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  1. Magafuli was a docorand in chemistry and fully understood the virus. He knew that that white europeans who stockpiled wheat for lockdowns could afford long lockdownds. Instead imitatating gaalada cadaanka he simply had to choose between cholea and plague. Lockdown and starvation or a free society with economical growth. He was wise to choose the later. Tanzania has worse problems, malaria, cholera etc more deadly diseases. I am not defending his decision but I remember going to work that the swedish public service radio were mocking him for saying "god will protect us". They did not comment on the economical reasons for defying lock downs in Tanzania. But when Bolsanaro, gaalka cadaanka the white man refused lock downs and said "god will protect us" nobodt mentioned the god thing and the white analysts concentrated that bolsenaro the Brazilian racist president choose economy rather then lock downs and saving lives. This media narrativ shows we still in a cold post colonial order where the black man is demonised to his death while white man is magnified. According to the UNDP Tanzania was suffering from drought and huge locust problems, how will you feed your ppl if you lock your people indoor? Even the old empress of Germany Merkel was criticized for her lock downs when the scientific community said that they infarct had no effect, she wanted a absolute lock down during Easter
  2. I remember him allways opposing things, rarely did he come with an alternative. MMA I have to admit that that he writes with objectivity.
  3. Yaab badanaa, Subxan Allaaah. How can he have the audacity to come to the TV:sets with his blood stained hands, allegations of murder.
  4. 30 years has gone Xaaji Xunjuf. That is a long time. The facts on the ground has radically changed. As the government in Mogadishu, weak as it maybe, protected by Amisom tanks, the rise of Mogadishu can not be denied. Somalilands pokers card was indeed its stability and could point the finger at the south during the 90-ties and during the TPLF-Weyane invasion of Somalia. It could harness sympathy for its cause. Thats gone now. That poker card is used and it gave zero. The second blow to Somaliland was the fall of the TPLF-weyane regime. Cabeey Axmed was the one who wanted pressure Mr Muuse in SNM giving up its secession. He failed at it but once again the ethiopia card was lost. 30 years of empty promises creates dissent and in certain areas of the Somaliland intellectuals some are starting the project that was done hastly in 1991. I do not think a recognition is close neither will it ever be close. Certain areas are clan-disputed. Muuse Biixi best chance might be going to UAE and ask the UAE to use their zionist connections for a Trumpish recognition but that feels far fetched, But if I was him I would rather be in Dubai then sitting among Kenyans. I really thought Biixi had political muscles but he has not. He is still thinking as a soldier. If Egal would be alive I think he would have been on a plane to UAE .
  5. As times go memories go by fast. First of all AUN to the old man. What ever he did, the day will come when he will asked for his deeds. Today while drinking tea at a Somali cafe, a famous old general and who was a colonel during Siyaad Barres time and me and a Somali Phd holder in sociology were discussing issues related to covid-19 and how Somalis in Scandinavia has been hard hit by this virus. We all agreed that everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. Somehow the discussion slipped into the recent events of Ethiopia. The old former colonel alle cimrigiisa ha dheeriiyo told us Somalia had intelligence reports it was only matter of time when Menelik' Amhara-centric empire would have severe dissent or dissolve. He said that he knew that any opposition member to Itoobiya during 70-ties would be screened and be given a hostel and if he needed it (if he was big shot) they would have diplomatic Somali passports. No wonder why Isayas and Meles , Lencho Letta were all Somali citizens with diplomatic passports. As the topic progressed the colonel said despite the dissent against SIyaad Barre. He never thought the country would be in a state of anarchy. When the sociologist asked why. The colonel said Af-wayne crossed all boundaries. He said he himself had to flee not because of him being affiliated with the clans supporting Siyaad Barre. He said that once the arms depots were being opened to the people. He knew at that time that it would be impossible to control city. Mengistu Xayle Maryam, like him or not, he was a half-caste communist amhara. Once the soviet -cuban support slowed down and the armed jabhado were winning he knew he was playing a losing game. His final orders to the standing Ethiopian army in 1991 was not to resist the EPRDF entry to Addis Abeba. Mengistu, had if he wanted set the whole countrey at fire by opening the arms depot in gondar and Bahri-dahar to Amhara civilians. He could have used the ethnic card to gain support but choose not to do so. Siyaad Barre, After the so called prominent maanifesto group met him and he assured hem that he would step down in in a Radio adress Instead chose to make a radio speach urging the people "Beeraha falla" A bizarre speech indeed to make when USC was at the gates of Mogadishu. He then chose to open the arms depot to certain clans and he 100% tried to use the clan-card to stay in power. You choose, the midget Mengistu or af wayne Siyaad Barre? Those who are inclined to intellectually defend him might bring his af-soomaliga campaign but the truth is that the civilian government in 1960-ties had already a commission for writing of Af-Soomali. What Af-weyne did was only to continue with that commission. Those who who have nostalgia for the glorious 80--ties are mistaken. AUN jaale madaxwayne Maxamed Siyaaad Barres legacy will be that he chose anarchy in his lust for power while mengistu chose ethiopian nationalism. The devilish "jabhado" that overthrew him were no better.. They were worse but He was ultimately the one who set the standard for them.
