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  1. Those green houses are the future but why is it so open to the public, NORF look at the windows, everyone can see into in the house, Ka waran hadii luu arko adoo qaawan? Privacy is something I value high.
  2. Cambuulo iyo bun;972838 wrote: " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> saas waaye, classical Makri iiga dhaafee, miirkaayigi aaba eheede
  3. Cambuulo iyo bun;972792 wrote: Good move by hassan dialogue and reconcilliation is the way. +1. A president calling for dialogue and reconciliation is somebody looking after peace in wartorn Soomaliya. Kudos to Xassan Shaykh Maxmuud
  4. Mad Mullah and Moonlight, why even argue with a person whose sole purpose is to insult God. Hobessian, a lot of persons will be nasty to you in this world, white men, arabs, you name it, even somalis, you need to have some faith and stop blaming everything on everyone but yourself.
  5. I have to agree with nuune and Juxa. Why wake up 06:00 in the morning and work hard and then send the money to a person who simply doesn't want to work and thinks it's his god given right that he should have the money. This reminds of a relative of mine who fled to Mombaasa during the 90-ties. All of the extended family would send him 50 dollars and at the end of the month he would have 400 dollars. I went to Keenya and saw the man living in luxary, I am not a xaasid but the guy was clearly living it. He would wake up at 12:00 go to the restaurant and chew khat the whole day. Thats destructive and creates lazy-ness. But I am going to be honest here, I too called my relatives during my stay their and asked for money. What is it with Africa? You always end up begging! lool;) Kolley dadka hore waxay ahaayeen dad xishood leh, Before somalis were popping up as refugees in the world they would work hard instead of begging. But I guess we now days have a Biil culture. It's a god given right for a person to demand money from a relative in Yurub or Maraykanka. By the way I am not a raxim-goys kinda of guy! Of course we should help the orphans and the elderly, that is something beautiful in our culture. Laakin ask yourself, would you work if got 400 dollars/month in Africa?
  6. Alpha Blondy;972262 wrote: what? you're making words up, inaar. naga daa ciyaarta. :cool: lool... iska hadal? Is that a word for when a bored author just writes random things? Haatu never heard of that word but if you made it up you have to come up with a better word. Iska-hadal literally (talk from yourself) sounds so negatively charged and ego-centric. What about "Nololkashakayn". ?
  7. Congratulations to them, It's nice to see Somalis integrated in to the law in enforcement. A nice example that comes to my mind is when a white officer has a bad day and stops you in a routine traffic control. Instead of beating you because of his racist tendencies he might do nothing when he get's to know Somali people through the workplace/policestation. The best way you integrate people is when they work in the same workplace. We humans tend to avoid everything that's different from us weather social class or race. But in the workplace we are forced to work together and produce positive things. Marka gacanta ha la taago inkastoo bastoolo wax wato aan necbanahay :cool:
  8. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto, dhimashadiisa waxay ku soo aaday bil barakaysan.
  9. I don't know about you guys bu I am have a feeling of "been their done that and here I am". 2 years ago the brothers in Booasao celebrated and they said we would be like dubai sheekhs instead of finding oil , my brothers found deep water, the source of life. Now we have our waqooyi brother joining the band wagon scream "jipiyay jipiyow here is my oil". Le the oil party go one, we all hate the party-stoppers. t the oil party go one, we all hate the party-stoppers.
  10. We need to be honest with each other, Oday Cabdullaahi Yuusuf (alle ha u naxariisto) and the Sheekh Shariif tried to defeat them with Ethiopian tanks but he failed, now Xassan Sheekh thinks that Amison tanks can change the tide. A lot of things have indeed changed for the better, the government is recognized in the world but a fact no one can deny is that the government is on amisom life support. When the plugs of the Amison life-support machine ends so will the fragile peace in Somalia. So whats next after this A return to Al-qaidaism and shababism or warlords? and even the new modern thing among somalis "clan buglands"? I dont know but I think that Somalis destiny is tied to foregin powers. When priates dared to disturb the vital Red-Sea the US plugged on the life-support machine, if Somalia is no longer of strategic value for foreign powers who knows what will happen.
