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  1. Sometimes, some events are game-changers. The fall of berlin wall and communism was such an event. I can today with 100 percent confidence say that Somalia entered a new phase when the first elections where held in Somalia and the TNG became the TFG. I would say say that post-civil war Somalia with USC SSDF SNM SPM and unarmed orgnisations like SNU are gone. That era past and buried. When Somalis elected a person who had affiliations with the ousted Barre that was stress-test for the young federal republic. 30 years ago Somalis were clapping the hands 1991 january but litte did thet know that society would literally collapse and we would have Somalia that reminds us from apocplyptic films like mad max with Mel Gibson. Farmaajo failed, he failed utterly with his populism. He wasted his few years by trying to force the federal states to be vassal states under him. Little did he know that whole concept of federalism was created in order for the countrey to heal. Everyone got a region. Instead trying harden the state instutions and becoming a symbol of change by demanding federal states to give clean water free education to the population he was seen as an uprooter. Somalia is patronage state with funding coming fron the UN. He ousted the UN. The positive and lasting effects of Somalia under Farmaajo was his un-wavering alliance with Turkiye and Qatar. He never doubted and stuck with these gracious countries. A close relative of mine openly supported Hassan Sheikh becouse he has firmer understanding how fragile the state is in Somalia. Hassan Sheikh saw the writing on the wall and recognised the Jubba land. He then created the Security meetings where all regional states would meet. His biography is one filled with working with NGOS with peacebuilding and his ties Islaax and sufism is commendable. Somalia faces now two challenges. Somaliland has no relevancy as the world sees it as a regional state within Somalia. Behind hum bug of the seccionusts the truth behind the closed doors Somaliland receives funding from FGS and demanded its share. What we southerners can do is commend the tribal 3 city state for having calm and security. Somaliland is a non issue. They are Somalis living in peace and should get every penny they rightly do so. Its been 30 years, the younger generation of Hargeysaa are coming to Mogadishu, nobody cares anymore about three tribal cities demanding seperatism. Pan-Somalism alive. 1---The primary challenge to and a existential threat to FGS Somalia is undoubtlt Al-shabaab. Weather we like it or not, the terror group is more structural and has more dicipline as an as a blood thirsty organisation thet gorges the blood of muslims. Al-shabaab have withstood Amisom and nothing is permanent as Barre said in a interview in 1978. Amisom will leave, Americas battle fleed is leaving the middle east. If Al-shabaab cuts its relations with al-qaida and tries to potray itself as the taliban we really could see an afghabistan collapse. That collapse took weeks. In Somalia it would take days. Security and securing a victory against all wings of al-shabaab, ictisaam and establishing a culture of Somalis asking "where the hell did this ideology" come from is crucial. The Civil war in Somalia has finally ended. It is now time to end the khwaarij menace in Somalia. Algeria went through it and the late Bouteflika defeated the takfiris in a bloody war. Turkey could here be more proactive. I do not see any reason for Xassan Sheeikh rejecting a military alliance with Turkey. They know how to the defeat an insugency, They defeated the communist-leninist PKK kurdish terror group that murderd consertvative muslim kurds and turks. Xassan Shaykh needs to look for military assistance once the europeans and cadaanka cut their money and simply leave just as they did with Iraq and Afghqaanistan. That countrey my friends is Turkey and no one else. They sent Imaam Axmed Gurey 50000 cismaani mosqueteers (canisari) and they could do it again, Khadafi
  2. Galbeedi, Nobody has the chutzpa to say it openly? It always been like that,the manta we will build a strong somali army. That army cracked under farmaajo along vicious clan lines. Secondly Ustaad galbeedI. Al-shabaab has been a fighting force for 15 years, thats a long time. They have evolved, U mentioned bakaaraha, It is they are in controll of it. .