  6. Abey Ahmed failed and they had to find a new nation to take pictures with and show it to the people. "Warhoooy, dayaaaa fiiriya, waa kanaa Keenyaati baan aragnay ICTRAAAFKIII" baa soo dhaw. That line has been used so many times at Meles Zenawis famous yellow couch. The people of Somaliland are really asking them its been 30 years of "ictraafki baa soo dhaw". Instead of the leadership in Hargeisa choose to cut dies with UN and China. Somali--landers intellectuals are now seriously re-thinking the path of secession. If the project state building falls in the south and the way it looks like Its not. For presidents have peacefully left and re-elected that kind of stability might be the death blow to this whole secessionist thinking. Cracks are appearing within their own fold. Their own intellectuals are saying we cant continue anymore.. Whats happens next depends on the news generation of Somalilanders despite of the hate-somalinimo propaganda they have been fed these years realize that they are indeed soomali.
  7. Egypt is a nation on free falls. Gone are the days when somalis , ereteeriya and suudaan would tune in on raadiyo qaahiro, or the days when poor students would get an education in Nassers Egypt. As soon as the arab nationalism failed and Egypt capitulated to the zionists and agreed to get a loaf a bread of from the west that day Egypt slowly died as a major player. Masaarida were influential Africa and fueled pan-africanism to such an extent y that all major african de-colonised nations refused to recognize Israel. Instead on capitalizing on the islamic revival and the de-colonial aspects of Sheekheena Shahiidka Xassan Banna it chose the opposite side. It believed by behaving as the colonised they would become like the west and ended up as stooges. AUN Maxamed Siyaad Barre. Kolley waxuu gaystay Qiyaamaha ayuu la tagaaa. But one of his great mistakes was making Somalia member of the Arab league in his thirst for money. It instead created some kind of identity crisis. Once colonised stooges of Masar are ousted and the legitmate sons of Hassan Banna like the martyr Mohammed Morsi takes power nothing with change in Masar. One Masaari friend of mine told me that even social mobility is dead in the country. A tiny minority arabised egyptians of turkish origin rule country. They marry with each other and established a Egyptian nomenklatura. A soviet style nomenklatura based upon class and family ties. Soomaliya does not need Egypt neither does it need animosity with Egypt. We have come to a stage in our de-colonized minds that we see our interests first. Take for a example the dam project in Ethiopia. If Somalia could tap into the massive overflow of electricity it is in our interest to see the black kids of Ethiopia and Somalia to read be able to read at night with electric lamps. Think about it, What Turkish alliance did for Somalia could be accounted for what 40 years of membership in the so called Arab league did. Egypt is people is being choked to the death. Until the brotherhood gains power in that country the decline will continue.
  8. He was an aminal, one appointed by Addis-Abeba, The new guy on the block was also nominated from Addis Abeba. Why not hold legitmate elections to Soomali-galbeed can choose their leaders. Ha i kala saarin wax Addis Abeba ka yimid.