  11. Carafaat;970820 wrote: Very important questions. The very suggestion of 'federalism' to be implemented could lead to a new civil war. From Kismayo, to Marka, Beletweyn, all the way to Mudug, folks are busy fighting eachother in order to establish rivaling clan states. Thats what I am saying carafaat, This whole clan-state federalism project might lead to new conflicts. When nomands with no clear boundaries start to fence their land for the sake of clanstatehood we might have conflicts. I think that professor Said S Samatar posed these questions in the mid 90-ties when some were thing pf federelism as a solution for Somalia. It simply doesn't work in southern Somalia. It seems that everyone is sticking their heads into ground and pretending that these important questions will be answered in the future. Johnny B, Could you explain way you think federalism is the solution? (Känner att du **** så på grund av det inte finns något alternativ) People have always lived in the south, but the power structure have sxb changed without a doubt after the civil war, My points raised in the thread were: A) What is the definition of the federalism (aka clan-states) B) What obligations does the clan state has towards the central government. C) Most importantly who defines the clan-state borders.
  12. Haatu;970719 wrote: People have always lived in the South and I'm sure the people from those regions know who comes from where. What's occurring currently is dulmi which has no bearing on federalism. It's simple boob. People have always lived in the south, but the power structure have sxb changed without a doubt after the civil war, My points raised in the thread were: A) What is the definition of the federalism (aka clan-states) B) What obligations does the clan state has towards the central government. C) Most importantly who defines the clan-state borders. We saw the jubba frenzy where the outcome was the one with most guns and most foreign support gains everything, meaning winners take it al. And of course because of the segmentary line of the clanship how will it succeed in towns like Baraawe and Baladwayn and Marka. These questions needs to be answered. Nothing lasts for ever, some day the Amisom forcers will retreat from Somalia ( when the dollars end the ugandans will certainty go home just like the Ethiopians did. Moonlight posted a thread about indigenous clans taking up arms against certain clans that took large fertile areas by force in 1991. Is this and grabbing clan-state federalist experiment a factor for another inter-clan Somali civil war. just as professor Mukhtar put forward in his essay. Haatu, I love your optimism but we have a long way to go. ,
  13. I good old friend of mine came to my house for Iftar. After some 19 hours hours of fasting and a dreadful nicotine addiction that we both have, our eyes were on the clock, the 14 minutes to the fast felt as year. The old friend mine hails from Galgadud those who took the lands of southern isolated Somali communities in the south by force, , nevertheless he was my good friend. We broke the fast and feasted upon food that probably took hours for my wife to make. I dont need to say the qaylo and nagging I I got from her when ever when I want to invite some friends of mine for breaking the fast with me. As we smoked our delightful cigarette and drank our coffee as we begun to talk about currents events in Somalia. My friendhas always been an optimist, If you asked him if Somalis would be able to go to the moon in 40 years he was one to say yes and then come with good arguments for it. If he resembles someone in his opportunism in Sol it would probably Chimera. Thats maybe why I consider him a good friend of him. We talked about our nation and our people but what we asked ourselves was is federalism as a political system viable for Somalia?. In northern Somalia were have nomadic-pastorlists with clear boundaries (Puntland, Somali-land) It could work but what about for Southern Somalia?. In order to answer the question we need to define the inhabitants of southern Somalia. The tuuloyiinka of the shabelle region and the costal cities have never had the culture of geeljireyaal (nomads). They were beereleey and in the coastal citiesof Baraawa and Muqdisho Marka they were fishermen. The communities were mixed and had their own mosaic culture based upon distinct ancient kingdoms. My friend of-course objected to this and said that this was historical revisionism but then I said to him who defined the "official Somali history"?. For 21 years the official ideology was soomaliweyn. The above mentioned isolated communities were forced to learn the history of the Sayidka and other historical events that they had little intrestr in or had relevance in their lively hood. Siyaad Barre Ilaahay ha u naxariisto did a lot great things but of one of his greatest mistakes was of course that he defined the state official history to how he (pastroralism) understood it. Real issues without romanticizing the events in Somalia is very bleak. For a start, what defines the federalism or should I say clan-federalism? What is the relationship or the obligations upon the central government and the federal clan-states? Who has the final say in regarding taxation? Most importantly who defines the clan-boundaries in the mosaic cultural mixed southern Somali shabelle states?. Will it be that the clan with most guns takes it all as in winners takes everything?. Baraawe and Marka has always been inhabited by certain somali-ethnic groups that lived in symbiosis with each other, after the 1991 war everything changed. We have my old good friend whom I had a delightful iftar with ruling the city with force and confiscating fertile lands that does not belong him. People need to discuss these things before rushing into ill-defined political concepts that I fear will further put flames to the war rather then finding a long lasting political solution.