  3. No comment. Baala xoofto be I am happy your a proud in the S as a Somali.
  4. With covid out of the blue my die hard habit of visiting the mosque and then the local somali cafe here in our nordic countrey after work has not gone away.Yesterday while I was sitting and snipping coffe our local news guy and our clique of coffe and politics lovers had a discussion. I usally stay silent. Everyone was from his cosy living conditions in a nordic countey was talking about "Xassan Sheekh said that" Farmaajo said that. Who said what and who and the tit for the tat discussions went along. I left the table and gave an excuse to my so called "intellectual friends" and went home. No Somali intellectual have the bolds or the chutzpa to say how Somalia is. Nobody wants to talk about the pink big elephant in in the room. Its a bizarre world amongst us Somalis. It has been 10-12 years since Amisom came to Somalia. When I last visited Somalia in 2019 and met Khayre and the speaker of the parliament I myself did not have the courage to say how things were. I had breif "isku sawir exchange with him" What I saw was a government limited to Mogadishu, A government commanded by Amisom. The serpant and the terror group Al-shabaab had full controll of the countrey. Every road leading from Mogadishu to either these bantunistans or should I say maamul-goboleedyo, the road was cut of. If you wanted to go to Baidoa then you had to take a plane. Imagine, the president of Koonfurgalbeed not being able to drive to Mogadishu. I sat down with a friend of my father who was now in his 80-ties and a general and who was a prosecutor in the military tribunal and who by chance was my mentor and neighbor where I live had a dinner A devout man of god from sunni sufi order raxmaaniya order but a loyalist to the core to what ever government that was in power. He was delighted to see me and and me him. While security cleared me we talked and we exchanged some religous books He began as a soldier and then a policeman. I will not say further in order not to give any clues who he might be. I directed my questions to him over dinner and he had the boldness and truthfullness to say how things were. He literally said we are encircled. They the terror group al-shabaab are now biding their time and have even infiltrated the government. He even said, "xxx, ababa, dont you even realize that Somali society have been bitten by their venemous bloody ideology that you may see somalis who unwilling and who they themselves do not know about it have al-shabaab values. Then it struck me, Everyone in the Somali cafes would criticise the government but no one even dared to mention al-shabaab. Some even fused our beutiful religion with some al-shabaab tendencies. Nothing is permanent. D-day came to Afghanistan when the americans departed and everything collapsed. I called my xxx who was a minister at that time and xx said that every somali minister was watching the events unfolding. Rooble called the cabinitte and asked the bizarre question "how is the state of the federal government army". A minister with no portfolio and who is known for cracking jokes answerd "what the xx are you talking about, we cant even go to xxxx within Mogadishu". Everyone laughed, then came the silence and everyone went home, That day everyone sent corrupted money to kenyan banks. Somalia is dictated by roadmap layed out by western governments and the UN. Shaykh Sharif, Xassan Sheekh, Farmaajo, It does not matter, the next president has no mandate except either to heal the countrey or be power hungry grabber like farmaajo but he has to follow the road map. Atleast under Xassan Sheikh the bantunistans that of maamul goboleedyo were created. The whole federal system was created in order ease clan tensions. Have we Somalis seen Somalis in galmudug demand clean water and free education from their clan elected leader? No?. Demonstrations against al-shabaab? People even talking about them? The venemous murderous terror bandits that hail from a ofshoot of the wahaaabiya are now well established. While americas influence is declining and Ethiopia weakended to even have a say about Somalia, the paradigm shift in the world is being felt in Somalia. Last month ago news came out that Amisom will be dismantled into another form, a limited one where the Somali army would play bigger picture. Here comes another pink elephant? The same somali army that fractured over clan-lines over Farmaajos attempted failed power grap`?- In conclusion D-day might come to Somalia. The sad thing is that the wahaabiyada terror group Al-shabaab swore allegiance to an arab who probably has problem pointing out Somalia on the map. The taliban though never did that. Waale yabaaye, no one is willing to talk about the pink venemous elephant.In order for FGS to succeed they need to adress the terror group. They need mobilise popular mobilisation units just as the Iraqis did when they eradictated a more blood thirsty monster, Daacish. Who ever gets elected needs to understand he is not a president of a free state. Logic dictates that with large foregin troops on your land, albeit to help you, you are limited. Al-shabaab have shown that they can stay latent, their ideology after the 30 years of mayhem are drawing recruits. They have been able to regroup. They are not stupid or dumb. Their strategy now seems to bid their time. Indeed its a bizarre world. As proverb says "Nin aanan yaabin ayaa yabaay"
  5. I am sorry to burst your ability to conventrate your analysys on the three city tribal seperatist republic, call Somaliland call it Isa-@@k land, what ever you want but for the most Somali people your issue is a non-issue. A deadly insurgency is going in southern Somalia where a fragile federal government is starting to make it its baby steps. Facts on the table is that it is recognised. Weak as it maybe, and lacks the security that Somaliland has an undeniable fact is that with recognition comes dictations on the internal affairs of a countrey. I dont know if can get rid of yourself with propoganda or sixirka of the SNM but as a person who knows what goes on in the federal government of Somalia, its a well known secret that hotell bills that Muuse Biixi sleeps in when he pays a visit to Addis, or the donations to Somalia that should go to to north is approved and stamped by Mogadishu. Thats the reality. The hey day when the north could point the finger and say to the world "hey, we have security while the south is it chaos" is gone. The FGS, weather I like it, or not is a fully recognised state. What made the leaders in three city- somaliland project go nuts is how they were delegated to to be informal maamul goboleed. Forget the pr-campaign, the truth is that leaders of Hargeysaa met evert month the FGS and deliver the bills in secret while other bantunistans do not. You might be a kid fed by hatred but belive, thousands of Somalis from Somaliland are in mogadishu doing buisness. Its been 30 years of zombie minded saar beating of "aqoonsi" but the upper class knows thats gone. That project failed. What they now want is power sharing agreement. Somalis will be Somalis. Analyze your habits, your whole analysis on the elections came down to Khayre forbidding Dubai. As Somali nationalist or Somali-land nationalist your concern should have been why on hell is Dubai trying buy up all ports in Africa? From Massawa to Assab to even foes in Puntland? Why? To keep black somalis down. Even the somaliland parliament understood this.