  9. Sergeey Buubkas time is over MMA and I think you know that deep inside. Whats more interesting is that their is somekind mass-psycosis happening in Mogadishu. Some people engaging in party politics calling themselves as "oppositon" and some people being government supporters. To be honest thats healthy but the reality on the ground is that Mogadishu is literally under siege by al-shabaab. They controll all exit routes from Mogadishu. You cant even as an nobody government offical take the highway to Badioa janaay, up to xaaran ku naaxyada in southern Gaalkacayo and south to Kismaayo. Al-shabaab has developed from rag-tag militia to become a vicious organisation with structure of a parallel state. They are biding their time and now waiting for Xalane to be vacated. Its time that that the FGS or those who want to see Soomaaliya rise again to unite weather they are opposition politicians or government supporters. The best example of this bizarre situation is Afghanistan. While the Taliban were gaining control the presidential candidates were busy accusing each other of cheating. The US defeated by the Taliban bypassed the afghan state and negotiated. This will likely not happen because of al-shabaab's alignment to Al-qaeda. But why would they care? They controll the seas from Jabuuti. Wallaahi waa Yaab.
  10. Apophis. From an academica religious theological l view point what happened during these is significant. Who knows, I might be nordic after some 30 years but felt at home when I landed in Mogadishu. And I was 100 % certain that if the civil war did not happen I would live a happy privileged "bourgeois" life. Instead I am condemned to daily racist abuse as black man living in a nordic nation. What a tongue twister statement Holac. Drones do kill and they do kill innocent Somalis. My question for forum members is once the aid and xalande disaapears will somanimino, midnimimo and brotherhood keep us together or we will we continue fighting each other? Forget Al-shabaab. I am now talking about the donor dependent FGS and its fragile instututions.
  11. Afgooye, Baidoa, dhul gaduudka, it would grow their. If Kenya can grow it trust so can Afgooye. What I boggled my mind is that why the jareer community that are primary farmers did not try to grow to this crop. It would probably yield them 100x profit,?
  12. "Trump orders American tropps to leave Somalia" While living a simply successful life in a nordic, a steady job a pharmacist and a distinct interest Islams sunni traditional inner out look, its meta-physical understanding Sufism and intiated in Qaadariya dariiqa I had a fully fledged schedule. Raising a family and being pharmacist in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in this Nordic country and being the chair-man of a small somali mosque. No Somali academic has written about this but the religious spectrum of Somali changed during these 30 years. If Ethiopia changed from Coptic identity to a catholic one, thousands of Phd dissertations would be made. Somalia though hade gone from sunni shafite to sunni-salafi-wahabi. Even if most people still traditional those with influence had gone to saudi way. While during my teens my intense yearning about Islam and sufism took me to Azhar for 2 years I had the pleasure be to be initiated in the Qaadariya by a well known but deceased shaykh. May God blessings be upon him. He was my guide and taught me the basic of the dariiqada. During 2019 a very close family member of mine who never could understand my interest and who at that time was a minister who had always been a minister or an mp since Carta called me and said to me that the relative had a religious obligations upon me. I had to visit him/her. I do not wish to disclose the genus of that person so that's why the use him/her. The relative of mine also said that a friend, Amine Hersi Mooge, a somali-kenyan multi billionaire wished to make inroads to the pharmaceutical world and needed a european connection. A politely denied. Somalia was never my thing. I have been to Turkey in a city called Konya and lived with fellow turkish qadariya xerows for 2 weeks and 1 week in Senegal but not Somalia. I took a month of vacation and handed over the keys to the mowlaca to a fellow xerow and left for Somalia. With all expenses paid I was exited. Would I see the joy and hope I had seen in youtube-channels or would I see a a post mad-max world coming to life. After landing in Somalia through the VIP booth I was shocked to see armed men in jeeps . It is a wonderful feeling to see your country and your nation. The feeling of being black as the normality was something that expected and it shook me. What a wonderful life I could have made instead of being the black outsider in a nordic country surrounded by whites. Whites who unlike americans believe your a outsider despite your higher education or your fluency in the language. After a few weeks my close relative wanted to show me and we drove to Khayre complex who is beside Villa Somalia. As our family house is in Xamar jabjab it was close. We went to the waiting hall While sitting in the waiting hall full of ministers I noticed how the whole Villa was somekind of a extented "jaaliyad". No one followed protocals. It was as if you were in your normal Somali diaspora center. People rushing in, a few people waiting for hours, the room turned in to a semi-kind of a cafe with the latest political gossip. While I did not wish to meet any political leaders and my visit was the first one after 30 years. The reason for my travel to get meet family members and the high ranking minister who is a close relative. As a semi-kind mystic and xerow my relatives were startled when during the my 4th day in Somalia I paid my visit to