued at the beginning but understood the reality on the ground and accepted how things were. Farmaajo & Khayre seem to think that they is driving a ferrari when they are in fact in charge of countrey that has been devistated by war and animosity. Instead of sending troops to god-forsaken villages in Beled-Xaawo and Guriceel they should secure the the roads from Al-shabaab. Secure your home, your bastion before you quarrel with Keenya and their minions.
  3. Somalis have a fitting proverb "nin geeridiisha waa nin kale guushiisa". While vast folks of somalis where quick welcome the TPLF downfall they never ponderd about what the state of soomali-gelbeed would be? The downfalls of Haile selassies fedual emperial rule was welcomed by some somalis, but dreams of freedom were quenched by the rise of the communist Derg. The irony is that with every downfall somalis were beng as pawns in a political between Abbsyinians. Whats bitter is that we see it happening to day. Abey Amxaaro revied the old derg commeration of the victory of derg against somal freedom fighters. A guess what? The current governor in jigjig was directly appointed by Abey? The big question that needs to be answerd is when will Somalis forrge their own destiny! AUN !
  4. Thats a good idea Apophis but one doomed to fail. The reason for that is that the Taliban and Al-shabaab diffier in their ideological background. The Taliban is a traditionalist hanafi movemet with pashtun nationaism (pakhtunwali). The Al-shabaab is more inspired by the Salafi-jihadi narrative, meaing that it lacks Somali nationalism and does not even belive in the concept of a nation state. They belive that our religon condones a perperteful never ending wars with non muslims.While the Taliban rejected Al-qaedas efoorts to join them the Al-shabaab did so. Why? A somali culture with a inferority complex to arabs probably led to them join Al-qaeda despite that they would not get anthing by joining them. Splinter groups might defect or negotiate but will take a while for them to emerge.
  5. It's more easier for a person to put the blame on others instead on himself. Arooy Galbeedi, Their is no doubt that that foregin actors played a central role in fueling the conflict in Soomaaliya. The truth is though that the rise of Al-shabaab did not begin in 2007. It began in the 80-ties when a wave of wahabi inclined preachers returned to Soomalia. Some somalis accepted the new faith becouse of Saudi riyaal while others with an inferiority comlex were ready to jump on any bandwagon. Who could blame them? Communism was dead. Somali nationalism was in ruin. For 20 years the traditional sunni islam that somalis knew was sidelined. Nobody talks talks about this. But thats the reality.
  6. This is a big escalation. Qasem Soleimani was a indeed the "hidden" foregin minister that the supreme leader could lean upon. I doubt the iranians will be able to do a military response. They are bidding their time.
  7. Talaabow, Suubanah was the one most fitted to explain and teach us how to purify ourselves. I do not think it is wise to belittle the expainations and traditions of the prophet.
  8. At one point in the interview she defends the colonial legacy and the importance of safeguardng the colonial borders, In a other words Africa should keep its current borders and keep away seccesionism. It's sad and tragic to see intra-tribal somali feuds spilling to non-somalis. As if those kenyans care or are able to see distinction between feuding somaali. Yaab!
  9. What happended to iska-wax u qabso. Instead on relying on Khaleeji arabs who barely cant even build a bulding themselves why dont we rely on ourselves to accomplish things?. Everytime to a non-somali actor comes to us we usally smie with our big teeth and taunt other somali clans? During the 50-ties it was the italians and the english. During the 1970-ties we thought the poor folks of Sergey Buubka and his russians were going to wonders to Somalia. 40 years later We see picturs of turks teaching us how to plant tamatoes. It's not bad to have allies that help you. but one primary thing should be ISKA-wax u Qabso. Rely upon yourself. Yaab!
  10. Inna lillahi waa inna ilayahi raajacun. Alle u naxariisto injineerka.
  11. You didnt adress the issue of lamenting and boasting in regards for british colonialism.. Instead you chose to miscredit thousands of somalis who simply died in northern somalia for fighting british colonialism. A picture says more then a thousands words.
  12. Allah u naxariisto, I enjoyed her shows. Ilaahayna ha soo qabto gacan ku dhiglayaasha baneeystay dhiiga muslimka.
  13. Inprisoning journalists that call for accountability... What is wrong with Africa!
  14. I actually agree with Cabdi Shakuur, To cut off diplomatic relations sounds like it was done in a "fudfudeed way". The government actually fell for the trap that the seccionists laid out. Since the south are slowly re-awakening the seccionists have used drama tactics to intice the youth of SL that it is in a deadly "fight" with the south. Remember the drama tactics that Muuse biixi made a year ago when he went infront of the cameras and said "war xamar ayaa na soo weerartay". It seems that the old men of SNM actually have some kind of fetisch and nostalgia for the horros of the civil war. The federal government of Somalia should have simply not even botherd to reply to a bana republic called "Gunea". By cutting the relations to that reublic they have given life what feeds the seccionists, mainly "XAMAR AYAA NA HAYSATA". The sad thing about this is the thousands of somali youth in hargeisa who are fed this drama tactics as a form of deflection so that they do not ask accountability from their leaders.