  6. Another clan-obsessed documentary about three city states, fuufu-lands, bubu-lands call them what ever you want. Lets be honest to each other. Its a tribal enititey trying to to be seperate while other somali tribes in somaliland do not even agree with them. Nobody is dumb. The only thing I could say to to them as a southerner is that I hail them for the peace they have.
  7. What can you say, Ilaahay xishoodka nagama qaato. We approching 15 may, SYL days, I bet the founers would curse these people from their graves if they knew that their struggle have been hijacked by opportunists. Personally, This is the reason its to hard to make a commentary on Somali politics, I dont want to poke the dead but I have said it before, in 2019 Mengistu the short midget amxaro khabiith was interviwed by VOA amharic and was asked by his legacy. He said "I did not turn the countrey into a Somalia". While Mengistu locked the weapons depot and shot Amxaaro generals who wanted to arm the Amxara people, Somalia then president was arming clans just in order to stay in power. That says a lot does it not? You wander into Somali cafes and the news is about what Farmaajo say, What did Xassan Sheekh say? or the cursed seperetatists 3 town bantunistans leaders say. The truth is that no one actually says the bloody truth. We have serpant, a venemous one, a terror group that no one discusses about and who are lurking in the bushes and who swore an allegiance to an arab who doesnt even know where Somalia is. Even the taliban did not do that. We have a government that could be examplified by a old man nearly dying if he doesnt get his foregin oxygen. Nobody asks what will happen if the foregin oxygen ends. Nothing is permanent. We saw that in Afghanistan. The federal system with its 4.5 formula was a way to cool down tribal tensions. We do not even a public that demands clean water, free education from their "fufu-lands bubu lands" and what ever damned maamul goboleed thet come from. Lets be honest to each other. Somalia has indeed taken a step forward but it has regressed to its pre-colonial mindset.
  8. Hopefully this election will be the final tuned clan-democracy. We need ideas, ideologies, and acountability. May God assist us on the 15 may.
  9. Tragic and bizarre whats happening. I fully agree with deputy minister of planning Drs Fahma Axmed Nuur. She and other intellectualls were one of the writers of the distuurka of federalism. Its ironic know hów it was backfired and has been used. All somali stood stand upp against the injustice happening.
  10. The professor residing in Savannah have uncovered facts that we knew in Southern Somalia, Galbeedi Uweys al Baraawi was a himself a diciple of Sheekh.sayady-sadaati Cabdi raxman Seylaci was born in Mogadishu and his offshoot Zeylaciya begins from warsheek up to Djabouti. No one is perfect, and no one can deny Sayidkas zeal for his anti-colonialism. Certain tribes concluded aliances in the north with the British just as Salaxadin Ayuubi was at the beginning the fighting the "islamic emirates" that were sheilded by the crusaders. He had no choice and from a geo-political view point his war upon the Zeylaciya after they rejected his efforts for a common jihad can be understood. Whats the problem is though how the kacaan and speciallly D-folks supressed information about how Somalis resisted colonialism. Wthile the british had his eyes on the docks and was doing missionary works the Italians were building roads, factorties and inviting landless italians to settlle in Jowhar. In a concencus in the 1950 italians were 40 procent of total population of mogadishu. The unuka and banaadiri resisted were brutallt massacred. Who was Shaykhs Uweys diciple? the famous one, he was from the unuka and his son was one of the members of 13 SYL. A brief example, the saho or tsahi people are just like us, cushitic and nomadic, The Italians succeeded with brutality convert 20% of them. Why did they succeed their but not in Somalia. A post-colonial stuy regarding Somalia, one without bias needs to be done. I am personally proud of the Sayidka but for the VOA to call Idajaa whom I consider to be a modern form of the dark ages, travellers who worked by storytelling, Idajaa for the first time saying Sheikh Uweys conspired with the Italians was schocking. The old kacaan D propagandanist did his outmost the blacken the shaykhs reputuation now that Idajaa is old fraild. Yaab!