the Shaykh of Banaadir, The learned faqih of mogadishu whose liturgy could be heard all over the Somali peninsula, Shaykh Suufi (qadasallahu sirrahu, wa nafcallaahu bih). I also paid my respects to my father who was among the few to be elected to the parliament and was a successful lawyer and whose disdain for communism caused to him be a cellmate with the late Xaaji Maxamed Cigaal for 4 years. No one has paid attention to this In. Pre-wahabi Somalia a man with a beard a wadaad would raise respect while in todays Somalia a man with a beard stick wadaad would create suspicions of al-shabaab. Thats sad and indeed tragic. Coming back to the story. What I could not deny is that the civil war has not only affected the infrastructure of Somalia, as a failed state even the Somali culture deviated in some ways. The way of living in Mogadishu was the mentality of bush, eat or be eaten. While Al-shabaab was lurking in the shadows. My close relative advised me not stay in the family house in xamar jabjab if I wished to roam the streets free with my macawis. Instead of being guarded by khat-addicted men with ak47 I was secured for a hotel known for its security. We somalis have a nasty habit of creating nick-names for people. A man who they called cab-cun-jiif who was related to the hotel owner was Yuusuf Garaad. We got know each other and I was amazed by his instant way of judging people and knowing their intention. He had a natural instinct of knowing a persons intentions. He was lovely guy to chat with. My feeling that I got was a man who reviled the white mans world and wanted his Somalia to be at least as the UK or indeed better. Do not be fooled by those who say Yuusuf Garaad was not fit for the job. He had impossible job and did what he could do. Foul capitalism was at play in the nation. The whole nations capital is in the hands of a few guys who managed to digitalize Somalis economy. If you wanted to a simple coke you had to pay digitally . While taking taxi to the suuqa Bakaaraha I noticed the whole productivity of the nation had collapsed. Frozen chicken from EU was sold in Bakaarah and the bizarre thing was that everyone spending money on powdered milk. As a man who was masters in Pharmacology the only thing that I can say that drinking conservatives Nh2 additives with sweeteners like vanilla can not be compared to fresh milk. I asked a poor relative of mine why she would but canned Nido milk when fresh milk was available. Nestle had done its PR. Indeed the answer I got back was "its better". As she was a cousin of mine who I did not want to sound arrogant. Note: Nothing in Suuqa Bakaarah was made in Somalia. Anyways returning back to time waiting for khayre the close relative of mine mentioned to me that Khayre would meet a foreign guy and I would probably not meet him but he would come out and shake hands with me. Little did that relative know of my character, I would rather wait 30 years to only see cadhirka xabiibka suubanay Muxammad and no one else. He came out while walking and shook hands and I finally said ok bal xadda aan baxno. The relative of mine showed me her collegues and I met with with minister of post and isgaarsinta Caanshur, a clever man and with a good educational background. It was Ramadan and I would make spiritual retreats and engaged in dikri during the nights . Their were signs of hope and lady, a dear friend of mine who during my 20-ties helped me and other somalis to set up organisation that cared for afropoboa, an anti racist organisation and who was herself top feminist political head UN- funded NGO organisation for children. She instantly called me and took me to Xalane. I felt as if i was reading the book Fanon black mask white mask. When I entered Xalane the Somali culture stopped with its norms stopped. White people could be seen in shorts. My friend who is not religious took of her xijaab and lighted a cigarette. During our conversation and I asked her in swedish as we both are swedes and somali " Does not this feel like a castle built on air". She laughed and said Yes but people have hope. That's the word of this rambling post. HOPE The word is hope. After a week the relative of mine took me to the Gudoomiyaha of Baarlamaanka and had dinner with him. He was humble and a likable guy. Unlike others who out-size their CV post 91. He said he was school-teacher. You will see a lot of people who were car mechanics in 1991 and today claim to have a PHD in something That humble and honest answer opened my heart and I said to him. Adeer what happens with Amisom decides to leave? The Americans are talking about leaving Afghanistan and Somalia should not be different. He understood the honesty of my political question but decided to be politically correct and said "We will have by then trained armed somali soldiers and solid institutions". When he noticed that I was not a political and did not want a political correct answer he said " Look adeer, people are tired, A H president was elected and then a D president was elected. Is that not a sign of progressiveness. I made rebuttal that shook the room and him back to reality. I said Yes, But said the road to Baidoa is un-attainable by car. All the roads leading into Mogadishu is controlled by Mogadishu. The truth is that Mogadishu is a city under siege. Al-shabaab, a vicious monster weather we like it or not has penetrated the religious spectrum Somalis and mogadishu is under seige, I could not go to Warsheekh for a ziyaaro and to meet Sheekh Ow Cabdi cumar who is the shaykh of our mowlac in the nordic countrey I reside in. He really did not have any answer and repeated the pr-correct mantra In conclusion. 