  14. nuune;970241 wrote: ^^ How, when the SFG is full of Alshabaab itself, I know this may sound series accusation to some, but in reality, we know that they work in every piece of department in the SFG, even in the Central Bank they have guys, when dowlada tries to reason with them, they answer with explosions, this was the case since uu Hassan Madaxweyne noqdey, Shariifka at least avoided the Shabaab. President Hassan seems to be begging the Alshabaab to stop dhibka, hadal jileeciisa ayey ka faa'iideesteen and started asking him important positions including having 2 security officers at the front door of Villa Somalia(I was confirmed this by a friend who frequently visits Villa Somalia representing an NGO from Australia). Ciidmada Policeka of higher ranking wey ku jiraan, the most important positions ay heestaan is based at the airport, they have different roles, few of them have even cleaning jobs there and nobody can fire them, Xamar dhan bey xaaraan ku heestaan nimankan. By the way, Xamar is not the same as it was 6 months ago, housing prices reduced dramatically by 70% in some places, this is one factor alone amongst others. Nuune said the truth. The extremists are in every department, no government official can walk without security guards. Cambuulo stop romanticizing the place and smell the coffee.. They have not been defeated. They melted away and are now coming with full force. Existential questions are: Amisom will go away just as the ethiopians did what will happen then? Cambuulo, look at ciraaq, the yankees went home and now we have full rebellion going on. I dont want to be pessimistic but this the reality ( A very close relative of mine is high ranking member of the government and he confirmed my worries.) By the way did you know after the bombings on the UN-compound all the foregin workers said that their security could not be guranteed in Mogadishu, most of them want head Nayroobi.
  15. I honestly thought for myself "thats not where i want to end". Maxaad sameeyna if a 150 kg madow comes to you and tries to rape you. No where to run and hide...:eek:
  16. The old man the shaykh , Dahir aweys fled from those vicous Kebabs he once gave his blessings to , who is Barre to escape the fate Hasan dahir fled from
  17. Way to go Alpha, must say that people dont last a year, your an inspiration but do tell us have you had moments where you have tossed your boorso on the ground and said "Guys I am leaving". Hambalyo and keep doing your stuff.
  18. Cambuulo totally agree with you. The war on drugs is a lost one. Like it or not people will always use narcotics. What we need to do is regulate the substance not ban it. Here in Sweden the drug is banned but somalis still use it. The price of a marduush is though very expensive. If your addicted to khat and use it daily in Sweden , it means that your economical broke. I am in no way defending drug use but if they banned khat why not ban alcoho l? . We all agree that alcohol is a much more dangerous drug. I don't know but I smell racist attitudes for the reason they banned khat.
  19. Carafaat;969274 wrote: Carafaat , wonderful movie that brings a lot of memories. The sad and ironic thing is that the film-director Mustafa Akkad who made a great service to Islam was murdered by extremists in a bombing in Amman. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto Mustafa Akkad.
  20. Horrible, So it was true, class and race does a play a role when you seek justice. The man was 90 kg and he was claiming he shot the 60 kg kid becouse of self-defence. Yaab iyo cajiib!
  21. Khayr;968846 wrote: They say that you don't need someone to tell you that you are beautiful to actually carry Beauty within you. You could not have said it better Khayr, 1+
  22. Haatu;969163 wrote: Wallee this Gaaroodi guy is sick. Tribalism does that to a lot of people lol I wonder if he wakes up to the nightmares of the dervishes? Historical revisionism as its worst state is always a favorite for the tribalists Haatu.