  11. Dahir Aweys rejected Al-aqeda alliance and could be compared to a taliban while godane was the one who led al-shabaab to join an international alliance of terrorism. Becouse of his actions no one can negotiate with them. Thats not qabil thats a fact.
  12. In highly criticised interview made the famous abwaan Idajaa who has for 40 years used his mouth brag about his beloved Sayid made an interview regarding why Sayidka killed Sh-Aweys. Before Idajaa would say "The sayid saalixiya sufi order did not mean it and some extremist dervishes did the act". 2021 He finally said that Shaykh Aweys who spread Islam the Qaadaria with its ofshoot uweysiya into Malawia, tanzania, Kenta, Congo, he said that the martyr had agreed with italians to be buffert with Italians and was there for agent for colonilists. Indeed Shaykh Awes al barawi is without a doubt the greatest Somali , second is Axmed Gurey. He was the one who gave the fatwa that the mug of a infidel is naajis. After the Italians had bombed Hamarwayne the banaadiri tribes were conquered by the Italians and Sheeikh aweys went into deeper side of Somalia. I strongly say that he is the one and only Somali that Somalis have written about as historical academic sources. His 40 diciples were spread south and north. Regarding him being a colonial stooge, Shaykh Aweys belived in passive resistance and withholding the faith when Italians where in a hurry with missionary work. In Eritrea the bilen and saho people and nomads who are cushitc , 15% of them became catholics. Why did they succeed when in Eritrea but failed miserably in Somalia? Shaykh Aweys respons to this question in book Jawhadatal nofoos " My love for him (Muhammed all, and protecting it (imaanka) from them (colonialits) shall be my destination. Shaykh Aweys al Baraawi made dikri somali lyrics, when the chants became in Somali and Somalis could understand it hard for them to convert. An italian Phd scholar, a woman wrote that germans could not do any missionary amongst the tanzanian oweysiiya , Nobody today knows that the head of SYL, sakhawadiin was the son of Shaykh Aweys, Barre , the kacaan government did not want to a conflict but decided to choose Sayidka, a man who cursed tribes and shed muslim blood. I do not have any doybt the Sayid was a black or white thinker and that he hated the colonialists. His killing of Aweys was purelt strategic so that he could gain the upper hand over the mass following the Qaadariya had compared to his little know Saalixiya order. Shame on VOA to take a such a biased man Idajaa and not even give a single minute the family. Who amonst you here knew SYL GUDOOMIYE sakhawadiins father was the martyred Sheikh Aweys al baraawi? Not mant. A funny storry, as a young lad we had Somali teacher from Las-Anod who was famous Somalia as trader and had a key position in the socialist party as a young lad. We could not understand dardaaran, he explained it us and our hearts was filled with sympathiyor the sayid. At home I mentioned this for my mother and elderly father who came to visit us for a month and grandmother. My father said "sporko while they were having a coffe. They said "son, that man was killer, a simple bandit, he even killed sheekha aweys". Next week as I was a loud mouth I said it openly "Ninkaan dadka in uu dili jiray maad noo sheegtid, sheekh aweys in uu dilay af islam ama af gaal dad in uu ka dhahay gainst the Baidoa ppl". The Las-Anod teacher was shocked and called my mom". My father said "qashinka aad dadka ku shubeyseen in ey dadka ogeen miyey kula tahay,'' Nevertheless that teacher and father passed away alle ha naxariisto, I am happy that teacher taught me dardaaran and all of those poems, atleast we had fighter like Omar mukhtar. Bur Idajaaa with his big mouth accusing the shaykh of being a colonialist spy thats to much.