2019 was a trip and and wisdom for me. Somalia is indeed recovering but the our psyche , our culture, has been ravaged by the civil war. Mogadishu is now under seige by al Shabaab just as saigon was. Al-shabaabs ideology has also been legitimised by the government religiously. The Notorious Shaykh Bashir who sits in a religious council organised by government believes in the dogma al-shabaab. Even Umul, Shibili all of them do. The only difference is that they chose to tone it down. Another aspect that was shocking is, while I Khayres villa complex, the ministers, the secretaries, military commanders everyone really seemed to believe that Mogadishu was not under siege or were simply denying that Somalia was at war with a vicious monster created by Saudis. A monster that MBS admitted to have created but now washed his hands from. Donald trump has now ordered all american soldiers to withdraw and that means no Xalane. The pandemic has showlighted that the White world europeans are thinking about saving their economies and have no thirst for god forsaken places like Somalia. The only option Somalia now has Turkey. Will Turkey send military force and give deceive victory to government as it did for Libya and Azerbaijan? Khadafi.
  13. Che -Guevara to be honest, what we are seeing the long decline of the colonial empire that Menelik created. A nation with no common historical narrative. The Amhara neftegna nationalists and afro-centrist have long presented a historical narrative that Ethiopia was "never colonised". They often potrayed Ethiopia as a isolated nation and note "Ethiopia" or Ityopia was name taken by Haile Seleassie to tone down the the ethnic meaning of the true name of Ethiopia essentially Abyssinia. Oromo professor like Mohammed Hassen, and even Western ones uncovered documents during the Berlin conferance that Russia with its orthodox church strong warned western nations not to interfere with with Abyssinia (Amhara region). Indeed Russia had an ambassador and vice verse. Another point is that the concept of the colonialism explained by Fanon. was a way of civilising black savages. The christian church in western nations and the European nations that strong economical intrests had to have strong rational reasons to colonise the world. In a nutshell the word colonising was "peace making efforts, civiling, missionary" etc. These the ket concepts according to the Ethiopianist professors Mohammed Hassan and Plem saved Ethiopia. Nobody has intrested in the mountainous regions of the Amhara and Menelik who did not even controll the muslim sultanates pf Massawa gave them away to the italians as they were "savages". When the europeans power divided Africa they essentially made so that they controlled key sea routes. Somalia was key strategic countrey. Professor Mohammed Hassan continues that the Russian Emperor sent 2 million moden wellington rifles to Ethipia and sent 200 technicians to Ethiopia. The Amhara unlike the Somalis do not have clans but they do have social stratification system. The Amhara iron welders learned how to make the bullets and etc etc. While the Italian army campaign t Adwa was led by Italian officers and italian soldiers the bulk of the army were black colonised eritreans and some somalis called "Askaris". The italians were equipped with older versions then the wellingtin rifles. Menelik launched war against other Amhara warlords and once they were destroyed He reestablished Abyssinia but he did so by brutally invading Caruusha Oromo muslim sultanates, Harar, Afar. While the muslim world was in decile and the Ottomans were defending the gates of Istanbul in the galipolis in the 1918 poor muslim low landers had no one to ask. According to the Professor Muhammed Hassan Meneleik gave a decree to cut of the breast of of ever one of 1 oromo women as punishment. So why the long the history lesson? Mengistu who according to me was true communist unlike our Siyaad, demolished the feudal Ethiopian society and made Ethiopia secular. By severing the orthodox chuch with state. He had un-intentionally deleted the glew that attached oromo orthodox christians that were forced to convert to orthodox coptic christianity. Mengistu fully understood that as an Amhara if he discussed the marxist concept of nation and nationalities minioritythe countrey would be dis-integration. In VOA interview made Mengistu said that the TPLF have balcanised Ethiopia. Like him or not the short baria Amxaaro Mengisu was shrewd and fully understood what was coming. The Second blow was the TPLF. By making yuguslavia ethnic federation they were essentialy preparing to rule Ethiopia as a by using the discord between the Amxaaro and Oromo. During their 30 years one of the main things that I think they did un-intentionally was strengthening the oromo nationalism. An oromo during Haile Selassie time would not say he was oromo. Times have changed. One other aspect is that Amxaaro that used to deny that Axmaaro as distinct ethnic group existed changed their views. They fully accepted the Amxaaro ethnic group. Mustafa cagjar might be more articulate then the electrician henchman Cabdi iley but both down are direct puppets selected by Addis Abeba. What Mustafa could do is strengthen Somali nationalism and create legitimate somali parties and hold elections. As soon as the honeymoon between Abey-Amxaaro and Amxaara region and the Oromo parties are over the war will come closer to Addis Abeba. The countrey is already in a fully fledged civil war. According to a friend of mine the TPLF is now direing weapons to oromo civilians and their satelilite channels have have become hutu-channel towards amxaaro. Their propogands is an having an affect. over 150 amxaaro coloniser settler neftegna were killed by an ofshoot to OLF. The vice prime minister called on Amxaaros arm themselves.!!!
  14. Who thought I would write an article recommending Somalis to defend the legacy of the TPLF despite its heinous crimes in Mogadishu? Times have changed. Ethiopia in its purest essence was formed by the brutal image of the Amxaaro. If you want graphic details about it the history books are full of how Amxaaro peasants armed with european rifles pillaged and chopped of the breats of the oromos and forcefully converted muslims to christianity. During the time of the brutal Xabashi Amxaaro ruler Xayle Selasssie Ethiopia was portrayed as the land of the Amxaros. And old oromo Shaykh Abdulkarim Xusseyn (AUN) told me in Europe that during his radio address he would address the muslims on the muslim holidays as "congratulations to the muslim residents of Ethiopia". While Shaykh Cabdikarim was a Xerow in Baale he vividly remembers "why does he adress as residents as if we are visitors". Gaalka gartiiisa waa la siiya. Mengistu Xayle Maryama was a devout Marxist. Even the secret KGB files that were opened after the cold war gave description of him as a person who wanted to get rid of the feudal system . On other hand our Siyaad Barrre was labeled as fake marxist and in a sense simply a Somali nationalist. The man giving this info to KGB in 77 could have not been none other then naaso-wayne AKA Fidel Castro. Mengistu indeed severed the state ties to the orthodox church, secularised the schools and universities. Unlike Somalia, indeed Ethiopia had a feudal system. The family of the butcherer of the Oromos Menelik gave every son "Ras" head and land to govern. Thats why Xayle Selassie was in Harar before he became Emperor. The one question that Mengistu was pandora's box and one he failed to address as a devout marxist was question "nation and nationalities". Indeed, Mengistu who was from the woleyta ethnic group and was assimilated in the Amhara assimailation cykle knew for sure if he acknowledged the existence other nationalities then the one that forged Ethiopia with blood and butchering of Somalis and oromos and Afars and Tigrayans that would be existential threat to Ethiopia. It did not years for the first shots to be fired. A courageous Ethnic tigre muslim named Hamid Idris Awate together with then Somali Nasrullah ignited the war. The great Ethiopian civil war. The Eritreans cemented the resistance and during the 1988 mass-desertations had a big effect on the well equipped Ethiopian army. Raadiyo Muuqdisho PR for the oromos had a great effect on the oromos. Why would an oromo die in a god forsaken land that does not belong to him. As always when the Amxaaro could not find others to fight for them they saw what was coming. Unlike Siyaad Barre AUN who burned to Somalia according to the scorched earth policy Mengistu told his Amxaaro dominated military command to concede defeat. By now the EPLF were marching into Asmara and its ofshoot were marching to Addis Abeba. Mar labaad. Gaalka gartiisa ha la siiyo. Mengistu did not open the vast amounts of army depots to amxaro and left saying "Hey, I am going but arm yourself and fight to the teeth with each other, Ciao". The TPLF, a hardcore Hoxaist communist group entered the city and the Amxaaro military command submitted. Mar sadaxaad. Gaal Gartiisa hala siiyo. Meles Zenawi had the courage or was forced to finally face the existential question that faced Ethiopia. What is Ethiopia in its essence? Is Menelik a hero or the one who chopped the breasts of oromo women? The TPLF saw things how it was, Eritrea was given its hard earned freedom. The TPLF played the ethnic game and according to Mesfin Hagos interview in 1998 He actually said that the only solution they could see was an ethnic federation. With Yugoslavia as ideal Meles hatched the game to turn the oromos against the Amxaaro and him balancing the fine act of dancing between this deadly snakes. What he did not foresee ofcourse was the rise of digital platforms and mostly oromo nationalism. According to the book written by the tigrayan jeberti Hasen Shifa, who was expelled from the TPLF committee Meles was in 1991 more worried by WSLF or resurgent Somali state that would intervene. According to his book, one of the first tasks he did as he took over Addis Abbaba was to send for remaining DERG spies and heat the news on Somalia. On hearing the news that Somalia was in