  13. The one man show continues with his pentacostal christian belifs that he is the "chosen" one to lead Ethiopia. A year ago he was smiling in Mekelle and declared the war over and now he has rebels at the doorsteps infront of the capital. 20 % of all officers were Tigrayans in the Armey and they left for the TPLF. What you have now is a rag tag militia composing of oromos and amharas, I have said it before. This war will be decided by the oromo people. TPLF loves to brag but its not popular and could not cut the road to in fierce fightings with our afar cousins. They can not march into the capital. But they are smart. They made an alliance with some oromos, all muslim oromos are against Abey lets see if that Jaal can actualy bring the christian western oromos together and fire a single shot. A single shot is now what it take spread panic in Addis. Oromos, are many but far to much divided. This war will be decided by them. But what ever happens Ethiopia is now a failed state. In peacefull regions of Oromiya, qeero youth stormed the police stations and infiltrated the security apparatus. Dire Dawa police force is now run by a former OLF commander Ahmed maru. Lets see if he defects. Ilaahay nigu dhaarshay, does Abey Amxaaro really think afars and muslim oromos will die for him in the god for saken terrain of Amhara highlands? Does he think the somali nomad has this "ethiopian nationalism"? War bax dheh, The guy is full of crap and propaganda. As a true saaxir he thinks he can outfox ppl with cheap rhetoric. Lets see in 1 month what happens. DDIS ABABA, Nov 24 (Reuters) - Every afternoon, Getachew Megersa searches the Ethiopian capital for undercover agents. The 55-year-old construction worker says it's not the first time he's defended his country against rebellious Tigrayan forces. "I am now safeguarding my city with a stick, but if it is required and they give me a weapon, I will do the same," the former soldier told Reuters. He is among tens of thousands of Addis Ababa residents who joined defence groups after Tigrayan fighters threatened last month to march on the capital. Getachew and his team - dozens of men in bright orange vests, brandishing hefty sticks - search pedestrians and cars for weapons and suspects from noon until 10 p.m. As a young man, Getachew spent 12 years in the military under the Marxist Derg regime, which was eventually toppled in 1991 by rebels from the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and its allies. The TPLF dominated government for nearly three decades, until Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018. Relations quickly soured between Abiy's government and the TPLF. War erupted a year ago in the northern region of Tigray, and thousands of civilians have been killed, millions displaced and at least 400,000 people in Tigray forced into famine. Now Tigrayan forces have recaptured most of Tigray and pushed south and east into the neighbouring Amhara and Afar regions, threatening the capital and a transport corridor linking landlocked Ethiopia to the region's main port Djibouti. "There is no way that they (TPLF) will be able to rule Ethiopia again," Getachew told Reuters. Too many people in Addis Ababa oppose them, he said. Many on Getachew's team remember the 2005 elections. The TPLF-dominated government re-ran that vote and cracked down on protesters. Tens of thousands were arrested. Old amhara derg members with bamboo sticks patrolling Addis will not protect addis. ON PATROL 1/7 A man walks on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, November 5, 2021. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri The group began patrols a week ago. Once, they received a tip about three strangers who spent their days inside and moved around at night. Neighbours heard the men speaking in Tigrinya, the language of Tigray. He informed police, who detained them overnight and searched their house, Getachew said. Nothing was found and they were released, he said. Police instructed him to keep them under surveillance. "It is obvious that there are infiltrators...who have lived with us for years," Getachew told Reuters. On Nov. 2, the Abiy government declared a six-month state of emergency in the Horn of Africa country, allowing suspects to be detained without trial for as long as the proclamation lasts and house-to-house searches to be conducted without a warrant. Some Tigrayan citizens say they are being unfairly targeted because of their ethnicity. The state-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has said thousands of people, mostly Tigrayans, have been arrested in the latest of several waves of detentions. Ethiopian police say they are taking suspected TPLF operatives into custody. TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda was unavailable for comment on the self-defence groups. Commander Solomon Fantahun, director of community policing at Addis Ababa city police commission, said police have trained 147,000 male and female volunteers in combating crimes, community policing, discipline, and physical fitness. He said 2,000 volunteers have received additional training in conducting searches and assisting the police. He says they have helped capture weapons and direct police to suspects. “These volunteers are the ears and eyes of the police," said Solomon.
  14. Galbeedi, can you really blame them? for a decade they had a electrcian turned gangster, a man whose education was climp to electric posts as TPLF spy and then hand him Soomali-galbeed. He dealt the region what his narrow mind taught him. For 10 years Amnesty was banned from Ethiopia and Soomali-galbeed had a media blackout just like tigray. The legacy of Cabdi Iley the stooge created havoc and undermined somali ethnic nationalism. Cant imagine the burden of masuuliyad the cagjar. One positive sign is how he changed the flag and embraced somalinimo during the conflict with the oromos. But his political play like dog whistling for the amhara and break him. Cagjjr loses if Abey wins and he loses if the TPLF returns to power. Thats unlikely. But my honest analysis is that of Che in the forum. The somalis need to understand that who ever prevails they will be opressed. The only viable solution is preparing how leave when Bosnia is heating up. (We allready have a bosnia now with its ethnic massacres).