flames he turned on the Amxaaro DERG. Purging them for every position in power and replacing them with oromo loyalists. He did not fully trust Somalis as he always feared the Somalis and in 1994 he finally betrayed the Somalis when they pushing for article 79 in the Ethiopian constitution. Namely that every federal region has right to secede. Had Siyaad Barre followed the advice of the Maanifesto and left the country intact I have no doubts that Soomali-Galbeed would like Eritrea have a referendum. Whats happening now? The Washington Amxaaro supremacist opposition groups successfully launched media propaganda against the EPRDF/TPLF but so did the Oromos. While they shared the same enemy that have different narratives of what Ethiopia is. Guys, weather we like it or not, Meles Zenawi left behind human waiting for surgeion and the surgeon knowing exactly which parts to amputate. For 30 years the oromos have now regained their lost identity. According to a friend of mine the transformation happened so fast the oromos started to even change their names Somalis have no appetite for conflict nor do they have the resources for it. Cabdi Iley the monster that the TPLF to terrorise the somali nomads into submission is in prison but the man in charge now, Mustafa Omar is not man chosen by the Somalis. He was directly appointed Addis Abeba. It not a nice job for the guy to have. the 33 army division is stationed in Dire Dawa. If he dares to make legitimate democratic demands as having elections in Soomali-Galbeed The same fate as Cabdi Iley might await him. The Neftegna/Amxaro supremacist are busy attacking the federal vision but they do not have an alternative. They talk about democracy but a man who reveres Meneleik and while you view him as black colonialist who chopped the hands of your people. That shows that their is no common narrative holding the country together Its time that the world, and the international community for the stability of Africas horn accepts a Post-Ethiopian state. Nation states as Oromiya, Amhara, Soomaali-galbeed (weather to join somalia or be independent). The attack on Tigray is an attack on this post Ethiopian vision. All Somalis should support tigray, not out of love but for common interests.
  15. Latest news: The Whole northern command consisting of tigrayans have defected to the TPLF. Thousands of soldiers with armour. are in long convoys returning to Mekelle and defecting without even firing a single shot. The only military action Caabey Amxaaro have done is air strikes against some abandoned houses. If Abey Amxaro thinks that an Oromo from Dire Dawa will fight for his attempt to revive the amxara-supremacy he is dead wrong. Jawar Mohammed, Merere and all Oromo intellectuals have abandoned Abey and are now for the first time calling Abey Nefetgna. The Qeero oromo youth have also recently taken action. For those who read the news a couple of days when 100 amharas were massacred remember that they were not killed for joy or sadism. The Qeero warned those Amhara neftegna settlers that they were harvesting on land who belonged to them. They gave them the chance to leave or face the consequences. Jawar Mohammed explained this excellently in All-Ethiopian discussion forum held in washington 8 years ago. He said "why is that we find the amhara outside the amhara lands cultivating and harvesting the best lands of the oromos and sidama, the simple answer is that they were neftegna soldiers awarded by Haile selessie to be loyal. In order for Ethiopia to find peace we have accept this narrative and the professos who spoke before me present these facts. We do not find Somalis, Oromos, Afars in Amhara lands, Why?" UPDATE ON THE CONFLICT This what I think will happen. The TPLF biggest obstacle is indeed Eritrea. Lets be honest to each other. The TPLF could have not achieved its decisive victory in 1991 without the support of its fellow tigrayan Eritrean EPLF. They are now landlocked and the only gate way is though denkalia. TPLF are stalling hoping for international intervention but they do not understand that the days when USA were dictating to the world is gone. The US and its European allies are in state of panic because of the pandemic and the economy in tatters. IGAD with Turkey who are seen as neutral players could be a platform for discussons.